Top Ten Best Ways to Be a Gentleman

This list will be useful when you grow up

The Top Ten

1 Make polite conversation
2 Don't talk about yourself too much
3 Avoid any offensive actions in public
4 Groom yourself well
5 Wear flattering clothes
6 Maintain proper hygiene
7 Avoid cursing at all costs
8 Treat everyone with respect
9 Be respectful in your actions
10 Don’t talk down to women

The Contenders

11 Help the people around you
12 Avoid bringing up controversial or uncomfortable topics

Learn to avoid politics - Delgia2k

13 Avoid physical altercations

A real gentleman never backs off when he's challenged, always standing up for himself and his values. - Delgia2k

14 Don’t treat women like objects
15 When you’re walking down a street with a woman, walk on the side closer to the traffic

This is an old-fashioned gentlemanly action that is done so that you “protect” your girlfriend/woman from the street as you’re walking - Delgia2k

16 Be selfless
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