Mairead Nesbitt


Mairead does not just play and dance, she tells a story with each piece and pulls you into a world of magic. When I listen to her and watch her, I forget about myself, my problems. I come out so happy and spiritually uplifted. You can always tell that it is her playing, since she has such a distinct style. She brings out the best in the violin, a very warm and flexible sound, and perfect technique and intonation. She is a true musician and reminds me of a fairy.

Mairead just blows you away on stage! Not only does she have the energy of a firecracker, she doesn't miss a beat or a single note all while leaping around and spinning! Her slower songs cut straight to your heart and leave you breathless... there's no way you can hear Mairead and not be moved by her music. There's only one Mairead Nesbitt, She should be #1!

Her style is graceful, yet fiery; peaceful, yet, challenging and above all she is entertaining in every sense of the word, and so captivating that all eyes are on her when she is performing in front of an audience. She receives deserved applause when she enters the stage from the wings with her illustrious bow and her blond tresses flying. Mairead Thank you!

Why did I vote for Mairead? She is the best. Not only is she superior in talent to others, she interacts with her fans and cares about her fans. She has creativity that she exhibits in every show. All other fiddle players are just that - fiddle player. Mairead is as ARTIST.

I've not seen anything like Mairead anywhere... She plays beautifully, and is a consummate performer. She give her all night after night... She is truly incredible and should be held in highest esteem throughout the world of music.

There is an undeniable spark of pure energy and love for the violin as she happily (an sometimes even barefoot) goes across the stage with her blonde tresses flying and a merry twinkle in her eye. She is mesmerizing to watch in concert

Mairead lights up a room - who needs sparkles? Her energy and fun personality makes you feel warm and energetic, too! Her face betrays the passion she feels as she plays... Her fiddle is her voice and it is indeed a beautiful one.

Hearing her makes me feel joy and more alive then I could have ever imagined. I can only hope that I get many more chances to listen to the most inspiring violinist both live and in video form that I have ever known. Will always be a fan of her work.

She's an angel with a violin. There's really no other way to describe her. Watching her perform is the equivalent of watching a fairy dance! She's definitely one of the greatest violinists--if not, THE greatest--of our time.

Mairead Nesbitt is like no other. She truly is the best. Her passion, her talent, her grace, perfection, beauty... There is so much to be said about it it would take me quite a long long time to do it. The best I can say in words is, "Mairead Nesbitt is the essence of true beauty in every sense of the word. She is beautiful inside and out. "
Mairead is my hero, she will always be. Her energy and excitement to share what she does is alive, it is contagous!
She is number one in my heart. I love Mairead, I hope that even someday when she's retired we'll still her that beautiful fiddle echoing still.

Mairead is just simply... Mairead! There is really no other fiddler out there like her! Her short stature, fiery and pixie-like personality, and not to mention her OUTSTANDING violin/fiddle skills, is what makes her THE BEST.

Mairead is so awesome. She can play violin and dance at the same time, and her music just makes me want to dance until I can't dance anymore. Celtic woman is an awesome group, and Mairead makes it even more awesome.

We challenge anyone else on this list to play as beautifully as she does while spinning 10 times, running, jumping, dancing and whirling about. Heck, we challenge them to do all that and not fall down.

Had the absolute joy of seeing Mairead, an amazing performer and beautiful woman. Regardless of how this plays out, Mairead will always be number one in mind. Too much love for this woman!

Now I am absolutely sure this whole website is unfortunately a very bad indicator of these very talented people as miss nesbitt now Mr. mustapha is so much more talented than any of the others who I have given a fair listen to that any comparison put her in a level far above all of the others combined

Mairead is passionate, kind, energetic and absolutely brilliant at what she does. She is also incredibly dedicated to her fans, and has remained with Celtic Woman (her current gig) for the last eight, nearly nine years

Mairead is one of the greatest fiddle players I've ever had the pleasure of hearing! She's so much fun to watch. I don't think it's possible for her to play a bad note.

Best known for her work with Celtic Woman, this girl is amazing! She can run and jump and spin, all while playing the fiddle. I can't believe she's not on the list!

Mairead Nesbitt is an amazing violinist my friend plays violin and I've had her listen to Mairead, and she was in awe! Definitely the best ever better than the best if that is even possible!

Mairead is beautiful inside and out. She is stunning to watch when she performs, and extremely energetic. Offstage she is generous, and very accessible to fans.

There Aren't Words To Describe This Chicks Live Performances! Truly Incredible. Amazing. Brings Tears To Your Eyes. The Energy She Brings To You Through Music...

Never has a more beautiful violin player stood on podiums with such an enthusiasm and flair for playing the violin, and her facial expressions while playing are phenomenal

I've never seen a violinist play with such enthusiasm or energy. Mairead Nesbitt is truly one of a kind. If you want to know what talent is, look no further.

Sometimes when I hear her I am thrown into all the lands of myth that I have dreamed of since I was a child. And to see her play, my only thoughts are, "So this is what a fairy truly is... "

Who is the best you ask? Two words - the great Mairead Nesbitt.

Plain and simple. You don't get any better than she - it is not possible! Heaven is surely missing a precious angel...