Reasons Why Sony's Playstation Vita Is Better Than Nintendo's 3DS

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1 Sony has better graphics, and a lil bit of 3D

Graphics don't matter, I wish I could comment without voting.

Graphics are why the console failed.

It's true. At least better, than 3DS.

This is stupid. Damn lie

2 Sony will have a wide big Screen

And no portability

3 Sony Has Two Analog Sticks, Not 2 Nubs/nub

How am I supposed to fit 2 analog sticks I'm my pocket.

4 Sony will have better games

I played Mario- I didn't like it, I played Pokemon- I liked it, I played God Of War-I Loved it!

Oh, pffft. Hatsune Miku will only ever be the good franchise on the PSV.

No they won't

All of the Sony Ps vita games suck ass because all of the PlayStation greatest titles are not available on the ps vita meaning its not a mini ps3 and the dash board is so horrible and I am a PlayStation fan boy and I keep telling my self that the psvita was totally worth it but that's actually not true... Its just a waste of money like the ps4 (which is basically a ps3 on steroids, though I do live the controller :D ) and battle field 4 also sucks a grip load totally not worth it

5 Sony's Music Player will be Louder, and more room
6 Sony is like a Mini PS3
7 Sony has a Video/Movie Player
8 Sony's Youtube will be better graphiced

YouTube was made by Google, not Sony.

9 Sony's Memory Space/Cards will have more Memory Storage

Nope more space on ds and cheaper sd cards. I have tooo much space on my 3ds and for less than a 100 bucks. The biggest vita card costs 130 bucks and corrupts save files

10 Sony's bettery life will last longer

Wow. The PS Vita is just as good as your spelling

Lost you on this one. Bettery? Or buttery? Were you meaning that Sony's battery is bettery? - HezarioSeth

Good grammar. - Skullkid755

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11 Sony has 3G

THe PSVita has 3G on it, so now you can actually play online anywhere.

12 Sony's Vita is Region Free

This is one of the few points where Nintendo really fails.

I think this is something I agree with, and also item 13. - Skullkid755

This is the only one sony wins

FYI, the 3ds is region-free as well.

13 It has better online services

Miiverse on 3ds is stupid psn for the win

14 Another LBP game
15 Sony games are cheaper

The ps vita games have outrageous price tags from 20-55 dollars what? Its just a hand held device.

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