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1 Emirates

The service is amazing, the food is great, spacious seats, but what shocked me was when it crashed a few days ago, 18 cabin crew managed to get 282 people out of a burning plane. I have only ever been on emirates, as I wouldn't want to take any chances with other airlines. Love love LOVE emirates.

Emirates offers a very good price. The service is very good. The food is great, and the new spacious airbus 380 the airline is the best.

Great service, great crew, connection timings, a lot of destination and still a lot more to come

I have never been on an air plane still voted 😂😂

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2 Qatar Airways

Amazing service, always on time. They have a great selection of onboard movies too!

I guess there good but there are other good airlines

Best in service. I love it

Great service!

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3 Singapore Airlines

You can't beat the Singapore first class suites.
I suppose that Emirates is pretty dam good but I much prefer Singapore airlines, oh and their flight attendants are HOT! - tedmond9

Beautiful flight attendants that cater to your every need, comfy and modern seats, one of the youngest and safest fleets in the world, what more could you ask for? - boeingrules

Emirates is widely overrated, in my opinion it's a bit tacky to be honest whereas singapore airlines is like a hotel in the sky, the quality is outstanding.

Emirates is overrated, Singapore is like a plucky underdog.

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4 Qantas

Qantas, Oldest Airline on Earth, Since 1922, Never Crashed, has got 12 A380's and now has the best economy and Business class I the A380. In Economy, they have self serve bars filled with snakes and drinks, they also have private offices for Business class. Qantas, is by FAR the best - s9111472

QANTAS. QANTAS never crashed. Oh that's gonna do me a lot of good because QANTAS doesn't fly to Los Angeles out of Cincinnati, you have to get to Melbourne! Melbourne, Australia in order to get the plane that flies to Los Angeles!

Amazing! Never crashed, cool name, long flights, great comfort, and most of all, an awesome entertainment system with every movie imaginable and games!

I always get on a Qantas flight if I want to travel somewhere instead of Jetstar. It's one of my favourite airlines. Hasn't had a fatal accident since 1951 and even though I have a fear of flying, I always feel safe on Qantas. - Mumbizz01

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5 JetBlue

this is amazing! I mean, you get free TV so you don't even need to pack entertainment since it's already built in!

Great entertainment, great service, great food (which is rare), great everything.

By far the best in the united states; excellent quality at a good price.

Awesome service!... consistently!

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6 Etihad Airways

Etihad has the best first class. Should be in the top 3.

Best one just see the residence

I Really Mean Wow

Etihad airways has the best first class in the world 2nd best business and 5th best economy. I flew from Abu Dhabi to London last year in business class on an a380 and it was amazing. plus they have the additional class called residence with is a 3 bedroom suite. Etihad are by far the best.

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7 Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is always fully booked. If you don't want your flight to be full, plan early and book early and also stay in Premium Economy (if you are seated on economy) because it's comfy.

When I took flight from Surabaya to Hong Kong by Cathay Pacific as a nine years old girl, I really enjoyed the entertainment and the service inside the aircraft.

When I took a flight from Surabaya to Hong Kong by Cathay Pacific, I really enjoyed the service ad the entertainment inside the plane.

To be honest, I hate this airline! It's always fully booked and I keep on getting bumped off (meaning I don't get onboard the flight).

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8 Southwest Airlines

My personal favorite airline. The staff was so polite, and our flight was barely delayed. Though they didn't have meal options, the snacks were nice and sweet. I will definitely be flying with them again.

They give free food and drinks and they have internet so you can track your flight and the trays can actually hold a drink (unlike frontier)

Southwest has always been my favorite airline to fly with. I've yet to encounter a rude employee (hopefully never will) and they always make my flight more enjoyable! There have been many times where the flight attendants made the whole cabin chuckle with jokes over the speakers.
Southwest doesn't have full meal options (breakfast, lunch, dinner) but they do provide snacks such as peanuts and crackers. They have an abundance of drink options, which is personally enough for me. They also do not provide premium seats but offer some of the lowest fares out of any company. I mean come on, free luggage! - foxbani

Cheaper flights than lots of airlines

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Smooth and warmth THAI hospitality

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10 United Airlines

Honestly this is just a typical airline. My only favorite about this is the fact that they took Rhapsody in. Blue as their theme song.

This airline is awesome! And if you hate it, then you're as silly as Justin Bieber!

LOL I would kill everyone who hates this airline! - MichaelAftonUTTP

Can not compare with Asian carriers. Customer service is TErrible! Will never set foot again in Newark airport as long as I live.
Nothing like Asian carriers like Singapore Air,
Qatar and Emirates if you want to experience what an airline should be.

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11 British Airways

Amazing airline and one of the oldest in the world! They have the most 747s in the world and also have 12 a380s on order!

Not better than emirates but still good some random guy put this in contenders in top ten worst airlines - favouredlist314

Never had a bad experience unlike most other on this list

I fly them cause I'm British! They are great! - MichaelAftonUTTP

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12 Delta

Delta is America's Oldest Airline, and personally I think they have had the most expirience, and it is a good airline. With plenty of flights around the United States, food that is just enough and almost always new! For the best expirience, ride the bigger planes. ; ). The only downside is the lack of movies, and luggage problems every now and then. But still, fly this airline!

Never take this airline when going on a domestic flight because you have to pay for your food. The worst thing is that happens in a six hour flight from New York to Los Angeles.

Always on time. The services are even better when you become the skyline member. I only booked my ticket from Delta not any other airlines.

Last week -- on Wednesday in a Atlanta a little rain -- a complete breakdown in operations. My bag is expected to be delivered Tuesday morning. Hope no sprinkles in Atlanta this week!

They should change their name from Delta Airline to Delta Lines and these moved very slowly -- no sense of urgency.

I had to take Spirit Airlines -- no excuses -- on time with a good price.

They do not belong on this list.

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13 Virgin America

Literally the best airline if you're flying around the US! Great service, comfortable seats, and many free amenities to make your flight more entertaining!

How is this so low in the list! Love everything about it! - bluesheep23

Oh yeah. There is great legroom! My legs weren't cramped.

Rip vx 2007-2019 we will miss you and your safety music video

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14 Turkish Airlines

Relaxing flight, kind flight attendants, great food, good economy class, clean planes, nice plane interior. Turkish is the best I have flown with so far. - arthurevans_04

#23? What a joke! Turkish was ranked 4th in the latest airliners ranking. Their service is the best

Shoulde be in the top 10

15 All Nippon Airways

I love ANA airways I could go to tokyo from los angeles airport on 3 years in December 26 2019 almost year 2020 I want to travel at tonight great expensive No baby crying in ANA great Boeing 777-300ER untill 3 years - SpencerJC

Great service great crew great food

The damn moies - StarDusJR

16 Asiana Airlines

Great food compared to Emirates and very comfortable seats in both business and economy.

Economy class is better - SpencerJC

17 American Airlines

Turbulence is awesome because it feels like a roller coaster.

You'll be VERY lucky if you get a 767 Luxury Liner - jameshoward

They say earphones are$5 but they are free


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18 AirTran Airways
19 Korean Air

Should be #3 the best airline I used so far

Best of the best should be #3

Great expensive - SpencerJC

Good price equal to Emrates toss up to either,yes I fly them both.

20 Frontier
21 AirFrance

World Class, Cute and elegand hostess, best pilots, service and food

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22 Philippine Airlines

As a filipino, this is a horrible airline. The food is really bad and there is no T.V. on a long flight. And also the flight is always delayed, I'm serious. Whenever I go on an international fight, I take cathay pacific, delta and emirates. Take those three airlines instead of this.

Really awesome airline and service but bad schedule. Not to criticize them or anything but they usually have delays and they don't have good schedules. But overall awesome airline. Go Philippines

Best airline ever. The flight attendants were nice and good food and good service.

The worst airline ever!

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23 Air Canada

The flight attendants are awful, they give me yucky food!

Best Airline by far - nicest Flight attendants I have ever met.

24 Alaska Airlines

Why is this not number one? Is the best Airline ever!

Lets 13 year olds fly solo not as UMS, kind staff, and Boeing 737-900 on a lot of routes


I have always had good luck with Alaska Airlines from SEA to SJC Not alwys on time but that does not matter especially on a Saturday

25 Malaysia Airlines

They won't be in much longer due to the disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines passenger jet.

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26 Aeroflot
27 Garuda Indonesia

Once they were really dull and so unsafe but that was on their vast times; now they're a really good airline and in no time will stand tall in the airline market

Hell yeah! Best economy and best cabin crew!

Nice Airline. Full service and IFE availablity. The cabin crew was very nice.

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28 Austrian Airlines
29 EVA Air
30 US Airways
31 Air New Zealand

I just went on there 747 and it was real bumpy but I liked it and they give you free food

This honestly one of th best airlines and would be in the top if it was more well known, the service is great and the staff are amazing. You also don't pay anything for extras like food PR baggage

New Zealand and all over!

I love it

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32 Flybe
33 Virgin Atlantic

Virgin is awesome - you can choose what to watch and listen to whenever you want, plus, they've got cool uniforms

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34 Aer Lingus

Fantastic service truly the greatest airline in the world I hope it doesn't get taken over by Ryanair

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35 Pakistan International Airlines

Very high quality service. Never had any major accident.

It is a Pakistani airline..

Pakistan Airline Is Best

I am from Pakistan and I know that it is a very nice airline but I don think it will deserve the 1st comment which said "Very high quality service. Never had any major accident(quote and quote)" the line never had any major accident is a lie because it had 5 accidents last year from which one of our famous man was dead named JUNAID JAMSHED. I had more as well but they were not that important because they were of army and it is common that army have accidents but our army is the best of all. It is 3rd strongest one.

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36 Lufthansa

Lufthansa connects the world all ending up in Frankfurt. They have hundreds of locations around the world in which they fly to and from. I have had nothing but a good experience on Lufthansa. The only small glitch with the company is they occasionally strike every other summer. My father is also one of their pilots so what can I say life is great onboard Lufthansa.

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37 Swiss International Air Lines

Just took a flight with them and I got fantastic service, TVs in the back of each seat so you can watch any movie you want, or music, or games and even T.V. shows. The airplane food itself was also very good, surprisingly, as I'm not a fan of any airline food, the food was very good. The seats were comfortable and the chocolate we got at the end was great.

38 Royal Jordanian

Very safe reliable airline! However, the crew is not very friendly

Love this airline too - arthurevans_04

39 Air One
40 Alitalia
41 Thomson Airways
42 Jetstar
43 Jet Airways

The best airline of India, then best in the Universe.

I went to Mumbai in Jet airways and the crew, food and the movies on the T.V. were AMAZING! This is the best airline after EMIRATES! And went I returned to London Heathrow from Delhi it was the same...WONDERFUL

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44 Hawaiian Airlines

Carrying approximately 5 million passengers a year, Hawaiian Airlines provides high-frequency jet service daily to seven destinations on six Hawaiian Islands and weekly service to the South Pacific destinations of Tahiti and American Samoa. In North America it provides daily service to Hawaii from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Las Vegas, and Portland, Oregon.

I live in Maui and Hawaiian Airlines is the best going place to place

I love Hawaiian airlines when we was going to maui from san francisco (sfo) we was delayed and had to go to oahu first... ……TOTALLY WORTH IT

45 Bangladesh

Very comfortable seats

United airways (BD) Ltd.

46 Thai Airways
47 SriLankan Airlines

It's the best

48 WestJet

I love westjet! They have the most polite, funny flight attendants great service reliable fleet of 737s, and good destinations. We always fly westjet to Cuba!


49 TAP Portugal

Safety is a must. - pitralon

The best food!

50 Virgin Australia

Great airline

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