Best Unknown Katy Perry Songs

This list shows the best katy perry songs that no one knows about.

The Top Ten

1 Believe

This song is katy perry saying that it doesn't matter about your personality or anything. - Hollybrewer

2 Brick by Brick

On the MTV unplugged dvd and it is about how love can fail but it can come again and fighting for it too - Hollybrewer

Perfect song
It feels like your in China and I am in Peru

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3 Trust In Me

She wrote this song when she was 16 years old. It is so sweet how she sings the words but you said don't worry and her expression - Hollybrewer

4 Faith Won't Fail

It is like saying hey guess what I will kick you bullies and anyone trying to fail me - Hollybrewer

5 Milk Milk Lemonade

This vibes will melt your popcycle

Wow what a fun song - Hollybrewer

6 Box

From her a katy perry album - Hollybrewer

The best by far!

7 Wish You the Worst

This is song is great

8 Hook Up

She wrote this song for Kelly Clarkson

She was the master of this song - Hollybrewer

9 Damn
10 Long Shot

She is such a good singer - Hollybrewer

The Contenders

11 Head Over Heels

This song is just cuuute

12 Broken

I love this song so much - Hollybrewer

13 Simple

Never thought it could be so simple

14 Last Call

It is so cute - Hollybrewer

15 Who Am I Living For? UListen to Sample
16 If You Can Afford Me

Best Perry song ever

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17 Black and Gold
18 Bullet
19 It Okay to Believe
20 By the Grace of God - Katy Perry UListen to Sample
21 It Takes Two

I love it

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