Top Ten "What If" Fights That Should Have Happened In Dragon Ball Z


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21 Krillin vs Tien

They never fight one vs the other and they are the strongest humans. I think Cell Saga was the climax of their powers, that's the reason I'd like to see in this series.

Which one would win?

I am a krillin fan so krillin would mop the floor with tien destructo disk style

Interesting, but since Tien trained harder than Krillin, Tien would win

Tien trained just as hard as krillin

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22 The Ginyu Force vs Cooler's Armored Squadron
23 Raditz vs Tarble

We have seen Goku and Vegeta fight, but what if the brothers were to battle it out as well? I think it would be close, as Tarble has no real fighting skills, but Raditz's power level is pitifully low. Plus, Tarble's royal blood may make him prone to bursts of rage, despite his non-Saiyan nature. If Raditz were to threaten Gure (Tarble's wife), then Tarble might be enraged and increase his power greatly.

24 SSJ2 Vegeta vs Perfect Cell

We all know that the so-called "Perfect Being" got his lime-green ass destroyed by the badass Gohan in his second Super Saiyan form. But what if Cell was to fight Vegeta in his Super Saiyan 2 form? Would he kill Vegeta because of his pride, or would Vegeta's SSJ2 powers take Cell down? I think it would be a badass fight.

I think Vegeta would win, because he is prone to fits of rage, and SSJ2 would come out more quickly. By the time Gohan actually did transform, he was quite heavily wounded. Imagine an SSJ2 but not beaten up! ( Gohan got his ass whooped by Bojack & Co, as well, but when he turned SSJ2, he blew off the psycho-thread and finished Bojack with a Super/Normal Kamehameha wave, after blowing through Bojack's belly like a hole puncher. )

Keep in mind that in battle of gods, vegetas rage made him so mad that he was bale to hurt Beerus, a feat even Goku couldn't pull off.

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25 SSJ3 Goku vs South Supreme Kai
26 Mr. Satan vs Zeno

This is a joke Zeno doesn't fight

27 Broly (His True Powers Unlocked) vs Majin Gogeta

Tf do you mean his "true powers", he doesn't have any hidden power, his power is constantly growing, he doesn't have infinite strength, he's got infinite potential

We never even knew of his true powers that could have been unlocked imagin if we did... Were all dead

28 Bills [Full Power] vs. Whis

When I first saw Bills, I was just amazed. And when they said Whis is stronger then Bills, I thought they meant just a little. But then, Whis knocked out Bills with one punch, while NO ONE in the movie ever even came close. And also, seeing Bills getting devastated by Whis would be awesome.

To be fair, Whis knocked out a Beerus that hadn't powered up in the slightest. While it's still a great feat regardless, it's not like he would easily dominate Beerus. In Resurrection 'F' doesn't Whis say Beerus would be able to beat him if he could control his temper? I watched it yesterday and I remember that line.

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29 Vegito vs Kid Buu

It would have been the first time in his life when Kid Buu would take a fight seriously. This would have been the greatest fight in the entire series to see the two most powerful characters go head to head in a battle that would decide the fate of the universe. This how Dragonball Z should have ended.

This would suck because vegito would be way way way way way way way way way way way you get the point stronger than kid buu

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30 King Piccolo vs Piccolo
31 Ascended Vegeta vs Android #18

Always wanted to see the Prince get a little payback after his first loss.

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32 Frost vs Cooler

I'd love to see this, but judging on feats from Super's manga and also from its anime, it looks like Frost would win hands down. Maybe Meta-Cooler stands a better chance?

33 SSJ Goten vs SSJ2 Kid Trunks

I mean come on who didn't like these two cuties plus we never got to see trunks at ss2 as a kid that much so yeah

It be cool if they fight but why does it say ss2 trunks there no ss2 trunks

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34 SSGSS Vegeta vs Kid Buu V 1 Comment
35 Tiencha vs Raditz
36 Super Android 17 vs Fusion Android 13

This would be a terrible fight.

37 Teen Gohan vs Mr. Satan

I know, I know, it would be the shortest fight ever, but COME ON. I waited the entire high school saga for this fight, and what happens? It gets interrupted a wheel of cheese that gets himself killed mouthing off and a pink balloon that eats the planet because he's bored.

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38 Lord Bills vs Broly as SSJ God

This battle would surely be out of hand for the lord of destruction as the legendary SSJ turns out to become god..

39 SSJ God Goku vs SSJ God Vegeta

Just imagine all the destruction

But unless Goku is going to use 70 percent of his power like he did in the movie then its gonna suck

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40 Future Trunks vs Kid Trunks

Depends what version of future trunks and whick version of regulr trunks. is it db super future trunkd or z kai future trunks and is it gt regular trunks or z kai

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