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1 Ninjago

I'm in high school, and I discovered this while in high school. Compelling, funny, emotional, and certainly appealing to more than just its target demographic.

Lloyd is my favourite.

Smh I don't know why people hate it but its really great if they watch it. Even girls are given pride despite being a boys show (take Nya , Skylor and P.I.X.A.L) and I love their style of animation.

This theme should definitely be first. Ninjago is actually my life and I've been absolutely obsessed with it since it came came out. I haven't seen many other Lego themes, mostly just bits and pieces, and I'm sure they're good, but I could never watch and love them the way I love Ninjago. I love what Lego has done with the story line of this show and how they've expanded it and really developed the characters personalities. ESPECIALLY COLE! And Lloyd! I extremely recommend this show to anyone! I'm a teenage girl and I watch it, even though it was originally meant for 7-9 year old boys. This is my absolute favorite show in the world and NOTHING could ever replace it. This might be a show for people younger than me, but I don't care because it has great humor, amazing characters, interesting and well thought out storylines, and really great and inspiring quotes, sayings, and lessons. #NINJAGO IS LOVE #NINJAGO IS LIFE

Ninjago is the best Lego Series that I have ever seen in my entire life and I just can't stop watching it every second. It has really interesting legends and backstories that I can relate to my own life. But one thing to keep in mind is that some series or stories can take people away from reality. Like for example, Ninjago has a lot of magic shown ever since the first season have been published, and I had a dark feeling about this shown to little kids. It attracted me away from my Christian life. When I talked to my dad about it, he said that we as people shouldn't be attracted by supernatural things such as zombies, witches, dark magic, etc. Then he showed me a Bible verse that got stuck into my heart 'till this very day. In Hebrews 13:9, it says,"Do not be led away by diverse and strange teachings, for it is good for the heart to be strengthened by grace, not by foods, which have not benefited those devoted to them." It means that we shouldn't be attracted by things that ...more

2 Bionicle

I love Bionicle not only for the unique building system, the amazingly designed figures, and the extensive amount of lore, but because of how nostalgic it is to me. Bionicle actually inspired Lego to make products with their own complex story lines such as Ninjago, and it changed the brand forever.

Do you kids have any idea of what Bionicle is? I mean really? Ninjago? NINJAGO? Why not just put that Chima bull while you're at it? I give Star Wars credit for getting Lego through some hard times. But Star Wars could never hope to achieve the gold standard that Bionicle did. Star Wars, while classic, required zero creativity. Lego didn't create it. Bionicle is the best Lego theme that has ever been created and will continue to be the best. You know why? Because it wasn't just a Lego toy. The sheer awesomeness of Bionicle allowed it to transcend mere limitations of being a mere plaything, it was its own mythology. Bionicle relied on the creativity of the user to become great.

And that is what makes Lego so great. That's the very essence of Lego. Imagination. Good trumping evil. Not just a bunch of stupid sets.

Bionicle was honestly the best theme LEGO has ever. Inspiring a generation younger people, myself included to create our own stories and characters. Especially since Bionicle had a complex but unique story, creatures, characters and cultures that could only be describe as both fictional story telling and sci-fi fantasy at its best.

I use make my own Bionicle characters (MOCs standing for "My Own Creations) and make stop-motion videos where I would upload them onto YouTube for viewers across the world to both watch, comment and give 5-star ratings (that was before YouTube had the like and dislike feature).

Bionicle had truly sparked my interest to have a creative career which I am working towards having.

BIONICLE was a huge homerun for LEGO. The sets were amazing, ranging from humanoid to animal-like to vehicles. They were like nothing we have ever seen before, with wonderful articulation, incredible masks, and creative styles of building that allowed young and old fans alike to make cool unique action figures. I absolutely loved collecting and building them. And the story... Briliant! Of all LEGO themes, it without a doubt had the best and most engaging storyline ever. Since it was not a licenced product, LEGO was able to write their own tales, and try new things. And to top all that, it lasted a whole 9 years. No other LEGO theme will ever come close to being able to replace this one. BIONICLE, in my opinion was the #1 LEGO theme of all time, and my favorite toyline and storyline ever!

3 Star Wars

How are Bioncle (so awful they canceled it) and Ninjago, which is just cringy weird vehicles and dragons that all look the same better than this amazing, (though not the best) LEGO theme? This list is obviously biased or just messed up.

how do people think ninjago is better? bionicle I can understand, but ninjago have flimsy sets. and sure ninjago is flexible and crap, but is it really as popular as show like the mandalorian or stranger things. I like the ninjago intros, but most sets looked rushed. can't they just do something different. But some sets are goodd. And lego sw is good in quite a bit of ways. The shows are lame but the theme is an original. rn the winter 2021 wave rumor lists sucks. The game is good. Its just good overall
considering how much cool vehicles and content there is

Original theme that makes up for a lot of the companies sales. Very good sets with mostly epic minifigs. UCS sets are good for people who don't even like Star Wars. LEGO wouldn't have been the same if this theme wasn't a theme.

Last couple of months I entered Star Wars fandom. The 2013 sets are awesome (paid for one and got some for Christmas). I also got other sets, and oh, it's marvelous! They do excellent sets with well redesigned minifigures and awesome features. They've been building since 1999! The only downside is most of them are so darn expensive...
But still, best Lego theme ever!
-Master Yoda

4 City

Basically the go-to theme for realistic cities. That's why this LEGO theme was called CITY. Cheap costs, superior functionality and above average quality for such a simple concept are what makes this theme unique and essential to creating a city. There are MOC's too and assembling them could be cheaper than an official set, but if you don't have the spare time, then get a ton of City sets and you're good to go.

Lego city model minifigs and parts are excellent for stop motion animation projects. While the buildings aren't great, they provide inspiration to make better ones yourself. As of now, definitely my favorite Lego theme.

I'm a big simulation guy, you know, MLB 13 the show instead of Mario Baseball, Shaun Palmer's Pro Snowboarder rather than SSX etc.
So Lego City is perfect though I would like a space subtheme because I'm into Sci-fi too.

There are so many sets that cover a range of things an they come in all sizes. Space is still my favourite along with alien conquest, but city is amazing too.

5 Harry Potter

Making a harry potter theme was a great idea. I think they executed it perfecly. Lots of adventure and fun. Though harry looks awful they should improve his look

Extremely good nowadays. Own every Harry Potter set ever, and Diagon Alley is top notch, easily the greatest LEGO set ever

I love Harry Potter, and the cool pieces and sets. It also has lots of room to create MOCs with.

How is legends of chima before harry potter. Harry potter is the best theme and should be 1

6 Lord of the Rings

How is this below lego city? Should be number 1, but I guess I didn't expect it to beat out longer run series like bionicle and star wars. Seriously, though, the sets were the coolest, the minifigures were not only the best, but came with the right sets. Read or watch LOTR and tell me you don't want the Mines of Moria set or Helms Deep. It doesn't matter if you're a kid or an adult, Lego LOTR is a dream!

LotR and The Hobbit Lego is a world of its own. Stories by Tolkien are there to create, but the bricks and minifigs also prive a great source material for other popular fantasy themes like Game of Thrones. Combine these LotR sets with some of the greatest Kindoms/Castle sets (Medieval Market Place, etc.) and you'll have an endless Lego playing experience. And finally, the minifigures are so well-designed that these fantastic characters will provide instant creativity. Thank you Lego and New Line Cinema!

It shows younger children the enjoyability of following Frodo's journey. It helps them interact will themes that might be known only by older children. Every minifigure is completely accurate to the actors who play the characters in the movie. I love this and I hope it lasts for many years. This should be number 1, not star wars (Though star wars is cool) There is only one word to describe this theme: EPIC!

Younger kid around my age 13-15 would know about Harry Potter but because I watched LOTR first then older kid would know about it. Now they made Lego LOTR the younger kid would know more. Thank you!

7 Indiana Jones

Honestly the best licensed theme, this was great for both Indiana jones fans and also just people who want 1930s style stuff!

They did a great job with this theme. I own a good amount of the sets and I can say that this was my favorite theme.

This theme had way too much untapped potential. It's a shame it got canceled so early.

This theme had wonderful pieces and Minifigures. I should have bought more sets from this theme! *Sigh*

8 Legends of Chima

I think that the only reason why this thing flopped was because of the timing and it replacing such a big franchise as ninjago. It got me into legos and I ended up taking over a whole entire bedroom with the legos. I still like to come up with creative plots with them. I think it should get a lot more credit than it is given, and the hate shouldn't of even existed. So many people are stupid when they look at it and say it sucks just because they wish their old line was still running. If people used their brains, like me and a few others, maybe they would realize how good it is. People are such potato heads!

This is my all-time favorite lego theme. As much as I love lego, this one is just my favorite. I really like the sets. They are extremely creative, awesome-looking, and fun to build. I also think it's Lego's most creative theme yet. Even though I've never had any Ninjago sets or watched the show, we've seen ninjas in the media a lot. Ninjago is creative, but definitely not as creative as Chima in my opinion. I really liked that we see animals instead of humans in a Lego theme (it is also the first theme to use animals as minifigures). The vehicles and characters are and look AWESOME! It's not a Thundercats rip-off (well, I can't be sure because I've never seen Thundercats). The show is also REALLY AWESOME! The worst part was that it was short-lived. I even created an idea for a follow-up a few years ago. My favorite characters were the wolf tribe and the phoenix kingdom and my favorite set is Worriz' Combat Lair. Truly underrated (Ninjago is overrated) and the best theme. More of this ...more

Chima has only been on for two years and the show is very childish. I've personally watched many episodes and can claim this. I cringe at the things they say. "All you have to defeat is that sneaky wolf worriz! " I mean really? It's for 5 year olds

This theme knew how to end also it doesn't smack me in the face by killing off characters that have been loved since the beggining *cough* S4 Ninjago *cough* Garmadon *cough cough* S5 *cough cough* Morro.

9 Atlantis

Atlantis is so awesome. The fish warriors the treasure keys the divers. I'm like totally crazy about the divers names like Lance spears, Captain Ace speed man. Totally creative. Also all but 2 of the sets are under 50$. So if you are fascinated by divers squid, Sharks, Barracudas and lobsters this is the series for you. Also they did an excellent job on making the golden Trident.

Honestly truly a great theme, it had really interesting sets that rivaled many others at the time. Cut from shelves way too soon.

Best original theme. Cool colour scheme, good moulds and vehicles. Just overall a solid theme.

Atlantis highlights the underwater world. something lego could do even more of

10 Exo Force

This was my favorite Lego theme out of all of them. When I was younger, I've always wanted to build the perfect Lego mech, and along came Exo-Force. I bought the hell out of these sets and I gotta say that I've never been more satisfied. Also, you gotta love the anime faces on the minifigures.

Great story, great characters, great villain, great character designs, one of the first Lego set to incorporate an anime theme and I even notice references to other anime, heck it should've had enough budget to get it's own anime. by the way I miss my childhood from 2006.

A great Anime-esque series. Despite having many sets, each was unique, and the characters were good. It served as some of the inspiration to Ninjago and Chima, neither of which live up to Exo Force, in my opinion.

Definitely my favorite theme, why isn't it in the top ten? Pretty much all the sets are worth buying especially the striking venom and the huge green and black vehicle!

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11 Batman

I have built many Batman sets with my son, and I love them as much as he does!. , Jokers Ice cream surprise truck is ingenious

I bought the Tumbler a long time ago. Probably one of my best lego choices next to the AT-AT walker.

When you mix the best hero with the best toy you can't lose. How isn't number one?

I loved Batman and I have bunch of sets so that is why I love this

12 Marvel Superheroes

Lego "DC Super Heroes" is just a bunch of Batman sets, which I have no problem with to be honest. Seriously, random DC characters are shoehorned into Batman sets. The Superman vs. Lex Luthor was the only other real set that isn't Batman. In marvel, while they focus on the movies and Spiderman cartoon. They've at least been concentrating more on other heroes and villains which I love.

It is quite accurate and helps kids get into the theme of marvel. Its kind of advertising the comics which is cool. Quick message to anyone who has never read a marvel comic: Buy and read one now! (Avengers comics are the best! )

I have grew up watching Marvel movies since I was 4 years old and I always wanted to play with heroes like Captain America,Ironman,Thor,and many more and I had a chance to do it at 2012 when the first Avengers movie came out and since then I have bean playing and collecting Lego Marvel Superheroes sets while also collecting minifigs while collecting the sets as well.

Every LEGO marvel set is action packed and full of amazement! From the first brick connection to the last brick disconnection and all over again, it amazing

13 Castle

Castle, Space and Pirate are all the best themes, but if I HAD to choose one it would be Castle. I guess this is just my age speaking but I hate all these licensed sets based on movies and whatnot. I loved the original Lego sets, ones created just for Lego. I loved all the different subthemes of Castle, from Black Knights, to Wolfpack, to Royal Knights, Dragon Knights, Fright Knights...all of them were fantastic.

This has been the source of adventures for basically 4 generations. It provides army building, creativity, and if you didn't get the castle, no problem, you just wait for the new sets. Castle should be number 1 because of its agelessness, creativity, army building, and variety.

I actually hate the fact that this series keeps getting rebooted in different ways. First, it was the castle series from Lego System, then it was Lego Knights Kingdom, then Lego Castle, then Lego Kingdoms, now it's Lego Nexo Knights.

Lego castle is a theme that never gets old. With it's epic storys and wars is just the tip of the sword!
With there weapons, buildings, creachers, and us of mechiens. This theme also gives you the most for your money, unlike the other themes. And you now you whant your army of knights.

14 Mindstorms

Very cool. You get to program robots that have so many functions. You can make your robots talk, move, and act like a human. There are even robot clubs that uses Mindstorms.

So epic. And educational too. I own the EV3 and really enjoy it.

Who doesn't want to build a robot?

So expensive but it looks good

15 Agents

Lego Agents should be number one! Its sets were so great. Agent Chase, Dr Inferno, all of the characters were awesome and badass, unlike that horrible low quality rip off derivation known as Ultra Agents. Seriously, Lego Agents were realistic enough to be a reflection from spies and notorious syndicate corporations which summed up my perfect childhood. Seriously, most lego themes these days just copies super heroes all the time. Lego Agents deserve to continue on, even though its been eight years since they stopped producing them.

Agents was a great one. I still own the headquarters truck. It's a great collectible.

Lego Agents was not the best but it was pretty cool and had some really cool pieces/minifigures. a villain with eight legs!

Lego agents should definitely be on the list!

16 Friends

Just because it is for girl does not mean it is good. The normal LEGO sets were already gender neutral. They didn’t need to make this minifigures creepier than the Clone Wars sets. And the colors are ways to bright. All the shows made for it are abysmal. Especially the Netflix series that looks almost nothing like LEGO. Every girl I know hates LEGO Friends and hope it gets canceled.

This should be taken of the list of just how stereotypically girly it is, just about a bunch of dumb, blonde haired girls who are always smiling creepily and think everything is great in the world. Plus they don't even look like actual Lego figures. PLEASE stop making this Lego!.

Best Lego Theme ever this must have been made by boys because if it was made by girl it would be #1 boy legos are the worst and SO BORING! like cops and robbers really people now lego friends ha intresting legos and its overstocked because they need to buy so many so they'll be enough for EVERYONE!

I have a niece who is 7 and has got all the Lego Friend playsets and loves them if she says I'm going upstairs to play and you answer what are you going to play with today she will say Lego Friends every single day! So worth the money.

17 Minifigures

This series does something that no other series does: sell minifigures that either a) have been edited from previous outdated versions or b) have never been released before and introduce to the Lego Universe new and awesome parts. Also there will be an MMO later in 2014 that looks amazing!

I wish you could see which mini figure you're getting instead of crinkling the bag to get the one you want. This method has hardly ever failed me, though. I'd always get the cool ones like a samurai and a snowboarder.

Collecting theses are so fun. There are so many franchises and companies that have a mini figure series. There are just the normal 18 series, omplyic 2012, Lego movie, simspions, Disney, Harry Potter, Lego batman movie, Lego ninjago movie, Unikitty, Lego movie 2 and German footballers. So much fun.

Minifigures is a legend. You can collect 16 awesome figures (with exception to the Disney and team GB but all the figures in the series were awesome just that they didn't have 16 figs in the series. Good thing its in the top 25.

18 Hero Factory

I couldn't believe they cut Bionicle for this one but it wasn't too bad of a theme. I also like the mechs they released at one point, but I was a big fan of Exo-Force so of course I like lego mechs. I'm very happy they brought back Bionicle, though.

Don't listen to those arrogant Bionicle. This was theme was really cool. I especially loved the Brain Attack line! Bionicle is cool too though.

Should be much higher than Chima. This is coming out of a fan of both.

As a Lego fan I was greatly disappointed in HF, lame sets, and a lame story. Just a cheap line.

19 Mars Mission

This should be number one in my opinion. How in the heck is this not even in the top 10? The story may be fairly simple, but the model designs in this one are awesome. And the Crystal Alien Conflict game is the most well made game that originated on the website. Honestly, Star Wars sets are literally based off of already existing ships, whereas this one has completely new and unique designs. I can't believe how low on the list Mars Mission is.

If only it had lasted longer! This series exhibited a great combination of awesome space ships and amazing ground vehicles, with two distinct architectural styles to differentiate the aliens from the humans. Apparently, the aliens weren't from Mars, they also came from another planet. I always wanted to know where they had come from...

When I was first introduced to Lego, I wanted to build awesome spaceships. I remember walking into the store and seeing these sets on the shelf. I bought 5 of those astro fighters. These were amazing sets, and they definitely stand out over the rest of the themes.

Out of any other theme, Mars Mission had probably some of the most awesome vehicles behind Star Wars. They were definitely true collectibles. They really should've kept this theme running longer.

20 Technic

Is a huge part of the LEGO System. Sets were good to display and play. No minifigs tho. LEGO would have the old and outdated system.

While not the most kids friendly to build, the end results are always the best. I started off as a Lego Star Wars guy and after my first Technic set it was all them. They have the most playability and functions.

I’m a 13 year old, so I’m just one of those engineer children who spends their birthday money on LEGO Technic sets, like the 42110 Land Rover.

As I have grown out of classic Lego (when around the age of 10, I am 12 now), this the best theme in my field of vision. Realistic, high playability, a great challenge... the list is endless.

21 Creator

The Creator sets are fun and sometimes they can be creative (no pun intended). My favorite set was the Offroad Power (5398). So much detail on it. Another is the Highway Pickup (7347). Again, so much detail. Creator is the best at detail. (Or maybe it's Stars Wars? )

I love the Creator Expert series like the Fire Brigade, Grand Emporium, Petshop and the list keeps going on. Every year, they announce a new set that has advanced building techniques and looks so awesome!

Creator has some excellent sets, especially if I want to build a city. I don't have to get original and use my spare pieces, I can just hop on over to the Lego store and pick up a building.

My favorite theme ever and definitely the most LEGO-like theme. The modular building are incredibly fun to build and look absolutley fantastic when completed. What's not to love?

22 The Lego Movie

The LEGO movie should be number one, not Ninjago, and plus this animation is very funny, while Ninjago just has too much color in it.

How the heck is this theme lower than ninjago. This is an entire theme about creativity while ninjago is the same thing each wave: oversized colourful vehicles

How does the Lego movie get #25 almost all of the sets transform its awesome

LEGO movie should be number one you should have voted For it

23 Rock Raiders

A strong original series still used as inspiration for other series, such as Mars Mission and Power Miners.

This theme was so cool because of all the cool pieces and minfigures

is the worst

It was a very original theme with cool vehicles and an interesting premise (one which they later copied with power miners)

24 Power Miners

Found It as an adult but found the same amazing elements original space, pirates and castle had. Great story, original builds and fantastic playability. Not to mention amazing Rock Monsters minifigures.

Yup, definitely nostalgic for me since its bricks were unique and everything, and there were cool drills, monsters and they really could be put into role-play

I'm surprised how negative Rock Raiders fans are around Power Miners. Maybe I'm just blinded by nostalgia, but I loved these sets as a (much younger) kid.

This series has great vehicles, great minifigures, a great story and many rare pieces and colors that are exclusive to the series.

25 DC Universe

THIS SHOULD BE HIGHER! LEGO marvel is higher? REALLY?!?! If they add moon knight I might exept that! But there is no moon knight so I don't exept that! LEGO dc has been going on a lot longer then LEGO marvel!

DC is the best the flash, super girl, green arrow, killer frost, revers flash, zoom capend cold the halk people legend of tomorrow best should replase marvle can kill all marvel one day ( sorry about my spelling I am really bad and spell check does.not help at all it makes it worse )

Dc is way better than marvel it should replace marvel

This should replace Lego marvel on the list

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