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1 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This game leaves me absolutely spellbound. While it might not be perfect, its sprawling and exceptionally-crafted open world is glorious and you're free to explore all of it (with a few minor restrictions) not long after you start the game and there's just so much to see and do. It may be a frustrating and intensely difficult game to play at times, but the game is a groundbreaking masterpiece regardless of its flaws. - PlanetDeadwing

I finally got to play this game! My friend was nice enough to let me borrow his Switch and I can safely say, that this game was one of the best games I played in a long time. It seriously could be my favorite Zelda game. I absolutely love this game and I had so much fun with it. In my eyes, totally deserves the praise it gets. - cjWriter1997

A generally amazing game. While I don't think it's the best game this year (hell, odds are it won't even be the best Nintendo game this year), it is absolutely a contender. I love this game. It's fun, challenging, beautiful to watch and listen to, has the best tutorial area in the series, no area feels unfinished, it's everything an open world game should be. I highly recommend it if you can get your hands on one. - idklol

Breath Of The Wild is a very amazing game, but it’s a LOT easier then the past games. For example, MK8 DLX is easier than MK8. Pokémon Sun and Moon were pushover, the Ultras being only a little harder. The games are just getting way too easy.

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2 Super Mario Odyssey

Seriously? This game isn't even out yet. It's a bit early to call it one of the best games of the year. For all we know, it could be awesome, but it could also be terrible, but never assume a game is better than a whole bunch of other games released this year - Ponmon

I don't understand why people make comments about "this game isn't out yet! ". Think about when it IS out. Because when it is out, the section is just filled with nothing but "it's not out! " and that's exactly what happened. Think before you post.

Okay, I have to admit: The more I play this game, the more it grows on me. The kingdoms feel so alive and filled with personality. They make me want to explore and find more moons. And the more I find, the more I unlock. Also, those later moons can get a bit tricky, but they're fair. Not to mention, the game gets pretty hilarious at times. I'm not sure if I'm quite ready to call it better than Zelda, but it comes damn close. If you've become sick of Mario in recent years, this is the game to jump back in. - Zach808

I agree that IT MUST BE NUMBER ONE - Clech99

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3 Horizon Zero Dawn

Better than Zelda, I am not a ps fanboy but... This game has better story, graphics, music, the world is beautiful and it is not empty like Zelda's world, the action is awesome, etc. Until now, this is the best game of the year in my opinion - Ale9991

Dude, graphics have nothing to do with a game being good or not. Perfect Dark is a better game than The Order 1886, for example. - vr46

The best writing, gameplay and mechanics. This is the total package.

Zelda and Mario are behind in the times. Horizon defines what a game is these days.

Now even though I have not played this game I've seen the gameplay. think the graphics are astonishing and gorgeous. the design is is a master peice and the open world looks like it could hold treasures of unsurmountable quantities. this game may be in 3rd but it's a blue ribbon winnr to me. - reaperam

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4 Cuphead

It's sad that this game might become a terrible fanbase soon, but other than that, this is an enjoyable game. - BlueBobYT

Really unique, challenging but rewarding. A wonderful gem in this year of gaming. - cjWriter1997

This game is the embodiment of what you would call endless passion. From great visuals straight out of the 1930's, even including that graining film detail, to wonderful levels of gameplay that will test your jumping and shooting skills to their absolute limit. Simply a marvelous masterpiece of a game. - Vixylafoen

This game is one of the best... just steer clear of the fanbase.

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5 Persona 5

My first Persona game was the 4th one. I love the series ever since. Afterwards, I'm hoping for 5th installment, and it's finally available. Social links are improved thanks to Kawakami's confidant. Main cast is more interesting. Also dungeons are more detailed rather than generic mazes. I'm hoping that Phantom Thieves will meet Persona 4 cast.

I guess I have become more lenient to Persona games now. I used to hate them, but now most of those games, including this, are good enough for me to like them. - SelfDestruct

How can it be number 5 when this is so damn good. I hope more people will try it and give it the love it deserves. - Springman440

I love anime and video games so this is my game of the year

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6 Nier: Automata

This game was awesome and the soundtrack was hype at every moment - Mcgillacuddy

I love the characters and gameplay.

One of the best japanese games of 20171 - Xicor12

The shift in perspective from playthrough to playthrough is emotionally devastating. By the third shift you'll know why this title deserves the title 'Game of the Year' from players with an affinity to melancholy.

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7 Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

This game is the definition of badass, and the marketing campaigns for it were flawless - Mcgillacuddy

How dare you, I love this game 4.6/5

Should be higher than fifa - ikerevievs

What's more fun than killing Nazis all day - BlazinWraith

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8 Sonic Mania

Played this and it's really enjoyable. They went back to basics and it's exactly what the franchise needed - Aquaturtle

I was never a Sonic fan. This game is seriously making me reconsider that. Godly soundtrack, addicting gameplay, and it looks amazing even though it has those 16 bit graphics. - Zach808

Sonic is better than Mario sonic 06 just brought the franchise down a little bit but still way better

It is one of my favorite games ever, has a perfect soundtrack, and makes you want to play it over and over again because the levels have endless different paths.

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9 Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

How the hell are games like Super Mario Odyssey and Battlefront 2 above this magnificent remaster, they're not even out yet - Ponmon

This release was really well done. Activision did something right for once - Mcgillacuddy

Needs to be number 1!

A wonderful remaster of a great series of games. Just as awesome and frustrating as I remembered.

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10 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

I feel really weird for thinking a racing game is the best game of 2017, but there are some possibilities. 1. It had a brand new battle mode that was improved with 4 new modes. As fans were upset with the MK8 battle mode. 2. They introduced wireless play! This is a mode where you can have a friend come over with their switch, and play on wireless mode! There isn't even internet needed. 3. The new characters. People were VERY happy when they heard Dry Bones had a return. Also King Boo was exciting. and Bowser Jr to come, after SOMEHOW he WASN'T in mk8. that's all for now FOKES. CYA LATER

How is this game so high? It just added loads of useless characters (I'm looking at you Pink Gold Peach) - MagmaFox

Pink Gold Peach was in the original Mario Kart 8. Also, Deluxe adds King Boo and Dry Bones back. - Extractinator04

It's really fun. I sometimes steal my brother's Switch just to play it. - Absolite

IT is (or looks and sounds0

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The Newcomers

? Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

Okay, this is one of the best sports game ever.

The reality of the game, physic are way better than any game in this list. - NubFix

? The Lego Ninjago Movie Videogame

Pretty good, but like Justice League, the game is too short. - Extractinator04

The Contenders

11 Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Easily the best horror game released since Outlast. Maybe even better, because it's less repetetive and also touches quite a lot of other game genres. One of the greatest atmospheres I've ever seen in a game, really good and original storyline and it still has a classic Resident Evil feel.

This game is art I love this game it was the reason why I cried for 1 week straight I love this game I wish I lived in the swamp.

I voted for this cause it was the only one I have played enough to give my opinion on and I did really like it.

This was a very good game. If you want to buy it,just buy it. If you not, then not

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12 Injustice 2

This game has to be one of the best fighting games of all time - Batmaniscole

I don't know about you but this is a pretty cool game and I don't even like playing video games!

I'm an absolute fighting game fanatic so this took me somewhere else

Cool characters.

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13 Call of Duty: WWII

I'm really exited for WWII. Mainly because I was really tired of the "Futuristic Warfare" concept. I'm glad that Call of Duty is returning to what made them a big hit in the first place. Really pumped!

It's not even out, what makes you think it's going to be better than any other Call of Duty game before it.

What, the game hasn't even came out yet. - Gamefreak23788

How can you not love this game. so addicting and fun.

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14 Doki Doki Literature Club! Doki Doki Literature Club!

This was a surprisingly good game. It is the biggest example of don't judge a book by its cover - kempokid

Built with love, game made really well with a team that makes games for passion. This is rare nowadays. That's why I would pick it as a best of 2017.

This is one of those games that can throw anyone for a huge loop. I would give spoilers but I won't, this game is really best experienced on its own

Just Monika

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15 Assassin's Creed Origins

I can understand why this isn't very high on the list, because the reputation Assassin's Creed had wasn't all that good, and neither were any releases since the Ezio trilogy, apart from Black Flag. Skipping a year did good to the series though, and resulted in Origins, a great video game. - vr46

Deserves to be in the top 5

Best game of 2017 hands down!

Best of 2017

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16 For Honor

Great game, deserves to be higher on the list but definitely not first. The game is addicting and has great gameplay, but the servers are terrible and at times its impossible to even join a game.

How is this not not number 1, it has fantastic fighting and it is the most addicting game ever, best game of all time for me.

Best game of all time, addicting gameplay and brilliant sword fighting.


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17 Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

It's really great, and one of the best Pokemon games we have gotten in a while, I'm enjoying playing it but it has one critical problem: it feels like glorified 40$ DLC. Only the post game is very different from the originals, and not much else changed. Most of the NPC's stay the same and the lines of dialogue and storyline stay generally the same. The ultra recon squad were cool, but they were also kind of boring. They added a bunch of side quests, which are okay, but there still is not a place I can get more powerpoint ups. Ultra sun and moon were great but they definitely could have made it more different, or given us the third game that stays "Ultra" but also combines the two, for a more complete experience. - CodenameJ

I do hate how it does feel like you're just replaying the 2016 Sun and Moon, but other than that it's good. - RaccoonCartoon

USUM is a fantastic game and a lot better than the original (not that the originals weren't great) I can say that for sure. My only real issue is how much they didn't change. And I get it, these games came out only a year after the originals, but at some points I didn't even realize I was playing USUM and not the originals. But overall, still amazing Pokemon games and definitely worth $40 - ChiefMudkip

Grate game mayte, catch many pokemans and pokeboys, evolve into big man and big bob

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18 Prey

Most underrated game ever

okay - Frodomar49

So horror and I LOVE SPACE

19 South Park: The Fractured but Whole

The darker your skin color in the game the harder the game gets

Good game I play game is fun play

I vote this to get revenge on my dad for my mom

I like funny game - hiphopgod

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20 Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight might be the best metroidvania in 2017 I have ever seen, because of the exploration, combat and healing. You kill over 140 types of enemies and 32 bosses to defeat. Also has a bit of Platforming but I might consider it is 95% backtracking and stuff I guarantee and I recommend to play this game, the controls are easy but the animation does not work really well, you have to fix the resolution to make it better. The best part of the game for me are the bosses, the bosses are just more likely optional to defeat and they have a good combat system. The bosses in Hollow Knight have more of a Dark Soul-ish combat but they don't show their health bar like in other metroidvania games like Environmental Station Alpha, Xeodrifter or Cave Story. Anyway, check it out on Steam if you don't have it and If you don't have Steam, download it and then buy the game. Remember, best on the controller. - Denis01

Just finished the game. It's a masterpiece: fun game, not too repetitive, very cool boss battles (especially the last one), amazing world etc. Worth checking out, even if you are not a fan of metrovanias.

Master piece of a game, I went into this year thinking Cuphead would be my top indie game, but Hollow Knight not only surpassed it by a mile (and I loved cuphead), but was more fun, and interesting then almost every major triple A title this year. My number 2 after botw

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