Top 10 Strongest Mobile Legends Heroes

In this list, I will show you the top 10 strongest heroes in Mobile Legends.
The Top Ten
1 Alucard

Alucard is a high burst damage hero. His third skill can cause tons of damage against weak heroes.

Alucard's third skill has a 50% cooldown which can be useful for escape (first skill). The more critical chance or damage, the deadlier Alucard will be.

Alucard is dangerous even in 1v2 situations. His life steal and blade abilities make him invincible in tough situations when your team is losing. If used properly, he can kill every single enemy.

This is no doubt the strongest character in Mobile Legends. Much stronger than Zilong and Akai. When you face him, your death is guaranteed.

2 Lancelot

Lancelot can confuse the enemy by using his first skill and ultimate. Also, his triangle skill and ultimate can grant immunity for a second, which helps to kill marksmen more quickly and easily. His three skills can help to retreat quickly and reduce more damage. I once escaped five enemies on the down lane and got away! This is the best assassin I have ever used. (At first, playing him was a disaster, as he was too hard to use, but I trained well.)

People say Fanny is better, but I say in a duel, if Fanny dies a lot of times, she ultimately faces defeat. Plus, it's always about "right hands" and "good players." From what I've seen, she's just good at kill stealing in the first 10 minutes.

3 Fanny

Fanny against Lancelot?
Fanny: Am I a joke to you?
Lancelot: Run, I'm going to save myself.

Lancelot is useless against Fanny. Fanny can dodge Lancelot's damage by being mobile, and she can have three to four tanky items, which will keep her alive. You can't kill a pro Fanny easily.

In a match of Pro Lancelot vs. Pro Fanny, undoubtedly Fanny wins, and Lancelot is of no use.

With her cable, Fanny can easily get into a turret and kill the enemy. It's scary for me since I'm not a Fanny user.

Fanny is quite hard to master, but I assure you that once you play her well, you will always want to use her.

4 Lesley

At first, I thought she was quite slow at shooting since I normally use Miya, but once you get the hang of her, she can easily crush anyone!

Lesley is truly a good assassin and marksman too. Highly recommended if you're looking to rank up. Just a little drawback: it needs a good tank and fighter to create destruction in the game.

She is great with her snipe target. Next, Granger is the best at targeting some heroes due to his high physical damage, which is an advantage in positioning.

5 Gusion

Gusion is my best hero in Mobile Legends. I'm pro at it because of the builds I experimented with and my emblem. Learning Gusion is quite hard because of his combos. I think only Epic, Legend, Mythic, and Mythical Glory can learn it easily.

Gusion is a powerful assassin in both the late and early games. He can escape well and burst well.

He is super good but takes skill to learn. He is my best character.

6 Argus

This guy is a legend. I'm currently playing him, and his skills are top-notch. Argus matched with Haas Claws, Scarlet Phantom, Blade of Despair, and Immortality is literally undefeatable.

I like Argus very much. Once he reaches level 9, when he kills somebody, his power increases rapidly. He is really a killing machine.

ARGUS is the best hero that I can imagine. He's the one that makes me MVP every single match. I know that other players can beat me using I.Q. levels player, but I'm sure that whenever that happens, this hero still is my favorite.

7 Harith

Harith is god-tier when he has a good team. He can farm fast and kill fast. Despite the second skill damage being nerfed by 50 at all levels, he will still be one of the best mages.

No doubt, Harith is the best hero in Mobile Legends. I once saw my sister playing. She still had full health, so she went to attack Harith (who had low health). Harith killed her.

Harith's skills are very useful because all of his skills are Crowd Control. His skills have a low cooldown, so he can escape most of the time.

In Epic rank to Mythic rank, Harith is always being banned. For me, in this season, Harith is the most powerful hero.

8 X.Borg

My favorite hero! His damage is awesome. If you're teaming with Atlas or anyone who can make the enemy group together, just use the ultimate and you'll get the kill.

His third ability is really effective and causes great damage.

9 Esmeralda

Esmeralda is my main. I thought she was a bad hero when I used to use Odette. I felt like I wasted my money on her, but when I played her, I got a bronze.

When I watched tutorials, I felt like a God with her. She is very overpowered!

Esmeralda is one of the banned heroes in draft pick. If you don't know how to counter her, she's going to dominate the game with her unlimited shield. She steals shields and turns them into her HP at the same time.

I always win rank with Esmeralda! At first, I thought buying Esmeralda was a waste of coins because I always lost, but after watching tutorials and gameplays of her, WOW!

She is my BEST hero! She helped me from Master to Epic! (I mean, not all the time using her, but MOST of the time.)

10 Lunox

Lunox has always been my main, and if you use her correctly with the right equipment that deals cooldown reduction, then she can wreck any hero, even Fanny and Lancelot. Cooldown reduction helps bring up her magic damage, so she can also just wreck a tank using her dark ultimate. Plus, she can heal and use her order ultimate to escape tricky situations and deal damage!

She is the best if you know how to use her skills, both light and dark, well. Perfect combos can help your teammates well and can perfectly achieve a SAVAGE during a clash!

The Contenders
11 Chou

Ah yes, Chou, my previous main. I have 140+ games with him. He will start off hard to main, so building full or semi-tank is good for beginners. Go for a fighter if you've got the hang of him.

He is a pretty all-rounder for tank and fighter, overall a good hero to have. If you come across people that don't know how to use him, you are going to lose.

I hate Chou because he is only a human, yet he has many evade skills. Many users have mastered being jerks and annoying with him.

He is very strong and powerful because he can become a tank or fighter, and his control is also powerful.

12 Freya

Freya is a powerful hero. She can stun enemies and deal high damage to them.

Totally pay to win. Freya's first item, Blade of Despair, kills all free starter heroes in low rank.

When she is at one hit, she can re-heal herself every time she hits an enemy.

13 Aldous

With enough farming and preparation, Aldous can become the most powerful hero in the game. If you can rank up his soul stacks and get them to at least 250, you can really kick ass. Additionally, if you combine him with good equipment, he can be unstoppable. Aldous can easily even act as a tank because of his durability.

His passive is also really powerful as soul stacks increase because the more damage you inflict, the more shield you get. His Chase Fate ultimate is great for securing kills in bursts, escaping, or even just moving across the map quickly. It takes a lot of build-up to get Aldous to become powerful, but once he gains enough soul stacks, he can one-hit kill enemies. With life steal, he can regenerate as fast as he deals damage, making him nearly impossible to kill.

14 Roger

I have reached an expert level at playing Roger. I can beat any player when I am playing Roger. Roger has maximum power when he uses Inspire with Wolf's second skill.

He can escape from any situation and beat anyone. He doesn't need Sprint or Flicker to run fast. Best player of Mobile Legends.

To be honest, Roger can beat most heroes in the game.

Roger is easy to play from the first game up to the last.

15 Zilong

Well, well, well, I didn't know Zilong made it to this list at this rank, but oh well. He is so good at pushing due to the fact you can use Inspire and his ultimate. However, if anyone tries to control him (CC), 70% of the time he is dead.

He is one of my favorite heroes in Mobile Legends because I've got Maniac and Savage in the Ranked Game and Classic Mode. Also, I was able to get 25 kills with him!

He's my favorite hero. He never fails to impress me.

16 Miya

She has been the best at saving my reputation during losing streaks. She gave me the most MVPs, savages, and maniacs. I couldn't have started with a better hero!

The kill stealer. I once dived into a group of four people, used all three skills at once, survived, and killed those four people.

Miya is fragile in the early game, but she can do savage damage anywhere. She is one of the three heroes who has a Legend skin too. Miya is my favorite hero.

Oh my goodness! She's good in her late game and is a kill stealer! Once, I got 25 kills in just ten minutes. She's always going to be my favorite, and her rain of arrows is very useful.

17 Irithel
18 Hanabi

I reached Epic 4 using Hanabi in just 50 games with an 83% win percentage. If we use her ult in the middle of an enemy group, it can stun all of the enemies.

She shouldn't be considered a Marksman (MM) anyway, as she's at the top of the game during the late game. One ultimate during a clash and then basic attacks with her first skill activated is basically one-hit delete attacks.

Just make sure to farm during the early and mid-game because she's useless without items.

She is awesome. I can attack multiple heroes at once when I turn on the first skill. And I can immobilize enemy heroes who chase me. She can do a lot of damage with my build. She is the coolest hero for me.

19 Sun

Sun should be the most powerful hero. He can go solo and take on 2 vs 1 easily. Moreover, when he is in a team, it's mostly 7 vs 5.

He can distract enemies with clones and escape if he is low on HP. He is easy to use. Simply explosive if he has the Inspire spell in hand with skills used in this order: 3+2+1, then inspire, and surely it's like an atom bomb on the enemies' heads.

I like to play Sun. His ultimate power makes him more powerful, allowing him to kill higher-level heroes than him. He's easy to play with more damage.

Oof, this guy is the definition of a lord killer. However, if people play with auto-lock and lock onto the real one, he's useless, but most people don't use auto-lock, so...

20 Kimmy

My comment is from 2021, and I still think Kimmy is broken. Despite the billion nerfs, Kimmy is just naturally broken. Her passive allows her to attack while moving, and combined with her skill 1's massive range, she can easily kill any marksman that is chasing her with a small range. Only Layla, after Project NEXT, outranges her.

Kimmy just needs a buff in damage and will become meta. People today don't tend to play with her, and MLBB YouTubers ignore Kimmy's natural brokenness. Only ShinTakezo knows how powerful Kimmy is. In my opinion, her skills and passive make her very overpowered, even with the damage nerfs.

21 Claude

Claude is the best hero because of his ultimate. Equip it with the Demon Hunter Sword and Golden Staff, then you can reduce people's health by half. A critical build is an option, but honestly, it is better. The top two items for it are the Deadly Blade. Then his ultimate will be more powerful. Mana Shoes or Swift Boots are good options for him. You're on your own with the other two items, but Demon Sword, Golden Staff, Deadly Blade, Mana Shoes or Swift Boots are the best items for Claude.

I love marksmen, and Claude is the best for me.

If you equip Demon Hunter Sword, then it's over for the enemy to fight Claude.

22 Kagura

It was very hard for me to master her. I used to think I'm going to give up and buy another hero. But as soon as I learned how to use her, I promised myself I'll never leave her. Now, I very often get MVP thanks to her. She is good in damage, but she can also escape from danger easily.

She can hurt enemies even when she is running away from them by throwing her umbrella at them without stopping. I think the biggest enemy of hers is Karina.

From Grandmaster, Kagura helped me reach Legend with ease. It took me almost a week to learn her, but it's so worth it! I can even carry my whole team and have almost ten win streaks in ranked games. It's been 7 months now, and she's the only hero I use in ranked games. Now, I'm the Top 2 Kagura in Local Rank. Kagura is not just a hero, she's an art for me. She's the best hero created by Moonton!

23 Layla

She is the most humble hero of all. I always win and get grades like gold (as always) and MVP as well. She always makes me comfortable when I am using her as my hero.

I rarely need to use my ultimate or skills in the late game. A basic attack is enough to kill anyone. Insane late game damage.

I always want to play Layla and Miya. If I play with Layla, I can play very well.

24 Leomord

I'm a Leomord main in Epic 5. I play him every game and find him strong against practically all enemy team compositions. CC definitely slows him down, but with the right mechanics, he can impact the game in a huge way and turn team fights around.

I got to Epic using only him in about 100 games.

Leomord is trash unless you always secure kills and are below Epic rank.

He is the king of damage. With the correct build, he is unstoppable.

25 Granger

He's SUPER strong. I can't believe that his ultimate is almost the same as Lesley's. His first skill can easily beat other heroes. That's amazing!

Oof, this is one of the best marksmen too. He has great damage and is scary in both the early and late game.

Why has no Granger legendary skin been announced in 2021? Sneak peek?

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