Best Weapons in Splatoon 2

I will be choosing weapons that are best for different play-styles, how well they can assist you individually, and effectiveness on each mode. I will not be adding overpowered garbage to this list.

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1 Splat Roller

I love just going' about my day, inking turf, and then, hey! I just ran over someone camping! How nifty!

Best weapon bye


You can roll over your oponent

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2 Splat Dualies

Dodge rolls are awesome!

As far as the regular splat dualies go, they're mostly balanced.
The Squelcher Dualies have good range, decent fire rate and movement after rolling.
The Dapple Dualies, however, have fairly short range, but faster rolls and good fire rate.
The Glooga Dualies are okay, but I would give it a pass due to the slow fire rate (though it has okay range).

They're a really good starter, as you unlock the Splat Dualies at level 4 and they only cost 24 hundred (2,400) coins. - Qryzx

Easy to use, hard to master

I love the dualies. Especially hero and splat dualies

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3 Splattershot

Tentatek Is great as an offensive and defensive pick as long as you are willing to put in the time yo learn inkjet

Tentatek is pretty op, splatter jr is also ok for beginners and for turf war

The Tentatek is better, and I argue that the Kensa is also better. - thunderstar1124

Amazing I use here shot rep it’s pro

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4 Clash Blaster

Do you have LITERALLY no skill but want to get a high rank? The Clash Blaster is for you! Just get somewhat close to someone, aim in their general direction, jump around constantly, and hold ZR! Guaranteed kill! - thunderstar1124

O love it I'm a s on everything because of it

Wuzzat? Can't aim?
Well, come on down to No-Aim Mcgee's store today, we have an amazing weapon for you!
Shoot in the general direction of the enemy at a closer range and POW! They're gone!
Comes with Splat Bomb for further range enemies and stingray for trolling on Port Mackeral!
(seriously though, the weapon's fun to use but extremely low skill. It just can't turf well, is all...) - mattstat716

5 Splattershot Jr.

I use the CUSTOM splattershot jr. it is rlly good and I got 17 kills with it once, the autobomb is my favourite bomb and guess what, it comes with this weapon and the ink storm special move is rlly powerful as well

The custom variant is even moreso built for turfing and sniffing out the opposition with Autobomb and Inkstorm. Give it a shot if you're more in a turfing mood. - mattstat716

Even if it is the first weapon you can use, it’s still amazing, especially on Rainmaker (at least for me). Its sub, the Splat Bomb, is simply a blessing to have because the range of the main weapon is very limited. However, this weapon’s turf covering capabilities are really good, with excellent mobility. Due to the fact that it’s so good at covering turf, you can easily save up for the Ink Armor, which can allow your team to push forward.

Edit: the Splattershot Jr. recently got buffed so they have an exclusive ink tank that has 10% more ink than the average tank, so it’s now even better! - thunderstar1124

6 Slosher Deco

I got to top 500 players with this and it is by far my favourite weapon

This is the best weapon guys

Even after all the nerfs, this weapon is still one of the best in the game, especially in this Baller meta that we’re currently in. The main weapon is solid, and Sprinkler is good as a sort of shield and charging up your Baller faster. It's one of the strongest slayers in the game right now - thunderstar1124

The Slosher Deco's a "meh" weapon. It isn't the best, and it's overshadowed by Tri-Slosher and other weapons.
It's fun, but only... SOMETIMES. It mostly depends on the stage, mode, and so on and so forth. - mattstat716

7 Splash-O-Matic

It's an Aerospray. But accurate.
The Sploosh-O-Matic is the offspring of the Aerospray and the Splash-O-Matic. It has less range, but SLIGHTLY more accuracy.
Also it turfs like a god with either weapon. Aerosprays are so last year when you use them. - mattstat716

If a higher fire-rate weapon is more your style, the Splash-O-Matic is your way to go. It does shoot in a very narrow manner, but if you’re accurate enough with it you’ll be set. Its turf covering capabilities are comparable to that of an Aerospray, if not better.

Note: this was on the list before the Neo variant came out, and that one is way better. - thunderstar1124

8 Heavy Splatling Remix

My favorite splatling. Point Sensors are not my first choice but the main weapon is one of the better ones to have it. The Booyah Bomb is great to have in any situation. - thunderstar1124

Help I love it, it's a fast kill weapon. you just gotta look at a opponent and they'll be gone in a flash. with the booyah bomb this weapon is a super slayer.

9 Kensa Splattershot Pro

The only I have to say about this weapon is boo ya bomb

I am almost X rank in Clam Blitz (wish me luck! ) and this weapon is my main and I hope to get top 500 with this weapon!

I am garbage with this weapon, but this feels like the best shooter weapon in the game. Combo a 3 shot kill with a decent firing rate with accurate bullets and a good range, and you got a good main weapon. Splat bomb was always good and Booyah bomb is the new inkstrike of Splatoon 2.

This replaced the Forge Pro for me. I spent so much time with that weapon and it it’s the one weapon I used at least a little bit in every mode to help me get to Rank X. However, this one has the Splat Bomb, which is my favorite sub. It also has the Booyah Bomb, which functions just like the Inkstrike from Splatoon 1. As you would expect, it does wonders in Splat Zones. It’s also very versatile and can be useful in Tower Control, Rainmaker, and Clams. - thunderstar1124

10 Tri-Slosher

I use it plus ninja gear to wipe people out

Nouveau is better for Turf Wars - thunderstar1124

The Newcomers

? Soda Slosher

Splat Bomb’s 30 splash damage has great synergy with the main weapon’s 70 damage per hit, allowing you to get a kill. Plus, this is probably the best weapon in the game to have Burst Bomb Launcher, as it is great for weakening enemies for a 1-slosh kill, painting the map, and for getting out of a bad situation. - thunderstar1124

? Bamboozler 14 Mk III

The Contenders

11 Dark Tetra Dualies

Love it! I always win with these! It's SO easy to take out someone

Great look and great mobility. Best weapon ever!

I received a 1500 X power in Rainmaker with these Dualies. I love them! Best weapon in Splatoon!


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12 Kensa Splat Dualies

Suction Bombs are useful for many situations, such as keeping people off the tower, manipulating your enemy’s movement into your range or away from the objective point, painting the Zone so the other team has trouble completely capturing it, and painting to save for your Baller, which is great for Splat Zones and Clam Blitz. Plus, this kit has become increasingly popular for competitive play after the Enperries have been nerfed so many times. - thunderstar1124

13 H-3 Nozzlenose D

My Buddy in S+! So happy it made it this high!

This weapon is way better than you think. It’s one of the best support weapons in the game being able to summon Ink Armor all the time and throwing Suction Bombs to manipulate enemy movement. It’s not very good at getting kills reliably, so it’s best to paint and armor and not focus on kills while trying to get good at it. However, if you are very good at aiming with it, you will feel unstoppable. It feels so good to do well with it. - thunderstar1124

14 Octobrush

Campers: the game

I personally think that the octobrush is super overpowered because if you just sit in and wait for an enemy to come and then pop out when I least expect it it's just an easy kill

The least you can all do to counter this is to back up and shoot because the Octobrush has hardly any strafing speed - thunderstar1124

Octobrush is the best in all modes

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15 Carbon Roller Deco

This is a good weapon, which is known as the Assassinator


This is WAY better than the vanilla because of its burst bombs. It also has Autobomb Launcher which is so funny to look at while still being very effective. I like it. - thunderstar1124

Auto bomb launcher good at pinning down a player in tower control or the rainmaker and to top it off it is on the asssain carbon roller ps burst cancelling it is just amazing

16 Kensa Glooga Dualies

The vanilla Glooga Dualies’ kit is just trash, the Deco variant just allowed you to make mistakes, and the Kensa Glooga Dualies actually give the main weapon potential now. Fizzy Bomb is one of the best subs there is, allowing you to quickly traverse around the map, deal chip damage to the enemy team, and they paint a LOT. The Fizzy Bomb paints so much that you can easily get the Ink Armor often, which is great for allowing you and your team to make more aggressive pushes and for an instant reload since the Glooga Dualies are very Ink-hungry. - thunderstar1124

17 Mini Splatling

We’re in this huge Mini Splatling meta right now, so this should be higher. - thunderstar1124

This Splatling is evil. I have been tricked many times by thinking it was a full on splatling only to go around a corner and find it's actually a mini.
This firerate is ridiculously fast, along with the chargetime.
The movement with charge is fast, too.
HOWEVER... It's overshadowed by its bigger brothers and more mobile sisters. - mattstat716

18 Tentatek Splattershot

My favourite sub and special on my favourite main, it was almost made for me!

It’s really good

The main weapon for this kit is pretty short range but it does high damage, and the Splat Bomb and Inkjet are extremely useful for longer ranged engagements. This kit is clearly meant to play aggressively, and it’s among the best when doing so. I personally use the Octo Shot Replica since I beat the Octo Expansion. - thunderstar1124

19 Dualie Squelchers

This isnumber one

Excellent Mobility, Range and Decent Fire Rate. Amazing, deserves top ten. It's not even overpowered either. - Qryzx

The Dualie Squelchers are so broken - thunderstar1124

Dualie Squelchers are really good. There roll takes little time to recharge and t has a good sub and special.

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20 Neo Splash-O-Matic

Best weapon ever

This is easily one of my favorite weapons. I love the original Splash-O-Matic as a weapon, but I hate the Inkjet on it. This however, fixes the problem with Burst Bombs (my favorite sub weapon in the game) as a sub and Suction Bomb Launcher as a special (which is super effective and fun to use as long as you don’t go spamming as many as possible, as that makes you an easy target), which makes this one of the best sets I have ever used. - thunderstar1124

21 Kensa Rapid Blaster

I love this weapon so much. The Torpedo is so useful for chip damage and helping you hit your mark, and the Baller is good at letting you make mistakes. - thunderstar1124

22 Gold Dynamo Roller

This is what I do, I stack main power up and ninja Squid, then hide near the ranked objective and camp. It got me at least a 2150 power in all modes

Great weapon. It's hard to master but very rewarding

This thing is a beast - thunderstar1124

This weapon is really good when you are sneak attacking a group because so many people got rekt by this awesome weapon.Most reccmonded using this against splatting because that weapon give you time to throw ink at them

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23 Kensa Splattershot

I use this weapon and saying from experience, I must say that this weapon is like a long range-ish version of the Splattershot, and for that reason it can be used in far more situations than the normal version.

Since Inkjet on the ttek is not that good right now, this is the most viable Splattershot. Suction Bomb works really well with the main weapon, and Tenta Missiles are good right now, especially since longer-ranged weapons are more commonly played. - thunderstar1124

24 N-ZAP '85

This gun Is my main! I only use this and you have to understand it's power. It can help push objectives and is easily the best gun.

I hate this weapon. It takes no skill at all because the high firerate means you can kill people at a good range easily. Also, due to the fact that it is really good for covering turf, you can flat-out spam the Ink Armor. - FirelordZuko

The best weapon in splatoon 2 is the N-Zap 85. It has the perfect move set compared to the other N-Zap, it has great range, high damage, and the soecial move gives a lot of support for your team

25 Heavy Splatling Deco

Often seen as the better Heavy Splatling, I would have to agree. Its sub, the Splash-Wall, is perfect for defense. And its special, the Bubble Blower, can be extremely effective for taking over a lot of turf and splatting your opponents. - thunderstar1124

Splatlings are made for DESTRUCTION, that's why I love them. -Jaymoji

26 Enperry Splat Dualies

Lovin inkjet amazing combo

Inkjet is not very good in this current meta, and Special Gauge has been nerfed hard, so they aren’t the best right now. - thunderstar1124

27 Glooga Dualies Deco

These are your "Heavy Dualies". When rolling they can output 52.5 damage, which is 2 hits. When not rolling, deploy your inkwall, and build up your special while splatting enemies with 32 damage shots. Rush to the barrier in clam blitz with you baller. This isn't a great for turf war though.

These are a good weapon they have slow fire rate but the strength of the 52 gal

This Glooga Dualies Deco has quickly become one of my favorite sets to use. The vanilla Gloogas have a sub that’s no longer good and is really just a nuisance (the Ink Mine), and a special that just isn’t that great for this weapon (Inkjet). The Glooga Dualies Deco fixes this problem, with the Splash Wall that’s perfect for this weapon as it is easily punishable when dodge-rolling. It also has the Baller, which is a way better special for this weapon than the Inkjet. It has great range and 2HKO damage after Dodge Rolling. It’s particularly great at countering snipers and Dualie Squelchers, which is amazing considering I absolutely hate those.

It's awesome for defense in Rainmaker/Tower Control, and that’s why I use it. - thunderstar1124

28 Custom Hydra Splatling

WAY better than the vanilla Hydra. It has Ink Mines which are actually not that bad on a weapon like this, and the Ink Armor to support your team, which is what a backliner like this weapon should have. It’s also good for an instant reload as it’s an ink guzzler. - thunderstar1124

29 Zink Mini Splatling

Very Short charge time (though not much fire time either), good fire rate and okay range. Overall A rank out of X for me on a tier list. - Qryzx

This is my favorite Splatling, and I love Splatlings. This set is one of my favorites to use in Turf Wars. The main weapon is already very powerful in mid-range, and has excellent mobility (for its class) and turf covering capabilities on its own. However, it’s improved upon with Curling Bombs for extra mobility and Ink Storm for increasing your score. - thunderstar1124

I used to be an Enperry splat dualie main, but after I switched main (to this), i’ve almost never lost a game. It is really fast, it’s really good in most rankes battles, it’s Sub (curling bombs) gives it a lot of mobility and it’s special (Ink storm) is really good. I think it’s really underrated, just as the other splatlings. :D

30 N-ZAP ‘89

I usually tend to get a lot of turf inked and sometimes carry my team, even against higher level players. It's pretty fun because I have like 4 special charge ups on my gear so it charges up even faster.

This weapon may look very useless, when it's really OP. You can cover a bunch of turf in a matter of seconds, and splatting enimies along the way. With the Autobombs and Tenta Missiles, this weappn should easily be considered as one of the best weapons. If you don't believe me, try it.

31 Dapple Dualies Nouveau

I like these Dualies. Their range sucks and they’re not very accurate for Dualies, but they have an extremely high DPS when you get close to opponents and they’re very mobile. Their sub is Toxic Mist which is great for slowing down your opponents and trapping them for an instant splat. Their special is the Ink Storm, and nobody can go wrong with that special. - thunderstar1124

32 Flingza Roller

IT'S A DYNAMO, IT'S A SPLAT, IT'S THE FLINGZA ROLLER. (terrible pillow pets ad joke) - Qryzx

Theese are the weapons that take skill to use, It's not very slow but not fast either and the vertical can one shot, and when you slowly get ink on people to slowly kill them it's sign of skill, I personally hate Rollers due to the lack of skill it takes, but this one is amazing

Foil Flingza is just straight up better. - thunderstar1124

This weapon's just... WEIRD. It's not a DYNAMO... but it has it's vertical flick. It's not a SPLAT roller... but it has its horizontal flick. It's not a CARBON... but it has less damage. It's a very odd weapon to use and is very slow yet ironically very weak. Its specials and subs aren't even that good; even for the Foil Flingza. Splash Wall's an odd choice for a very slow vertical flick, and suction bombs are really slow to explode, it really only helps with preventing a charger from fleeing but, oh wait, your vertical flick is weaker, so you're not killing chargers. Splat Bomb Launcher is okay, but it's very easy to disable. Just... kill the flingza. Done. And Tenta Missiles are just weak overall. They're very unreliable to use.

Overall it just makes an unreliable weapon that will require closer combat than the default roller (Which still has the same swingspeed but less damage) and the dynamo's vertical flick (which deals less damage and has less range than the dynamo ...more - mattstat716

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33 Dynamo Roller

Ink mines and sting ray is a blessing in disguise so you know where the player is plus it weakens the target enough to kill with the dynamo flick. No one just uses the weapon enough.

34 Sploosh-O-Matic

Amazing turf coverage, mobility, and damage for its firerate.

It covers turf like crazy, and has lots of firerate and damage. But its range is so terrible that it’s not viable at all. - thunderstar1124

It is very good for most modes, with a good fire rate, good mobility and good accuracy.

The only downside is that is has bad range.

35 Hero Shot

It is one of my favorite guns. It took me time to get it from story mode but the fact that it's the splattershot but better makes it one of my favorites.

U can unlock it u doosh

It’s splattershot but a higher fire rate. Splattershot is already balanced in terms of range and damage so a higher fire rate is going to be OP

Burst Bombs are OP as you throw 2 of them at enemy then just a bit of ink you shoot out from your gun then BOOM he dies

It shouldn’t be on this list. It’s exclusive to the Story Mode - thunderstar1124

36 Tri-Slosher Nouveau

I like the Nouveau better as it has the Ink Storm. It also has Splat Bombs which are really good for approaching and manipulating the movement of enemies as the range on this weapon did get nerfed. Unfortunately, as much as I like to use it, the main weapon just isn’t good enough. - thunderstar1124

37 Forge Splattershot Pro

It take out lot of ink.. however one main and one sub for ink saver should help. the range is good.. should out range most weapon. bubble blower is awesome.

This weapon is much more versatile than the vanilla. All playstyles from offense to defense to support exists at least in some form here. It has great range (about 3 lines), a decent firerate, 3HKO Damage, and more accuracy than the Splattershot. It’s sub, the Suction Bomb is useful for many situations, especially when you use it with its special, the Bubble Blower, to pop it more easily. The Bubble Blower does wonders in Ranked modes. However, the weapon is very ink hungry, so I suggest a good amount of Ink Recovery Up if you’re like me who uses both the main and sub weapon regularly.

It works best for me in Splat Zones and Clam Blitz.

Unfortunately, the Custom Dualie Squelchers are better in every way except for equal damage rate and the same range. They have a better firerate, painting, ink efficiency, mobility, you don’t have to aim as much, and even has a better kit with Splat Bombs and Inkstorm - thunderstar1124

38 Bamboozler 14 MK I
39 Custom Splattershot Jr.
40 Hydra Splatling

This Splatling is very immobile and has very slow charging time. What happens if you charge it fully though? It has one of the fastest firerates in the whole game, the longest firing time of all Splatlings, 3HKO Damage, and range that is only beaten by the Splat Charger. Don’t worry, if an enemy gets too close, activate the Splashdown. - thunderstar1124

41 Custom Dualie Squelchers

It's basically the Dualie Squelchers but has a more Popular, Better kit. It's special is good support. - Qryzx

These are my guilty pleasure weapon. They have literally no weaknesses to speak of, and those that do exist can be easily fixed with gear - thunderstar1124

Excellent range plus splat bombs make for a great weapon to splat people. I've gotten 3 people at once with a bomb. Not to mention it comes with rainmaker, which is useful to make people back up.

*rolls behind you* nothing Personnel, squid

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42 L-3 Nozzlenose

Fun if you're a good shot

43 Squeezer

I like it because of its versatility and decent fire rate when holding ZR pretty good range and damage when using tap shots however splash wall on the vanilla one is a curse. Use foil squeezer if don’t really like walls like me.

44 Sorella Brella
45 Custom E-Liter 4K Scope

Perfect. Best range in the game. Scope. Squid Beakon for getting back to your sniping spot. Bubble Blower to cover lots of turf. Awesome.


46 Krak-On Splat Roller
47 Splat Charger

Very good plus splat bomb and pretty decent range and not too much charge time

Good sniper weapon. Good range, sniper level damage, a not too punishing charge time, charge holding, it's kit, etc. - Qryzx

Yep one of my favourites. - PSS

48 Dapple Dualies

This weapon can be used a an aggressive support playing style, why I love it so much

Nouveau is better. - thunderstar1124

It is the strongest daulies

Oof... I get killed every time with these... A.gamerz sp2 level 16

49 Custom Jet Squelcher

Burst bombs are a blessing for this main weapon, and it also comes with Stingray, which went from the worst special to one of the best. It’s a top-tier weapon for long-ranged support - thunderstar1124

50 E-Liter 4k
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