Top 10 Video Games that are Some of the Most Overrated of Their Entire Genres


The Top Ten

1 Call Of Duty (First-Person Shooters)
2 Five Nights at Freddy's (Horror Games)
3 Final Fantasy (Role-Playing Games)
4 Minecraft (Building Games)
5 Super Smash Bros (Fighting Games)
6 Guitar Hero/Rock Band (Rhythm Games)
7 Madden (Sports)
8 Super Mario Galaxy (3D Platformers)
9 Cave Story (Metroidvania)
10 Portal (Puzzle Games)

The Contenders

11 Dynasty Warriors (Hack 'N' Slash)
12 Original PaRappa the Rapper (Rhythm Games)
13 Super Metroid (Metroidvania)
14 Halo (First-Person Shooters)
15 Garry's Mod (Sandbox Games)
16 Original Super Mario Bros (Side-Scrolling Platformers)
17 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Metroidvania)
18 Resident Evil 4 (Survival Horror)
19 God Of War (Hack'n'Slash)
20 Chrono Trigger (Role-Playing Games)
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1. Five Nights at Freddy's (Horror Games)
2. Call Of Duty (First-Person Shooters)
3. Final Fantasy (Role-Playing Games)
1. Call Of Duty (First-Person Shooters)
2. Final Fantasy (Role-Playing Games)
3. Super Smash Bros (Fighting Games)



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