Top 10 Ways Books and Video Games Are Equally Great


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1 They both are entertaining

Games are better. And don't assume I'm one of those kids who sucks at English, because I'm in the accelerated English class. - Therandom

Finally, somebody who agrees with me on this. I can have as much fun reading a good book as I can playing Kirby or Mario. - Garythesnail

I'm a big fan of video games, mainly Smash Bros, but I'm in the eighth grade and read on a college level. - sdgeek2003

No video games are way better than books

2 They both have good characters

I don't think that's true for video games all the time. I play games for the game play. Who really cares about the characters? - Kiteretsunu

3 They are both fun to play and read

Or you could have said, "One is fun to play while one is fun to read." - Kiteretsunu

4 They are both interesting
5 They both help the economy
6 They can both help your brain

Zelda Dungeons increase problem solving skills while books increase imagination related
Skills - Skullkid755

7 They both look great

Video games and book illustrations both are beautiful looking. - Skullkid755

8 They both have lessons in them
9 They both have movies based off of them

Yes, but videogame movies are allways horrible
Except Wreck it Ralph - Martinglez

10 They can both be stupid or great
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