Top Ten Ways to Describe Justin Bieber


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21 Famous for the Wrong Reasons

And what are those reasons? - Minni_K

22 Better than Eminem

It'z more like worse than Eminem. - waraypiso

True. - Minni_K

23 Idiotic
24 Ugly

People who are saying he is ugly are just jealous. - Minni_K

25 Brainless

Did you not learn science? Everyone has a brain. - Minni_K

26 Horrendous

Took The words right out of my mouth. - Eil__een

27 A Mistake

A good mistake. - Minni_K

28 Nothing like MJ

So. No one is comparing him to MJ. - Minni_K

29 Crybaby
30 Talented

Very - Minni_K

31 Kind

Yep. Pencils of Promise, One love Manchester and more - Minni_K

What idiot put this on the list? Justin Beiber is a 😈

32 Deserves to Go to Hell

Wishing some one to go to hell is a sin. Technically, you're the one who is going to hell. - Minni_K

33 Disgusting
34 Forgetful

So. There are millions of people in the world who are forgetful. - Minni_K

35 No Abs at All
36 Absent-Minded
37 No Discipline
38 Thin Butt
39 Human

LOL - Minni_K

40 Despicable
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