Most Underrated System of a Down Songs

System is underrated. But what songs are underrated even among the System fans?

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1 Forest

In my opinion this is their 2nd best song next to Chop Suey! This is the most underrated song of all time. Its only #15 on the Top System of a Down songs! -

Fantabulous, and with a riff that could blow through walls - ninapalmer

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2 Lost in Hollywood

This song is awesome! But not many people know about it. The lyrics perfectly suit that arrogance that actors go through when they are inducted in to the hell that is Hollywood! - dragon13304

Absolutely love this song.

Total awesomeness. Check out my list called the top ten rock
Songs youve never heard! Great list dude!

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3 I-E-A-I-A-I-O

A masterpiece.


Pure madness.
Wonderful madness.

This is only #30 on Top System of a Down songs. -

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4 A.T.W.A.

Fantastic song

This should've been as popular as Chop Suey!

5 P.L.U.C.K.

One of their most aggressive songs

Probably the most underrated

hello! it has freaking killer screams!

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6 Dreaming

Great vocals by both Serj and Daron. Great heavy, and soft parts, along with great lyrics. This has it all, and is the most underrated System song in my opinion.

Some people said that Tankian's vocal at the verse part just weird as hell but I find it so haunting. It's a good song u should listen to it. I even play it 3 times in a row. Can't get enough for this song.

Such a deep and haunting song!
I love its structure and just everything about it, especially Daron's vocal parts! :-)

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7 Question!

Despite what you may think of this being #7 on Top System of a Down Songs, this song actually isn't that popular. -

This is actually my favorite song of all time by any band. I don't know how it doesn't get more recognition.

Great song.

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8 Thetawaves

This is quite possibly the most underrated System of a Down song ever. No one seems to talk about this song and the band has never played it live. Should be a lot higher!

Thetawaves is so underrated. Most people probably have never heard this song! This is an awesome song to listen to in my opinion.

Should be in top 5. It's ridiculously underrated. This is one of their best songs in my opinion.

One of a few songs by System Of A Down that's underrated. It's a great song!

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9 Holy Mountains

This song is usually in the lower top 10 instead of the top 3 where it belongs.

This song not only sounds amazing, but has an awesome background and meaning as well

Again, its #8 but it still isn't very popular. -

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10 War?

This is their 3rd best song and it is only #19 on the Top System of a Down songs! -

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The Contenders

11 Sad Statue UListen to Sample
12 Science

Song that got me into SOAD and is still one of my favorites after nine years.

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13 Prison Song

This is my favorite song by them. Kinda underrated though...

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14 Cigaro UListen to Sample
15 Vicinity of Obscenity

absolutely awesome, bananan banananana terracotta bananaanan terracottaaa terracottaa piee ;)

the funnest system song to sing along to ever! lol

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16 Peephole UListen to Sample
17 Highway Song

What, the plucky guitar and imagery in this song is unreal!

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18 Radio/Video

My personal forth favorite soad song, most anyone, after listening to it a few times loves this song. -

Best System of a Down song ever. Sadly, few people know it.

Actually, when it comes to System of a Down, it becomes really hard to vote for 1 song..
The band is amazing! They are the best when they are loud (eg. Sugar), they are the best when they are soft (eg. Roulette), they are they best when it comes to alternative rock (eg. Chop Suey)..

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19 Nuguns

Same with Thetawaves from the same album, almost no one talks about this song and they haven't played this live... The solo is orgasmic and basically the whole song is kickass! Definitely one of my favorite songs by them of all time.

Can't even find it on YouTube and it seems to have 10 difference spellings, awesome song, chilling drum solo!

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20 Streamline UListen to Sample
21 This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm On This Song UListen to Sample
22 36

I don't get why nobody likes this song. Its really catchy, and even though its short its still a good soar song. Deal with it.

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23 Spiders

Certainly underrated where I come from, and possibly their best work -

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24 She's Like Heroin UListen to Sample
25 U-Fig UListen to Sample
26 Soil UListen to Sample
27 Soldier Side UListen to Sample
28 Jet Pilot UListen to Sample
29 Darts
30 Revenga

Really underrated song my favorite by System of a Down


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31 Psycho UListen to Sample
32 Tentative UListen to Sample
33 Deer Dance UListen to Sample
34 Know UListen to Sample
35 Marmalade
36 Stealing Socity UListen to Sample
37 Sugar UListen to Sample
38 Toxicity UListen to Sample
39 Snowblind UListen to Sample
40 Old School Hollywood UListen to Sample
41 Cubert

Clearly underrated, this song has great tempos along with good transitions

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42 Friik
43 Kill Rock 'N Roll UListen to Sample
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