Top 10 Best Scooter Brands

Scooters have come a long way since those childhood days of cruising the neighborhood. Today, top brands put serious focus into engineering, making scooters incredible tools for commuting, tricks, and just pure fun.

Which scooter brands stand out from the pack? What makes them worthy of the hype? Maybe you're super loyal to a brand that makes killer decks for insane tricks. Or perhaps you discovered a reliable brand that makes the morning commute a breeze.
The Top Ten
1 Lucky

These scooters are the best of the best. The high-quality build is silent, light, durable, and overall, they're the best-feeling scooters you'll ever ride. I myself have a Lucky 2016 Covenant Neo Chrome. I was able to perform a 540 within the first week I had it.

So, if you want the best scooters, shop Lucky.

Lucky scooters are the best. I've heard nothing but amazing reviews, and they support any trick you can imagine. They're super sturdy and won't break on you. I would definitely go with this scooter.

Lucky should easily be either first or second on any list. The only other brand that might be better is Envy. I know many people who love Lucky, and their scooters have lasted for many years. I had a Lucky scooter that lasted me quite a while.

2 District

District is way better than MGP because District bars stand out from the crowd. Their decks are super strong, very light, and easy to grind on. Their clamps are cheap but grab your bars really tightly and don't come loose. Their forks are light and strong, and the grips feel like ODI's. On the other hand, MGP scooters are strong and light but are nothing compared to District.

District scooters should be number one. I've had an MGP, and the deck snapped when I tried landing a 360 tailwhip - and I only had it for two months! I currently have a District, and I've had it for nine months. It's light, easy to ride and grind, strong, and comfortable.

I recommend District scooters to anyone in need of an easy-riding scooter.

3 Envy

The scooter is lighter and thus easier to catch massive air and do some nice tailwhips. The deck is made of a stronger metal - either titanium or aluminum. Because of that, you can grind faster and longer. Additionally, because the deck is a bit wider, you can balance easier when grinding on metal platforms.

The scooter is light, allowing you to catch massive air and do some sweet tailwhips. It has strong metal on the bottom of the deck, making it much harder to break if you're one of those people who grind on sidewalks. It also has a wider deck, so when you're grinding, you have more balance. I think it should be number one.

4 Sacrifice

Sacrifice scooters are amazing! I have the silver polished System X, and it's strong. It's designed for tail whips and bar spins because it's so light. Although it's quite expensive, it is definitely worth the money. Go ahead and get one!

I've been scooting for seven years and am sponsored by Visit their site today to create your own scooter. You can choose a complete custom scooter or just add to a complete one. I have 17 scooters in a rack at the back of my garden, and Phoenix, District, and Sacrifice are by far the best.

5 Phoenix

I have a Phoenix scooter, and it's epic! It runs very well and is super easy to control. Also, it's better and much easier to land tricks on this scooter than on most other scooters. I strongly recommend this scooter brand for anyone, especially beginners!

I heard they don't break as much. My old mate has the Phoenix Suicide bars. First of all, they look amazing. Second, they will probably never snap. Crazy, right?

Phoenix is good for their non-breakable parts. I'd get it if I were a big-time, hardcore pro rider.


MGP is the best scooter brand ever. I used to have a Razor, and it sounded like a motorbike, and the front wheel locked up. I am hoping to get a VX5 Pro in black for Christmas. I also like MGP because they're light and very fast.

My friend has a VX1 Jam, and he built a very small ramp. He can do a 180 off it.

These are the best brands. I've gotten a VX5 Team, and it hasn't let me down at all. Some people I know had different brands like JD Bug or Sacrifice, and theirs snapped in less than a month. So, I would recommend this to anyone who is deciding which brand to buy.

7 Grit

These scooters are pretty cool, especially Grit Elites, because they are super cheap - about the same as the 2011 MGP Team Edition. They have compression, metal core wheels, and everything else that you usually have to pay a lot of money for.

I just bought the new Grit Elite 2013, and it's amazing. It's light, durable, and looks great. I would highly suggest this brand to anyone involved in scooting. They make great beginner and advanced scooters.

Grit scooters are good. I recommend the Grit Fluxx for beginners. If you're looking for the next level, try the Elites or something at a higher level.

The Grit Fluxx pressure bolt comes loose after about six months. Every time you tighten it, one ride is all it takes for it to come loose again. The stock grips on Grits are horrible, so you may have to buy a new pair very soon. I recommend ODI flangeless longnecks.

8 Apex

Apex Pro scooters are amazing. They are light but strong and smooth to ride. Apex scooters are easy to perform tricks on, and they look great. On the flip side, they are very expensive, but nevertheless, Apex Pro scooters are easily a top 3 scooter brand.

How is Apex number 43? It should be in the top 5. Surely, their bars are amazing, and I also love their clamps. But yeah, Apex scooters are awesome and should be first!

Apex scooters last a long time and stay consistently tight, so they are pretty much always dialed. Why else would they cost so much money? They are the best.

9 Fasen

Fasen has the world's lightest and best scooters. Come on, you have to agree!

Fasen is the best, especially the 2015 decks.

I have Smith bars. They are brilliant!

10 Blunt

Good clamps, decks, and bars. I have no problem with the welding, and it has not snapped. The grips are so grippy and awesome. I have the Blunt complete scooter, and it is the best scooter I've ever had. I would definitely recommend this scooter and scooter brand to someone!

Blunts are the best - super strong and definitely my choice of scooter. They have the best decks ever. They're super light and super strong. The bars are not only stylish but also very strong. They have soft grips, but not as soft as ODI. They have some grip to them.

If you're looking for a high-quality scooter to go big or small, this is what you want.

The Contenders
11 Madd Gear

They look boss and are good for tricks, especially manuals. Although they are quite heavy, they're far better than JD Bugs.

They are absolutely amazing. When I stood on my friend's scooter and rode it, it felt lighter, faster, and stronger than my Slamm Goblin. That's why I'm getting an MGP Nitro.

They're really light and strong, with good grip. They're just so good. I would definitely recommend them. The deck is great, and the ride is smooth.

12 Razor

I used to have a Razor scooter when I was younger, but I haven't used it in ages. In fact, I don't really ride scooters anymore because I fell off and hurt myself trying to do a trick a few years ago. I'm not saying Razor scooters are of bad quality or anything. They ride really smoothly and elegantly.

When that incident happened, I was riding a beaten-up old Zinc scooter that used to purposely shoot sparks out of the end. When it got tattered, it stopped working.

Some people think Razors are just rattling junk that no one likes, while others - like the sponsored riders - think these are good scooters. This scooter is honestly not that bad. It has a bit of a rattle here and there, but it's still not a bad scooter. If you're a beginner and want to get better, please get this scooter.

13 Crisp

Crisp is the best for stunting. They're light and very easy to control. I have a Crisp, and it's way better than my old one, a Grit. I definitely recommend Crisp for riders who want an excellent scooter.

I have a Crisp Ultima 2014, and it's amazing. It's strong, and I have no problems with the bars or grips. I would recommend this scooter to anyone who wants a Crisp.

They are quite heavy, but they run smoothly and never seem to stop working. I have had my Ultima for three years, and it's still the most dialed scooter in my area.

14 Addict

I've got an Addict, and they are so light and strong. The deck looks better, and you stand out because not many people know how good they are. Maybe a new deck with a metal flex fender instead of plastic would be better.

My favorite deck. They're really light and also really strong.

15 Team Dogz

Yes! I bought their highest-spec scooter for my son this Christmas, and he loves it! He wants me to mount it on his bedroom wall along with his mini rocker. It's awesome, very light, and you'll need a pair of Ray-Bans to cope with the color overload!

I think that these scooters are by far some of the best and should be in the top 5. Their designs are very impressive, and as a whole, the scooter runs very smoothly, not weighing much at all.

Solid, great for all standards from beginner to pro. This scooter has an impressive "want one!" factor at the park. It makes the Madd people jealous - make sure yours is from Dogz!

16 Odi

Best grips on the market. At a price of $20 AUS, they are a must-have. Really soft. I highly recommend them!

17 Havoc

Havoc scooters are four times better than Razor. Razor is just a cheap Walmart brand. I have a Havoc, so I know they're better because Razor was the first scooter I bought. I've also had MGP, Decibel, and Lucky. Lucky is better than Havoc, but Havoc is a bit better than MGP and a lot better than Razor.

The order should be: #1 Lucky, #2 Havoc, #3 District, #4 Apex, #5 MGP. In my opinion, they are fairly light and easy to control while riding. Thumbs up, Havoc!

Awesome scooter. Sturdy, light, and doesn't get flat spots easily, unlike MGPs. I currently have the Hurricane, which is made completely out of steel. Whoever said that these are bad quality must have one of the aluminum scooters, like the Storm. Rating: 8.5/10

18 Slamm

Slamm scooters are really good! I have a Slamm Phantom 2, and I've had it for nearly two years. It is the best scooter I have ever ridden. It is really quiet, maintains good momentum, and is also really strong. I would highly recommend it to anybody looking for a high-performance pro scooter.

Slamm scooters are the best because they have strong decks. They look really cool, are very light, and are priced decently.

Slamm scooters are good quality at a reasonable price. They have a good range to choose from depending on your budget.

19 TSI (Trick Scooters International)

Made with flow technology for easy handling.

Best parts and awesome people. They should be number one.

They should be in the top three brands!

20 Flavor

How is Flavor 24? They're one of the best brands out there and deserve to be recognized more.

I got a Flavor, and it's amazing. It's light, and the wheels are so good. They are very good for tricks. The sad thing is that the UK has barely any Flavors, but in Australia, they are one of the best scooters.

I don't know about other countries, but here in Australia, they are one of the best brands out there. They're light, trustworthy, and reasonably priced.

21 Hyper

Amazing scooter. It should be number 1!

22 Blazer

Wicked gear. The design is clean, fuss-free, and high-spec.

A very good scooter for the start. Wheels suck, but the scooter is very, very good.

23 Ethic

I think Ethic should be one of the best scooters in the world. They look great and perform awesomely. That's why I'm building up the Ethic Lindworm. I just got the deck, the headset, and the forks. Next, the handlebars, wheels, and clamp. The polished deck looks so good, as does the style. Can't wait to finish my project!

I might be spending a lot of money on it, but you get what you pay for: excellence. Great product.

Should be near the top. Kevin Demay did a good job with these scooters.

Ethic scooters are the best because they are so light and look good when riding.

24 Fuzion

The Fuzion Elite is a very fast and smooth scooter. It beat my friend Zack, who had a Lucky, in a race. Zack says my brother's cheap Madd Gear is better, but the Madd Gear is not very fast.

Great scooters! You get what you would expect for 300 bucks, but they only cost 150. They are underestimated because they are produced by a large company.

I love these scooters. My friend had one, and I loved it. So, whoever says these suck doesn't know what they're talking about. In my opinion, Fuzion scooters are a bit heavy, but not too heavy. This is one of the best scooters I've ever ridden!

25 Ethic DTC

Incredibly light and amazing for tricks, but they easily bend and snap. Their grips are some of the best on the market. I definitely recommend them for park riders, but it takes some getting used to how light they are. The design is nice.

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