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1 unOrdinary

Yeet I voted this on every list I found it on UwU - DarkSongTheWolf

Bruh, this webtoon is a MUST READ!

2 Snailogy
3 Nightmare Factory

The art is amazing

4 Bastard

Man that jin is violent I tell you - memememewoohoo

5 Tower of God

Tower of god is probably the most complicated, but one of my all time favorite webtoons ever. The beginning (like the first season) is kinda unappealing because the art isn't the greatest, but trust me when season 2 starts the art just gets so much better it's great. Also Khun best boi and you all know it.

This should be first it has such an amazing storyline - memememewoohoo

6 Freaking Romance
7 Nothing Special
8 Room of Swords
9 Noblesse
10 The God of High School

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11 Waffles and Pancakes
12 Bluechair

YES. - Absolite

ALL HAIL SHENPAI - Silverfroststorm

13 Lalin's Curse

Good story. Good art.

14 The Gamer
15 Siren's Lament
16 I Love Yoo


Shin-ae is amazing - Lyricoh


17 Acception
18 Flow
19 True Beauty

This is my favorite of all time! I just started reading it and now I'm addicted

I love the art they all are so pretty - memememewoohoo

20 Outrage
21 Winter Moon
22 Lore Olympus
23 Lookism

Why is this so low? - FANGIRL1

What the frick. What is this doing down in #39. THIS WEBTOON IS ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITES. The plot is amazing, and the visuals and beautiful and horrific (in a good way). Plus my OTP comes from Lookism

24 Castle Swimmer

It’s absolutely amazing! It’s 100% worth a read!

25 Saphie: The One Eyed-Cat
26 Adventures of God
27 Eddsworld Eddsworld is a British adult animated comedic web series of flash animations, comics, and flash games created by Edd Gould.

*inhale* YAS - CrystalTheWolf

Even if I hate it, the fandom did this!

28 Hooky

This is hands down my favorite webtoon. The art style is beautiful and matches the charming yet dark tone of the series. The characters are all really likable and the plot is phenomenal! - Lyricoh

29 UndeadEd
30 Dr. Frost
31 Annarasumanara
32 Dice

This is ok - memememewoohoo

33 I am Gangnam Beauty
34 Spirit Fingers
35 My Dear Cold-Blooded King
36 As Per Usual
37 BTS Ships
38 Bangtan Daily
39 Safely Endangered

So funny and true - memememewoohoo

40 Xink3r
41 The Pigeon Gazette
42 My Giant Nerd Boyfriend
43 Phantom Paradise
44 Refund Highschool

This should be somewhere at the TOP shouldn’t it - memememewoohoo

45 Small World

Awkward humour - memememewoohoo

This is one of the cutest - FANGIRL1

46 Sunny Side Skies
47 Cursed Princess Club

This is one of mai favorite doods. - CrystalTheWolf

48 Lumine

Those lil kids are hella cute - memememewoohoo

49 Save Me

For all those bts fans out there - memememewoohoo

50 Days of Hana
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