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1 Ninjago

Ninjago has everything you could want and it is not based on a movie, giving it the ability to expand in many ways.

Ninjago has many great enemies, vehicles and weapons as well. Ninjago is by far the best theme ever made.

Who could hate Ninjago? It's better than Star Wars!

Ninjago has one of the best sets behind City, but the theme is the best and most well known. Also the best show in my opinion.

Ninjago is a cool and funny series plus it has good characters. My favorite character is Jay.

2 Star Wars

It really says something when you never have to cycle out of a theme.

The Star Wars LEGO sets have a super wide variety. For those interested in larger builds, there are thing like the Death Star. For smaller builds, there are Microfighters and then everything in between. This LEGO theme captures the iconic scenes and is great for collectors or just casual LEGO builders.

The best easily!

Star Wars is the right theme to adapt for LEGO sets. It came with many unforgettable character, weapons, backgrounds..very suitable for collectors

3 Bionicle

4th? Well it isn't so bad to see Bionicle being 4th but I think they deserve to be first. Bionicle was probably the best, greatest, the most popular, and the most successful Lego theme they have ever made. They are better than Ninjago. I also like Star Wars too, they are my 2nd favorite but I think Bionicle is better and it deserve to be first, because first of all, bionicle was one of the most successful theme for Lego. It even saved the company Lego from its financial crisis in the late 1990s. Which means on that time, Lego had a low profit and it could've been bankrupt but until bionicle came, a lot of people would start buying it and they start making so much money out of it that soon it got so popular and successful. Pretty much u should thank bionicle for saving Lego. Also another thing is that they were also very cool and fun to play with and very unique. They are great sets. They had a good story. The games are fun to play. The movie was okay, it's just it could've been ...more - JustRandomDude

Bionicle was more than just a Lego theme. It was a carefully crafted, epic universe with some of the best lore I have ever seen in any franchise. The amount of creativity and passion that went into this franchise makes it the best Lego theme, without a doubt.

So unique and innovative, and so much fun!

Bionicle have the best storyline out of all legos themes. Based on a mysterious island, bunch of warriors fight to defend, advance and change their look overtime while remaining facial features, weapon characteristic. every time a new set is out, I would look for my favourite character and see are they changed, and read their stories and stuff

4 City

I love lego city and lego creator

100% best theme

Actually the best theme is the ichungo theme but its not on this list so...

The best one - darthvadern

5 Lord of the Rings

How is this below lego city? Should be number 1, but I guess I didn't expect it to beat out longer run series like bionicle and star wars. Seriously, though, the sets were the coolest, the minifigures were not only the best, but came with the right sets. Read or watch LOTR and tell me you don't want the Mines of Moria set or Helms Deep. It doesn't matter if you're a kid or an adult, Lego LOTR is a dream!

It shows younger children the enjoyability of following Frodo's journey. It helps them interact will themes that might be known only by older children. Every minifigure is completely accurate to the actors who play the characters in the movie. I love this and I hope it lasts for many years. This should be number 1, not star wars (Though star wars is cool) There is only one word to describe this theme: EPIC!

After years of crappy castle themes (the last good one was the one with troll/orcs) finally a phoenix rises from the ashes. The fact that Lord of the Rings has toys, books, movies, video games, board games, now Lego video games, Legos, and Lego board games is one great achievement. I hope this theme doesn't die for many many many years to come. I'm still hoping for a Lego witch king, sauron, and balrog.

Lord of the Ring's sets have very interesting building styles, plus lots of cool characters.

6 Indiana Jones

This theme had way too much untapped potential. It's a shame it got canceled so early.

They did a great job with this theme. I own a good amount of the sets and I can say that this was my favorite theme.

This theme had wonderful pieces and Minifigures. I should have bought more sets from this theme! *Sigh*

I don't like Indiana jones I love it!

7 Marvel Superheroes

Every LEGO marvel set is action packed and full of amazement! From the first brick connection to the last brick disconnection and all over again, it amazing

Best type of set ever

Lego Venom gives me nightmares - 23windomt

I like this theme the most because it focuses more on the action side of legos, such as vehicles and mechs. I might sound like a six year old for saying this, but I like playing with legos still. It's based off a huge movie franchise and it has some of the best games too.

8 Legends of Chima

I think that the only reason why this thing flopped was because of the timing and it replacing such a big franchise as ninjago. It got me into legos and I ended up taking over a whole entire bedroom with the legos. I still like to come up with creative plots with them. I think it should get a lot more credit than it is given, and the hate shouldn't of even existed. So many people are stupid when they look at it and say it sucks just because they wish their old line was still running. If people used their brains, like me and a few others, maybe they would realize how good it is. People are such potato heads!

Chima is interesting - darthvadern

This one is almost as bad as nexo knights! Don't get it! - neehawgamer

This is my all-time favorite lego theme. As much as I love lego, this one is just my favorite. I really like the sets. They are extremely creative, awesome-looking, and fun to build. I also think it's Lego's most creative theme yet. Even though I've never had any Ninjago sets or watched the show, we've seen ninjas in the media a lot. Ninjago is creative, but definitely not as creative as Chima in my opinion. I really liked that we see animals instead of humans in a Lego theme (it is also the first theme to use animals as minifigures). The vehicles and characters are and look AWESOME! It's not a Thundercats rip-off (well, I can't be sure because I've never seen Thundercats). The show is also REALLY AWESOME! The worst part was that it was short-lived. I even created an idea for a follow-up a few years ago. My favorite characters were the wolf tribe and the phoenix kingdom and my favorite set is Worriz' Combat Lair. Truly underrated (Ninjago is overrated) and the best theme. More of this ...more - PhoenixAura81

9 Harry Potter

Harry Potter is just like no, the worst theme ever, cut the budget WAY to much.

Harry potter should stand along side star wars as the best sets ever made

How is legends of chima before harry potter. Harry potter is the best theme and should be 1

For the win

10 Batman

When you mix the best hero with the best toy you can't lose. How isn't number one? - MEparandriod

Batman truly is the best hero ever! In fact, this theme is among my favorites. - NoEntranceHere

I have built many Batman sets with my son, and I love them as much as he does!. , Jokers Ice cream surprise truck is ingenious

It's Batman... Enough said

I bought the Tumbler a long time ago. Probably one of my best lego choices next to the AT-AT walker. - Mcgillacuddy


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11 Castle

Castle, Space and Pirate are all the best themes, but if I HAD to choose one it would be Castle. I guess this is just my age speaking but I hate all these licensed sets based on movies and whatnot. I loved the original Lego sets, ones created just for Lego. I loved all the different subthemes of Castle, from Black Knights, to Wolfpack, to Royal Knights, Dragon Knights, Fright Knights...all of them were fantastic.

This has been the source of adventures for basically 4 generations. It provides army building, creativity, and if you didn't get the castle, no problem, you just wait for the new sets. Castle should be number 1 because of its agelessness, creativity, army building, and variety. - zam67

Had amazing enemies from the skeleton to to trolls and dragons not any other theme can touch it in my opinion

I actually hate the fact that this series keeps getting rebooted in different ways. First, it was the castle series from Lego System, then it was Lego Knights Kingdom, then Lego Castle, then Lego Kingdoms, now it's Lego Nexo Knights. - Mcgillacuddy

12 Atlantis

Atlantis highlights the underwater world. something lego could do even more of

Best original theme. Cool colour scheme, good moulds and vehicles. Just overall a solid theme. - Jojo8

Atlantis is so awesome. The fish warriors the treasure keys the divers. I'm like totally crazy about the divers names like Lance spears, Captain Ace speed man. Totally creative. Also all but 2 of the sets are under 50$. So if you are fascinated by divers squid, Sharks, Barracudas and lobsters this is the series for you. Also they did an excellent job on making the golden Trident.

Honestly truly a great theme, it had really interesting sets that rivaled many others at the time. Cut from shelves way too soon.

13 Exo Force

Who does not love giant robots and people with sick hairdos? By the way, WHY NINJAGO?!

Definitely my favorite theme, why isn't it in the top ten? Pretty much all the sets are worth buying especially the striking venom and the huge green and black vehicle!

This was my favorite Lego theme out of all of them. When I was younger, I've always wanted to build the perfect Lego mech, and along came Exo-Force. I bought the hell out of these sets and I gotta say that I've never been more satisfied. Also, you gotta love the anime faces on the minifigures. - Mcgillacuddy

Great story, great characters, great villain, great character designs, one of the first Lego set to incorporate an anime theme and I even notice references to other anime, heck it should've had enough budget to get it's own anime. by the way I miss my childhood from 2006.

14 Agents

Lego Agents should be number one! Its sets were so great. Agent Chase, Dr Inferno, all of the characters were awesome and badass, unlike that horrible low quality rip off derivation known as Ultra Agents. Seriously, Lego Agents were realistic enough to be a reflection from spies and notorious syndicate corporations which summed up my perfect childhood. Seriously, most lego themes these days just copies super heroes all the time. Lego Agents deserve to continue on, even though its been eight years since they stopped producing them.

Agents was a great one. I still own the headquarters truck. It's a great collectible. - Mcgillacuddy

Lego agents should definitely be on the list!

The ultra agents are good

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15 DC Universe

DC is cool - darthvadern

DC is the best thing you can think of.

It's a great lego theme, with a lot of great minifigures and set pieces.

Love it

16 Hero Factory

It was alright for those of us who missed bionicle. - Jojo8

I liked this a lot its one of my favourite series. That is all

God sets, bad story. Bionicle ripoff.

Should be much higher than Chima. This is coming out of a fan of both. - Extractinator04

17 Mindstorms

Very cool. You get to program robots that have so many functions. You can make your robots talk, move, and act like a human. There are even robot clubs that uses Mindstorms.

Who doesn't want to build a robot?

So expensive but it looks good

Great fun, satisfying robots.

18 The Hobbit

Not quite as good as LOTR, but still deserves to be much higher. My primary criticism is the amount of unneeded rocks and trees that prevented cooler opportunities.

So underrated, very cool and exciting

I have some of the sets and they are action packed:-)

I love the hobbit sets.They are awesome and has got a lot of play features.

19 The Lego Movie

This is the best theme

LEGO movie should be number one you should have voted For it

Yeah I guess so - darthvadern

Should be number 1 has real world references like syster system (sister system) or kragle(krazy glue).

20 Minifigures

Depends - darthvadern

Collecting theses are so fun. There are so many franchises and companies that have a mini figure series. There are just the normal 18 series, omplyic 2012, Lego movie, simspions, Disney, Harry Potter, Lego batman movie, Lego ninjago movie, Unikitty, Lego movie 2 and German footballers. So much fun.

Minifigs look cute when you look at it. Especially when it is wearing cool clothes. Like a hotdog mascot. Emmet. Bart. And even a cop. - ItsMehBro

Good because ypu never know what your going to get

21 Power Miners

Yup, definitely nostalgic for me since its bricks were unique and everything, and there were cool drills, monsters and they really could be put into role-play

Power Miners had some of the best vehicles, and has the best play value out of any Lego theme I own.

This series has great vehicles, great minifigures, a great story and many rare pieces and colors that are exclusive to the series.

One of the best but I don't have time to get the big truck?

22 Technic

Why isn't this first I have the Lego Mack truck Press vote for this

Technic is awesome, fun and it is 2 in 1!

So much better than any other themes other sets r for 2 year olds

As I have grown out of classic Lego (when around the age of 10, I am 12 now), this the best theme in my field of vision. Realistic, high playability, a great challenge... the list is endless.

23 Mars Mission

I never cared for futuristic stuff, but the atmosphere, vehicles and design were amazing. Literally my favorite set of all time. Reminds me a lot of Metroid.

This should be number one in my opinion. How in the heck is this not even in the top 10? The story may be fairly simple, but the model designs in this one are awesome. And the Crystal Alien Conflict game is the most well made game that originated on the website. Honestly, Star Wars sets are literally based off of already existing ships, whereas this one has completely new and unique designs. I can't believe how low on the list Mars Mission is.

If only it had lasted longer! This series exhibited a great combination of awesome space ships and amazing ground vehicles, with two distinct architectural styles to differentiate the aliens from the humans. Apparently, the aliens weren't from Mars, they also came from another planet. I always wanted to know where they had come from...

When I was first introduced to Lego, I wanted to build awesome spaceships. I remember walking into the store and seeing these sets on the shelf. I bought 5 of those astro fighters. These were amazing sets, and they definitely stand out over the rest of the themes.

24 Pirates of the Caribbean

I always wished I could get these, but I couldn't, and it stunk!

That's interesting - darthvadern

Nice Disney accurate theme I don't have any sets though hope it comes back next year with the new movie

Movie accurate sets, cool minifigures, and really fun builds. Too bad it didn't last very long. I still think they should have made the Flying Dutchman with the kraken

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25 Rock Raiders

It was a very original theme with cool vehicles and an interesting premise (one which they later copied with power miners)

A strong original series still used as inspiration for other series, such as Mars Mission and Power Miners.

This theme was so cool because of all the cool pieces and minfigures

26 Pirates

I don't understand why this theme along with Space and Castle themes are not higher. My guess is because there's more kids that care enough about legos to come here and vote for their favourite set than old fart like me losing my time. Anyway, what I like about these themes is that they're continuously reinventing themselves, I personally think the sets from the late 80's and 90's are really good, not only because they're the one I played with as a kid, but because of the way they were built. For example take a look at the ships of Pirates of the Caribbean theme (black pearl and queen anne's revenge versus those first Pirate ships (black sea barracuda and skull's eye schooner). Sure at first glance those from PoC look better, there's 22 and 18 years between the old ones and those, but when you look further than the exterior you can see that the old one were better build, they put effort in the details to make it look realistic. They had detailed hold for the cannons with closed cabins ...more

My first lego set was a jail and 1 pirate with 2 soldiers to keep him in!

Islands in the sun. Bounty! Loot! Secret pirate bases. Sea forts. Fair maidens. Mutinies. War on the high seas! Sunken ships. Buried Treasure! What's there not to like?

I loved the setting. With only minor modifications you can have historical battles as well.

This theme is a classic. How is it not higher?

27 Space Police

This Theme was probably the most memorable space theme I could remember from my childhood, just thinking about the storyline of potential baddies in the galaxies really makes you imagine what kind of stuff could happen in the future if we had stuff like that, I remember playing with the sets so much that I still have some of the sets and they give me so much good memories of my childhood, lego needs to bring themes like this back to life, otherwise kids may never experience the themes that we had in our childhood.

This needs to return. - Jojo8

This should come back

Its got an amazing story line, cool sets, and can help people imagine blasting off into space.

28 Life On Mars
29 Friends

It became one of the major themes almost as soon as it came out! It should be WAY higher!

It should be higher. I've been liking LEGO Friends since 2015. My favorite character was Livi. - SweetPenny

They aren't actually lego! Why call them lego friends when only the places there in are lego an not them? Sheesh! Weird!

I Love it. It is the best lego ever and if you don't like it than I have nothing to say about it but I like it.

30 Creator

HOW is this 30th?!? The detail on every set is excellent, along with the storylines that come with some sets. However, this line is more for teens/adults.

The Creator sets are fun and sometimes they can be creative (no pun intended). My favorite set was the Offroad Power (5398). So much detail on it. Another is the Highway Pickup (7347). Again, so much detail. Creator is the best at detail. (Or maybe it's Stars Wars? )

I love the creator sets especially the lego creator expert sets which lets you create a street and has lots of fun play ability features

Creator is better than most of these because it allows for so much more imagination with most sets being themed after a color and mostly having 3 builds in total

31 Spybotics

It was a super small series, but it was the first to use computer functions and served as the predecessor to Mindstorms. For that, it at least deserves to be on the list.

32 Alpha Team

Definitely has the most playability out of any lego theme, ever. The functions and color schemes are amazing, and it even had the best lego online game to go with it, at least for Mission Deep Freeze. By far the best for playability.

My favourite Secret Agent themed series of all of them! The characters were great, for the first two story arcs at least. The sets were cool. And who can forget the Gilliam, Ogel? I mean, his name is Lego spelt backwards! He made cameo appearances and was referenced in many other original Lego franchises.

33 Knights' Kingdom

All I'm wondering is why all these bad themes. it should at least be top five!

Should be in first; not behind legends of chima! - neehawgamer

Had a great story, and neat characters, something the other castle themes lacked, and didn't sacrifice set quality to do so.

These action figures were so great. And the special features in the Castles. It is the Best set ever made!

34 Minecraft

This theme is actually really good. True some of the sets are money grabbing but if you get over that the theme is epic. I prefer ninjago, star wars, the lego movie, and a few more themes.

Why don't you just actually play Minecraft? This has got to be one of the worst ones. This one is just money-grabbing.

Not the worst but pretty awful. I would probably like it if I was 6.

This theme is AWESOME! I mean sure, you could build the set anytime, but what about the minifigures? Plus you probably haven't tried connecting all the sets together to make one SUPER lego Minecraft world. IT IS SO COOL! This is my favorite theme and it will be until I die.

35 Alien Conquest

I got all of these sets and they are GREAT! Tons of cool aliens and an awesome theme about aliens coming to earth to steal Brian power! What could be cooler?!

This is my absolute favorite LEGO theme of all time. It is really cool, including fun minifigures, cool looking builds, and an odd premise. The A.C.U Squad was a great inclusion, and the aliens looked really cool. Plus, it is one of the most interesting non-licensed LEGO theme, aside from Ultra Agents, Atlantis, Ninjago, etc. I really enjoyed this theme. It was the perfect inclusion to LEGO's roster of amazing themes. I'm surprised it is so underrated. - NoEntranceHere

36 Ultra Agents

Interesting theme! I don't get why it's so unpopular.

Should be on the top 10!

This is a great theme Lego added in 2014, and I believe that this should be on the 10 list! This one is so much better that the Agents theme before it! These are the rason it should be on the 10!
-Better storyline
-Instead of the monotonous black-and-orange colors for the bad guys there are more diverse villains with unique abilities and colors
-The agents are cooler with a better color scheme
There are so many more reasons as well!

37 Galaxy Squad

I love the insectoids and the space theme. The bad guys are really interestingly made and cool to look at.

It has very cool pieces!

Why the heck is this so low? it's definitely in my top ten, they need to continue this!

Underestimated with fantastic origional builds

38 Modular Buildings

This should be at least number two, the sets are expensive, but are very realistic and are very high quality.

The best looking Lego sets there is and also the highest quality.

The modular buildings are better than creator and I think are all around awesome.I think the modular buildings should be number 1!

The grand emporium and the fire station are some of the best Lego sets I've seen.

39 Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters is amazing it should be in 6th!


40 Lego Universe

This went out of business

It got reviewed as severly mediocre by critics, but that's because the price was too much. If it was $5 instead of $30 it would have done even better. I cried when it left.

Lego universe (the game) was not what I expected but that doesn't make it terrible. the micrtransactions make it terrible

This series was awesome, why did they stop it. #NOT HAPPY :(

I loved the game it was great, I hated them discontinuing it. :(

P.S : please bring back Lego Universe.

41 Dino Attack

First lego line that I ever got as a kid.

Best sets ever.

42 SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob SquarePants is an American animated television series created by marine biologist and animator the late Stephen Hillenburg for Nickelodeon. SpongeBob is currently the most popular show on Nickelodeon, as well as the longest running show, running for 20 years, and is beginning its 12th season. more.

My first lego set was one of these - Pieclone

LoL I was really big on SpongeBob when I was little, so I couldn't help but buy the LEGO version of him! - Mcgillacuddy

I used to collect these, but not much anymore.

I had them all, until they got stepped on...

43 The Lone Ranger

The movie was terrible and the set was worse.

Why would they make this the movie sucked

I hate you

44 Adventures
45 Jurassic World


Below Friends what?!

This should be higher

With the new fallen kingdom set's out it makes this line bigger definitely should be in at least the top 20

46 Aqua Raiders

Personally a massive Lego nerd. But Aqua Raiders has always been my favourite! The clever subs the range of sets. Well detailed! Honestly has it all!

How the hell is this not in the top five?

This inspired lego atlantic, a great theme. this is awesome.

47 Architecture

Lots of great models for collectors. Definitely my #3 behind Star Wars & LEGO movie.

I love the models. If only they weren't this expensive - AnAngryYordle

Build microscale models of famous structures in Lego. Cool sets.

48 The Simpsons The Simpsons The Simpsons is an American animated sitcom created by Matt Groening that originally started on April 19, 1987 as shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show. It got its own series on December 17, 1989 and is still running as of 2019, making it the longest running animated sitcom. It is about a man named Homer more.

My favorite theme

Amazing T.V. series and great lego

The Simpsons set is amazing especially when they can do so many sets. The only problem is how small all of the waves are.

One set has been released but more are coming

49 Scooby-Doo

Gotta love the the Scooby - --ChadBlake--

I am a sucker for Scooby-Doo. When I learned it was going to be in LEGO, I just about flipped out. But, see, what a great theme it is. The sets are really inspired, and they stay true to a lot of things from the franchise. They are giving this theme a lot of love right now. LEGO Dimensions packs, and even its own theme. Crazy! I can not begin to describe my love for this theme. This definitely one of my own favorites. - NoEntranceHere

Why is it so low? It had new hair mold for the Mystery gang and Scooby! Sad it only lasted one year!

I think that the new Scooby Doo theme coming will be a good theme for fans of both

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50 Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog, trademarked Sonic The Hedgehog, is the title character and protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by SEGA, as well as numerous spin-off comics, five animated shows, and an animated OVA.

This theme doesn't exists - ElSherlock

With its introduction in Lego Dimensions later this year, and because smaller things like Toy Story and Vikings got on here, I feel like Sonic the Hedgehog deserves to be on this list.

Even though it's just on Lego Dimensions (which I probably should play), SOMEONE MAKE THAT AN OFFICIAL LEGO THEME RIGHT NOW! - PhoenixAura81

Why is it on this list. - Jojo8

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