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1 Bionicle

4th? Well it isn't so bad to see Bionicle being 4th but I think they deserve to be first. Bionicle was probably the best, greatest, the most popular, and the most successful Lego theme they have ever made. They are better than Ninjago. I also like Star Wars too, they are my 2nd favorite but I think Bionicle is better and it deserve to be first, because first of all, bionicle was one of the most successful theme for Lego. It even saved the company Lego from its financial crisis in the late 1990s. Which means on that time, Lego had a low profit and it could've been bankrupt but until bionicle came, a lot of people would start buying it and they start making so much money out of it that soon it got so popular and successful. Pretty much u should thank bionicle for saving Lego. Also another thing is that they were also very cool and fun to play with and very unique. They are great sets. They had a good story. The games are fun to play. The movie was okay, it's just it could've been ...more - JustRandomDude

BIONICLE was a huge homerun for LEGO. The sets were amazing, ranging from humanoid to animal-like to vehicles. They were like nothing we have ever seen before, with wonderful articulation, incredible masks, and creative styles of building that allowed young and old fans alike to make cool unique action figures. I absolutely loved collecting and building them. And the story... Briliant! Of all LEGO themes, it without a doubt had the best and most engaging storyline ever. Since it was not a licenced product, LEGO was able to write their own tales, and try new things. And to top all that, it lasted a whole 9 years. No other LEGO theme will ever come close to being able to replace this one. BIONICLE, in my opinion was the #1 LEGO theme of all time, and my favorite toyline and storyline ever!

If there was ever a Lego theme that was more deserving than this one, please name it for me. I absolutely love Lego Star Wars, and I sure as heck wish Lord of the Rings had come out when I was much younger. But BIONICLEs went from 2001-2010, and it managed to stay fresh and exciting every year, while still managing to hold together a great story that made you want to keep following it! This is one theme that I highly doubt Lego will ever be able to replicate in value; a truly marvelous breakthrough for construction toys.

It pretty good, even though by the time I wrote this comment there hasn't been a movie in a few years. But I think Star Wars is better.

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2 Star Wars

The winner of this one is SO Star Wars. It's been going for a very long time, and each year just gets better and better as they create new headpieces for aliens, ship hulls, and Darth Maul hairpieces. (It's so freaking awesome)!

The most iconic lego sets ever made and also the coolest lego sets ever made star wars deservervs to be number one!

Lego star wars has been around since 1999 and has been making newer better looking sets all the time. It honestly wipes everything out of the ball park. Can't WAIT FOR NEW 2013 EPISODE 2 SETS AT TE IS NOW ONLY 90 NOT 120 WHOO!

Not only is Star Wars one of the most best selling, but also most designs too. The sets produced have been coming forever and continue to impress us.

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3 Ninjago

Ninjago has everything you could want and it is not based on a movie, giving it the ability to expand in many ways.

Ninjago has many great enemies, vehicles and weapons as well. Ninjago is by far the best theme ever made.

Who could hate Ninjago? It's better than Star Wars!

Ninjago is a very successful theme and by far the most popular. They also have a very successful and interesting television series.
Ninjago is unlicensed which has given the Lego company an opportunity to make a great story

I wouldn't say it's the most successful theme... but I still really like it. - NoEntranceHere

Ninjago is easily in the 3 products/themes. I have been in love with Lego since I was five which is 12 years ago and I haven’t changed since then. Ninjago has everything you want whether it’s the jets,temples,cycles,etc. The movie wasn’t as great as I thought it would by the show and the sets are great. The only thing that seems to be bad is some of the community is bad, but the rest of the community is great and can get along with each other:) I would put Ninjago as my favorite!

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4 City


Wow. Someone hates fantasy. I've never run into people who never use their imagination - Aey

There are so many sets that cover a range of things an they come in all sizes. Space is still my favourite along with alien conquest, but city is amazing too.

Lego city is just plain awesome. I love how it has a bunch of sub themes as well.

I love town and city brands and I love engineering.
This theme is a miracle.

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5 Lord of the Rings

It shows younger children the enjoyability of following Frodo's journey. It helps them interact will themes that might be known only by older children. Every minifigure is completely accurate to the actors who play the characters in the movie. I love this and I hope it lasts for many years. This should be number 1, not star wars (Though star wars is cool) There is only one word to describe this theme: EPIC!

After years of crappy castle themes (the last good one was the one with troll/orcs) finally a phoenix rises from the ashes. The fact that Lord of the Rings has toys, books, movies, video games, board games, now Lego video games, Legos, and Lego board games is one great achievement. I hope this theme doesn't die for many many many years to come. I'm still hoping for a Lego witch king, sauron, and balrog.

Lord of the Ring's sets have very interesting building styles, plus lots of cool characters.

Man, these were really good. definitely has the best video game, too

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6 Indiana Jones

They did a great job with this theme. I own a good amount of the sets and I can say that this was my favorite theme.

This theme had wonderful pieces and Minifigures. I should have bought more sets from this theme! *Sigh*

I don't like Indiana jones I love it!

I wish they could get the theme back. - Datguyisweird666

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7 Legends of Chima

Even though this series is made to replace ninjago until its return in 2014, the figures are still cool and the vehicles are beast

It's not a Thundercats ripoff, if you guys watched the show...

The sweetest theme ever made

This show was fantastic. The humor and action was a bit childish, but overall it was pretty good.

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8 Marvel Superheroes

Lego "DC Super Heroes" is just a bunch of Batman sets, which I have no problem with to be honest. Seriously, random DC characters are shoehorned into Batman sets. The Superman vs. Lex Luthor was the only other real set that isn't Batman. In marvel, while they focus on the movies and Spiderman cartoon. They've at least been concentrating more on other heroes and villains which I love.

It is quite accurate and helps kids get into the theme of marvel. Its kind of advertising the comics which is cool. Quick message to anyone who has never read a marvel comic: Buy and read one now! (Avengers comics are the best! )

Lego Marvel Superheroes is amazing with all the sets and characters they release. The only problem is that they are all relatively close.

While I actually prefer DC in everything else (DC rocks), LEGO is the only exception. MARVEL sets are really great, with an array of characters, cool vehicles, new molds, builds, and overall feel-good vibe. They are some of my favorite sets ever. - NoEntranceHere

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9 Harry Potter

It's just amazing.You would know what I mean after you own one set of the harry potter theme.

Harry potter themed sets during their time were perfect examples of the movies although some of the mini figures were bad

It should be considered as one of the best theme in the history of Lego production


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10 Batman

I have built many Batman sets with my son, and I love them as much as he does!. , Jokers Ice cream surprise truck is ingenious

When you mix the best hero with the best toy you can't lose. How isn't number one? - MEparandriod

Batman truly is the best hero ever! In fact, this theme is among my favorites. - NoEntranceHere

I bought the Tumbler a long time ago. Probably one of my best lego choices next to the AT-AT walker. - Mcgillacuddy

The movie sets are AWESOME - VideoGamefan5

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11 Castle

This has been the source of adventures for basically 4 generations. It provides army building, creativity, and if you didn't get the castle, no problem, you just wait for the new sets. Castle should be number 1 because of its agelessness, creativity, army building, and variety. - zam67

Had amazing enemies from the skeleton to to trolls and dragons not any other theme can touch it in my opinion

I actually hate the fact that this series keeps getting rebooted in different ways. First, it was the castle series from Lego System, then it was Lego Knights Kingdom, then Lego Castle, then Lego Kingdoms, now it's Lego Nexo Knights. - Mcgillacuddy

It's exciting and stuff, but rather generic

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12 Atlantis

Atlantis is so awesome. The fish warriors the treasure keys the divers. I'm like totally crazy about the divers names like Lance spears, Captain Ace speed man. Totally creative. Also all but 2 of the sets are under 50$. So if you are fascinated by divers squid, Sharks, Barracudas and lobsters this is the series for you. Also they did an excellent job on making the golden Trident.

Honestly truly a great theme, it had really interesting sets that rivaled many others at the time. Cut from shelves way too soon.

it has gotten so popular in such a short amount of time

Ew so watery and grosss people

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13 DC Universe

Dc is way better than marvel it should replace marvel

This should replace Lego marvel on the list

It should be higher

THIS SHOULD BE HIGHER! LEGO marvel is higher? REALLY?!?! If they add moon knight I might exept that! But there is no moon knight so I don't exept that! LEGO dc has been going on a lot longer then LEGO marvel!

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14 Exo Force

Definitely my favorite theme, why isn't it in the top ten? Pretty much all the sets are worth buying especially the striking venom and the huge green and black vehicle!

This was my favorite Lego theme out of all of them. When I was younger, I've always wanted to build the perfect Lego mech, and along came Exo-Force. I bought the hell out of these sets and I gotta say that I've never been more satisfied. Also, you gotta love the anime faces on the minifigures. - Mcgillacuddy

Who does not love giant robots and people with sick hairdos? By the way, WHY NINJAGO?!

Super Cool and completely Unique unlike other Japanese themes...
building a mech was so cool especially combining them although the robot figures were not that good

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15 Agents

Lego Agents should be number one! Its sets were so great. Agent Chase, Dr Inferno, all of the characters were awesome and badass, unlike that horrible low quality rip off derivation known as Ultra Agents. Seriously, Lego Agents were realistic enough to be a reflection from spies and notorious syndicate corporations which summed up my perfect childhood. Seriously, most lego themes these days just copies super heroes all the time. Lego Agents deserve to continue on, even though its been eight years since they stopped producing them.

Agents was a great one. I still own the headquarters truck. It's a great collectible. - Mcgillacuddy

Lego agents should definitely be on the list!

The ultra agents are good

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16 Mindstorms

Very cool. You get to program robots that have so many functions. You can make your robots talk, move, and act like a human. There are even robot clubs that uses Mindstorms.

Who doesn't want to build a robot?

So expensive but it looks good

Great fun, satisfying robots.

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17 The Hobbit

So underrated, very cool and exciting

I have some of the sets and they are action packed:-)

I love the hobbit sets.They are awesome and has got a lot of play features.


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18 Hero Factory

I liked this a lot its one of my favourite series. That is all

God sets, bad story. Bionicle ripoff.

Should be much higher than Chima. This is coming out of a fan of both. - Extractinator04

As a Lego fan I was greatly disappointed in HF, lame sets, and a lame story. Just a cheap line.

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19 Power Miners

Power Miners had some of the best vehicles, and has the best play value out of any Lego theme I own.

This series has great vehicles, great minifigures, a great story and many rare pieces and colors that are exclusive to the series.

One of the best but I don't have time to get the big truck?

Great when I was growing up wish it would return from the grave

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20 Technic

As I have grown out of classic Lego (when around the age of 10, I am 12 now), this the best theme in my field of vision. Realistic, high playability, a great challenge... the list is endless.

While not the most kids friendly to build, the end results are always the best. I started off as a Lego Star Wars guy and after my first Technic set it was all them. They have the most playability and functions.

It's fun to build one and all of the sets look awesome not to mention they can have epic features and sometimes Power Functions! Best Lego theme in my opinion.

It looks good just too hard for me

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