Most Wanted PlayStation Vita Games

Playstation Vita is an amazing device but there are still some games that we want desperately on the Vita.
The Top Ten
1 Grand Theft Auto

I never really liked Grand Theft Auto intill I got to v then it was good but still not the best I think it should be a little lower

2 Infamous

I really like infamous but I always thought that it would be better on the go.

3 Injustice: Gods Among Us
4 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Naruto storm 4 is the best ps4 game that I have and I gotta say there is no fighting game like plus it's the best anime as well

5 Skate
6 DmC: Devil May Cry
7 Prototype
8 Ultra Street Fighter IV
9 Bully
10 The Sims 3
The Contenders
11 Metal Gear
12 NHL 15 NHL 15 Product Image

Has every sport game but nhl

13 NBA 2K
14 Undertale
15 Dragon Ball Xenoverse
16 Gravity Rush 2 Gravity Rush 2 Product Image
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