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The new vx2 mgp is one of the best scooters I have every heading my life.

Light an easy to handle when making or big air.
I would definitely recommend this scooter they make you ride very comfortable

Mgp makes the best scooters ever they are lite, quick and easy to do tricks on

It's a grate and solid scooter, me kid loves it.

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2 District

Pretty solid scooters
I reckon they have the best decks because they are light, easy to grind, easy to ride, super super super strong and not too expensive.

The lightest and strong scooter in the market today.

Mgp and madd gear are the same thing just to let you know and the new district benj friant and rory coe and skullaz decks are amazing and stronger

I have a district detonator team edition gold and black I can do double whips normal whips,manuals, dj slide and more and its cheap and strong mgp are heavy and slow my name syrus k

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3 Lucky

They sell some of the best and coolest scooter gear at affordable prices and are pretty solid

You scooters are the best in the would

Lucky is just the best the prices are fair and they make amazing scooters! I landed my first ever bri flip on one of them! They are the best!

Cody flom
is sick luccckkyyy

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4 Phoenix

Phoenix have the best scooter parts and I would die for a Phoenix Scooter. MADD Gear are good scooters espicially the Nitro and Ninja are good but you can't beat a Phoenix scooter.

Pheonix is the best for scooter tricks and id say mgp is 3rd!

Best scooter, it's better than the mgp because I have a mgp team, it's good but noting like my Phoenix, it's better thank lucky because I know a lot of people that have snapped their lucky deck, and its only better than district bec Phoenix is stronger, it may cost more but it will last you the longest

I habe phoenix töö and my classbrother says that is district is better tahan phoenix but I say mine is better

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5 Envy

Really great scooter! Especially the King Of Spades Edition!

Envy is a really good brand my friends got a KOS and its way better than my crisp.

I think this scooter should come before lucky it is a awesome scooter I've had mine for 5 years and working great


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6 Grit

These scooters are pretty cool especially grit elites because they are super cheap (about the same as 2011 mgp team edition) and they have compression, metal core wheels and everything else that you usually have to pay a lot of money for.

Grit is amazing people! I have a grit extremist 2 and it is great for tricks! My top ten would be 1. MGP 2. District
3. Grit 4. Blazer 5. Blunt. 6. Slamm. 7 rage. 8. Razor. 9. Crisp. 10. JD Bug

I have a grit elite 2 I hardly ever scooter anymore I do more BMX but my scooter is really light and strong it's so good that I can tuck no hander flat

I have got one they are cheap and good

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7 Sacrifice

The bars are really good and can hold hard landings and heaviness, and most of their parts have design that other brands don't have

Really really cool pro scooter parts that will stand out. They are light, smooth, strong and everything else.
The only problem is they can be a little bit expensive but its worth it

Sacrifice is just what any one would need if they are a pro or a starter I have the sacrifice flyte 100 it is just super light and great for getting good hights

I am just more attracted too it

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8 Apex

Apex is the best! Almost all the pros use them like jed adams...

Apex pro scooters are amazing, they are light but strong and they are smooth to ride. Apex scooters are easy to pop tricks on and they look great. On the flip side they are very expensive but nevertheless Apex pro scooters are easily a top 3 scooter brand

How is apex number 43 it should be in the top 5 surely there bars are amazing also love there clamps but yeah apex are awesome and should be first!

Ii hate apex

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9 Crisp

Absolutely epic. They've only been making scooters for a year now and there already world class. I've got a crisp custom and it's way better than any "MADD gear"

These are the perfect scooters! They have everything and more and they are a good price and look awesome they never snap or break down and they are super easy to ride

Really epic scooter. They are super cheap (if you know where to buy from) and they have everything you need for scootering. You wont have many(if any) problems with these scooters

Very good scooter

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10 Blunt

Blunt (Envy) scooters are awesome! They are way lighter then Mgps so you can get huge air. They come in a variety of different colors and are are super sleek.

Pretty cool scooters that are light and fun and easy and strong etc
Only problem is that they are expensive

Best scooters light strong and very fast should be number 1
I have a Envy Prodigy lasting so good strong and I have a razor pro that is custom and it feels crap

They are beast. I only have the bars and I took my old crap MVP bars of and they are so light, strong, impact absorbing, and comfortable but expensive but it's worth it

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11 Razor

I just wanted to post something. Razors are horrible scooter. They're impossible to ride, even with the longer bars they're hard to control. In my opinion they should be in the last place because they SUCK so bad

Kids at my daughters school get picked on for having a Razor scooter. I think there quite good my friend makes Razor scooters and she says Razors are great for a child.

I have a pro-x scooter and after a year the handle bars got loose. This scooter is bad :(

Razor scooters are full of crap because they don't last long and they break

Razors are sick

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12 Fasen

This brand should be in top 10 at least

Have the best decks in the world

Fasen is the best in the world come on how can't you agree

I have a fasen scooter it is 12 it should be first in the wolrd

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13 Madd Gear

Amazing varieties that I would recommend to anyone.

They are absolutely amazing when I stood on my friends and rid it, it felt lighter, faster and stronger then my slamm goblin that's why I am getting MGP Nitro.

They look boss and are good for tricking especially manuals, although they are quite heavy but far better than JD bugs!

Good starter

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14 Slamm

Slamm are really good I have a Slamm Phantom 2 I have had it nearly 2 years it is the best scooter I have ever ridden and it is really quiet, it maintains good momentum, it is also really strong I would highly recommend it to anybody looking for a high performance pro scooter.

Great scooter when you begin but becomes hard to perform big stunts

This is the best and funkiest scooter I have found

Good scooter

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15 Team Dogz

I like your scooters they are soiled and easy to tail whip

I think that these scooters are by far one of the best and should be in the top 5. Their designs are very impressive and as a whole the scooter runs very smoothly not weighing much at all.

Solid, great for all standards beginner to pro, has an impressive "want one! " factor on the park - make the Madd people jealous - make sure yours is the Dogz!

I've got a team dogs scooter and it has been through some thrashing and it is really good they just need to start making aluminium/aluminum bars

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16 Odi

Best grips on the market. At a price of $20 AUS, they are a must-have.

Really soft, highly recommend them!

There always in my custom completes

Soft as anything you would hold

Awesome grips

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17 Blazer

A very good scooter for the start wheels suck but scooter is very very good

Blazers are better than slamm

Decks are nice I have one

Very good scooter

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18 TSI (Trick Scooters International)

Best scooter ever created.

Very good will never snap

They should be in the top three brands!

Rubbish deck, don't bother buying one unless you're a learner or amateur! 3 months warranty:(:( I purchased one 5 months ago, paid over $400, looked after it and used it a lot just doing your normal scooter tricks and guess what? It snapped! Bloody waste of money, never again! Should be at the very bottom of the list! :(:(:(

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19 Fuzion

Worst ever should not even be on this list the clamp, headset, brake, and every thing about the scooter suck my brake only came with one screw so it raddled so much the only thing good is nothing

The Zaire's is pretty good the forks suck so much the bolts get lose every time I ride and not the bolts are striped and had to by a new axel then after that the forked bent in about two weeks riding up and down my street no hard riding at all

Sucks so much I got one it didn't even last a whole week before the break broke and fell of all my friends got them to and they broke too they are the worst

Love this brand is the best I've ever used

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20 Flavor

Very strong scooter and solid as and very good looking

I don't Know about other counties but here in Australia they are one of the best brand out there. light trustworthy and good price

How are flavor 24? there one of the best brands out there and deserve to be recognized more.

Its really good but I don't know if its street or park

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21 Havoc

One of the best scooters I have ever rode. They are light and easy to handle. Although they aren't cheap I highly recommend this scooter.

Great scooter I have the hurricane and the only thing I replaced are the bars because they bent, but great scooter overall. Deserves a higher spot.

Great scooter light and rides very good, I have the descendant best scooter I have ridden by far. I would recommend it.

I have a havoc it is made out of solid gold

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22 VertX

I don't know too much about this brand or what it has to do with lucky but they sell some pretty mean scooters and scooter parts

Not very advertised but the have the best decks known to man kind

Best scooter ever


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23 Addict Scootering

Strongest scooter you can get madd looking

I got a mad one of them

The best Scooters. - Scooter

Awesome scooter

24 Proto

Best wheels hands down in the world. there will never be a Comp because every one knows they would win

It's really nice and light

Sick wheels and awesome clamps how is this scooter brand number 23?

Cause why not

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25 Royal

So awesome and bulletproof

Pretty good. A lot of people say they suck but they don't. Royals are great for beginners and intermediates.

These are the best scooters around should be number 1

They are nothing but good.

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26 Custom Sacrifice/Apex

I have Bol bars from apex. One word. GROUNDBREAKING! No rust, to scratches, amazing!

I got a sacrifice flyte 100 deck apex Bol bars and more stuff from these brands and there really good

Best scooters the only thing is about apex really expensive decks

I don't know

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27 GTZ

these suck

28 Ethic DTC

Incredibly light, and amazing for tricks. But easily bent and snapped. Their grips are some of the best on the market. Defiantly recommend for Park riders but takes some getting used to how light it is, nice design.

This is my favorite brand of scooter ( tied with envy) and I think it should at least be in top ten or at least above razor because there things are so strong and light

They are so good and light but still strong

They are so good

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29 Pulse Viper

Best scooter under $60.

Best scooters ever just bought one and it's awesome

29 how

30 Aprilia
31 Ultra Pro

Why is this on here, if u loved your child/self you buy a good scooter,I would not let my dog ride a razor scooter if it had threaded compression

32 Stunted

Grate very strong shockwave

Brilliant strong light scooters - aaronleggett

Best in the world

I love them

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33 Firefly
34 Dominator DSA

I love my scooter and I think it should be top of the list, it's the best scooter I have ever owned and I would certainly recommend it to everyone reading this.

They are very dialed and light
Very strong and well put together
Nice scooter good colors and nice bars, wheels. Deck, clamp, and Brake

Wicked tuna wheels, fresh lettuce deck, garden bars, gape grips,... I grow these awesome rides!

This small company needs a spotlight! The people at Turnstyle Scooters at Interbike 2016 gave me a free dominator airborne and its is the most dialed thing I have ever rode before, 100%! #savedominator

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35 Prodigy

It looks so cool all my friends have it

I think prodigy is on of the best scooters in the world for tricks and cruising

This should be in number 1

Best scooter in the world low price awesome

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36 North

I have one but I don't know if it's even a good scooter

I got one for my birth day and all the people I know say they are the 3 best scooter in the world

North is very stable and is a very good trick scooter


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37 Chilli Pro

They are really good!

It really good and I like the style

There the best scooters

Should be number 1!

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38 Mongoose

Sick scooters.

I think razor is better than mongoose,mongoose sucks!

Amazing smmoth ride

All round good stunt scooter �'

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39 81 Customs

81 customs are beast made a custom and the deck is sturdy and the bars are so light! Best scooters and the pegs are sick


40 No Fear

A no fear scooter is light and very easy to handle

Epic scooter they are fast and easy to handel



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41 Fox Pro Raw

I want one so it must be good. how good is it like how strong are the bars or the deck what bout the wheels do they bend

This is the best scooter in the world it is better than mgp and district don't GET IT

I've got one and it rides amazingly and the quality is great!

I love the smoothness of the scooter and the colour

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42 Bullit

Bullit scooters are legendary. Very small company but I truly believe that they are even a competitor with MGP scooters. If you don't believe me research 'Bullit Scooters' now. You will see.

Good sturdy scooters and good for beginners and also pretty light

Epic scooter! Best money can buy!

Very good scooters they are very good competeing with something like prot/envy/mgp yeaa very good

43 Urbanartt Brand LTD

One of the latest in the industry but to me is the best and mature brand!

Flies up ramps with ease great design overall greatness

They are way under rated in this, the only reason madd gear and lucky is at the top is because they are popular with the little scooter kids that knowm nothing about scooters. I think that urban artt should be at the top three cause the products they make are so good. they feel great to ride they are usually super light and are very very strong

Urbanartt is beast

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44 Vespa

Can't believe that this scooter who has proved his fame is not on this list! Not cheap but once you own one you will never go back to another scooter brand.

We are talking about trick scooters not motorcycles

I don't drive, but Vespa has the most good looking ones!

I agree! The Vespa GTS 300 is the best scooter you can get!

45 Root Industries

Root is not popular but make amazing parts

They make amazing wheels and parts

Love the wheels


46 Vortex

Their so bad I've never heard of them.

Vortex should not be in the top ten

Come on this is the best

Now vocal pro scooters

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47 Colt

I have herd about they are very good I am getting a colt

They are good for their money

Colt are very good I reckon they should be 3


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48 Tilt

The BEST parts in the world

Tilt should be ranked higher it is real good

Awesome bars

It’s amazing

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49 Titan

Okay for tricks better for show

Hi my name is zack

50 Hyper

I have a hyper it is a great scooter and very cool it is what you would get for 140 bucks it I one of my favorites

Amazing scooter it should be number 1!

Best scooter its great

I have a hyper scooter and it is awesome I love it

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