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1 Marlboro

Marlboro is my favorite brand, its not a brand of cigarette, its a lifestyle. Really the best you can get at the local stores or anywhere around yourself. If you really want to smoke then choose marlboro to get that on your nicotine level

It's the best lifestyle "you can get at local stores or around yourself"? Wow. A life built around an advertising image, with smoking the brand as the most valuable component. - Billyv

The best human invention ever since automobiles. Especially marlboro red soft packs one.

I'm from western sahara it's south of morocco, marlboro it's the best here I love it I can't stoping smokin it and I don't want to stop smokin it

I love Marlboro advance 🤩

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2 Camel

Camels are so much better than Marlboro's. Just saying.

Best cig ever. Most will say marlboro is stronger but this is not true. Marlboro is just harsher camel has more tar and more nicotine and a way better flavor

Camels are far supperior to marlboro in every way. Camels taste better burn beter and everything. Marlborors burn so fast and uneven

I love the aftertaste of it also!

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3 Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike's taste is unique and distinctive, rich, smooth, and satysfying... And they taste really natural, almost free of additives...

Great tasting, smooth, packs a punch and is probably the coolest cigarette that you can smoke. It's a rugged cigarette for rugged people, no wimps allowed.

Lucky Strikes, a strong cigarette in it's own right. Red's are strong because they contain an abundant amount of catalyst additives to increase there strength. Lucky Strike use a robust effect by toasting tobacco leaves during preparation to give there signature taste. I grew up with this cigarettes and they are completely worth shipping them over to the U.S. where the filtered style is no longer sold.

You have fallen for the old (but admittedly clever) Lucky Strike strap line. Most if not all ready made cigarettes toast their tobacco, it is like a Milk Shake claiming it contains milk 'Sourced from Real Dairy Cattle'.

Very good flavor. If this was not a small cigarette I would mistake it for a cigar due to the taste ; )

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4 Newport

They just make me so happy, I've tried switching to other brands to save money but I can't, they are way too amazing!

For myself Newport 100's burn slow, I get way way more for my money. Tried others... Nothing comes close to them. My husband smokes maverick, cousin reg. Newport's,.. I feel like I take 4-5 drags & It's gone. I will pay the $5.10. Nothing compares!

I can't for the life of me remember the exact price of these cigarettes mainly cause I don't pay attention to the price that's displayed above the registers, but I do know, of all the cigarette brands I have had the pleasure of enjoying, Newports are my all time favorites. they are set at a low budget price but for a cheap pack, they sure are strong. My Red Newports are as strong, if not stronger, than Marlboro Blacks and Reds. An added bonus is that Newports burn slower, last longer, taste better, and just down right gets the job done. When I first tried them I was hooked on the Marlboro Red 72's but my appetite, my cravings, for a nicotine filled drag, has changed for the Newports I smoke Today. I recommend that no matter what you smoke, every one should at least try red new ports at least once. And if you prefer menthols than go for the newport greens, but I'm a bigger fan of the reds. Screw shorts of any brand of cancer sticks, they just burn up way too quickly, no offense to the ...more

Newport should be #1 best square ever made

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5 Pall Mall

The added Charcoal is just like adding peanut butter to chocolate, amazing!

I smoke between half to full pack a day and love them

Best cig for the price! I love the menthol. But the reds are amazing, so are the lights.

Pall Malls rounded corners is perfect!

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6 Dunhill

I really love smoking dunhill.. It's the best any one could get. It's smell is awesome.

I love the Dunhill Switch. It had a bubble in the filter with mint, which you can break by sqeezing the filter. The mint gives a rich blend of taste in your mouth.

I love that the cigarette is satisfying and sophisticated. And comes in a great pack!

Really nice distinctive smell. Has a unique taste with a lingering of spiciness and undertones of sweetness. Favored by Hunter S Thompson and John Lennon

Dunhill swith is te best for personality and the mintpop is amazing.

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7 Winston

I use to smoke malboro but now I love winston much better if you want great cigarettes then go for winston its amazing I love it there's different kinds of winston blue and silver and red. The red is the highest nicotine, the blue is medium nicotine, the silver the lowest. Enjoy

Current cigarette. These burn very slow since they are additive free, and the exhale is the most pleasant I've ever had on a cigarette. It's like it evaporates out of your mouth there's NO chemical/gross taste at all. Kudos Winston this is awesome

When I became a smoker, I was told that Pall mall was the real deal, and I can agree, they are good for the price, in my country (Sweden) they cost 43 sek which is about 6-7 dollars. Winston costs exactly the same. Therefore, when my local shop was out of Pall Mall, I bought winston because I want to save money. At first, (maybe the first and second cigarette) I thought they tasted the same as pall mall. But after a while I could really feel the difference. They are in every way better. If you ask me, it is the vest brand right now. It is cheap abd tastes wonderful, what else should you require? Strongly recommended

2 kool 4 skool

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8 L&M

I have smoked tons of cigarettes going from Marlboro's to Winston, Pall Mall, Newport and whatever else you can think of and L&M blue's have to be my favorite, usually when I pull a pack of L&M's out of my pocket everyone asks what type of cigarettes these are, but when I light it up they say it smells amazing, really try it, it tastes good and gives a nice rush.

I love L&M so much, I smoke L&M red 100's, it is so good, it goes down really smooth, my only complaint is that it isn't wispy, I've tried most of the types and my friends have the same problem, the exhaled smoke is very thick and cloud like. But it tastes good, they're very inexpensive and just really good.

Lnm are my favorite they satisfy me the most and were I live they are only 5 dollars so they are also cheap I'm only 15 though so I might not be the most reliable source but if you were going to smoke anything I think lnm is the way to go


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9 Kool

Mom gave me my first kool when I was 8 and I have smoked them ever since.

I tried my first Kool when I was 3 and a half, my dad told me it was the only way to become a real man so I have had lung cancer from the age of 7

As far as menthols go this is my cigarette of choice. That's all

Best there is

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10 Benson & Hedges

Fantastic smoke, not too strong, not too weak, doesn't ruin your throat. I've tried all sorts of brands available here in Ireland, and only Lucky Strike comes anywhere near close.

This brand have its own taste nothing can compare with this brand. It give you ultimate taste and Fantastic smoke, not too strong, not too weak, doesn't ruin your throat. I've tried all sorts of brands available here in Ireland, and only Lucky Strike comes anywhere near close.

B&H is the best cigarette a man can have... It's only for man and by man I mean only the real men can handle this type of power! So wake your inner man and choose the best of the best Benson & Hedges cause you live only once... Dipon (MHK)

I’ve tried them all and have to tell you that Benson & Hedges Gold is the best cigarette on the market!

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11 Parliament

I love these, excellent taste and not a harsh smelling.

I definitely recommend for smokers that want strong taste and lite on smell.

parliament is the best cigarette in the world, it tastes best, it smells best, its filter is the best, and it looks nice too...

The best cigarettes in world the best taste the best smell the best of all. Just smoke them and BE COOL WITH THEM EVERYBODY LIKE THEM!


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12 Davidoff

Every smoker in this world is acquainted with the reputation of Davidoff cigars. And Davidoff cigarettes maintain same well defined standards of quality and excellence. Davidoff cigarettes were born to be elite among the cigarettes because of their superior unique taste and stylishness. When you smoke Davidoff cigarettes, you not only taste the best tobacco, you also experience the history, culture and tradition of rich and quality smoking.

The taste of Davidoff is so much different than any other cigarettes.
After tasting Davidoff gold or classic, you can not go back to simple marlboro... And for the record, smoking Davidoff is just unique and glamorous.

I just love it... The taste is just superb and the smole is really very good I am a big fan of dis

Very cigarette

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13 Gold Flake

If you've guts inhale it to the maximum you'll feel the maximum taste... It'll surely made you go crazy, it refers to cigarettes made using 'bright rich golden tobacco'. Brands other than Wills Gold Flake are Bacons' Gold Flake, Hignett's Golden Flaked Honey Dew, Salmon and Gulckstein's Gold Flake.

Smooth, best selling.. King size and lights adds extra to the brand

Goldflake king size has a nice clean tobacco taste with a light, mellow sweet tone. The quality of the tobacco used in the cigarette is good. It draws very well and a decent enough smoke body for a filtered cigarette. Burning is even generally with no blush on the paper indicating good quality paper. It is a slow burning cigarette adding value to your money. Nice and pleasurable cigarette. Worth a smoke.

Amazing blend of neither too strong nor too light. Gold Flake is an emotion.

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14 Kent

Kent would be my favourite brand because of the smooth taste. Their filters are one of the best I've seen. Even the strong Kent cigarettes don't leave a taste like a cat just took a dump in your mouth, referring to winston ahem.
Overall great brand with excellent taste.

But which breed of cat do you prefer to have take a dump in your mouth? - Billyv

Kents are the most refined and elegant cigarettes you can find. The taste is sweet and smooth, and they leave little to no smell. Kent Classics are a gentleman's choice and they last a long time. If you want less additives than the ones from all the newer crap cigarettes being released today, try Kent Classics and you won't regret it.

Smooth Taste, not aggressive cigarette, leaves my month with a smooth tobacco taste and it is the king of Innovation always they come with something new

Kent is wonderful to so great

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15 Marlboro Red

Hi I want buy Marlboro Red How I do that I don't know I need some body help me please

If you're a follower... a sheep... a mindless lemming who is easily mesmerized by advertising, then Marlboro Reds are the death spikes of choice for you. Perfect high school peer-pressure band. If you totally lack originality and want to be part of the endless herd of braindead comsumers manipulated by ad men, then Marlboro Reds are for you. As for the taste, the closest description would be burning rope with a hint of burnt plastic thrown in for free. They burn fast - I think they use paper that is impregnated with gunpowder to get them to burn that fast.

The most popular cigarette in the world but is not one that you could smoke a lot due to odd flavour it's very smooth

Smooth and great throat hit and taste. The first thing I do in the morning is satisfy my hungry tar stained lungs by lighting one of these up and hauling hard and holding the smoke and exhaling with a moan of satisfaction while the nicotine relaxes me and gives me complete pleasure.

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16 Rothmans

Great full taste, using them for morning cafe!

The best 1 is rothmans international... And its awesome.

Nice burn, nice taste, nice smoke..

I've always smoked marlboro red. And I still do sometimes, just to remind me, how Rothsmans is actually a lot better.

Marlboro makes you feel dizzy and is drag feels heavy, Rothsmans reds are just as satisfying as marlboro red, and outstanding aroma and smell, but a lot more pleasureble.

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17 du Maurier

The satisfying and intense flavour of these Caribbean tobacco leaves stimulates a taste so insanely good that your taste buds keep you craving more. A marvellous cigarette indeed. DuM near Marlboro is The best cigarette brand in the world!

De Maurier signatures are the only smoke I find that actually tastes good. Most cigarettes are tolerable when you are craving but smoking these is like eating candy. They taste amazing and leave you wanting more

Simply the best there is for smoking

This is what I been smoking for a long time now

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18 Salem

Have loved being a Salem smoker for a lot of years. I started smoking rather young and enjoyed the feeling associated with it, but didn't really find any taste to speak of. Then I tried a Salem and at that moment knew I would become a long-term regular smoker. And so decades later, here I am, just as happy as ever when I put that first cigarette of the day to my lips and inhale that rich mentholated smoke. I am so thankful for all these years of Salem pleasure.

Been smoking Salem's 20 years the best menthol cigarette ever my wife also smokes Salem and we enjoy the cigarette very much big smokers probably the only addiction we have but I don't call it an addiction I call it enjoyment thanks for making this famous cigarette

These cigarettes are all the best that money can buy I love Menthol and I will stay home because they are the best menthol cigarette on the market Plus Paul Hogan who played Crocodile Dundee is a big fan of Salem cigarettes

I thought they would be gross at first so I bought them and smoked them when I ran out of camels and I learned that they're actually pretty good

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19 Classic Regular

If you never had a classic you just missed a epic moment of your lifetime...

It goes with its name "CLASSIC"

Should b on first

Just the right blend and the fine flavour of Classic makes it always dependable.

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20 Philip Morris

It tastes almost like Winston to me, but since, at least, in my country they're new, you don't pay for the popularity of the brand name, so they are like 15-20% cheaper than Winston.

It's my girl friend cioice

It is disgusting to smoke

Don't smoke bad for ya lungs I bet you giys brrath smells like crusty dog food

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21 Roof Top

I have no idea about cigarettes but I like the name Roof Top because it reminds me of the fun I used to have with my ex (on the roof top of course! )

I just tried these and I really enjoyed it. I would recomend these highly.


I don't know what Candian believe this is Marlboros. It's tase is different and it is stronger than that.

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22 Viceroy

Not for posers. They literally burn your throat, which, is a very good thing if you're not a sensitive little boy.

Ode to viceroy - mac de marco

The viceroy menthol lights taste good and the smell don't linger much.

Mac Demarco is a god

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23 Natural American Spirit

American spirit cigarettes last for longer than any other cigarettes I've smoked! The different types are very important. I like the yellow pack because of how smooth they smoke. Yet, light blue is another favorite and it's quite harsh. They have a smoke for everybody and everyone I know loves them. The 20 minute cigarette will always be my favorite!

The unfiltered tan Spirits are the strongest cigarette you can legally smoke. However, their other offerings are just as great. Lime greens are the best menthol I've ever smoked, the turquoise are the best full-bodied cigarettes I've ever smoked, and the oranges are a very good light option. They last longer, taste better, and blow away the competition.

Best cigarette in the world! They burn slow, taste clean, and have an extremely high nicotine content. Stay away from the mellows unless you like smoking air. You can't go wrong with the blacks or the grays. It's also the best brand for casual smokers or people who are trying to cut down on smoking.

How are these not in the top 5? I have been smoking the blue natural american spirits as a way to try to distance myself only slightly from smoking and not feeling bad by it, and these are great! One of the strongest buzzes you can get and additive free. The blue tastes amazing.

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24 Bahman

Only a Persian like me knows the real taste of bahman!

I know it is not as well known as the others but believe me it has got a taste you will never forget.

These Persians know how to make Cigarettes.
The taste is unforgettable, and these cigarettes are very strong as well.

You can never forget that taste...never

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25 Navy Cut

If you do NOT like this, you're a kid!

It is original cigratte. As the name itself is every thing navy cut. Nly people with courage smoke this

Really great cigarette

I smoke navy cut and it's really smooth. Neither too strong nor too light..😁😁

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26 Export A

This brand really is THE best, lots of varieties, a good range in regular and menthols. I like the light blue, it's light and smooth but full, not airy like there's a leak in it. Serious smokers and dabblers alike try one and are always impressed. Also it's a cool package, they're shorter and the whole thing is just very debonair for the most part. Like you're in a movie from the 30s. Just don't make it a habit!

Export Green and the Lights (gold pack) outshine any other cigarette in my opinion.

These are quite nice strong but smooth and they do not smell bad

Amazing flavor and just the right strength.

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27 Mild Seven

I tried these in Japan, for first time in life, that too in the windy winter... I fell in love with this...

THE Best ever.. As it does not make you cough... And it can be taken smoothly...

Had these back when my friend got a pack from Korea. Smooth and delicious.

Yea, that's 100% right.. Mild Seven is the best of ever, If I could say it's a very clear clean cigarettes

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28 Pyramid

They taste really strong believe it or not.

The best for the price I love how other states complain about cig prices try living in Michigan were new ports run ya $8.00 a pack and mar reds run ya $7.00at only $5.30 a pack and the flavor and quality you can't compare. Look out for pall mall damn thing goes out if you wait a few seconds between hits SO IF J WANT THE STRONGEST AND CHEAP IN COST THEN PYRAMID IS the best damn cig period

Very strong but very chep I love it 4.00-5.00 in the state of Utah

29 Gold Leaf

Gold leaf is the ciggaerete that a real man can have it's the number one brand in the world...

Gold leaf is real life of smoker and number one brand in the world

Gold leaf is the brand for big and hard boys. Who is tough man only he knows what is this. Trust me if you are a new smoker you do not want to try this. Anindo

This is best cigerette ever specially Gold leaf from Pakistan

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30 Silk Cut

Silk cut purple 100s are my favourite, love coming home from work and lighting 4 or 5 one after the other. Smoke about 30 a day these days always need another cigarette a don't want to stop, love how they taste a feel. Love opening a new pack, lighting the first one a taking the longest drag I can until my lungs are burning!

Silk Cut purple is amazing cigarette.. One of the best light cigarette on the market

Occasional social smoker. Tried others. Very light and smooth.

The best light luxury cigrates ever! Unfortunately, this amazing brand is unavailable in the Swedish markets. Therefore, I should always buy myself or my friends from duty free while traveling.

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31 USA Gold

They are very underrated. Cheap, burn kinda quick but it hits You pretty good. Great quality tobacco.

They don't burn fast

Like a lot But very hard time finding them.

Love my golds...they burn out real quick. Other than that they are a good smoke. I need some coupons for the carton..

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32 Akhtamar

Legendary cigarettes Akhtamar have become very popular due to their quality and demand in the world. Since Soviet times, they are not only considered the best cigarettes, but is a welcome gift for those who appreciate quality cigarette. Produced in Armenia.

Akhtamar is my cigarette.

My father smokes Akhtamar over 10 years

Taste Is something $$$

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33 Chesterfield

Been smoking Chesterfield Reds for the past year or so. Before that I was on Mayfair, Pall Mall, Marlboro, I kept switching because I wasn't sure if I liked each one I tried. Chesterfield are cheap and tasty.

Probably the best taste. Burns a bit fast though, but even better than the marlboro soft red packs. I stopped em to smoke Chesterfield.

I'd take Chesterfield over most cigarettes any other day (I used to smoke Reds, but I've ended up switching to menthol). They may burn a little fast, but they are tasty and budget-friendly.

Good taste for such a cheap cigarette. 8/10

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34 Pine

Is a Korea types of cigarette made from Korea. It has 2 types of flavor which is strawberry and green apple. It has a bit of mint flavor in it which make it more delightful every pump you have.

It is the best ciggerate so far I have smoked. Its paper quality is best and the tobacco used is very light and pure

Nice tastes, should be at top 5


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35 Golden Virginia

Nice and smooth. Great rolling

Nice taste & smooth

Why is the Malaysian gram smaller than the English gram - I been shorted about ten smokes a pouch in Asia - any comments and yes I've done my 1000 pouches of gv.

36 Basic

Love everything except the price. For some reason they started out as the cheapest cigarette and now are one of the most expensive.

They caught me with the giveaways. 25 years later still hooked. Oh yeah, they taste great!

Best value cigarette taste like name brand

I started smoking them many many years ago because they were cheap. But now I feel like they taste better than Marboro, and you pay the price

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37 Farvardin

Ancient Persian Cigarette.
Favorite Taste!


Really good

Its very good;heavy and full flavour;IranIAN cigarette

38 West

Camel used to be my favorite cigarettes. Now it's West. The taste is rich and unique, the smoke is smooth and it does not make you cough. They don't burn too fast or uneven. High quality for a rather low price. I tried a whole lot of brands but none of them could compare to my lovely West's!
Quick reminder of their old slogan and my suggestion: TEST THE WEST! (if they're available anywhere else than here in Germany which I don't know)

Nice and pretty strong. My favorite by far

39 Gold Flake Kings

This is good for health. Please everybody should be smoke gold flake only.

Gold Flake Kings only can make satisfied me I like it

Most of the Indians smoke kings, may be you can say all of them who smokes. They are not comfortable with any other cigrette because of heat boss it's heavy here...

How it is possible navy cut is better than gold flake king? 😞😞

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40 Milds

Milds is my favorite brand, its not a brand of cigarette, it's a lifestyle. Really the best you can get at the local stores or anywhere around yourself. If you really want to smoke then choose Milds to get that on your nicotine level

Just the best, not too hard or too light, its classic mild...

One of the smoothest and best among all other brand.

Nice brand in classic I'm lover of milds

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41 India Kings



The only real thing in the market

My favourite in India..

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42 Surya

This is the best cigarette I have ever test. You feel very proud to smoke. It is the thing to introduce among the world. It has to put in top ten list. It is coolest cigarette ever. It is not just ok or better it is the best one. Once you smoke sewer you were addicted. I guaranty it.

Best tobacco flavor I ever smoked... Everyone must try this one then you will stop smoking other brands...

Yap, Surya is best not better. I know You will find Surya in Nepali Store and this is really proud to smoke. Hey American common, let's try once this Surya and you really feel how it is. Really Meaning of Surya mean Sun. If you smoke this you gonna get warm like that you get from sun during winter. It's on your hand what you want to do? Anyway Surya was best, Surya is best and Surya will be best and never ever it be better. It's always best. From Mr. Mid-Star Beldangi I Sector/unit E/1... HAHAAHA... Laugh out loud


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43 Vogue

Vogue clickis the blue pack, what I love about them is the fact that you can click to change your cigarette to menthol any time after lighting, I used to do half way but now I click befor lighting up, they are smooth and very sophisticated, I have managed to introduce at least 7 people to vogue, as I won't smoke anything else, friends need to try mine to see what all the fuss is about, once you vogue ther is no going back.


I adore smoking vogue frisée menthe. So elegant. The pack is ultra cute. The super slims burn a little slower than the original slims making them last a few hits longer. Every vogue is an absolute pleasure and a must for all fashion conscious smoking girls. The flavour is immense. Once you go won't change.

44 Merit

I'm 17 & a girl. My dad smokes & I started it beacaude my life was very boring. It's my dad who smokes merit & so do I!

I have been smoking merit for 10 years and I've tried every brand but merit is the most awesome and good taste for me.

Best of the best.

Absolutely we can find them but they’re here in Ohio the price was around 6$ now it’s like 9 $ a pack, that’s where l draw the line! But l loved the light flavor, the 100 yellows is what we used to get. I loved how if you were doing something and it in a smokeless ashtray they went out. Not to mention they didn’t make you hack at all. What a waste. We got So many gifts saving those upc on the packs! Oh well hell! I quess they always have to mess things up huh😉

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45 Samson
46 Business Royals


47 More

Nothing sexier than a beautiful woman smoking a more!

Smoked green More for many years. Am now upset and angry that they are no longer available in Republic of Ireland. The best cigarette ever.

Best cigarette I ever had very elegant last long time to smoke always get look from other people dare to be more try one today

Where can I buy them

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48 Look
49 Class Mild

The after effect is too die for and it is very smooth and easily available throughout india

Awesome awesome awesome.. Has a silken touch to it.. It tastes amazing

The best blend I have ever smoked. I moved from India and tried so many cigarettes. Nothing came close to classic milds blend!

Awesome blend taste... Once you've smoked this.. You can never change the brand! Thumbs up! (y)

50 Prince

Such a Rich Taste as the pack suggests it is really nice it kind of leaves like a caramel taste inside your mouth not too strong not too smooth!

Prince red 100's the only one for me. Been through them all; the premium, the budget brands, nothing comes close. But it's the red 100's that I love. Their taste is rich and smooth, Much nicotine & tar. Still smooth.

The Best taste evergreens is a red prince

I smoking PRINCE over the 20 yrs, since my 16.
Best tobacco, strong and flavour!

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