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61 Sam

The guy with the broken shoulder that was in the show for two episodes? what is HE doing here?!

Goddamnit sam! "Mom?! MOM?! " Like dude seriously?! Don't cry for your mommy when you are trying to be quiet and get out safely you idiot!

62 Alpha Wolf V 1 Comment
63 Benjamin
64 Meghan Chalmers
65 Mike and Terry

In the comic book series their names were Mike and Terry and they were once close to Michonne (will say no more not to spoil). Their first appearance was the show's most iconic moment. They deserve to be on this list as a SINGLE entry as nothing happened that would distinguish one from the other.

They are Michonne's two armless, jawless chained walkers, who keep other walkers away and the show's viewers in awe.

66 Buttons

Absolutely the most evolved character. At first she started off a little rough(I mean who wouldn't when your getting used to a zombie apocalypse), but over the coarse of the show we got to see her character turn into caring and responsible yet badass. In the end, she took one for the team to show that she would sacrifice her own life for the well being of the group. Because of her heroic sacrifice, I had to vote her. R.I.P Buttons: Season Five Episode Thirteen - Season Five Episode Thirteen.

The horse? Why is it here. I don't know. I was sad when he died. Oh well...what..

67 Jessie Anderson

I love Jessie! Except when she went all badass on that walker with the scissors in the kitchen and Ron walks in, she should have turned around with wide eyes holding the scissors up and said "How about that haircut now Ron?!?! " I have problems

She's simply one of the best new characters in the show. She reminds me about Andrea. Would be nice if she survives just like andrea did in the comics. At the beginning she wasn't that strong, but now she becomes one of the best characters and is inmy top 5.

68 Walker

Without walkers, it isn't the walking dead


love 'em

Truth Be told /

V 1 Comment
69 Nicholas - Season 5

He's the worst character on the show

V 2 Comments
70 Owen

Why is he this low

71 Lilly Caul
72 Eugene Cooney
73 Darius V 1 Comment
74 Doug
75 Rogers

We are going to see him on Season 7.

76 Lydia
77 Magna Magna
78 Tobin
79 Richard
80 Ken
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