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41 Dog & Butterfly - Heart

Excuse me! This soft rock song from this group is much, much, better than anything even heard past the 90's and during the 70's this group had many staple songs for us in the 70's. Who put them and any of their songs on this list? This list is in poor taste. Eagles, Black Sabbath, Blondie, Aerosmith, etc. Disgraceful!

42 Straight On - Heart
43 Dancing Queen - Abba

How is this so low. It's TERRIBLE!. I admit it's catchy, but seriously how is it this low.

I really love ABBA, but I've never understood the appeal of this.. by far the most annoying, boring ABBA song. - tommydeath

Really, anything by ABBA

44 Mistral Wind - Heart
45 Imagine - John Lennon

May be overplayed by this time, but a worst song of the 70's? Just pure rubbish!

46 Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

Many, many, and even more people don't agree with what you think!

This and about every other led Zeppelin song

I hate this song - tyefbhjebkffh

47 Black Betty - Ram Jam
48 Hold the Line - Toto

What? Not the best song of the 70's but not even close to one of the worst songs of that decade. This whole list for the most part has problems! Most of the songs are good. I shall not be returning to this list. Null and void!

This song isn't even bad. It's just as good as their more popular hit Africa. - Swellow

49 You Light Up My Life - Debby Boone

Hate on this, not Squeeze or Blondie or whatever.

50 Danny's Song - Loggins and Messina
51 Seasons In the Sun - Terry Jacks

How can this prime '70s death horror not be on here, yet approx, 4,838 pre-Capitol Heart songs can?!

52 Superstar - The Carpenters
53 Rich Girl - Hall & Oates
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