Top 10 Best Cigarette Brands

Cigarettes have been a part of human culture for centuries, with the first recorded use of tobacco dating back to the 9th century. Since then, the tobacco industry has developed into a massive global enterprise, with hundreds of brands available on the market.

Each brand has its unique flavor, strength, and appeal, making it challenging to determine the best cigarette brands objectively. However, with the help of voters, we have compiled a list of the best brands in terms of taste, satisfaction, and overall smoking experience.
Disclaimer: Smoking tobacco cigarettes can cause a wide range of harmful health effects, including but not limited to lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, respiratory diseases, and other serious illnesses. The information provided on this platform is not intended to encourage or promote tobacco use in any way.
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1 Marlboro

Marlboro is my favorite brand. It's not just a brand of cigarettes. It's a lifestyle. It's truly the best option you can find at local stores or anywhere you go. If you genuinely want to smoke, then choose Marlboro to satisfy your nicotine cravings.

I know why Marlboro and Camel are the most popular brands. Because they're both totally different when compared to each other.

Marlboro has a strong buzz and harshness, rich and very delicious tobacco, and a chocolate taste in it. On the other hand, Camel is a very smooth brand and not harsh at all.

When I tried Marlboro Red, I didn't think I would find a better brand. It's just the best. Yep, it has a chemical taste, but doesn't that even make Marlboro more tasty and popular?

When you smoke Marlboro, you can feel the rich tobacco with a little bit of chocolate taste. You can feel a very strong buzz coming out through your nostrils. Overall, only with Marlboro can you relax.

While Camel is just dirty water compared with Marlboro (my opinion only).

Be a Marlboro Man, enjoy the taste of life, for God's sake.

2 Camel

I have smoked Pall Mall, Newports, Pyramid Red, Marlboro Red, and Silver, but none of them come as close to Camel, in my opinion. The taste is smooth and rich. They burn nicely and smell great.

People have told me that Camel is too harsh for them - these are all Marlboro smokers, as you would expect. We're talking about 30-something-year-old men versus a 19-year-old Camel smoker like me. I've thought about trying L&M, Winston, Camel 99s, and other Camel flavors, but I have had Camel Blue, Camel Filters, and Camel Crush. Camel Crush is good, but I prefer the Filters.

Whatever brand you smoke, all I have to say is you need Camel in your life. Nonetheless, smoke on and don't let those ignorant ads disrupt you. This is a free country! I love smokes.

3 Lucky Strike

Lucky Strikes are strong cigarettes in their own right. Marlboro Reds are strong because they contain an abundant amount of catalyst additives to increase their strength. Lucky Strike achieves a robust effect by toasting tobacco leaves during preparation to give their signature taste. I grew up with these cigarettes, and they are completely worth shipping over to the U.S., where the filtered style is no longer sold.

I have smoked for over 30 years and have divided cigarettes into two camps: cigarettes that were okay and cigarettes that weren't very good. That was until I tried Lucky Strike. These are fantastic and very unique in a very good way. Amazingly, they are simply made from 100% toasted Burley. There's no blending of Virginia and exotic Turkish tobaccos needed to achieve this amazing flavor and smoothness. Sometimes, simple is best.

4 Pall Mall

I've been smoking Pall Mall Orange and love them. However, I just bought a pack of Pall Mall Menthol 100s and would rate them as excellent. I love the flavor, especially when I exhale through my nose. This is most definitely my favorite brand, but I will continue smoking the Orange as well. The only problem now is that I will definitely smoke more. I just love them.

I quit smoking for a few months, but today I'm going back to my favorite cigarette: Pall Mall Orange. I can't wait for that first satisfying drag. The flavor is incredible, and I get my nicotine fix, which I find so calming and relaxing. It's a truly sensual, satisfying smoke. I just love them.

5 Newport

I can't for the life of me remember the exact price of these cigarettes, mainly because I don't pay attention to the price that's displayed above the registers. However, I do know that of all the cigarette brands I have had the pleasure of enjoying, Newports are my all-time favorites. They are set at a low-budget price, but for a cheap pack, they are quite strong. My Red Newports are as strong, if not stronger, than Marlboro Blacks and Reds.

An added bonus is that Newports burn slower, last longer, taste better, and simply get the job done. When I first tried them, I was hooked on Marlboro Red 72's, but my cravings for a nicotine-filled drag have changed to the Newports I smoke today. I recommend that no matter what you smoke, everyone should at least try Red Newports at least once. And if you prefer menthols, then go for the Newport Greens. However, I'm a bigger fan of the Reds.

I'm not a fan of the short cigarettes from any brand. They just burn up way too quickly. No offense to those who prefer shorts, but for me, they just don't last long enough.

6 Winston

When I became a smoker, I was told that Pall Mall was the real deal, and I can agree: they are good for the price. In my country, Sweden, they cost 43 SEK, which is about 6-7 dollars. Winston costs exactly the same.

Therefore, when my local shop was out of Pall Mall, I bought Winston to save money. At first (maybe the first and second cigarette), I thought they tasted the same as Pall Mall. But after a while, I could really feel the difference. In every way, they are better. If you ask me, it's the best brand right now. It's cheap and tastes wonderful. What else should you require? Strongly recommended.

7 L&M

I have smoked tons of cigarettes, going from Marlboros to Winston, Pall Mall, Newport, and whatever else you can think of. L&M Blues have to be my favorite. Usually, when I pull a pack of L&M's out of my pocket, everyone asks what type of cigarettes these are. But when I light it up, they say it smells amazing. Really, try it. It tastes good and gives a nice rush.

I love L&M so much. I smoke L&M Red 100s, and they are so good. They go down really smoothly. My only complaint is that the smoke isn't wispy. I've tried most of the types, and my friends have the same problem: the exhaled smoke is very thick and cloud-like. Still, they taste good, are very inexpensive, and are just really good overall.

8 Kool

I smoke Kool Blues. They are not too strong and not too weak. They're very smooth and cooling on the throat. I have tried Newports and other brands and usually sell them to my buddies and then go replace them with a pack of Kool Blues. Kool Greens can be pretty strong if you're into that. As they say, they are the house of menthol. It's the best menthol cigarette I've ever had!

I started smoking Kool at 18, and I've tried every cigarette, but I always run back to Kool. It's the smoothest menthol ever made.

Best menthol made. Wish there were coupons like all the others.

9 Benson & Hedges

Best man, I used to love the gold, chavy Bensons packs. I started smoking Superkings Black as a kid, which my brother and I nicked from my dad. At 20, I started dating a heavy Benson & Hedges Gold 100s smoker, and he liked it if I would try them, as he liked to see us as a couple both smoking the same brand. I loved them and have been smoking Bensons ever since. My brother and dad switched to them too.

All our family smokes, and I guess that about half are Bensons smokers. Even my nephews smoke Bensons, representing the youngest generation of smokers.

This is definitely the best cigarette I have smoked in 40 years. I have traveled throughout the globe, carrying my 50 packets of B&H with me. Unlike others, you get to appreciate the cigarette, and your throat loves it. It takes longer to finish, which tells you about the quality of the tobacco being used here.

10 Dunhill

As a seasoned smoker, I compare cigarettes not only based on apparent criteria like taste or longevity when burning, but also on their intrinsic characteristics. While Marlboro Red or Camel Turkish Royal certainly do provide fantastic tastes, they seem to me to lack a further touch of uniqueness.

With a marvelous history as the manufacturer of some of the world's finest tobaccos, Dunhill, with its renowned Dunhill International in particular, combines impeccable quality with a wonderful projection of a refined gentleman. This gentleman, armed with the most decent manners, enjoys every bit of the experience of smoking by pursuing uncompromising classiness, effectively setting himself apart.

The Contenders
11 Natural American Spirit

Long burn, nice flavor, and a good price (depending on state tax laws on tobacco). American Spirits beat out most brands I've tried due to their fresher taste. As a cigar smoker, I find their burn time admirable for cigarettes. I recommend you try the blues or turquoise if you like a full-bodied flavor. If you prefer a softer flavor, go for the yellow or gold, and then try their menthol.

American Spirit cigarettes last longer than any other cigarettes I've smoked. The different types are very important. I like the yellow pack because of how smoothly they smoke. Light blue is another favorite and it's quite harsh. They offer a smoke for everybody, and everyone I know loves them. The 20-minute cigarette will always be my favorite!

12 Marlboro Red

The best cigarette of all time. I don't think there's any cigarette that can come closer to Marlboro Red. Perfect taste of chemicals and a good buzz - even buying them feels different.

When I started smoking, I smoked Salem. However, a friend of mine let me try one of his Winstons. I loved the taste without the menthol covering it up. I was 50% sure I was going to be a regular smoker (my mom didn't know yet). But when I tried my first Marlboro Red, I knew I was a smoker.

After finishing a pack, I knew I was going to be a regular smoker, so I went and told my mom that I had started smoking and that there was no use in arguing. She saw that I liked it and never complained. Marlboro Reds are the best.

13 Viceroy

Not for posers. They literally burn your throat, which is a very good thing if you're not a sensitive little boy.

The Viceroy Menthol Lights taste good, and the smell doesn't linger much.

14 Davidoff

Every smoker in this world is acquainted with the reputation of Davidoff cigars. Davidoff cigarettes maintain the same well-defined standards of quality and excellence. Born to be elite among cigarettes, Davidoff offers a superior, unique taste and stylishness. When you smoke Davidoff cigarettes, you not only taste the best tobacco but also experience the history, culture, and tradition of rich and quality smoking.

Davidoff is synonymous with living the good life. We rank these cigarettes at the top of our list of best smokes. Great filter and inhale. Always ask your vendor for the freshest boxes, or even place a special order. Experience the full line of Davidoff products for gentlemen - an excellent choice.

15 Parliament

These cigarettes are premium - they have the perfect strength and flavor so that they satisfy exactly enough. Just one is not too little, and that last puff is just right so as not to leave any desire for a second. They don't make you sick if stress leaves you smoking a few too many occasionally, nor do they cause you to become tolerant and need to switch up brands ever.

Also, there isn't any withdrawal if I want to give smoking a break now and again. When you find something this right, you don't mess with it!

16 Rothmans

I've always smoked Marlboro Red, and I still do sometimes, just to remind me how Rothmans is actually a lot better. Marlboro makes you feel dizzy, and its drag feels heavy. Rothmans Reds are just as satisfying as Marlboro Red, with an outstanding aroma and smell, but a lot more pleasurable.

For real men, yet guys whose knuckles don't drag on the ground. This is not a smoke to forget about hanging off your lip, but one to enjoy.

Always crisp and fresh! The same smoke till the last puff, with no harsh tar taste. Good price, thumbs up.

17 Salem

I have loved being a Salem smoker for a lot of years. I started smoking at a young age and enjoyed the feeling associated with it, but didn't really find any taste to speak of. Then I tried a Salem and knew at that moment that I would become a long-term, regular smoker.

Decades later, here I am, just as happy as ever when I put that first cigarette of the day to my lips and inhale that rich, mentholated smoke. I am so thankful for all these years of Salem pleasure.

I've smoked Newports and Kools, and the store only had 100s in both the other day. I hate 100s, so I said, Give me Salems. I'll never smoke anything else! I smoked Kool Filter Kings for 18 years, but it's Salems from here on out.

18 du Maurier

I live in Canada, and I've tried most of the cigarette brands here. Nothing compares to Du Maurier Signatures. They have the perfect amount of sweetness with a great body, and they have a unique, very bold flavor overall. They're great to enjoy anytime you need some nicotine. The only downfall is that smokes are very expensive here, and these are high-class smokes, so a king-size pack will set you back about $14.50.

The satisfying and intense flavor of these Caribbean tobacco leaves stimulates a taste so insanely good that your taste buds keep you craving more. A marvelous cigarette indeed. Du Maurier is nearly as good as Marlboro - it's the best cigarette brand in the world!

19 Kent

In my opinion, I have smoked many kinds of cigarettes, including the most famous ones. I started at 15 years old, and now I'm 21. Kent is the only cigarette that could rival Marlboro! I loved Marlboro Gold 7katran, the old ones, but they changed it. So, I smoked Winston until I ended up in the hospital from it. Now, I use Kent 4kantran HD. At first, you might think it's very low in tar, but after smoking it for a week, you definitely will never change it anymore!

Kents are the most refined and elegant cigarettes you can find. The taste is sweet and smooth, and they leave little to no smell. Kent Classics are a gentleman's choice, and they last a long time. If you want fewer additives than those found in all the newer, inferior cigarettes being released today, try Kent Classics, and you won't regret it.

20 USA Gold

They are very underrated. Cheap, and they burn kinda quick but hit you pretty good. Great quality tobacco.

I like them a lot but have a very hard time finding them.

21 Classic Regular

I've been a smoker for six years and have tried almost all brands available in India. I find Classic Regular to be better than Marlboro Red, which many people think is the strongest. Classic Regular feels the best in terms of smoothness, taste, and nicotine rush. No dry mouth after smoking and leaves you fully satisfied!

I've been smoking this brand for years now and have tried switching to other brands like Marlboro and Camel. The taste and heaviness take some getting used to, but once you've had a few, all other cigarettes in the world seem light in comparison.

22 Raleigh
23 Roof Top

Here in Canada, we have "Canadian Marlboros" made by Imperial Tobacco, which are different from the rest of the world. So when Philip Morris Co. brought real Marlboros to Canada, they had to use a different name. Calling them "Roof Top" is a nod to the original Marlboro pack design.

I have no idea about cigarettes, but I like the name Roof Top because it reminds me of the fun I used to have with my ex (on the rooftop, of course!).

I just tried these and really enjoyed them. I would highly recommend these.

24 Gold Flake

Gold Flake King Size has a nice clean tobacco taste with a light, mellow sweet tone. The quality of the tobacco used in the cigarette is good. It draws very well and has a decent enough smoke body for a filtered cigarette. Burning is generally even, with no blush on the paper, indicating good quality paper. It is a slow-burning cigarette, adding value to your money. Overall, it's a nice and pleasurable cigarette, worth a smoke.

If you've got the guts, inhale it to the maximum. You'll feel the maximum taste. It'll surely make you go crazy. This refers to cigarettes made using 'bright rich golden tobacco.' Brands other than Wills Gold Flake include Bacons' Gold Flake, Hignett's Golden Flaked Honey Dew, Salmon, and Gulckstein's Gold Flake.

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