Best Call of Duty Zombies Perk-a-Cola Ideas

Vote for your favourite fan-made Call of Duty Zombies perk-a-cola idea. Feel free to add your own ideas too. I only came up with Amm-O-Matic and Diluted Barley. I also edited Reconnai Shake and Perk-Twist-Cola.
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1 Double Tap Root Beer 3.0

This new Double Tap also gives you double your normal ammo on the gun! Ray Gun for example, you would get 320 instead of 160.

2 Amm-O-Matic

It costs 6,000 points and gives you max ammo on ONE weapon (I.e. the weapon you're showing on screen and you must change the weapon on screen as well as pay another 6,000 points). Along with this, max ammo as a drop rarely appears.

Did you just salvage the name of the cut perk am monastic and change its effects?

3 Diluted Barley

This perk will flood the zombies to death with a wave of water every 20 seconds around the back of you as well as the front of you (at the same time) but you are protected by a force which the perk gives you. If you check out my fan-made zombies map, Tour Eiffel, you could see, it would make sense.

4 Downer's Delight

This Perk-A-Cola allows the player to have a non-pistol weapon out when downed, the ability to cycle weapons when downed, and grants him ten more seconds before dying. This perk will come in great use for players that get downed frequently, or for when team mates cannot reach the drinker in a regular bleed-out time (this has happened to me and my friends so many times). The color scheme is a light green-teal. The perk is the same color as the primary color and tastes like assorted vitamins. Since this perk-a-cola can be life-saving, it will cost 3500 points to purchase. The icon is a person that is downed holding a PM63.

5 Med-Juice-Er

Med-Juice-Er is a perk that can be activated when pressing both analog stick sticks together, when pressed a snake will appear out of the players shoulder. The snake will hypnotize an individual zombie for a period of time (15 secs) and has a 50 second cool down, it can be used to put the last zombie to sleep instead of risking him dying when throwing a grenade; it can also be used to pacify that one pesky zombie that appears out of nowhere for example above the gondola on mob of the dead, the snake does not damage the zombie. However if not looking at any zombies when activated the ability will be useless.

6 Gun Trade Tonic

Gun Trade Tonic alows a player to swap guns by aiming his crosshairs at a the player then holding "Y" the guns name and ammo count will then be displayed on the others player's screen, he may accept by also holding "Y" after which their guns are swapped instantly and teleported to each other with a burst of lighning. Also for the gun swap out of the two people only one requires this perk. Extremely useful if a player dies and is left without a gun or if he runs out of ammo or money to buy another gun

7 Banana Colada

This would be a good perk in black ops 4 because of all the stairs on IX and Blood of the Dead, and brings back the classic feeling of one of the best wonder weapons, the Slickquifire (sorry totally spelled wrong), back into BO4

8 Reconnai Shake

After obtained, you are given a mini-map which will show you every type of enemy near you including normal zombies. However, there will be a color scheme for each type of enemy. For example, normal zombies could be red whilst hellhounds are blue. It costs 5,000 though and is the second most expensive perk you could get - after the one I made, Amm-O-Matic.

9 Fuse Booze

The perk increases explosive damage and Monkey Bomb detonation time, as well as crossbow bolts (upgraded or not). The increased time will draw more zombies, and the increased explosive damage will kill more of the zombies, and cause greater damage to the ones that survived. However, this perk has a negative effect; it will be more difficult to create crawlers. But excluding it's one negative effect, it will help the players with explosives quite a bit, and come in great use if a player is downed. When the monkey is thrown, it will take longer to detonate, giving the revived player and the reviver a few extra seconds to buy a perk and get away. The color scheme is red, gold, yellow, and a bit of white. The perk is scarlett color and tastes like smokey whiskey. The perk will cost 2500 since it increases damage, and will help the players in killing zombies.

10 Akimbo Juice

(The name isn't very good, I'm open to suggestions.) This perk costs 4000 points. It lets you dual-wield your weapons. With guns that are already dual-wield, it has no effect. You do not receive any extra ammo, you get more fire power. You aren't able to aim down the barrel, so it is not ideal for snipers. It also decreases your aim, so the perk has ups and downs. Should not be on the same map with Mule kick or Double tap 2.0. It might also decrease your sprinting speed. Great for wonder weapons.

I love akimbo so this sounds like my kind of perk! For example duel wield lighting staff! AWESOME

The Contenders
11 Regenerade
12 Uppergrade
13 Scorch Scotch

Once a zombie(s) touches you, he / she / they blow up! However, your "bomb" (blow up thing) has to recharge for 5 seconds and then once a zombie touches you again, he / she / they blow up again and so on! It costs 3,000 points.

14 Hyper-A-Punch

It's like Pack-A-Punch, but weapons got 10x damage.

15 Copycat Cocktail
16 Two's a Crowd
17 Blade-O-Rade

This perk increases melee range, radius, and damage by 25%. The increases range will allow the player to slash a zombies and not get too close ´╗┐and risk getting downed. The increased radius enables the player to kill multiple zombies with one slash (up to 5 per slash), and the increased damage is self-explanatory. This perk will come in great use for the medic(a player with a pack-a-punched ballistic knife), for he can now defend himself much better with his knife. This perks color scheme is pale yellow and a dull blue. The drink is a dull blue also and taste like overly cafinated energy drink. The name itself is a joke on Gatorade. this perk will cost 3000 points, since it is quite helpful if a player is out of ammunition.

18 Berserker Beer

Every kill raise your damage by 1% for 1 minute. It costs 2500.

19 Perk-o-Rama

This is a machine that allows you to have 2 more perk slots, (this is not a perk, it's a machine like the PaP)

20 Thor's Whiskey

Your melee weapon now does 250% more damage and stuns a single zombie for 3 seconds. It can also instant melee kill a zombie if a zombie has become a crawler. However the time amount cannot be stacked. Costs 2500.

21 Ammo-Port-Wine
22 Winter's Whisky

A whole lot like Trailblazers except instead of a trail of fire being released when sliding, a trail of ice does, which slows down zobies that walk init for 5 seconds.

23 Stamiback

The perk would cost 5000 and give you the ability to sprint backwards to annihilate your trains

24 Backwoods Bullseye

-Costs: 4500.

-Getting Headshots fires the same type of bullets from the back (exactly opposite to where you're aiming at) if it's a pellet or a Sniper Bullet or even a Wonder Weapon (although personally I think that's too OP, you decide) it will still count.

-It doesn't waste double the ammo like Double Tap 1.0. It fires the same bullet twice like the 2.0 version but one bullet forwards and one backwards.

-The Design of the Exterior of the Symbol will be Brown Leaves and Lime Green Paint (kinda like a Ghillie Suit) and the Interior will be an old fashioned Red Target with a black dot in the middle.

25 Don't-Rush Rushmore

Costs: 4000

- Decreases perk drinking animation and box spinning (when you roll the box and it shows you the weapons) by half.
- Build Workbench stuff, draw weapons with chalk, dig digsites and fill up souls in a soulbox twice as fast.
- Also skips the Pack-a-Punch finger cracking animation completely.
- You can do Multitasking, doing 2 or more (if you can manage that) things from above together.
- If done any one of the above, you get a 2 second speed boost (about 20% more, stacks with Stamin-Up as well).
- The Design of the Exterior and the Interior of the Symbol will be Light Blue with bubbles and in the middle showing a White Figure running like the Extreme Conditioning Perk while he holds up a White Perk Bottle.
- The Design of the Perk Bottle will be Light Blue.

Note: You get the Speed Boost only after you done filling souls not while you're filling.
You can't stack Speed Boosts if you do 2 or more things at the same time.

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