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21 36 36

I don't get why nobody likes this song. Its really catchy, and even though its short its still a good soar song. Deal with it.

22 Nuguns Nuguns

Same with Thetawaves from the same album, almost no one talks about this song and they haven't played this live... The solo is orgasmic and basically the whole song is kickass! Definitely one of my favorite songs by them of all time.

Can't even find it on YouTube and it seems to have 10 difference spellings, awesome song, chilling drum solo!

23 Streamline Streamline
24 Highway Song Highway Song

What, the plucky guitar and imagery in this song is unreal!

25 She's Like Heroin She's Like Heroin
26 Psycho Psycho
27 Tentative Tentative
28 Jet Pilot Jet Pilot
29 Stealing Socity Stealing Socity
30 Deer Dance Deer Dance
31 Marmalade
32 Snowblind Snowblind
33 Darts Darts
34 Old School Hollywood Old School Hollywood
35 Spiders Spiders

Certainly underrated where I come from, and possibly their best work -

36 Sugar Sugar
37 Toxicity Toxicity
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