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61 Arabella Steinbacher

My favorite violinist. Plays so gracefully and passionately at the same time, has very good, clean technique, and a beautiful, warm sound. Plus she's amazing as a person. I met her after one of her concerts, she's really humble and sweet. I especially recommend listening to her playing Mozart concertos - in my opinion she has the absolute best interpretations of those.

The best in the world playing at the moment

62 L. Subramaniam

Considered amongst the greatest Carnatic (South Indian Classical) violinists ever.

63 Sergey Khachatryan V 1 Comment
64 Nicola Benedetti

Great potential for future top ten list

One of the best from scotland!

65 Sayaka Shoji
66 Taylor Davis

Her music is gaming / anime based and it's perfect. How was she not on this list.


67 Jessie Burns

Jessie Burns is the violin player for the Irish singing group 'Gaelic Storm'. She has a ton of energy when playing on stage and it is obvious that she has so much fun when playing on stage

68 Hahn-Bin
69 Karol Lipinski
70 Sugizo
71 Ida Haendel

Ida Haendel is still an amazing violinist and teacher. She is way advanced in age but can still move one's heart with her playing.

72 Ray Chen

Ray Chen's expression and technique is above and beyond. Winning both the Menuhin and QueenElisabeth Competition, I believe Ray Chen is the Greatest Violinist in the World!

73 Olen Cezari
74 Shahin Khaki
75 Gidon Kremer

Can play anything to perfection: from Piazzolla to Bach - from Mozart to Brahms.

76 Lee Cremo
77 Ikuko Kawai
78 Ivry Gitlis

Gitlis is not only a great violinist, but a philosopher as well. His genius is astounding & he has always played with a unique style. He's not a violinist with any gimmicks. He's simply a great artist who has influenced violin playing in two centuries.

V 1 Comment
79 Liviu Prunaru

Romanian Born Concertmaster. Go to YouTube and listen. He is the only one who can rival the great I. Perlman.

80 Christian Howes

Probably the greatest living jazz violinist. He combines, jazz, rock, and classical into a really interesting sound. Also a wonderful teacher, and runs many programs relating to jazz and improvisation.

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