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I love my maddgear crave pro its one of the best scooters I have had in my entire life it has held up really well although the back wheel got tore up really bad so I had to get new wheels but that is the only bad thing about the scooter.

I honestly think this should be number 2 and District should be number 1. District holds way better and their bearings are better. MGP breaks faster than District and is heavier and harder to do tricks on. It was way harder to do a simple grind on my friends MGP because it was so heavy. On my other friends district I could do it all with ease.

MGP are the best scooter brand ever. I use to have a razor and it sounded like a motorbike and the front wheel locked up. I am hoping to get a VX5 pro in black for Christmas. I also like MGP because they're light and very fast. My friend has a VX1 jam and he built a very small ramp and he can do a 180 off it.

They are the strongest scooters they will last years they are just the best scooters. The best scooter rider ryan wiiliams loves mgp. Strong, sick, awesome coulors and the new one 2013 are light and still as strong. There price is to low they should make them about 55 bucks and they are the far best scooters

2 Lucky

These scooters are the best of the the best. The high quality build is silent, light, durable, and overall, the best feeling scooters you will ever ride. I myself have a lucky 2016 covenant neo chrome. I could 540 within the first WEEK I had it. So if you want the best scooters, shop lucky.

Lucky scooters are the best. I've heard nothing but amazing reviews and it supports any trick you can imagine. It's super sturdy and won't break on you. I would definitely go with this scooter.

Lucky should easily be either first or second. The only other brand that might be better is envy. I know many people who love Lucky and the scooters they have are many years old. I had a lucky that lasted me a while

Very durable and light scooters. Their website is easy to navigate and they have one of the best custom scooter creators on the internet. Their prices are kind of high but they are very high quality in return. They also have a large selection of apparel and their team truly cares about your experience. 10/10.

3 District

District is way better than mgp cause district bars stand out from the crowd and their decks are super super strong, very light, and easy to grind on and their clamps are cheap, but grab your bars really tight and don't come loose at and their forks are light and strong and the grips feel like ODI's.
On the other hand, mgp's are strong and light and are good but nothing compared to district.

Districts should be #1. I've had an MGP and the deck snapped when I tried landing a 360 tail whip, and I only had it for 2 months! I currently have a District and I've had it for 9 months. It's light, easy to ride and grind, strong and comfortable. I recommend Districts to anyone that is in the need of a easy ride scooter.

Best scooter I have ever ridden. The bars are nice and comfortable, and the decks are great for grinding with and slides. Comes with peg, which also helps. I recommend this scooter to and intermediate or advanced rider who goes to the park often.

They are great scooters overall and I just got a new one today to try at my local skatepark. It is such a smooth ride and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a lightweight scooter. I do not understand why this is not the number one scooter brand on this site.

4 Envy

Lighter and so easier to catch massive air and do some nice tailwhips. The deck is a stronger metal titanium or could be aluminum, but because of that, you can grind faster, longer, and because the deck is a bit wider, you can balance easier when grinding on metal platforms.

Lighter so you can catch massive air and do some sweet tailwhips. Has strong metal on the bottom of deck so it's much harder to break if you're one of the people that grind on sidewalks. Has a wider deck so when you're grinding, you have more balance. I think it should be number 1.

I know that envy scooters are amazing. They are solid scooters and they won't let you down. For the money that you spend on it is a great price for the type of scooter you get.

I BOUGHT the envy colt 2015! Best scooter ever tail whips are comin along nicely! Comfy, simple, and an amazing scooter! I definitely recommend this scooter for beginners and even excperienced!

5 Phoenix

I have a Phoenix scooter and it's epic! It runs very well and it's super easy to control. Also, it's better and much easier to land tricks on this scooter than most other scooters. I strongly recommend this scooter brand for anyone, especially beginners!

I heard they don't break as much. My old mate has the Pheonix Suicide bars. First of all, they look amazing, second... They will probably never snap. Crazy right?

Pheonix is good for their non-breakable parts. I'd get it if I was a big time hardcore pro rider.

Phoenix Scooters are much stronger than Lucky and all parts except for the Session line of decks is made in the U.S. The Session decks are still extremely high quality, I am riding one now. Pick up a Phoenix Scooter, you won't be disappointed!

Phoenix have the best scooter parts and I would die for a Phoenix Scooter. MADD Gear are good scooters espicially the Nitro and Ninja are good but you can't beat a Phoenix scooter.

6 Sacrifice

Sacrifice are amazing! I've got the silver polished system x and it's strong. It's designed for tail whips and bar spins because it's so light and although its quite expensive, it is definitely worth the money, so go ahead and get one. I've been scoring for 7 years. I'm sponsored by Go there today and create your own scooter. Choose a complete custom scooter or just complete + I have got 17 scooters in a rack at the house at the back of my garden and Phoenix, District and Sacrifice are by far the best.

I love sacrifices! They're awesome to ride! They are strong and good for stunts. I have a sacrifice 115 flyte 2014 model. I suggest it being in 1st or 2nd on the list its to pro for 7th place. Coming from an 11 yr old, I have been scootering for 1 yr. I can do pro tricks! Oliver out.

Really really cool pro scooter parts that will stand out. They are light, smooth, strong and everything else.
The only problem is they can be a little bit expensive but its worth it

Sacrifice scooters are awesome I had on for three years and there was nothing wrong with it until the fork snapped (it was a Sacrifice O.G Hustler).
but the one I have now is a flyte 115 and it is the best thing I have ever ridden.

7 Apex

Apex pro scooters are amazing, they are light but strong and they are smooth to ride. Apex scooters are easy to pop tricks on and they look great. On the flip side they are very expensive but nevertheless Apex pro scooters are easily a top 3 scooter brand

How is apex number 43 it should be in the top 5 surely there bars are amazing also love there clamps but yeah apex are awesome and should be first!

Apex scooters last such along time and stay consistently tight so they are pretty much always dialed. Why else would they cost so much money? They are the best.

Apex are the best brand hands down in the world. Working in a scooter shope I can tell you there Bol bars are the most popular bars ever in the history of the sport

8 Grit

Grits are good scooters. I recommend the grit fluxx for beginners but if you're looking for the next level, try the elites or something at a higher level. The grit fluxx pressure bolt comes loose after about 6 months and every time you tighten it, one ride is all it takes to come loose again. The stock grips on grits are horrible, so you may have to buy a new pair very soon. I recommend ODI flangless longnecks.

These scooters are pretty cool especially grit elites because they are super cheap (about the same as 2011 mgp team edition) and they have compression, metal core wheels and everything else that you usually have to pay a lot of money for.

Grit are very good scooters. I've had mine for more then 4 years, very light and good for jumping. I've jumped 3 meters high on it and you can consistently whip on it for ages. I really love this scooter because it has lasted me ages... this scooter should be rated 4 best and apex should be 2nd best in the world.

I have a grit pro elite scooter and it is pretty boss. I used to own a razor scooter and it was a good scooter but the grit elite is really awesome.

9 Madd Gear

They are absolutely amazing when I stood on my friends and rid it, it felt lighter, faster and stronger then my slamm goblin that's why I am getting MGP Nitro.

They look boss and are good for tricking especially manuals, although they are quite heavy but far better than JD bugs!

Awesome scooters and The best scooter deck in the world. Beast sooter ever if your looking for a strong, lightweight, and cheap scooter

Really light and strong, good grips and its just so good. I would definitely recommend it. great deck and smooth to ride

10 Fasen

Fasen are the worlds lightest and best scooter, come on you have to agree!

Fasen are is the best specially the 2015 decks.

Surely these are number 1 better than the expensive fragile mgps!

I have smith bars they are brilliant!

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11 Crisp

Crisp scooters are honestly the best scooter brand in the world.

I've got crisp scooter and it is easy to ride with and all the scooters have an awesome paint job and it is a great scooter to do tricks with and extremely cheap but pro.

The reason I love crisp scooters is because they are extremely light and cool.

The downside is that the decks aren't the best in strength because mine is making cracking and it's making it snap my deck.

I completely thought that phonoenix was the best until I started to ride a crisp scooter #lovethem

I have a crisp ultima 2014 and it's amazing. It's strong I have no problem with the bars or grips on the bars and I would recommend this scooter to anyone who wants a crisp.

They are quite heavy, but they are smooth running and never seem to stop working. I have had my ultima for 3 years and its still the most dialed scooter in my area.

Really good scooter play on it everyday.The price is good for what it is and not only that I would rather have a crisp scooter than anything else what I would want and I recon mend this to is lighter than the MGP scooters so it should be at least 5 out of the top ten epic make!

12 Odi

Best grips on the market. At a price of $20 AUS, they are a must-have.

Really soft, highly recommend them!

Good grips best grips

They have goof grips

Best grips ever

13 Team Dogz

Yes! I bought their highest spec one for my lad this Christmas and he loves it! He wants me to mount it on his bedroom wall along with his mini rocker... Exubes saliva dribble onto your chin. Awesome very light and you end a set of raybands to cope with the colour overload!

I think that these scooters are by far one of the best and should be in the top 5. Their designs are very impressive and as a whole the scooter runs very smoothly not weighing much at all.

Solid, great for all standards beginner to pro, has an impressive "want one! " factor on the park - make the Madd people jealous - make sure yours is the Dogz!

Should be on the top five worst scooter brands. There total copyrights to the Phoenix grenade clamp!

14 Blunt

Blunt (Envy) scooters are awesome! They are way lighter then Mgps so you can get huge air. They come in a variety of different colors and are are super sleek.

They are beast. I only have the bars and I took my old crap MVP bars of and they are so light, strong, impact absorbing, and comfortable but expensive but it's worth it

I think blunt is really good because they work on park or street. Also they are really light weight and hardly ever get cracks.

These scooters are way better than razors.

15 Razor

I used to have a Razor scooter when I was younger but I haven't used it in ages. In fact, I don't really ride scooters any more after when I fell off and hurt myself trying to do a trick a few years ago. I'm not saying Razor scooters are bad quality or anything, they ride really smoothly and elegantly. When that incident happened, I was riding a beaten-up old Zinc scooter that used to purposely shoot sparks out of the end. When it got all tattered, it stopped working.

Some people think razors are just rattling kids junk that no one likes.

Some people think that these are good scooters I.e the sponsored riders.

This scooter is honestly not that bad. A bit of a rattle there and here... But still not a bad scooter. Please get this scooter if you are beginner and want to get better.

I'm getting a razor scooter and I currently have a blunt, I've heard good things about razor and seen a lot of good reviews when I get it I hope I don't be disappointed with it cause I just got sponsored by razor, So if this is good I recommend you buy it!

Everyone hates on razor, yes, some of there scooters are junk but the pro x models arnt that bad, the decks are nice, the wheels are plastic but can easily be replaced, the bars are strong, the get wobbly but that can be fixed by tightening 2 simple nuts, the back brake is simply amazing (if you use back brake) so overall if you get a good razor just replace the wheels and bearings and it will be a good scooter, you will need to get different bars if you plan on jumping anymore than 7-10 steps all the time though. I have had my scooter for about 3 years and I just cracked my rims, my bars snapped but I simply welded them back together. the deck and headtube has never given me any problems. so they are good scooters if you do some simple upgrades.

16 Addict Scootering

I got a mad one of them

17 TSI (Trick Scooters International)

Made with flow technology for easy handling.

Best parts and awesome people. Should be #1

They should be in the top three brands!

Best scooter ever created.

18 Blazer

There wheels suck creamy hobo knutsack there terrible. But love there skate wax but my homeade stuff is better

Very good scooter

Decks are nice

A very good scooter for the start wheels suck but scooter is very very good

19 Havoc

Havoc are 4x better than razor... razor is just a cheap Walmart brand and I have a havoc so I know they're better because razor is the first scooter I bought. I've had an mpg and decibel and lucky... lucky is better than havoc but havoc is a bit better then mgp and a lot better than razor. #1 Lucky#2 Havoc #3 District #4 Apex #5 MGP. that's what order it should be in my opinion. fairly lite and easy to control while riding! thumbs up havoc!

Awesome scooter. Sturdy, light, and doesn't get flat spots easily unlike MGPs. I currently have the Hurricane which is made completely out of steel. Whoever said that these are bad quality must have one of the aluminum scooters, like the storm. Rating: 8.5/10

Great scooter I have the hurricane and the only thing I replaced are the bars because they bent, but great scooter overall. Deserves a higher spot.

One of the best scooters I have ever rode. They are light and easy to handle. Although they aren't cheap I highly recommend this scooter.

20 Slamm

Slamm scooters are really good! I have a Slamm Phantom 2 and I have it for nearly 2 years! It is the best scooter I have ever ridden and it is really quiet, it maintains good momentum, and it is also really strong. I would highly recommend it to anybody looking for a high performance pro scooter.

These are such good cheap scooters for intermediate/beginners. All of them are really light and funky. They bring a new one out every year with improvements for around £100. Highly recommended.

I swear by slamm they are the best to me they have perfect handling and they are smooth, light, and have a good headset!

I've got one... It's really good cheap good bar spin and deck spin recommend this

21 Ethic DTC

Incredibly light, and amazing for tricks. But easily bent and snapped. Their grips are some of the best on the market. Defiantly recommend for Park riders but takes some getting used to how light it is, nice design.

Amazing light scooters

They are so good

22 Custom Sacrifice/Apex

Scooter that is 6.5lbs is sacrifice and is fast

Best scooters the only thing is about apex really expensive decks

23 Fuzion

Great scooters! They are what you get for for 300 bucks but they only cost 150. They are underestimated because they are a large company that produces.

I think it's an ok scooter. What's good is its light but the wheels might need a little tweaking. It's good for tricks but stinks on black top.

I have a Fusion x 5 and it is so good. I highly recommend getting the x 5 because you get awesome airtime and the x 5 isn't too heavy.

I had one and in 2 days the clamp stipend up and my wheels would not move and my bars were sidewise THEY SUK BUTT!

24 Flavor

I got a flavor and it's amazing it's lite a the wheels are so good. They are very good go tricks. Sad thing is is that the uk has berly flavors but in Australia they are one of the best scooters.

How are flavor 24? there one of the best brands out there and deserve to be recognized more.

I don't Know about other counties but here in Australia they are one of the best brand out there. light trustworthy and good price

Flavor is a great brand and it is very good at doing tricks. Its also very light.

25 Proto

Sick wheels and awesome clamps how is this scooter brand number 23?

Best wheels hands down in the world. there will never be a Comp because every one knows they would win

Best of the best wheels and clamps!

Amazing clamps and parts

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