Top Ten Way of the Warrior Fighters

Way of the Warrior is a bad game. But there were some characters that I liked...and that I hated.

The Top Ten

1 Crimson Glory Crimson Glory

She is the best, because she has the best powers: shrink, increase power, speed and high jumps, full health, and power that makes your opponent cannot jump.
She is called as the name of a rock band: Crimson Glory
And she is the only fighter to be of American origin (Most of the fighters are of Chinese/Japanese origin)

Crimson Glory: You don't have the stomach for this, Sorry to burst your bubble, come on!, (Laugh) LOSER! - Yona_db

2 Ninja Ninja

He is a combination of Noob Saibot and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat 1
Ninja: Reverse Hara-Hiri! - Yona_db

3 The Dragon The Dragon

He is a combination of Bruce Lee, Liu Kang and Johnny Cage
The Dragon: No sequels for you! - Yona_db

4 Konotori Konotori

He is Kitana's and Raiden's son?. He sounds like helium voice
Konotori: YOU'RE GROUNDED! - Yona_db

5 Nikki Chan Nikki Chan

Nikki Chan: Now you heart is minee - My favorite quote - Yona_db

6 Major Gaines

Meh, if you have low health, you can not execute their fatalities - Yona_db

7 Nobunaga

I never played with this fighter because his punches are very slow and he only uses his sword to attack in the air. - Yona_db

8 Gulab Jamun

Would you like to fight with an Indian with diapers? - Yona_db

9 Shaky Jake

He is annoying. Every time you have invincibility, he moves away from you and teleports (4 seconds teleporting) until invincibility is gone. - Yona_db

10 Malcolm Fox

He is the worst. He always growls, even in rematch screen. - Yona_db

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