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81 Cyndi
82 Jake
83 Clementine

Telltale Game's "The Walking Dead" interactive story video game made me keep Clementine and Lee Everett in deep within my heart with their complex and heart tugging story of survival, emotion, and hard decisions...if you are a fan of the Walking Dead T.V. show, and you need your fill, watch a walkthrough online (or purchase it yourself).

Younger and stronger then Carl.

Clementine is only ten years old and still she is a bad ass!

Way better than carl in so many ways

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84 Lori Grimes Lori Grimes Lori Grimes is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and was portrayed by Sarah Wayne Callies in the American television series of the same name in the show's first three seasons.

Yes she did leave shane for rick, but she always wanted him back. Season one she tells shane to stay away from her, carl, and rick. Season 2: Shane tells lori he is going to leave the group and lori begs him to stay. Near the end of season 2 she tells rick that shane is dangerous and needs to be stopped (killed basically). But when rick tells lori he killed shane she flips on him and is all mad about it. If she had not changed her mind about everything, then she could have been a better character on the show.

Yeah Lori slept with Shane but she quit and dropped him as soon as Rick got back. Some of the reasons you guys hate her are literally pathetic. She wrecked a car. Wow. If it was Daryl no one would have cared. Yes she let Carl roam around the farm on his own. How is that any different than Rick not even watching his children for the entirety of the time they've spent at Alexandria. Carl went outside the wall how many times. Judith was being watched and looked over by Carol and Carl. How does that make Lori any worse than Rick?

Carl was younger back then, he got older so he can take care of himself better. - hype

I think Lori should be higher on the list. She did make some really poor choices but she was a good person for the most part. She was heartbroken that her husband was "dead." After he was found to be alive, she stopped immediately. Shane tried to force everything on her. She stood behind rick no matter what Shane said. And she kept that baby and said it was ricks no matter what. Died giving birth. ehes way better than some of those characters. Especially Randall or whatever lol! Not my favorite woman character. Definitely would have to go with michonne or Maggie. And I love Glen!

Nope she's gay lol

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85 Patricia

A back up chareters but still she seems like a decent chareters in the comic she is one of the best shots and is a bigger chareters in the comic than T.V. but she's good in the T.V. too all Yeats known about her is she was married to Otis and was good at performing iv and good at surgeries but can't perform them her self she saved Carl's life witch is a big win

86 Ben

I loved Ben even though he was a screwup he is just trying to be a help.

His speech to Kenny really spoke out to me.

Which Ben are you talking about. In the T.V. series or the video game?

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87 Lee Everett Lee Everett Lee Everett is the main character of the first season of The Walking Dead video game. Lee is the player character in the first season of the game, appearing in five episodes.

Simply awesome how he keeps Clem safe

Lee is a hero he is way better than rick he is kindhearted.

Lee was the best character ever! (and clementine) why did they have to make him die, yeah it is different to other games but still! He's the best character ever! The death of lee was to sad I started crying, I watched pewdiepie (YouTuber) play it and he was crying to! I wish lee never died, he was so nice and caring the way he cared for clementine like a daughter, he wasnt a bad man, he was the best guy ever


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88 Bob Stookey Bob Stookey Bob Stookey is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and the television series of the same name, where he is portrayed by Lawrence Gilliard, Jr.

Bob was a strong character that was flawed. You could see he had a troubled past that he wanted to put behind him but he couldn't. He was a great character that could have survived a little while longer. He went out like a boss at least.

I liked how he survived every group he was with. He should've left/lost the group. Him dying was the most lame thing on the show (and that is a hotly contested position).

One of the most underrated and underdeveloped character in the entirety of the series. He could have been developed way more.

Having your leg eaten right in front of you...' badass! He always was in good humor up until he died.

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89 Lizzie Samuels Lizzie Samuels

Lizzie was cute badass she got killed off because she went crazy to think walkers were different, rip I love Lizzie and her sister

How the hell is Lizzie below Lori? Sure, she was crazy, and she killed her sister, but she was interesting!

Creep. You look like my annoying step sister

Mika was defiantly a better character then Lizzie! Mike should still be alive but Lizzie is always invited to look at the flowers 😊

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90 Patrick

Good kid and friend to all, RIP

91 Mika Samuels

She was so much more helpful then Lizzie! She should still be on the show. But Lizzie is always invited to look at flowers

Sister of lizzie and totally cool when they shot that ladie in the head, hope they are safe

Mika is a awesome character. Why did they have to kill her off? She could have done so much more to the show.R.I. P Mika - Jillian

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92 Jim

Wish he was alive he could have survived long.

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93 Kenny

I don't really know why but this guy is just likeable (if you don't think about how violent he is).

Yeah he was so cool, even though he dies in season 2 (if you shoot him)

Kenny is amazing to me he was like merle

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94 Joe





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95 Gareth

Gareth was an evil prick, but there's something about him that's just fun to watch. He rarely stops talking, and seems quite intelligent. Plus, I kind of like cannibalistic villains. He's number 2 so far behind the Governor (unless you count Shane as a villain).

He probably won't be as dangerous as the Governor, but you can tell that this guy is a sociopath. He might last a bit longer than we think.

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96 Randall

Randall was a good guy, and they treated him like crap anyway! And then Shane killed him! That was a poor decision Robert Kirkman!

Randall was a good guy, they treated him like crap for no reason! And then Shane killed him!

97 Haley

I love her actress from Zoey 101

98 Allen
99 Donna
100 Len
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