Best U.S. Amazing Race 22 Teams


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1 Dave & Connor

Just think if Dave didn't injure his Achilles tendon, they would have dominated the season and won

Man, that elimination was painful to watch!

2 Caroline & Jennifer
3 Mona & Beth
4 Joey & Meghan

So Positive

5 Pam & Winnie

Yeah, I loved them! And Joey and Megan, and dave and Connor, and even Brendan and Rachel! (even though they weren't on this season! ) - moonwolf

6 Chuck & Wynona
7 Bates & Anthony
8 Jessica & John

Jessica and John were the perfect display of overconfident, cocky, and young dumbasses. They got what was coming to they were in last place for most of the leg and not using the Express Pass, that is the point of the Express Pass whenever you approach a difficult task or are in LAST place you use it to get ahead. It was not the case for these two, they were so dumb enough to use it for a U-Turn. And when they were eliminated THEY HAD NO REGRETS. To end this listening to John strategize was like hearing Kaysar strategize from Big Brother, they both sound wrong while doing it.

9 Max & Katie

These guys were team number 2 why are they so low also bates and Anthony who were at number 6 won the season?

10 Matt & Daniel

The Contenders

11 Idries & Jamil
12 Ken & Gerard
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1. Dave & Connor
2. Bates & Anthony
3. Pam & Winnie
1. Mona & Beth
2. Dave & Connor
3. Pam & Winnie


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