Top Ten Ways to Describe Justin Bieber


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1 Anti-Talented

He shouldn't even consider himself a singer

This is the best, anti-talented Justin! - 05yusuf09

Justin is horrible at singing. - EpicJake

Where is your proof? Have you heard him sing acoustic? - Minni_K

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2 Dumb


3 Stupid Stupid

A stupid idiotic moron.

Reason's why he's stupid. He peed in a mop bucket, said Anne Frank should've been a Belieber, called one of his fans a "beached whale", and shows up late to his concerts. - Catacorn

How is he stupid? Please elaborate. - Minni_K

That picture though! - Neonco31

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4 Obnoxious

How is he obnoxious? Do explain. - Minni_K

In real life. - 445956

5 Horrible Singer

Eh, to be honest, I think he's getting better. (You all will kill me for saying this.) - Powerfulgirl10

Have you heard him sing acoustic? If he wasn't talented he wouldn't have won any grammies. By the way, he did win grammies. - Minni_K

6 Annoying Annoying

How does that picture prove he is annoying? - Minni_K


7 Bad

How? - Minni_K

8 Far from Perfection

No one is perfect - Minni_K

9 Abomination

Please explain. - Minni_K

He did go to jail. Don't trust JB - EpicJake

10 Mediocre

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11 Average
12 Evil

How is he evil? Last time I checked, he wasn't trying to murder anyone or take over the planet. - Minni_K

Nowhere as evil as Hitler - Neonco31

Lolol I saw the list

13 Hot

Who the hell put this here?!

He's the hottest

True - Minni_K

14 Bland
15 Deadhorse
16 Terrible
17 Dangerous

He beat up Selena Gomez the same way Chris Brown beat up Rihanna.

How the heck is he dangerous? Did he try to kill anyone. - Minni_K

Really you guys? - Neonco31

18 Wants People to Stop Hating on Him

He doesn't really care about haters. He has more beliebers so he shouldn't care. - Minni_K

19 Overhated
20 Jerk

He shows up late to his concerts, people pay hundreds of dollars to see this prick, and what do they get? A late concert, which is awful. - Catacorn

They still got to hear him sing. Didn't they? I don't see why they are complaining. - Minni_K

He spit on his fans, peed in a mop bucket, threatened to kill his neighbor. - TheDarkOne_221b

21 Gross
22 Brainless

Did you not learn science? Everyone has a brain. - Minni_K

Jellyfish don't Have Brains TRUE FACT

23 Racist

He hates anime. - FrozenHatingPokefan

24 Crazy

Why the heck is he called crazy? - Minni_K

Minni_K But all the best people are crazy

25 Famous for the Wrong Reasons

And what are those reasons? - Minni_K

26 Better than Eminem

It'z more like worse than Eminem. - waraypiso

True. - Minni_K

27 Sweet

Oh yeah he's so sweet that he spit on me. Yah he's so sweet

28 Idiotic
29 Ugly

People who are saying he is ugly are just jealous. - Minni_K

30 Rude
31 Horrendous
32 A Mistake

A good mistake. - Minni_K

33 Nothing like MJ

So. No one is comparing him to MJ. - Minni_K

34 Overrated
35 Crybaby
36 Talented

Very - Minni_K

37 Kind

Yep. Pencils of Promise, One love Manchester and more - Minni_K

What idiot put this on the list? Justin Beiber is a 😈

38 Deserves to Go to Hell

Wishing some one to go to hell is a sin. Technically, you're the one who is going to hell. - Minni_K

39 Disgusting
40 Forgetful

So. There are millions of people in the world who are forgetful. - Minni_K

41 No Abs at All
42 Absent-Minded
43 No Discipline
44 Thin Butt
45 Human

LOL - Minni_K

46 Despicable
47 A Weakling Weighing 98 Pounds
48 Pathetic Excuse for a Singer
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