Top 10 Best Weapons in Splatoon 2

I will be choosing weapons that are best for different play-styles, how well they can assist you individually, and effectiveness on each mode. I will not be adding overpowered garbage to this list.
The Top Ten
1 Custom Dualie Squelchers

Best weapon, downright. No need for MPU, but when you do, it practically becomes a direct upgrade of the Splattershot. But also this thing has a very reliable loadout, except it's not very spammable.

How can you not like this it's the meta of splatoon 2. Every competitive team has someone who uses this thing. It's my main and I love it.

Great range for dualies, can dodge roll, can move WHILE IN TURRET MODE, and can kill fast with mpu. Oh, it also has a good kit. Splat bombs are good for pressure and sometimes kills. Ink storm is good for getting some turf and possibly leading to a small push.

Excellent range plus splat bombs make for a great weapon to splat people. I've gotten 3 people at once with a bomb. Not to mention it comes with rainmaker, which is useful to make people back up.

2 Kensa Splattershot

Since Inkjet on the ttek is not that good right now, this is the most viable Splattershot. Suction Bomb works really well with the main weapon, and Tenta Missiles are good right now, especially since longer-ranged weapons are more commonly played.

I use this weapon and saying from experience, I must say that this weapon is like a long range-ish version of the Splattershot, and for that reason it can be used in far more situations than the normal version.

It has the tools to play slayer or support whenever it wants and has really good potential with the right gear.

Its definitely better than regular splattershot and I would argue that it's better than ttek as well.

3 N-ZAP ‘89

I used this quite a lot before I bought the Dualie Squelchers, and it is extremely spammable with Special Charge Up+Ink Saver.

I usually tend to get a lot of turf inked and sometimes carry my team, even against higher level players. It's pretty fun because I have like 4 special charge ups on my gear so it charges up even faster.

This weapon may look very useless, when it's really OP. You can cover a bunch of turf in a matter of seconds, and splatting enimies along the way. With the Autobombs and Tenta Missiles, this weappn should easily be considered as one of the best weapons. If you don't believe me, try it.

This weapon's my favourite! I use it nearly all the time, and it works really well on most maps. If you want to hunt your opponents down using Autobombs and Tenta Missiles, this one's for you!

4 Kensa Rapid Blaster

Great kit, perfect for competitive play! Also great for kills in turf war! On my list it's number 2. Number one is the forge splattershot pro which everyone is saying is garbage!

I love this weapon so much. The Torpedo is so useful for chip damage and helping you hit your mark, and the Baller is good at letting you make mistakes.

Same thing as the Kensa Splattershot, very spammable with Special Charge Up+Ink Saver.

5 Mini Splatling

Step one stack tons of run speed. Step two go into a match. Step three profit

(Results may vary based on your skill with the mini)

Not as good as it used to be but this thing is real good at fighting short range weapons. It's a solid pick.

You get the idea. Special Charge Up+Ink Saver spam.

6 H-3 Nozzlenose D

Oh boy do I love this thing. Good paint, good killing power, good range, perfect accuracy even when jumping, a two shot with mpu, a good bomb that's very good for killing people right as they superjump, and the best special in the game that further enhances this weapons supportive attributes. If you've ever seen jp splat zone scrims they use this quite a bit. Just get used to aiming with it and you'll destroy everybody.

I think of Ink Armor and Tenta Missiles the same way. But this one is more spammable because Suction Bombs. You also have to wait to Level 30 to use this.

This weapon is way better than you think. It's one of the best support weapons in the game being able to summon Ink Armor all the time and throwing Suction Bombs to manipulate enemy movement. It's not very good at getting kills reliably, so it's best to paint and armor and not focus on kills while trying to get good at it. However, if you are very good at aiming with it, you will feel unstoppable. It feels so good to do well with it.

My Buddy in S+! So happy it made it this high!

7 Splat Roller

Yah this thing is good and even though I prefer Kensa this is still great with well-timed Splashdowns. Sure beats Dynamo with its Sting Ray

It is very good for chasing down opponents, and the vertical swing has so much range that you can instantly splat a target from afar, I.E, an OctoBrush, or another Splat Roller. The curling bombs also make a good trail to push forward into enemy territory and cause enough mayhem to let your team win a turf war. It is my favourite weapon!

This has been an excellent weapon for me to use. Can turf easily and kill at great ranges (Damage range can increase with MPU). Curling bombs make for a good sub in terms of pushing, with the possibility of distracting and getting kills on the opposing team. Splashdown makes for a great bait when Super Jumping and as a last resort if stuck.

Overpowered. You can run over enemy's and usually one hit them. Plus, you can fling ink doing some damage to. All splat rollers are great for short and medium range. OP. Best weapon set in the game.

8 Splattershot Jr.

Could someone say WHY this thing has 110% ink capacity!? It can spam so many splat bombs with sub saver and you can do the good ol' one bomb two bomb armor up three bomb four bomb. Ink armor is also a good support. Same old tricks, but they work every time. Good fire rate, good damage, good range.

Even if it is the first weapon you can use, it's still amazing, especially on Rainmaker (at least for me). Its sub, the Splat Bomb, is simply a blessing to have because the range of the main weapon is very limited. However, this weapon's turf covering capabilities are really good, with excellent mobility. Due to the fact that it's so good at covering turf, you can easily save up for the Ink Armor, which can allow your team to push forward.

Edit: the Splattershot Jr. recently got buffed so they have an exclusive ink tank that has 10% more ink than the average tank, so it's now even better!

I use the CUSTOM splattershot jr. it is rlly good and I got 17 kills with it once, the autobomb is my favourite bomb and guess what, it comes with this weapon and the ink storm special move is rlly powerful as well

This thing is a very solid weapon, it is good a covering turf, and it has a very fast ttk at point blank.

9 Splat Dualies

As far as the regular splat dualies go, they're mostly balanced.
The Squelcher Dualies have good range, decent fire rate and movement after rolling.
The Dapple Dualies, however, have fairly short range, but faster rolls and good fire rate.
The Glooga Dualies are okay, but I would give it a pass due to the slow fire rate (though it has okay range).

They're a really good starter, as you unlock the Splat Dualies at level 4 and they only cost 24 hundred (2,400) coins.

Or the Enperry Splat Dualies, if that's what you prefer. I prefer Normal as Burst Bombs are arguably one of the best sub weapons. These are one of the new weapons in the game and they are extremely fun to use. You're able to dodge-roll to avoid enemies splatting you and when you do you can unleash a more accurate attack on them. These are quite difficult to master, though.

These things are way too powerful. When you run into someone, you pretty much get insta-killed. If you activate Ink Armor, it will pretty much just allow a couple extra shots. They have way too much of everything. Only way to beat them is to be super stealthy, and that's dumb.

It is my main and is so good that I almost never lose since I switched my main to this.

It is so OP and can completely change your gameplay.

I highly recommend this weapon.

10 Gold Dynamo Roller

This is what I do, I stack main power up and ninja Squid, then hide near the ranked objective and camp. It got me at least a 2150 power in all modes

Ink saver main and main power up on this thing is a deadly combo. It also turfs surprisingly well.

Its hard to use but so rewarding when it gets kills. And it has the best special in the game.

This weapon is really good when you are sneak attacking a group because so many people got rekt by this awesome weapon.Most reccmonded using this against splatting because that weapon give you time to throw ink at them

The Contenders
11 Carbon Roller Deco

This is WAY better than the vanilla because of its burst bombs. It also has Autobomb Launcher which is so funny to look at while still being very effective. I like it.

Good if you fling it.

12 Kensa Splattershot Pro

Great range and kit. If you have main power up and main saver, this weapon is a monster at getting kills. Splat bombs can be a good way to pressure an enemy and also kill one that is stuck. Booyah bomb is great at covering turf and at basically claiming an entire section of the map. Overall op weapon.

I just realized this is basically a splatoon 1 vanilla splattershot pro. Inkstrike and Booyah bomb are very similar and the sub weapon is the same.

This replaced the Forge Pro for me. I spent so much time with that weapon and it it's the one weapon I used at least a little bit in every mode to help me get to Rank X. However, this one has the Splat Bomb, which is my favorite sub. It also has the Booyah Bomb, which functions just like the Inkstrike from Splatoon 1. As you would expect, it does wonders in Splat Zones. It's also very versatile and can be useful in Tower Control, Rainmaker, and Clams.

Really great range and mobility, also kills really fast. I also like how it has the Booyah-Bomb cause it's a good special for most ranked modes. The only downside to this gun is that it runs out of ink really fast so you have to make every shot count. (just have good aim)

13 Splattershot

I am thunderstar1124. My account was suspended for seemingly no reason, so I'll never be making lists on this account again.

The Splattershot is very good.

The Tentatek is better, and I argue that the Kensa is also better.

14 Glooga Dualies Deco

The kit fits perfectly with the main weapon. Just use the wall and dodge roll behind it and shoot people. It takes some getting used to, but its really strong.

This Glooga Dualies Deco has quickly become one of my favorite sets to use. The vanilla Gloogas have a sub that's no longer good and is really just a nuisance (the Ink Mine), and a special that just isn't that great for this weapon (Inkjet). The Glooga Dualies Deco fixes this problem, with the Splash Wall that's perfect for this weapon as it is easily punishable when dodge-rolling. It also has the Baller, which is a way better special for this weapon than the Inkjet. It has great range and 2HKO damage after Dodge Rolling. It's particularly great at countering snipers and Dualie Squelchers, which is amazing considering I absolutely hate those.

It's awesome for defense in Rainmaker/Tower Control, and that's why I use it.

These are your "Heavy Dualies". When rolling they can output 52.5 damage, which is 2 hits. When not rolling, deploy your inkwall, and build up your special while splatting enemies with 32 damage shots. Rush to the barrier in clam blitz with you baller. This isn't a great for turf war though.

The splash wall is just way too good on this weapon. The baller is also nice for staying alive.

15 Slosher Deco

AMAZING YET AGAIN! Perfect in splatoon 1 and again a top ten weapon! I really like the kit. I also really like how useful it is in ranked so that is a huge bonus! Not great on turf war but it was a wider spread! That buff alone got it to number 4 on my list.

I got to top 500 players with this and it is by far my favourite weapon

16 Dark Tetra Dualies

I received a 1500 X power in Rainmaker with these Dualies. I love them! Best weapon in Splatoon!

The best weapon that I use. I always get a 10-kill streak each match using these!

Great look and great mobility. Best weapon ever!

Very fun to use. Too bad its kit sucks.

17 Kensa Glooga Dualies

Best sub/special combo in the game. Not as good as glooga deco, but I love it in zones.

18 Heavy Splatling Remix

I use this weapon a lot and I get at least 7 kills a match, this thing is a beast at long range, and Booyah Bomb automatically wins Splat Zones

My favorite splatling. Point Sensors are not my first choice but the main weapon is one of the better ones to have it. The Booyah Bomb is great to have in any situation.

19 Neo Splash-O-Matic

Best weapon ever

20 Octobrush

You know what? This weapon is very overrated. It's good for getting from C to A Rank quickly, but it's pretty mediocre after that. It's easily countered by anyone who knows how to just back up and start shooting. The only reason to use it is if you can't aim.

Great in defence, greater in offence. I love using this weapon! Long ranged spam attacks prevent *most* enemies from being a problem.

€�This thing is crazy.
In Splatoon 1, it sucked compared to others and only beat trash like unhacked Bamboozlers and Inkbrushes.

Splatoon 2 had pity on this brush and bestowed it to be awesome. Have crap aim? Like getting up close and personal? Good at dodging attacks while running? Octobrush! You can also pick the Hero or Noveau if you want a pretty weapon or a new set.

This weapon is to overpowered the range and fire rate is too OP and I use it and I get like 20 kills every battle.its overpowered in turf battle and ranked battle really good too but problem is,in rank battle everyone use chargers

21 Soda Slosher

Splat Bomb's 30 splash damage has great synergy with the main weapon's 70 damage per hit, allowing you to get a kill. Plus, this is probably the best weapon in the game to have Burst Bomb Launcher, as it is great for weakening enemies for a 1-slosh kill, painting the map, and for maneuvering out of a bad situation.

22 Grim Range Blaster

This thing is so underrated, despite how spammable it is with Special Charge Up+Ink Saver.

23 Splash-O-Matic

The accuracy is insane and if your good at aiming this thing will shred people. Also the neo splashes kit works wonders on splat zones.

Splash is my X-rank go to now. I used to use the N-zap (or the Dual Squecher ;-;) , but... this is just better. I do wish it had better range though.

If a higher fire-rate weapon is more your style, the Splash-O-Matic is your way to go. It does shoot in a very narrow manner, but if you're accurate enough with it you'll be set. Its turf covering capabilities are comparable to that of an Aerospray, if not better.

Note: this was on the list before the Neo variant came out, and that one is way better.

Insane weapon. It is the most accurate shooter and its damage is not too bad.

24 N-ZAP '85

Having played splatoon 1, this thing was pretty good. In splatoon 2, it's even better! If you have swim speed, run speed and decent skills, you can play every position but backliner with this thing. I mean, you could try to backline, but... You wouldn't do much without the high ground and a lot of sub saver...

Geat at ink coverage and getting specials. Mostly used for front line and mid range combat. If you use run speed and special charge/main power up (mpu increases ink coverage) this weapon is insane. Gets so many ink armors to support your team and has suction bomb for added versatility.

My favorite support weapon by far. Fast fire-rate, decent range, suction bombs for tower control, amazing inking power, and ink armor , altogether, make this an amazing weapon.

I hate this weapon. It takes no skill at all because the high firerate means you can kill people at a good range easily. Also, due to the fact that it is really good for covering turf, you can flat-out spam the Ink Armor.

25 Clash Blaster

Do you have LITERALLY no skill but want to get a high rank? The Clash Blaster is for you! Just get somewhat close to someone, aim in their general direction, jump around constantly, and hold ZR! Guaranteed kill!

There is literaly no skill needed for this weapon. Good for any ranked battles.

I feel bad for everybody that matched into a Clash Blaster in Tower Control

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