Top Ten Worst Advertising Gimmicks

Adverts are annoying, they keep us from shows we love, or perhaps, they cut you off during that ITV movie.Now, to annoy you more, there are things adverts do which you notice and are annoyed by these 2 minute blocks of crap.

The Top Ten

1 Singing Mascot

Go Compare guy is the worst thing.Also those annoying old ads. - DapperPickle

2 Referencing Social Media V 1 Comment
3 Annoying Catchphrases

I used to watch this ad when I was a kid about a bulldog who had a frequent habit of saying 'Oh Yes'. Oh Yes, there's a corpse on the floor. Oh Yes, kids should drink alcohol. I don't remember what the ad was about but the dog was really annoying. - TwilightKitsune

V 1 Comment
4 Animation

All the animation is ugly.Most of them look like cardboard cutouts. - DapperPickle

5 Making the Advert Unnecessarily Dark

Oh,you want to make an advert against drunk driving? That's completely fine but you didn't really have to have kids in the vehicle plus kill them off in a brutal way.To add insult to injury they make it all happy at the start but then the father opens a beer in a pit stop then they all die... - DapperPickle

6 Trying to Be Funny V 2 Comments
7 Crappy Sales V 1 Comment
8 Making It Look Like Only a Certain Demographic Can Have the Product

"Stupid Rabbit, Trix are for kids"
Well, you stupid kids why? Why can only kids have this cereal? - DapperPickle

9 Catchy Jingles V 1 Comment
10 Trying to Be Modern V 2 Comments
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