Glenn Rhee

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Glenn Rhee is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Steven Yeun in the AMC television series of the same name.


So pissed that they killed him off, so that AMC could save Daryl's overrated white fan favorite ass. First off, I hate it when people say that Glenn was too moral and weak to make it through the apocalypse. The fact that he was able to hold on to both his humanity and be badass at the same time takes an extraordinary amount of strength. No, he wasn't a ruthless and cold survivor, like Rick, Daryl, or Carol, but he also wasn't the annoying over-moralizing type of survivors, like Dale and Andrea. Also, they killed him off for pure shock value because this show has some narrow minded belief that being kind is a weakness, and because they couldn't pull the trigger on Daryl instead. Don't say that "it happened in the comics" or that "Steven asked for it." They've changed many things from the comics before, including the existence of Daryl Dixon, and T.V. Maggie and Glenn were very different from comic Glenn and Maggie, so they could have easily gotten away with keeping Glenn alive on the ...more

Gleen Rhee has been my favorite from the start. His kind-heartedness, his humanity, his heart and compassion has been overlooked, but considering how hardened, and how many hardships he has gone through, and yet retain that semblance of humanity and pure heart is a feat I believe the new world, or rather, the world after the zombie apocalypse needs, not Rick Grimes' kill or be killed mentality nor Daryl Dixon's bad-assery. I have a lot to say, but to make it simple, with all that the group and Glenn has gone through, and how he turned out to be and reacted every single time makes me admire, respect and root for him to survive more than any other character. I want a good guy like him, in this brutal world, to survive because more than anyone, I believe he deserves it the most, if not for his resourcefulness and humanity, it's his selflessness and pure heart; he may not be the cold and hardened leader like Rick, or the skilled and bad-ass fighter, but he has grown into a balanced ...more

Glenn has always been there from the beginning to help. He grew a lot over the six seasons. He saved Rick when he was caught in the tank even though he put the others in danger but Rick and Glenn together saved the group and the complaining Andrea. I will miss Glenn and the goodness he brought to the group wanting ro involve everyone just not the original group. Its sad he wont get to see his baby and be a father. The show didn't need to kill 2 main characters. It made the wait even worse. Six months of hoping it wouldn't be Glenn and the show would change it up from the comic. Not what I was expecting and not a good choice for the show for me anyway. I will always watch till the end no matter how mad I get at some of the show runners choices. I get tired of people threatning not to watch if someone gets killed off. Don't ruin it for the rest of the fans who want to watch till the very end!

Glenn is the one and only character that I care about staying alive and in the show. I know all the Darryl lovers out there say the same thing about him, but Darryl isn't as strong a character from beginning to end. Glenn has been swimming in hot water since episode 2 and he's always managed to come through while doing the right thing. Glenn is the closest thing to perfect the show has, and I would aspire to be half the man he is.

Glenn is by far the best character on the show and I think one of the most unappreciated! I know everyone likes the bad a## characters but I love that Glenn is through and through a good guy. There would be NO Rick Grimes without Glenn Rhee, his optimism and good heart helped shape this show and I can't imagine a Walking Dead without him in it!

He is the best character on this show. So much development. His actor also was the best actor I ha e ever seen with Alicia Debnam Carey being my favourite actress and second favourite actor overall. Alicia reminds me of Glenn. If you kill Alicia off, we riot. Negan killing Glenn was terrible. I would have loved to see Glenn in All Out War. The series should make the biggest twist ever in the 100th episode and that is bringing Glenn back and that would not be hard to do as 6x15 did not show what exactly happened to Glenn. What I would do is in episode 101 show a flashback of Dwight letting Glenn run and then have Glenn escape while the Saviors are shooting at him and then have him meet his identical twin and tell him all about Maggie and then have the Saviors catch up and then have Glenn hide while his Twin gets captured and is wearomg the exact same clothes Glenn had as Glenn asked him for a favor. Bam Glenn is back. That would certainly make the Walking Dead have its biggest twist ...more

I won't watch this show if they kill Glenn. He is my favorite character and the reason why I keep watching this show.

Glenn has been through more than anyone else on the show, he has risked his life to save countless characters. He let Tara come with him after the Prison despite her being on the other side. He saved Rick, a complete stranger, in the first episode because that's the kind of person Glenn is.

Glenn is decent and noble, but in the apocalypse I would rather be with Daryl, Merle and Carol--and of course Herschel (because he has medical experience). I would want Glenn around if we found a safe pace and had to rebuild a decent society/ Love Glenn, bit I could see him making THE MORAL DECISION and getting killed when he SHOULD be saving his butt to work with the group.

Glenn is awesome! If I wanted to survive an apocalypse without worrying about a zombie eating my neck, I would choose a badass pizza delivery boy that has those mad jukes. He cares so much about the apocalypse that when all the survivors were loving the prison he still kept on killing all the walkers. Glenn all the way.

2nd best character besides Rick in my opinion. His development and character traits are awesome and meeting with Maggie was excellent and there romance. For the show, he has always kept a very excellent humanity feeling given all the tragic events that happen. He is a character who always will protect his loved ones and group no matter what particularly Maggie (he would die for her anytime and any day (hope Negan did not kill him in the show) as I see currently three characters unkillable Rick, Daryl and Glenn, I could be wrong. He also even cares about someone who tried to kill him, Nicolas. A perfect character in the apocalypse.

Should definitely be number one. He might not be as badass as Rick and Daryl but he is the only character who hasn't lost his humanity, plus his hands are clean because he's never killed one single person. And he still is pretty awesome I mean he killed a walker with a chair! Who does that!

Glenn is the best character there is. He is best in seasons 1 and kinda 2. I still like him in season 3 and 4 but he is funny in the first 2 seasons. In the recent seasons he has become and Emo wimp who loves Maggie and has no time for jokes. Still really cool character development though

Glenn is one of the only characters that are really there on your side till they die and shall always do what he can do for others no mater what is going on he is my favorite character and always be and if he dies ill go into a ball and jump out a window! by the way HE IS ALIVE

Glenn is most likely the strongest character in that he is holding his humanity so much closer to him and longer than the rest of the world around him. He is willing to work for the option that is the best for everybody and not just himself and his friends.

Glenn is a trooper. I love how his character has developed from the somewhat comic relief character who is solely good at making runs, to this strong, protective and determined character who will do anything to survive and watch out for his family.

The real TRUE survivor of the group. Even though Glenn is dangerous against walkers, he has still been able to keep his humanity, and hasn't killed a human so far in the show.

He had been my favorite since he killed a walker while tied to a chair. That is just way too awesome. And he is also the most relatable. Someone I wanted to be like if a zombie apocalypse ever happen.

Glenn is the Heart and Brain of the group! I don't know why he isn't the #1 character, he's never done something stupid ever! He is my future husband haha I'm still on season six and he died season. I bet a lot of people stopped watching after his death!

Glenn volunteered to do stuff in seasons 1 and to that Rick, Daryl, and Shane wouldn't do. He killed a zombie while being in a room by himself and being tied to a chair.

I think he is amazing! He has so much skill, brains and strength. He is amazing at fighting and protecting people, and he refuses to leave anyone behind. He is very kind, generous, and of course.. Good looking!

Glenn has been my favorite character in everything from the comics to the game to the show. I just feel like Glenn is the only one I really care about in the show, besides Daryl who's a close second favorite of mine.

Daryl is my favourite character but I have to say his about Glenn and Daryl: they kinda cute I love the walking dead by the way I am only 11 so please don't diss on me

A kind and humble young man, he genuinely cares for the people he loves. One of the originals and I absolutely DO NOT want him to die.

Smartest, most mentally stable, and brave. Most relatable and realistic character. One with the most potential. So underrated.