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1 We Built This City - Starship

This song is considered by many critics to be one of the worst songs ever, and it's quite obvious why. With its cheap instrumentation, stupid and nonsensical lyrics, and terrible singing performances, it definitely deserves a place as one of the worst songs of the 80s and one of the worst songs of all time. - TheMusicNerd

Don't know why people hate this song so much.

I don't know this song, but I'll do anything to GET Metallica OFF THIS LIST.

If you don't know this song you have no business voting on "worst 80s songs," because you clearly do not know any 80s music.

Marconi plays the mumba. Yeah, how about...no. - truckturner

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2 Mickey - Toni Basil

I will never understand why or how this embarrassingly bad song exists. Seriously, why was this made, who was it directed to, and how did it chart? Someone please tell me, I have no idea. - worstmusicoftheyear

Most of these are not bad, in fact they are great, this however - Martinglez

This song sounds like something that would come out today.

I've lost faith in humanity

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3 Fade to Black - Metallica

This isn't a bad songs you douches.


This is one of the best metal songs ever! This should never in a million years be on this List! So please, take it Off! It has a good riff, good lyrics, and one of the best solos in heavy metal history! Don't vote for it folks!

I don't listen to much metal, but this doesn't belong at number 3. It's a great song. Overrated? Sure... but definitely not 3rd worst. - Gg2000

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4 Take Me Home Tonight - Eddie Money

Annoying, catchy, repetitive, cheap, bad singing, talentless, poppy, bad instrumentation, boring, and uninspired.

The Ronettes' sound sucks!

I love this song - 445956

5 Physical - Olivia Newton-John

This song just deserves to be somewhere in this list. Horrible lyrics, cheap instrumentation, being very unmemorable. This song is one of the worst songs ever. - TheMusicNerd

This song stinks. I think that Olivia hit a new rock bottom in terms of selling out when she recorded this. - Gg2000

This is only on here for its video, right?


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6 Heartbeat - Don Johnson

Good God, what the hell is this song? Why the hell was it made? Why did someone decide to make this horrible song? lyrics, instrumentation, singing performance, everything. This is not only the worst song of the 80s, it is one of the worst songs ever. - TheMusicNerd

The dumb bastard who made this list put my favorite Metallica and definitely leppard song

Total crap

Actors singing. ug.

7 Muscles - Diana Ross

What the hell?! How is guns n roses sweet child of mine the worst song of the 80's? What retard made this list?! Guns 'n roses sweet child of mine might be the best song of the 80s.

8 Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns N' Roses

Why the hell is this a bad song. You obviously don't know good music.

You guys know that when you comment to say you love this song you're voting for it to be the worst song, right? Or whatever. I like this song, especially the solo, but I never really was a big fan of Axl's voice. Especially when I was a kid, I used to cry whenever my dad put Welcome to the Jungle because I found it scary. But this song shouldn't be here, honestly. Oh, the irony!

What?!? This is one of the best songs of all time!

This is an amazing song!

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9 Live to Tell - Madonna

Get this song off the list NOW!

Madonna is the queen of pop

What genius with crap taste in music put Metallica and Guns 'n Roses in this list - Danielsun182

When *doesn't* Madonna put out garbage? Overrated, talentless

10 Heaven is a Place on Earth - Belinda Carlisle

Song is better than you think dingus top tens. Go listen to the Go-Go's to know who Belinda Carlisle is.

This song is the worst thing in the history of humanity

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11 Sara - Fleetwood Mac

This song is from 1979.

Bad song from a has-been band.

So glad 2c this on a "worst"list! I always wondered what anybody possibly
liked about it. Terrible, boring song by has-been band, is right! It used to be torture for me when it came on the radio.

12 Japanese Boy - Aneka
13 Pour Some Sugar On Me - Def Leppard

I don't know. I don't think this is the worst, but I think it's overrated beyond belief. The fact that it's excessively played on the radio doesn't help either. - Gg2000

This is my favorite song ever, and I am shocked. Get this song off right now.

Yes. Especially when you realize definitely Leppard had so many great songs before that.

Really? this track is good - christangrant

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14 Party All the Time - Eddie Murphy

If you put out a couple of blockbuster movies, of COURSE you are automatically worthy of a meaningless top ten "hit".
Just another example of why the 80's sucked zoo much, ESPECIALLY if you were there.

15 Sunglasses at Night - Corey Hart

You know those Youtube commenters who say that "modern music sucks (which is kinda true, although I don't really care about it since to me it does sound generic) and that the 80s had awesome music" Haha, yeah no.

The 80s had a huge amount of horrible music (plus corny fashion), even then almost everything sounded the same (personally I think the late 80s though is when music started to become good again, except hair metal it still sucks no matter what. Thank god Grunge caused it to decline), and this song is one of the reasons why I think the music of the 80s weren't great as everyone makes it out to be.

Horrible lyrics, annoying synth noises, terrible "singing", yeah do I need to explain more? In a nutshell this song is everything wrong with the 80's new wave/Second British Invasion craze.

Amazing. The lyrics "don't switch the blade on a guy in shades" is valuable life knowledge.

I don't even need to explain why this is here. This is horrible. - TheMusicNerd

16 Harden My Heart - Quarterflash

My exception of liking girls on saxophone :-( - Interrogator

Rindy is as cold as ice!

17 Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper

I really wish that Love is Like A Rock was on this list because that song really is the most pointless song of all time. And it was a massive hit for some reason. But eh I'll just vote for this because I also dislike this song a lot. - Anonymousxcxc

This ain't a bad song. Don't like female empowerment or something?

This is actua lly a good song. And It was made in the 70s.

The Cyndi Lauper version came out in '83 and because the list is referring to the Lauper version it qualifies as a candidate on this list. - Anonymousxcxc

This song sucks.

18 Dancing on the Ceiling - Lionel Richie

Lionel songs are all the best. I see no reasons why dancing on the ceiling be rated as 10th worst love songs ever. Don't merely judge a book by its cover, dig deeper and you'll find the reasoning of my objection in this rating.

Metallica at number 1? - gemcloben

So commercial it hurts...

Dumbest effing song ever

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19 I Know What Boys Like - The Waitresses

Sung with no emotion. It's a laughable song.

True. "oh listen to us, we're SO naughty..."

I know one of this bqnd's members died but that doesn't stop this song from sucking - 445956

20 Like a Prayer - Madonna
21 Alone - Heart

Nooo! This is one of Hearts masterpieces. One of the best of the 80s not the worst!

22 Eye of the Tiger - Survivor

How the hell is this on the list

I love this song! Why is it even on here? - RiverClanRocks

Shouldn't this be on the list of one of the best songs to come out of the 80s.

Overplay killed this song for me. I don’t care if I ever hear it again. In fact, I HOPE to never hear it again (which will not come true - since it is overplayed constantly).

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23 Eyes Without a Face - Billy Idol

I always (intentionally) mis-hear these lyrics as 'Arse About Face'. It's better that way.

This belongs on the list

Boring song

24 Lover's Moon - Glenn Frey
25 Roam - The B-52's
26 Dancing in the Dark - Bruce Springsteen

No. I think it needs to be further down the list. - Gg2000

27 Missing You - John Waite
28 Thriller - Michael Jackson

One of the most overrated songs of all time. Michael Jackson is one of my favorite musical artists ever. This is my least favorite song from him.

Over produced video, incessant radio play and a question mark to a lot of his fans

Yeah very overrated

It sucks... Why it so overrated?

29 Relax - Frankie Goes to Hollywood

We were so starved for novelty we paid attention to this piece of schlock

This song is disgusting. I have no idea why it charted so well. - shnoziyahu

30 The Safety Dance - Men Without Hats

This song is the epitome as to why the 80's sucked and are overrated!

Hold on, man. I know this song is one of the worst songs ever, but the 80s were quite good. - TheMusicNerd

How dare you put such a good song on this list
and the people below me are dicks

31 Kids In America - Kim Wilde

I even hate the covers >:-( - Interrogator

32 In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel

You kidding? This is a great song! So was a really good album. - Gg2000

33 Never Surrender - Corey Hart

This song should be way higher. This is one of the many bad songs the 80s had. - TheMusicNerd

Its underratef - PinkF

34 I Just Called to Say I Love You - Stevie Wonder

Hate this song. Hated it when it was new and hate it even more now. "I just called to say.. I'm Gaay".

35 Two Tribes - Frankie Goes to Hollywood
36 Ride On Time - Black Box
37 Bad - Michael Jackson

Why is this here? This song is great.

By the way you qaz9999 he is amazing and most influential artist of all time. Bad is a funk song. You may not like it. But that doesn't means he sucks, He rocks

Just to clarify:
The most influential artist of all time?
THE Beatles
The biggest-selling artist of all time?
THE Beatles
Most #1's of all time?
THE Beatles
Most successful musicians of all time?
THE Beatles
Thanks for your time.

This is real bad...

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38 Love Shack - The B-52's

One of the most overplayed songs of the 80's. Maybe it was good the first couple of plays, but after hearing it 24+ times a day, every single day for more than a year, that's it, no more. GTFOH with this. If I never hear this song again in this lifetime, it will still be too soon!

The most terrible thing to happen to music when I was in school, flat flat sharp! Really are they all tone deaf? And who wants to make love in a rusty old dirty shack? Yuck!

This song needs to be higher. It is, in my opinion, a terrible song. The man talking on all the verses has a very annoying voice, and the chorus is really the only listenable and halfway interesting part of the song. Also, lyrics aren't impressive whatsoever either:
"Hop in my Chrysler, it's as big as a whale and it's about to set sail
I got me a car, like, it seats about 20
So come on and bring your jukebox money" - Element119

39 Let's Dance - David Bowie

Whoever adds one of David Bowie's songs to this list is an absolutely ironic hipster!

He went really downhill in the 80s. - gemcloben

40 Always on My Mind - Pet Shop Boys

I love the Pet Shop Boys. I think they always have, and always will produce great music.

For keeping Fairytale of New York off Christmas Number 1 in 1987.

You gonna diss the British synth-pop masters?

41 Purple Rain - Prince

Shut up! Prince is a legend of Pop, folk, rock, and funk.

42 Toy Soldiers - Martika

It spawned an Eminem song, so it sucks. - 445956

43 Sussudio - Phil Collins

I forgot about this! It just blended in with all the other nonsense.

Completely nonsensical and retarded.

44 Papa Don't Preach - Madonna
45 Hello - Lionel Richie
46 Each Time You Break My Heart - Nick Kamen
47 Luka - Suzanne Vega

Worst song EVER! Sorry Luka... you're on you're own/bringing me down. No one wanted to listen to this hippie coffee shop drivel in the 80s...

48 These Dreams - Heart

This is where they started to suck.

49 Agadoo - Black Lace

Why is this so low? This song is absolutely horrendous. I'd argue THE worst song of the 80s, even worse than We Built This City.

Also made so much worse by Haven and Butlins. No lie, heard this song every summer. I also had ear bleeds every summer. Coincidence?

Fun to listen to but awful - 445956

This belongs on this list,many of the other songs people have put on here don't at all.

More like Aarghadoo... - Entranced98

50 Turbo Lover - Judas Priest

Judas Priest rocks, but this song is very lame

Weakest song they've ever made, not the Priest I know

This song is in Gran Turismo 3. It's so annoying.

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