Top 10 Walking Dead Characters

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81 Ken
82 Cyndi
83 Jake
84 Patricia

A back up chareters but still she seems like a decent chareters in the comic she is one of the best shots and is a bigger chareters in the comic than T.V. but she's good in the T.V. too all Yeats known about her is she was married to Otis and was good at performing iv and good at surgeries but can't perform them her self she saved Carl's life witch is a big win

85 Patrick

Good kid and friend to all, RIP

86 Joe





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87 Haley

I love her actress from Zoey 101

88 Allen
89 Donna
90 Len
91 Luke V 1 Comment
92 Dawn Lerner

Her brother and boyfriend recently died:( Has probably had the hardest thing to go through out of any character on the show, and yet she remains one of the most fierce.

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93 Julio

Most awesome badass characters ever! Appears for three minutes in season 4 episode 8 while standing behind Tyreese... Two minutes later gets shot. However, he did get to shoot a tank (it didn't really do anything but it was still cool)

94 Karen
95 Gargulio
96 Carter
97 Aphid
98 Pete Anderson
99 Omid
100 Shawn Green
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