Best U.S. Amazing Race 23 Teams


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1 Jason & Amy

This is probably the one season in which the nicest team won the race. I think Jason and Amy are very sincere, and definitely deserve the one million dollar prize. - EmperorAguila

They won of course but I also like tim and marie and the bunnies (nicki and kim) - gatnetug

They won the amazing race. that's why there no. 1

2 Nicky & Kim


3 Nicole & Travis

They were a good team for the first 8 legs, but then Travis ruined the team

4 Leo & Jamal

Actually made the show funny and likeable, instead of almost every other team that made the show close to canceling

Kept the show entertaining!

5 Ally & Ashley

These girls are my sister's favorite. She's making me vote for them, even though I like Tim and Marie.

Cute team and eww tim and marie were annoying af I personally have NO idea how anyone finds them amusing.

6 Tim & Danny
7 Brandon & Adam
8 Tim & Marie

I actually liked these guys, because they got mad at each other, but they still worked well together. Plus, they didn't STAY mad. I hope they fall in love and get married! That would be SO great. (sorry if I got too teenage girl on you)

This was the only team that made TAR 23 worth watching till the end - CSASE

9 Chester & Ephraim
10 Rowan & Shane

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11 Hoskote & Naina
12 Ken & Gerard
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1. Leo & Jamal
2. Chester & Ephraim
3. Jason & Amy
1. Leo & Jamal
2. Nicole & Travis
3. Jason & Amy
1. Jason & Amy
2. Nicky & Kim
3. Nicole & Travis


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