Worst 90210 (2008) Characters


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1 Annie Wilson Annie Wilson

Her voice, her attitude just annoys the heck out of me! Annie's ALWAYS like 'I'm a good person', when she betrays and lies to her friends and parents. Runs over a homeless man, takes money from an old lady. Stole Ethan from Naomi, acts like she's all sweetness and light girl next door. But REALLY she is a bloody bitch! You just wanna smack her in the face! At least with Naomi who knows she can be a bitch and doesn't pretend to be all nice.

She thinks she is so perfect, but she is the worst of them all! She lies all the time to her friends, and thinks it is OK when she confesses to lying or being deceitful. She is not an angel. An her over-exaggerated facial expressions annoy the crap out of me. Plus, her hair looks all dried up. Her voice is annoying, too. This girl is a basic bitch, who tries to draw too much attention to herself. Doesn’t anyone remember what she did in season 1 to that poor girl Rhonda? Pure evil. And she always tries to justify it.

2 Erin Silver Erin Silver

She has been the most popular character since the beginning of the show until mainly Naomi became the star starting Season 2 where she became second best to the fans. However, I just do not get it. People only love her because she is like the anti-Britney of the show and does things her own way. I appreciate that but why does that suddenly make her a good person. Rebecca Sinclair completely changed most of the characters including her and she was not even that person anymore. She was just this super self-righteous, arrogant, and a horrible friend. She is constantly treating others like crap while acting morally superior when she has done far worse things. When she does anything bad, she does not get reprimanded for it yet still acts like miss perfect while constantly judging others. She is a horrible person. I do not think she deserved the pill swapping incident or getting cancer but she should be treated equally and stop putting others down. - sarahbbyy

God I hate her. She gets worse and worse throughout the show. In the first season she was cool and special but as the show goes on she just becomes a self-righteous, backstabbing little brat. She blames her problems on her friends and never really apologizes for the horrible things she does to Adrianna. Yes, Adrianna did horrible things as well, but she at least apologized and did so much to make up for it.

3 Adrianna Tate-Duncan Adrianna Tate-Duncan

I don't understand how she's not the most hated. She treated EVERYONE like crap. She got into drugs, got pregnant and gave up her baby for her career as an actress. Which she never pursued. Instead she decided to sing; STOLE a dead man's music.. oh, she also cheated on Navid with Teddy, dumped him for Teddy, and when Teddy didn't want her, she crawled back to Navid. When Annie got the lead in the play, Ade pretended to sleep with the guy Annie was seeing, because she was jealous. Let's not forget when she became a huge diva during her "famous" era in season 3, and was awful to everyone. Self-centred throughout the entire series, in all honesty. Her worst moment? Swapping Silver's pills, causing Silver to relapse. SHE IS AWFUL. such an unlikable character. I get that Silver is not perfect, but she didn't cause as much drama/grief as Ade. - I'm sure there's even more that Ade did, but this is what I can remember.

4 Dixon Wilson Dixon Wilson

Dixon is by far the worst character on this show. People are constantly hating Annie and it is only because the actress can be horrible in her portrayal and she was pretty annoying Season 1. She, however, has improved since then and people give her a hard time yet they do not realize that the reasons they dislike her are the same things she as a character has in common with both Silver and Dixon but they are FAR worse. The only person I hate more than Silver is Dixon. He always has an attitude, is constantly making a big deal out of nothing, treating everyone else around him like crap, has this horrible look on his face, and is always angry about nothing. He is self righteous, hypocritical, and the biggest jerk on this show. The only thing that saves his character is that Tristan Wilds is a good enough actor. Other than that, he just blames everyone else for what is wrong with his life. No wonder he stay single. - sarahbbyy

5 Jen Clark Jen Clark

Ugh she makes me want to puke

This women is pure evil

6 Liam Court Liam Court

Liam’s great with great character development I’m not even sure who thought he belonged on this list because he is just a nice guy with a rough past just trying to get through life and he makes Annie’s character bearable.

7 Ryan Matthews Ryan Matthews

I just wanted to say: HOW CAN YOU HAVE RYAN? he's a good teacher, he's sarcastically funny, and he's really sweet. but I'm only on s3 so that may change.

8 Ivy Sullivan Ivy Sullivan
9 Miles Cannon

Do I have to explain?

10 Jasper Herman

His whole part in the show annoys me and he talks annoyingly

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11 Naomi Clark

Is everyone surprised that Naomi is on this list? Do not be! She is the most popular character on this show and people might feel she does not belong. I however, believe that she needs to be reprimanded for her actions from Season 2. She sent a naked picture around of Annie, tried to ruin her reputation, her life, bullied and intimated her throughout the beginning, calling her horrible names and just really messed up her life(not nearly as much as Jasper though). She also ganged up on her in a public (prom) party in the Season 1 finale where the entire school attendees joined in. Someone even threw a drink at her face and it is all because Naomi initiated it. This kind of extreme harassment has serious consequences on individuals and the people who are responsible for such acts should be punished. She also gave the worst apology for her actions, acting like she was saying sorry for forgetting to invite her to a big event or something. For how badly she screwed up a person's life, she ...more - sarahbbyy

12 Raj Kher
13 Navid Shirazi

He is probably the least annoying character on this show but can be kind of boring and uninteresting. He has some moments of annoyance and can be self righteous but he is overall not too bad. He did cheat on Adrianna and act like it was no big deal. Other than that, he only became bad during the last season. They just ruined his character and he regressed into someone awful and conceited. - sarahbbyy

14 Holly Strickler
15 Austin Tallridge
16 Max Miller
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