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1 Marlboro

I I'm brazillian and here cigarettes have a lower quality than in the U.S. But still, smoking a Marlboro Red is a delightfull experience. They're the best cigarettes in the market and are the only ones here that can be compared to the american quality.

Marlboro is my favorite brand, its not a brand of cigarette, it's a lifestyle. Really the best you can get at the local stores or anywhere around yourself. If you really want to smoke then choose marlboro to get that on your nicotine level

Best tasting tobacco "hands down"! If anyone thinks Camel can't be beat, then try smoking Marlboro's new flavor, Southern Cut. After trying out Southern Cut, if you still think Camel is better, your taste buds are probably distorted from all of the alcohol you are drinking and/or bud you are smoking. So therefore, it would be a mental persuasion in that case. Definitely not fact! Plus Camel is deceiving most of their customers by saying their tobacco is a Turkish blend, When it turns out that all of their tobacco is grown right here in good ol' America. (and no, the tobacco seeds are not imported either)

I know why Marlboro and Camel are the most popular brands...Because they're both totally different comparing to each other
Marlboro has strong buzz and harshness, rich and very delicious tobacco, chocolate taste in it, while Camel is very smooth brand and not harsh at all...
When I tried out Marlboro Red, I don't think that I will find better brand...It's just...THE BEST...Yep, it has chemical taste, but doesn't that even make Marlboro more tasty and popular?
When you smoke Marlboro you can feel rich tobacco with a little bit of chocolate taste, you can feel very strong buzz coming out through your nostrils and overall, only with Marlboro you can relax...
While Camel is just dirty water comparing with Marlboro(my opinion only)
Be a Marlboro Man, enjoy the taste of life, for God Sake...

2 Camel

I have smoked Pall Mall, NewPorts, Pyramid Red, Marlboro Red and Silver, but none of them come as close to Camel in my opinion, smooth rich taste, burn nice, and smell great. People have told me that Camel is too harsh for them (All Marlboro smokers as you would expect) We are also talking about 30 something year old grown men vs a 19 year old dude Camel smoker. I thought about trying L&M, Winston, Camel 99s, and other Camel Flavors but I have had Camel Blue, Camel Filters, and Camel Crush. Camel Crush is good but I like the Filters better. What ever brand you smoke all I have to say is you need Camel in your life but non-the-less smoke on and don't let those ignorant ads disrupt you, this is a free country! I <3 Smokes

Camel cigarettes are absolutely the best. Much better flavor than the rest. And there filters are cotton. Unlike Marlboro, or as I call them marl-blows fiberglass filters. YUK! Marl-blows are just more popular for now because of there tough guy rep and what not. But camel is coming up. Everyday more people are smoking camels because they are actually paying attention to quality now. And not just some dumb reputation.

Camel's are quality, period. If you're a menthol smoker, I highly recommend the Camel Turkish Jade Silver (Formerly known as Camel Turkish Jade Lights) Best menthol cigarette on the market. Even better than the actual Turkish Jade. I used to smoke Newport and Kool and Salem. Now, all I smoke are these. Trust me. It's a white pack with a solid green Camel on the front. They're 85's. but they don't come in 100's.

Camel is simply a superior cigarette; unlike Marlboro, Camel does not load their cigarettes with poor-tasting chemicals which make your stomach turn. Rather, Camels are the perfect blend of Turkish and domestic (American) tobacco and are simply ready to party. A vote for any other cigarette is like a vote for a third party Presidential candidate - a wasted vote.

3 Lucky Strike

Lucky Strikes, a strong cigarette in it's own right. Red's are strong because they contain an abundant amount of catalyst additives to increase there strength. Lucky Strike use a robust effect by toasting tobacco leaves during preparation to give there signature taste. I grew up with this cigarettes and they are completely worth shipping them over to the U.S. where the filtered style is no longer sold.

I have smoked for over 30 years and divided cigarettes into two camps - cigarettes that were ok and cigarettes that weren't very good. Until I tried Lucky Strike. These are fantastic. Very unique in a very good way. Amazingly, they are simply 100% toasted Burley. No blending of Virginia and exotic Turkish tobaccos needed to achieve this amazing flavor and smoothness. Simple is sometimes best.

I have literally tried every brand of cigarette that is sold in the U. S, and quite frankly, Lucky Strike (unfiltered) is simply the best. It's a smooth and mild taste. With other cigarettes I tried, Camel Turkish Royals and Malboro Reds for example, I would choke, gasp, and feel like I might actually cough up a lung, but not with Lucky Strike.

Have been a menthol smoker most of my life, but if menthols suddenly went away, I would immediately become a non-filter Lucky smoker. I occasionally buy a pack as a change of pace and really like their rich flavor. And it's hard not to think of smoking non-filters as the purest form of tobacco enjoyment.

4 Pall Mall

I've been smoking pall mall orange and love them however, I just bought a pack of pall mall menthol 100's and would rate them as excellent. I love the flavour especially when I exhale through my nose. This is most definitely my favorite brand but will continue smoking the Orange as well. The only problem now is that I will definitely smoke more, I just love them.

I quit smoking for a few months but today I am going back to my favorite cigarette pall mall orange. I can't wait for that first satisfying drag the flavour is incredible I get my nicotine fix which I find so calming and relaxing. A truly sensual, satisfying smoke I just love them.

These smell great, taste good, and hit me nicely. The menthol especially have a rich complex flavor that makes it difficult to smoke passively; I enjoy the act of smoking these, while other brands I smoke just to get my nicotine fix.

I only buy roll Tobacco and Pall Mall ( especially the red ) has the best taste of them all. Also it's the only roll Tobacco that stays fresh and that has no problem to roll when the Tobacco box stayed open in the air for a long time.

5 Newport

I can't for the life of me remember the exact price of these cigarettes mainly cause I don't pay attention to the price that's displayed above the registers, but I do know, of all the cigarette brands I have had the pleasure of enjoying, Newports are my all time favorites. they are set at a low budget price but for a cheap pack, they sure are strong. My Red Newports are as strong, if not stronger, than Marlboro Blacks and Reds. An added bonus is that Newports burn slower, last longer, taste better, and just down right gets the job done. When I first tried them I was hooked on the Marlboro Red 72's but my appetite, my cravings, for a nicotine filled drag, has changed for the Newports I smoke Today. I recommend that no matter what you smoke, every one should at least try red new ports at least once. And if you prefer menthols than go for the newport greens, but I'm a bigger fan of the reds. Screw shorts of any brand of cancer sticks, they just burn up way too quickly, no offense to the ...more

When I started smoking again after a long layoff, I very happily settled on Newports after trying several old brands from my past. I find it the richest and most satisfying menthol cigarette I've tried, and must confess I find it exhilarating that it has such a high level of nicotine content. Guess that explains why I so quickly became hooked again, but if you love the cigarette you're smoking, it actually adds to the pleasure.

Been smoking Newports a lot lately. I've been smoking for about 5 years now and I used to smoke Marlboro Greens (ok cig) & Eagle Menthols (only good for smokers strapped for cash). I LOVE this smoke! The rush is amazing, the flavor is amazing, It doesn't leave too much of a stench afterward, just don't go drinking cold water right after. I also used to be a strong supporter of Camels but now since I tried Newport, they are more of a sidekick.

Newports are probably the best cig for me. I've tried most, if not all, smokes available here and I keep coming back to the Newport red shorts. The flavor is awesome and about the same price as l&m and pall mall. I'll smoke Marlboro reds for a while then go back to newports. Even if I crave menthol once in a while, Newport is my choice. Some say Marlboro and camel are better, but for the price you just can't beat a Newport.

6 Winston

When I became a smoker, I was told that Pall mall was the real deal, and I can agree, they are good for the price, in my country (Sweden) they cost 43 sek which is about 6-7 dollars. Winston costs exactly the same. Therefore, when my local shop was out of Pall Mall, I bought winston because I want to save money. At first, (maybe the first and second cigarette) I thought they tasted the same as pall mall. But after a while I could really feel the difference. They are in every way better. If you ask me, it is the vest brand right now. It is cheap abd tastes wonderful, what else should you require? Strongly recommended

I smoke Winston because it's everything a Cigarette should be. Great taste, super smooth, long lasting, and there's no chemical taste. I used to smoke Marlboro Red 100's because that's what everyone said was the best. But I started to try others just to see if they really were the best, and there not. So go grab a pack of Winston Red 100's and you'll know what I'm talking about. Love them.

I've smoked Winston (Red) for fifty years without complaints but, since they added the non burning element I hate that I have to repeatedly relight. What has happened to the coupons that my husband and I used to get in the mail?
I'm a senior now and the money I get on SS doesn't go far. If possible send out coupons again. /Thanks, a loyal Winston smoker.

These are the best! My grand dad used to smoke the red box all the time when we would work out on the ranch, so they always have had a certain nostalgia to them. Anyways they are so smooth when you take a drag, and have a nice strong body, plus they are additive free, what more could you ask for!

7 Benson & Hedges

Best man, used to love the gold chavy bensons packs. I started smoking superkings black as a kid that me and my brother nicked from my dad. In 20 I started dating a heavy benson and hedges gold 100s smoker and he liked if I would try them as liked to see as a couple both smoking the same. I loved them and been smoking bensons ever since, brother and dad switched to them too. All our family smoke and guess that about half bensons smokers. Even my nephews smoke bensons, the youngest generation of smokers.

This is the definitely the best cigarette I have smoked In 40 years now. I have traveled throughout the globe carrying my 50 packets of B&H with me. Unlike others, you get to appreciate the cigarette and your throat loves it. It takes longer to finish which tells you about the quality of tobacco being used here.

This brand have its own taste nothing can compare with this brand. It give you ultimate taste and Fantastic smoke, not too strong, not too weak, doesn't ruin your throat. I've tried all sorts of brands available here in Ireland, and only Lucky Strike comes anywhere near close.

When I began smoking I first smoked Marlborough lights, Silkcut Purple and the occasional Dunhill ( the last my mother smoked) That was until I bought a packet of cigarettes from a vending machine and instead of the Silkcut I pushed for Benson and Hedges gold came out by mistake. Well as soon as I lit one I knew in an instant I would never smoke another brand again. It is smooth, slightly dry and burns beautifully. I love them! I probably shouldn't say I love to smoke but I do and it can only be Benson and Hedges gold. J'taime!

8 Kool

I smoke Kool blues, Not to strong and not to weak. Very smooth and cooling on the throat. I have tried newports and other brands and usually sell them to my buddies and go replace them with a pack of Kool blues. Kool greens can be pretty strong if your into that. Its like they say. They are the house of menthol, Best menthol cig Iv'e ever had!

My dad made me try my first cigarette at age 5 then got my first pack of Kool when I was 11 and still smoking Kool today, also after smoking for 5 years my son got his first pack of Kool cigarette so proud of him keep smoking.

I started smoking kool at 18 and I tried every cigarette but I always run back to kool. Kool is the smoothest menthol every made.

Blacks smoke Kools. No self-respecting non-black would touch these fruity, menthol stank smokes - they are truly fit only for slaves.

9 Dunhill

As a seasoned smoker I compare cigarettes not only based on apparent criteria like taste or longevity when burning, but also on their intrinsic characteristics. While Marlboro Red or Camel Turkish Royal certainly do provide fantastic tastes, they seem to me to lack a further touch of uniqueness. With a marvelous history as the manufacturer of some of the worlds finest tobaccos, Dunhill, with its renowned Dunhill International in particular,combines impeccable quality with a wonderful projection of a refined gentleman, who, armed with the most decent manners, enjoys every bit of the experience of smoking by pursuing uncompromising classiness, effectively setting himself apart.

I love the Dunhill Switch. It had a bubble in the filter with mint, which you can break by sqeezing the filter. The mint gives a rich blend of taste in your mouth.

I love that the cigarette is satisfying and sophisticated. And comes in a great pack!

Dunhill is a statement cigarette. I like that they are not super popular. They cost $14-$16 a pack in Queens where I live. They don't seem to be weighted down with the heaviness that accompanies either Marlboro or some other lower quality smoke. Nice, deep draw with a wonderful after tone... Pete from NYC

This is the best cigarette, at least in Brazil. Not too strong, not too weak. Creamy and smooth taste. Good amount of smoke. Love the carlton blend (white pack). The master blend (red pack) is stronger but also good to break the routine once in a while.

10 L&M

I have smoked tons of cigarettes going from Marlboro's to Winston, Pall Mall, Newport and whatever else you can think of and L&M blue's have to be my favorite, usually when I pull a pack of L&M's out of my pocket everyone asks what type of cigarettes these are, but when I light it up they say it smells amazing, really try it, it tastes good and gives a nice rush.

I love L&M so much, I smoke L&M red 100's, it is so good, it goes down really smooth, my only complaint is that it isn't wispy, I've tried most of the types and my friends have the same problem, the exhaled smoke is very thick and cloud like. But it tastes good, they're very inexpensive and just really good.

L&M menthol's were the first brand of cigarettes I had when I started smoking and I can't put them down great flavor sweet scent, truly amazing. I've tried other brands like Pall Mall and Marlboro but they don't even come close to L&M menthol's.

They burn so fast, but they cost 1.70 euros, where I live, and they don't smell strong, like most of other cigarettes. They are worth every cent. Cannot compare them, neither replace them with any other cigarette.

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11 Parliament

These cigarettes are premium-they are the perfect strength and flavor so that they satisfy exactly enough, just one is not too little, and that last puff is just right so as not to leave any desire for a second. They don't make you sick if stress leaves you smoking a few too many occasionally, nor do they cause you to become tolerant and need to switch up brands ever. Also, there isn't any withdrawal is I want to give smoking a break now and again.. When ya' find something this right, ya' don't mess with it!

If you're in a race to get lung cancer, Parliaments will get you there faster than most. Flavorful - you can taste the carcinogens in the tar. Stains your teeth dark brown. You can feel when this smoke hits your lungs - it's like somebody hit your chest with a baseball bat. When you finish a cig (IF you can finish one), it's like you just ran a 4 minute mile - you're exhausted, short of breath. and your side hurts. That's why I love these damn things. Plus they dull the metallic taste you get in your mouth from the chemotherapy drugs.

This is by far the best cigarette in the world. Unfortunately they aren't sold in Australia, so I need to import them from turkey or Asian countries like Korea. Smooth, taste is consistent, the butt never gets warm wet or soft. And I've never woken up with a sore throat no matter how much I chain smoke the night before. I'm normally a Marlboro light smoker as parliament smokes aren't sold in Australia, and parliaments are by far a better cigarette

The smoke just smells so good... The taste of the Parliament tobacco is so nice and smooth.. The smoke is so sweet even sometimes.. Parliament aren't ordinary cigarettes. That's why they top in my list. And the recessed filter really helps to cool the smoke and enjoy the beautiful taste of these cigarettes.

12 Marlboro Red

If you're a follower... a sheep... a mindless lemming who is easily mesmerized by advertising, then Marlboro Reds are the death spikes of choice for you. Perfect high school peer-pressure band. If you totally lack originality and want to be part of the endless herd of braindead comsumers manipulated by ad men, then Marlboro Reds are for you. As for the taste, the closest description would be burning rope with a hint of burnt plastic thrown in for free. They burn fast - I think they use paper that is impregnated with gunpowder to get them to burn that fast.

When I started smoking I smoked Salem. But a friend of mine let me have on of his winstons. I loved the taste without the menthol covering it up. I was 50% I was going to be a regular smoker (mom didn't know yet). But when I tried my first Marlboro red I knew I was a smoker. I bought a pack and when I finished it I knew I was going to be a regular smoker so I went and told mom I have started smoking and that there was no use in arguing. She saw I liked it and never complained. Marlboro reds are the best

These are great! Smooth and amazing flavor,I recommend them to anyone that wants to start smoking or find a new brand. These and Blacks are my favorites.

I smoking marlboro since I was 14 I try many brands of cigarette and I always go back to marlboro by the way dunhill oso taste good and now I age 35 I like the after taste of marlboro it number 1 chose for me in the cigarette smoke on...

13 Davidoff

Every smoker in this world is acquainted with the reputation of Davidoff cigars. And Davidoff cigarettes maintain same well defined standards of quality and excellence. Davidoff cigarettes were born to be elite among the cigarettes because of their superior unique taste and stylishness. When you smoke Davidoff cigarettes, you not only taste the best tobacco, you also experience the history, culture and tradition of rich and quality smoking.

Davidoff is synonymous with living the good life. We place these cigs at the top of our best smokes. Great filter and inhale. Always ask your vendor for the freshest boxes, or even place a special order. Experience the full line of Davidoff products for gentlemen. Excellent choice.

The taste of Davidoff is so much different than any other cigarettes.
After tasting Davidoff gold or classic, you can not go back to simple marlboro... And for the record, smoking Davidoff is just unique and glamorous.

Simply the best cigarette in this world.. Classy,The taste, look, aroma everything is insane and simply the Davidoff Classic is a cigarette that has such a strong aroma, taste and if you taste it once in your life then you really are hooked up to it.

14 Natural American Spirit

American spirit cigarettes last for longer than any other cigarettes I've smoked! The different types are very important. I like the yellow pack because of how smooth they smoke. Yet, light blue is another favorite and it's quite harsh. They have a smoke for everybody and everyone I know loves them. The 20 minute cigarette will always be my favorite!

The unfiltered tan Spirits are the strongest cigarette you can legally smoke. However, their other offerings are just as great. Lime greens are the best menthol I've ever smoked, the turquoise are the best full-bodied cigarettes I've ever smoked, and the oranges are a very good light option. They last longer, taste better, and blow away the competition.

I love American spirits, they should definitely be the number one spot, cleaner taste, I breathe better after smoking them compared to just about every other brand out there. The black, blue, and yellow packs are my favorites and I highly recommend the black pack if you want the biggest kick on the market.

I used to smoke Mavericks, but then I got a little adventerous and bought a turquoise pack of Natural American Spirits. It automatically became my default cigarette. I have since tried nearly all of this companies cigarettes, with the exception of menthol. I have to say, turquoise and the gold unfiltered pack are my favorites!

15 Viceroy

Not for posers. They literally burn your throat, which, is a very good thing if you're not a sensitive little boy.

The viceroy menthol lights taste good and the smell don't linger much.

Mac Demarco is a god

16 du Maurier

I live in cananda and I've tried most of the cigarette brands here and nothing compares to Du Maurier signatures. They have the perfect amount of sweetness with a great body and they have a unique very bold flavour over all, there great to enjoy anytime you need some nicotine. The only downfall is smokes are very expensive here and these are high class smokes so a king size pack will set you back about $14.50

The satisfying and intense flavour of these Caribbean tobacco leaves stimulates a taste so insanely good that your taste buds keep you craving more. A marvellous cigarette indeed. DuM near Marlboro is The best cigarette brand in the world!

Price keeps getting more gross by the day. Northern Canada they are costing almost 18$ now give or take for a pack, but any long time smoker who I get to smoke a pack or two of these never goes back sadly I'll pay anything for em..

As an American, I been smoking these things since early 90"ish. Being a Marlboro smoker all my life these (duMaurier) are the Marlboro of whatever origin they're from. But I get them from Canada (Imperial Tobbaco LTD) and I think they are the best tasting cigarette in the world.

17 Rothmans

I've always smoked marlboro red. And I still do sometimes, just to remind me, how Rothsmans is actually a lot better.

Marlboro makes you feel dizzy and is drag feels heavy, Rothsmans reds are just as satisfying as marlboro red, and outstanding aroma and smell, but a lot more pleasureble.

For real men, yet guys whose knuckles don't drag onthe ground... Not a smoke to forget about hanging off your lip, but to enjoy

Always crisp an fresh! same smoke till the last puff no harsh tar taste, good price thumbs up.

Best European cigarette by far.
Superb flavour. Smooth and a great aftertaste

18 Salem

Have loved being a Salem smoker for a lot of years. I started smoking rather young and enjoyed the feeling associated with it, but didn't really find any taste to speak of. Then I tried a Salem and at that moment knew I would become a long-term regular smoker. And so decades later, here I am, just as happy as ever when I put that first cigarette of the day to my lips and inhale that rich mentholated smoke. I am so thankful for all these years of Salem pleasure.

I've smoked Newport's and kools and the store only had 100's in both the other day. I hate 100's, so I said give me Salem's... I'll never smoke anything else.. I smoked kool filter kings for 18 years. Salem's from here on out!

Had a fascination with them for ages, and while the pre-FSC version was much better, a Salem Full Flavor 100 is still a pretty wonderful smoke!

Have enjoyed Salem's for 36 years and love the 100's that first cigarette in the morning refreshes you'r lungs for the day to come.

19 Kent

In my opinion I have smoked many kinds of cigarettes, included most famous ones,
From 15 years old and now I'm 21, but the Kent is the only cigarette that could rival Marlboro!
I loved marlboro gold 7katran the old ones, but they changed it so I snoked winston till I was in hospital from it, now I use Kent 4kantran HD, at first time you think its very low in tar but when you smoke 1 week you definitely will never change it anymore!

Kents are the most refined and elegant cigarettes you can find. The taste is sweet and smooth, and they leave little to no smell. Kent Classics are a gentleman's choice and they last a long time. If you want less additives than the ones from all the newer crap cigarettes being released today, try Kent Classics and you won't regret it.

Kent would be my favourite brand because of the smooth taste. Their filters are one of the best I've seen. Even the strong Kent cigarettes don't leave a taste like a cat just took a dump in your mouth, referring to winston ahem.
Overall great brand with excellent taste.

Best cigarette I've ever had.
I've tried every single cigarette brand, like the kent? There's none.
KENT: nothing compares to you.
History, reliability and quality have a name!
Smoke kent for a week and you won't compromise.
For a smoker, it's a kent.

20 American Spirit

American Spirit cancer sticks are the bomb. These are some wicked harsh smokes. You gotta be a real man to smoke these - if you're female, you'll sound like a man within a month of starting to puff these wicked sticks - toughens up your throat and turns your vocal cords to leather. As for taste, American Spirit is like sucking in the smoke from a house fire - or maybe a chemical plant fire - it is HARSH. Man, I've smoked some gnarly Turkish smokes and some painful French cigs with the dark brown paper, but AS is like drawing in the concentrated smoke pouring off a burning house or car - has a weird 'burning plastic' component and a wood-burning background. I predict firemen will either love or absolutely hate this brand, as it smells like what they smell on the job at five-alarm warehouse fires or chemical plant blazes.

Long burn, nice flavor and a good price (depending on state tax laws on tobacco). American spirits beat out most brands I've tried, due to the fact they have a fresher taste to them and (as a cigar smoker) their burn time is admirable for cigarettes. I recommend you try the blues or turquoise (if you like a full bodied flavor) (if you like a soft flavor go for the yellow or gold) first and then try their menthol.

American Spirits are absolute heaven. Its all natural blended tobacco with no additives. They take about 8 minutes to burn so each cig is a commitment. Lites, full body, menthol, etc all of them are great. I've been smoking a pack a day for 7 years and my had a AS 2 weeks ago in the morning, I started buzzing so hard I almost fainted and had to sit down.. If that doesn't embody American Spirit cigarettes then I'm not sure what does.

Dark green menthol is a go damn perfect cig, 2.4 nicotine, slow even burn evertime, Newport 100 are the only thing close in my opinion, Kool 1oo menthol burn in a minute. But like I said AMERICA spirit full flavor menthol - dark green pack is something you'll never be unhappy with, nice, nice buzz, and if your on antidepressants like me, wait one hour and then have a smoke after your dose, it's heaven. But if you can't find them, Newport 100 is my next choice. Thanks peace

21 Classic Regular

Been a smoker since 6 years. Tried almost all brands available in India (Better than Marlboro Red, which many people think is the strongest). Classic Regular feels the best in terms of smoothness, taste and nicotine rush!. No dry mouth after smoke and leaves you fully satisfied!

Been smoking this brand for years now and tried switching to other brands like marlboro and camel. The taste and heaviness takes getting used to but once you've had a few, all other cigarettes in the world seem light infront of it.

If you never had a classic you just missed a epic moment of your lifetime...

Just the right blend and the fine flavour of Classic makes it always dependable.

22 Raleigh
23 Roof Top

Here in Canada we have "Canadian Marlboros" made by imperial tobacco which are different from the rest of the world. So when Phillip Morris co brought real Marlboros to Canada they had to use a different name. Calling them roof top is from the original Marlboros pack design.

I have no idea about cigarettes but I like the name Roof Top because it reminds me of the fun I used to have with my ex (on the roof top of course! )

I just tried these and I really enjoyed it. I would recomend these highly.

I don't know what Candian believe this is Marlboros. It's tase is different and it is stronger than that.

24 Gold Flake

Goldflake king size has a nice clean tobacco taste with a light, mellow sweet tone. The quality of the tobacco used in the cigarette is good. It draws very well and a decent enough smoke body for a filtered cigarette. Burning is even generally with no blush on the paper indicating good quality paper. It is a slow burning cigarette adding value to your money. Nice and pleasurable cigarette. Worth a smoke.

If you've guts inhale it to the maximum you'll feel the maximum taste... It'll surely made you go crazy, it refers to cigarettes made using 'bright rich golden tobacco'. Brands other than Wills Gold Flake are Bacons' Gold Flake, Hignett's Golden Flaked Honey Dew, Salmon and Gulckstein's Gold Flake.

You've guts inhale it to the maximum you'll feel the maximum taste... It'll surely made you go crazy, it refers to cigarettes made using 'bright rich golden tobacco'. Brands other than Wills Gold Flake are Bacons' Gold Flake, Hignett's Golden Flaked Honey Dew, Salmon and Gulckstein's Gold Flake.

If you are looking for a thing called cigarette then without much a do grab one of these. Any other thing might be good as an occassional cigarette but Gold Flake is the king of daily smoking.

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