Top Ten Most Upsetting Kingdom Hearts Games

I love KH. It is my favorite game series of all time. But some games left me sitting there saying, "What the hell did I just play?" Here's a list of those games.

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1 Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

This game is probably one of the most upsetting games I've ever played. I had such high expectations for it. I couldn't wait until I played it. After I finished, I noticed a few things. The storyline, graphics, and gameplay were all horrible. I quit half way through, and I usually always finish games, no matter how horrible they R. I couldn't stand to play it anymore. I just simply couldn't. - Alpha101

Very bland. The only game you could skip and still have a pretty good idea of what's going on.

2 Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

This game was okay. The storyline was pretty good, and so was the graphics. What made it a bad game for me was the gameplay. I am not a fan of the card system. Let's just stick to the regular Kingdom Hearts gameplay please. - Alpha101

3 Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

I'm definitely not saying that this game is bad, it's actually very good. I just expected more of it. I love the gameplay, especially the flow motion. I just think that the flow motion is overused. It makes things way too easy. The storyline was great, but could have been better. The graphics were great though. - Alpha101

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4 Kingdom Hearts II Kingdom Hearts II
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1. Kingdom Hearts Re:coded
2. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
3. Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance



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