Top 10 Reasons Why Roblox is Better Than Minecraft

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1 More games

This is a great one. Minecraft is just one game with other biomes like "THE NETHER" or "THE END." That is good but Roblox has more than a million games! That's sick!

Minecraft also has games like pixel painters, but I don't know how to find that game on minecraft and play it. You see, I have been playing for roblox since 2016 (if you want proof, then check out my hacked roblox account called annabellalol3314), and yes, players were nice to me and there is a least amount of people who have bullied me. Roblox has like over 10 million games to play with other people like, murder mystery 2, elemental battlegrounds, and much MUCH more!

I prefer Minecraft, because Roblox is pretty laggy and it took so long to load with cheap laptop but why would they want to improve their graphics when most of the kids used cheap laptop. Their report system is so awful, cause they will never ever check the reports.. They only banned people when they did bad stuff in front of them but not ban on the people that got reported?

2 It's free

You don't have to go and steal your mom's credit card or anything. You could just download and play roblox!

Buying robux is optional, so you can become a pro in any game!

Want to rob banks and kill cops?: Jailbreak.

Want to mine for ores or hunt or arrest, rob people to grind money?: The wild west.

Want to have a group of 4 players with generators and a shop?: Bedwars.

Want to fight bosses, craft weapons and create a skyscraper as your house? Craftwars.

You meet new people everyday on Roblox, giving you a time to socialize or even make a few friends.

You can also create your own games, by just downloading a software and getting to work! You could gain robux by doing that!

I've been playing for 3 years without robux and it's honestly not that bad. Like sure, I want that cool outfit and some game boosts to make my game a bit more enjoyable, but the free version isn't as limited as you think it is. You can still play games and do stuff.

3 You can have Minecraft in Roblox

Minecraft on roblox sucked and I saw people using commands to get what they want, it is pretty boring and it's extremely dark and can't see anything. Minecraft is better than roblox minecraft and I can almost do whatever I want, including, clearing out some terrain, making more tools to build a custom base, make more chests or barrels, killing lot of passive mobs and etc.

Roblox have been copying Minecraft which is Copyright there are so many Rip-Off Games on it also Roblox should be Underrated because of Anyone Online Dating.

Well... every "Minecraft" game I play on Roblox is such a rip-off.

Did you know that Roblox is more popular than Minecraft?!

4 People are nice

There's a girl who might know me well and her username is Snowy_TheGamer51UWU, she had mistakenly banned me from her hangout game for life and good thing she kindly unbanned me, also, I forgive & recognize her for this. I recognize her in Arielrblx's video, she was celebrating with her friends that Itsfunneh is gone but she has to betray them and kick them out of her group, thank god, pixie gaming clone is gone and will no longer return.

I really disagree with people who complain the Roblox community is trash. I play both Minecraft and Roblox, and nobody has ever bullied me, insulted my appearance/skin/avatar, and constantly made it a laugh-out-loud joke whenever I lose. To be completely honest, the Roblox community isn't amazing, and it could be improved, but so could the Minecraft community. I have a friend from a whitelisted Minecraft server who plays on another server with 20-year-olds who constantly swear and say inappropriate things, so... Minecraft isn't 100% better than Roblox. In my opinion, on a scale of 1-10, Roblox would be a 9 and Minecraft would be a 7 and a 1/2. Whenever you get bored in Roblox, there's always something more to entertain you, always a new game to play, but in Minecraft, it's the same stuff over and over.

5 You can be a guest

That was a good feature for a lot of new people, but they did remove them. Guests didn't have much to do, they also got insulted a lot and made fun of and the guests can't say anything to defend themself, Roblox is a big platform and gains over 50 million people a month, I don't think Roblox removed guests for money, If you sign up you don't have to pay. The cheapest offer for Robux (Roblox Money) Is 80, you can get that for under a pound, with that you can make your charcter look most how u would like it.

WRONG. Roblox already removed guest, now people have to sign in when they are not ready for it

If you want to be a guest than play on mobile! Someone video says guests play on mobile now

6 Fewer annoying players

There's tryhards and sweats in both Minecraft and Roblox (probably more so in Minecraft), and random people accusing people of hacking when they aren't in Roblox. So Minecraft wins.

Not true, ROBLOX has more annoying players. Minecraft beats this one. The random people are stupid, they like to be mean to us, they like to bully us.

Bruh Users kept calling me a Hacker while I'm not Hacking so I have to quit Arsenal due to anyone shooting me through the walls.

7 More detail

Plus in roblox studio you can do all most anything, from changing lighting realism, fog size shape of objects,
models, plugins, audios, rain whether snow different terrains, like water lava stone basalt, scriptings
and the power to paste images from google as your games image, and much much more that a blocky world with just blocks and more blocks.

Roblox can make better graphics then Minecraft's crappy blocks.

Bruh roblox graphics are terrible and Minecraft graphics nowadays are amazing.

8 You don't need to do a lot of work building your game on Roblox

You could use models, scale a model place into a real one, rotate, move and even put commands of em.

You can make a tool and move it to the StarterScriptPlayer (or something like that)

GUIs are all at your fingertips, you can just tap on a button (which the creator made) and Voila! A shop GUI just appeared on your screen! (you can also make it so that you can buy stuff, teleport to a place and more)

People put more effort in Minecraft they have creativity. In Roblox, you have to use what other people built to build your own.

So that's the fun part, building in minecraft. It's hard work but its fun. You need to do a lot of work in roblox studio

9 You can buy items with in game money

How is this a good thing? making skins is like art, yes, not many pixels but it's free to do it. And items on roblox are becoming more and more expensive. I was saving for something... and it became so much more expensive and a LIMITED.

How is this even making Roblox better? Roblox isn't free for this one, and Minecraft is.

Minecraft beats this one, In Minecraft, you can create your own new skins.

10 Has funnier YouTubers and friends

This is good.
Nice list man!
I totally agree with this.

This is very much opinion-based, but I'll put it this way; we have DanTDM, Doni Bobes, ExplodingTNT, Ballistic, and so many others.

Totally agree I love Roblox and Minecraft but I like Roblox better

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11 Better death sound

I think the death sound is better in minecraft because every different thing has a different death sound.

People get tired over things and especially this one.

The death sound is just stupid.

12 More players

You all saying millions of people quit are idiots. There are 10 million accounts making it impossible for 50 million to quit and if 10 million quit in one week you would see the site start shutting itself down.

Roblox ALWAYS starts up when you open the app. Minecraft? Only starts up MAYBE 3 % of the time...the other 97% of the time,
Minecraft is down and you cannot get on. Stick with Roblox-it's so much better!

People are quitting roblox every day. I saw 10 million quit in one week.

13 Roblox came out before Minecraft

This is so true. ROBLOX was created in 2004 and released to the public in 2006. Minecraft wasn't released until 2009. Do the math- ROBLOX is 5 years older and frowns upon the blocky mess that is Minecraft. If you're a Minecraft fanboy about to scream your lungs out, two things : 1. Don't do that. And 2. ROBLOX is better. If you have a problem with that, we'll be happy to rant you.

That's true, but age doesn't make a game better. Fortninte came out before Breath of the Wild, but Fortnite just sucks.

This means they put more effort into Minecraft.

14 Better things to do

my favorite thing to do on minecraft is to clean up some terrain so I can build my house, I love to compliment girls on roblox and getting banned for it makes no sense. roblox has changed the email in my main acc and I'll have to quit. so I came back to minecraft just to get lot of materials for a custom house.

Roblox is a little bit more realistic, since Roblox and Minecraft have the most similar genres, many players attack others for their opinions and say minecraft copied Roblox.

You can do many more things then just kill players and mobs and craft in Minecraft Roblox definitely better.

15 Free app
16 Better updates

Roblox has terrible updates and most of them aren't even updates at all. Minecraft just had the Aquatic Update and you can add coral reefs and even create your own. You now have the ability to swim in minecraft deep. Roblox is adding the Anthro which will waste money because you can't add items to your Anthro character. Plus, it will attract more ODers to the game, Making roblox the world biggest online dating game, oh, wait, roblox right now IS the biggest online dating game.

PLus Minecraft Bedrock breaks EVERY TUESDAY after new content is added to the Markeptplace. Roblox stays up even after 1000s of content is added every 3 seconds. It's like this:

Minecraft: Last Tuesday I broke and I started working again on Wednesday. Today is Tuesdays I'm going to break and not work again until Wednesday. Next Tuesday I'm going to break and I won't work again until the next day! I break every Teusday even if one teeny-tiny item is added to my marketplace!

Roblox: Well-another day,another 90,000 games and items added to me! I even have graphic-heavy games with billions of items added in,but I still manage to stay up and keep on going!"

So if you want to have friends,be one of the billions of smart people who play Roblox! Don;'t be like the 30-year-old neckbeard who lives in his parents' basement playing Minecraft.

17 It’s cooler

Little kids saying they are cool by putting on all adidas clothing. But the others quit.

Roblox is for babies

18 Roblox doesn't make you craft things

Roblox is such a fraud, they thought they could ban people for ODing but no, in minecraft, you can do whatever you want in that video game and there is no rules to stop you from doing anything.

Crafting is not bad. People who say it is dumb probably never crafted before. It literally shows you the list of things you are able to craft! I mean, it doesn't hurt to click 2 times does it?

I tried to place a single block in roblox and it just keeps moving and crafting would mean having resources but in roblox you can just make stuff.

19 More game styles

There are so many genres in ROBLOX. There are only 3 world types in Minecraft. Roblox beats this one.

Really I kinda disagree since in Mine craft there are different biomes and landscapes.

Ever heard of a thing called a mod?

20 Better game music

The old Roblox soundtrack is very grand, take a listen yourself.

Minecraft is calm, but boring.

Usually there is better music and in some games you can choose what music you would like to hear.

Minecraft music is a masterpiece.

21 Roblox is more customized and has a friend system

Minecraft PVP Clients tend to have friend systems of their own, so Minecraft also has friend systems. Also, heard of skins?

22 No soccer moms
23 More realistic avatars

It's a cube game what would you expect?

I look bad as a cube

24 Fewer squeakers

Not true. I played Roblox a few times, and each time there were multiple squeakers. I have played Minecraft for thousands of hours, and have only met a couple squeakers.

The only squeaker I know of that plays Roblox is Super Minecraft Kid.

In Minecraft? Yes, it is rare.

25 Less popular

Not always, I prefer Roblox but Minecraft is still a great game with good updates.

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