Top 10 Best BMX Bike Brands

BMX is a world of gnarly tricks, wicked speed, and maybe even a little friendly competition. But with all those bike brands out there, how do you know which ones to check out? We're talking legends of the sport mixed in with the hottest up-and-coming brands, all promising quality and performance.
The Top Ten
1 We the People

My mate has a We The People, and they are immense. To me, they are the best bike in the world, and whenever my mate and I ride to school, people always say that We The Peoples are brilliant! You would be lucky to get one.

My son rides a WTP Crysis. Because I raced motorcycles, and he and I ride and race mountain bikes, MX, and he races BMX and rides in parks, he knows a lot about testing, bike setup, and about getting something that "works" instead of just following the crowd and what they think is "sick" at the time. He tried more than half the bikes on this list.

I personally have a Haro, and he really wanted a Fit, Sunday, We The People, or Haro, in that order. After testing multiple times (the shops were probably getting sick of us, laugh out loud), he kept coming back to the WTP. I could tell that he was more comfortable and could perform tricks more easily and better than on the other bikes.

So, of course, he would say that his WTP Crysis is the best. In fact, Fit is very popular in our area. Most, if not all, of those riders prefer my son's WTP over their Fit. I would say test as many bikes as you can to see what works best for you!

2 Haro

I rode Haro bikes in the '90s. They were great then and are great now. They are light, beautiful, and durable all-around bikes. Haro is a company that has been around for a few decades and has continuously improved over the years. Even their entry-level model, the Annex, is better than most mid-level options from other brands. My perspective comes from many years of riding, not from being a kid who just wants what his friends have.

Not to take anything away from We The People or Fit, but Haro is definitely a step above. Radio, a subsidiary of We The People, should be in the top seven. Their Valac model is great, and I own one too.

3 Fit

Okay, this list is all wrong. Here's the top ten right here: 1 is Fit or S&M, 2 is Stranger/Primo, 3 is Odyssey, 4 is Profile, 5 is WTP or Eclat, 6 is Flybikes, 7 is Subrosa or Shadow, 8 is Eastern, 9 is Stolen, and 10 is Haro.

And all the way at the bottom of the list is Mafiabikes, because they are probably the worst bikes of all time. Only people who know nothing about BMX own them.

Fit bikes are really nice-looking, and they ride smoother than butter. I swear on my life this should be the first bike on the list. I mean, who's ever even seen a WeThePeople BMX bike?

You can buy Fit at Sun & Ski and maybe Bike Barn. Fit makes Haro look like trash. (If this bike brand were a car, it would definitely be a Lamborghini.)

4 Mongoose

The Mongoose runs smoothly, with great designs. It's not too heavy to carry around, and it's really fast with great qualities. It's also great for doing those far-out tricks that everyone loves to do.

So, on a scale of one to 10, you have to give this bike a 9.8. It could have been a solid 10, but it's not the best bike out there. It's the third best. Haro is second with a 9.9, and We The People is the best with a solid 10!

If you can find it at Walmart, it's not a real Mongoose. They make excellent bikes. You just have to be willing to pay for them. Don't buy one at Walmart. I ride a 2011 Ravage, and it's solid. I also had a 2002 custom KO as a kid, and I had no worries with that one either. Anything from the late '80s and early '90s is generally going to be of better quality than what you see today.

The rule of thumb for Mongoose is this: if it's not old-school or doesn't have a three-piece crank, it's probably a Walmart bike and should just get a KENT sticker. Otherwise, these are the OGs of the BMX realm.

5 Sunday

I have ridden lots of different bikes such as Fit, Sunday, Fly, Mongoose, Haro, We The People, Blank, and Diamondback. I now ride the orange Sunday Spark 2012, and I love it. It's simply the best, lightest, fastest, strongest, and nicest BMX I have ever ridden.

I get lots of compliments from my mates at school as well. If you're getting a new bike, get a Sunday!

Sunday Funday means just that. Go out with your bike on a beautiful Sunday ride and have fun with the best bike out there. Perform tricks at your best with the top BMX bike available. Sunday's line of 20-inch BMX bikes will have no problem giving you everything you need to peak your performance.

These bikes can also withstand all you can give, thanks to their light, durable frames.

6 Eastern

The bike rides smoothly. When I bought mine, I had minor problems. My handlebars were torqued pretty badly. The shop replaced them, but they always slipped. I threw mine out and bought S&M medium light bars.

The bike's crank was junk. The bolt kept falling out. It took forever, but finally, it doesn't want to come undone anymore. Overall, it's an awesome bike. I'd say Easterns are number three, S&M is number two, and Fly is in first place.

The frame is rock-solid, and the welds are incredible on Easterns. I don't know why Mongoose is ranked higher than Eastern, probably because they're cheap bikes from Walmart and so many people have them. If you look at a Mongoose, the welds are so sloppy compared to an Eastern, S&M, or Fly.

7 Kink

I'm getting a Kink Curb 2012 in purple next week. My cousin has a Gary Young EX Sunday bike, which is really good, but I like Kink better. I'm getting mine customized.

It's a good all-around bike, and I think it should be fourth on this list. I think all these bikes are brilliant, and it doesn't matter which one you get.

These bikes are amazing! They last a really long time, depending on what kind of Kink you get. They are really good trick bikes for skateparks and dirt. Plus, they are really good street bikes.

I highly recommend getting one of these bikes. I have the Kink Launch, and it's absolutely amazing!

8 GT GT Bicycles designs and manufactures road, mountain, and BMX bicycles - originally in the United States, and now as a division of Canadian conglomerate, Dorel Industries, which also markets Cannondale, Schwinn, Mongoose, IronHorse, Dyno, and RoadMaster bicycle brands; all manufactured in Asia.

Durable, reliable, lightweight - you're not BMX riding without one. Whether it's new or old school, the bike is tough. Some parts can be upgraded, but only small upgrades like brake pads and pedals are needed. This bike can take a licking and keep on ticking. The overall performance is tight work. Don't sleep on GT. They have been around longer than a majority of these new companies. GT has been in the game for a while, which makes them a seasoned veteran in BMX bike performance.

I owned a GT BMX and literally had so many problems right after I left the store. For instance, as soon as I rode it outside the store, the brakes wouldn't work and the handlebars bent back. I had it tuned.

The next day I came back because the brakes still didn't work and the rear hub was making a weird noise (it turned out to be defective). I returned it. What a horrible bike.

9 Diamondback

They are amazing! I've got a Venom, and it's fantastic! They are very strong and also quite light. I've been using mine for 3 years now, and there are no signs of wear or tear.

I don't go to the skatepark on it anymore, but I used to, and it was perfect. I would say it's much better than Mongoose, and I also recommend it for any beginner or intermediate rider. Eventually, you will get better and will probably buy a WeThePeople or something, but I seriously have no complaints about this BMX because they are perfect for everything.

From going uptown on it to doing tricks, they are just brilliant. I love mine and am not getting rid of it anytime soon.

10 United

I don't usually post my opinion on blogs or whatever, but United is by far one of the most outstanding BMX bikes out there. I have ridden United for three years and have never truly had a problem with the frame, bars, forks, etc. I highly recommend this brand.

The bike itself is extremely light and durable. It's hands-down a 9/10, and I cannot fail to mention the attractive translucent colors. -nerk_77

Best bike ever. I can ride it to school, and on the way home, I just do freestyle down the street. When I wiped out on a half-pipe, I thought it was busted, but I got up and saw that it didn't have a single scratch.

I highly recommend it to people who want a long-lasting, good bike that is light and perfect. I give it a 100/10. I love it. United is the best ever!

The Contenders
11 Verde

This is an amazingly fast, light BMX! This BMX is a great starter bike. My four friends and I all have one. They might be expensive, but they are very worth it.

This BMX is good for manuals, wheelies, foot jams, and a lot more. This is the best BMX I've ridden in a long, long time. I have the Verde Eon, and this BMX is the best. I hope you like it!

I'm getting the Verde Theory 2011, and it is absolutely sick. It looks awesome. I would recommend it to people around the world.

These bikes are right up there with We The People and Haro. Another great thing is that they are light but extremely tough, making them great for both beginners and pro riders.

12 DK

I have a 2014 DK Raven. It's an entry-level bike, but it feels really solid and light, which gives me hope that their higher-end bikes are even better. I'll upgrade to an X model when I'm ready. If I don't go that route, I might get a Fly complete or build my own custom bike with a BSD frame.

My DK is great for starting out. I used to ride a heavy Mongoose that weighed 33 pounds and practiced tricks on it. When I got my DK, it was unbelievably light. No doubt, the Mongoose gave me the strength to maneuver my lighter bike better.

I can't wait to start riding my DK again. I blew out the hub on the stock bike, but I'm expecting a Danscomp delivery with a new back wheel this weekend. I miss riding my DK and will probably get hurt this weekend going all out to catch up for missed time off my bike.

13 Mirraco

Well, I've got a Mirraco Velle. It has a black frame and is red. Mirraco should be in the top ten because it's the best bike I have ever ridden. I have ridden a lot of different bikes like Fit, GT, and WeThePeople, just to name a few. They were alright but not as good as Mirraco.

So put Mirraco on the top ten at least, because nothing beats Mirraco. Go Mirraco!

Mirraco is a great, reliable BMX company, and all their bikes are priced extremely well. They are owned by Trek, so they have a great warranty, and all the parts are of great quality.

You don't have to buy expensive bikes to have the best quality. In fact, the cheaper bikes like the Velle or the Edit are the best, in my opinion.

14 Hoffman

I have the Hoffman Ontic IL 2011 in green, and it is lighter, stronger, and easier to pop tricks on than my friend's We the People Crisis 2012. Yes, Hoffman should easily be in the top 5.

We the People focus on aesthetics like nice-colored frames and such, but they're actually quite heavy. Most Hoffman bikes are also really good-looking.

This thing is a real beast, and if it breaks (which rarely happens), it will be back on the streets in no time. It's also hard to crash. I have an Aves Hoffman 2015, and it's the beast of beasts.

15 Odyssey

These bikes are hella tight! They also have great tires and are worth the money. They last a long time too.

Great bike brand. Very nice and stylish bikes. I would advise getting an Odyssey.

Just straight-up the best. Amazing wheels.

16 Stolen

I've gotten 60% of my parts from this brand. The new frames are good, and the rims and wheels are affordable and of great quality. I would definitely compare them to Shadow Conspiracy in terms of quality. Ride Stolen!

I have seen some pretty sick Stolen Agent 16s and can't wait for someone to ask what brand my bike is, so I can say it's Stolen and then see their reaction! I can't wait to get one.

I have a Fiction Creature frame with Stolen parts, and I love it. My bike maybe weighs 22 pounds on a bad day and has a short back end to help you spin better. I would give them a 9/10 rating.

17 Cult

I have a CULT BMX bike. It's really light and has a good frame. Good work, although the handlebars seem to lack a bit. The cranks? Great cranks. The chains are awesome.

It's a great bike with really good quality. It takes a hell of a beating. It's just great for what you pay for.

Cult has one of the best lightness-to-strength ratios a bike could have. Besides the fact that Fit bikes are lighter, they break more easily. I have the new Cult Control 2014, and everyone loves it. The only problem is that the paint chips on impact or when crashing, which is expected.

I would recommend this bike to anyone. It deserves to be higher on the list, somewhere around 4th place in my opinion. Cult is in the top 5 and is definitely better than Mongoose.

18 Subrosa

I have a 2015 Subrosa Tiro in green and black, and I bought it for $640. It's the best intermediate-level bike out there and has no problems at all, featuring the best quality parts. Remember, if you don't ride a Subrosa, you're not a bro.

I have a Stolen Ramos 2016, a Fit Series One 2021, and a Subrosa Salvador 2021, in order from best to worst: 1) Subrosa 2) Stolen 3) Fit. The Subrosa is by far the highest-quality built bike, while the Stolen was the most expensive.

Subrosa bikes are the best ones out there right now. I love them. I have been riding a Subrosa for one year, and it is the best bike ever. It is strong, light, and rides well.

19 Apollo
20 Specialized Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc., more commonly known simply as Specialized, is a major American brand of bicycles and related products.

I have a Specialized Vegas, and I have ridden it harder than any bike I've had, which includes GT, Diamondback, Giant, Tony Hawk, and Mongoose. My Specialized has had zero problems, none whatsoever. Mine is more on the heavy side because it's not really meant for jumps and tricks. It's more for off-road racing. It's fast and built to last forever. I honestly don't know how Mongoose is up so high when you can buy a $50 bike at Walmart. That should say something.

Specialized has been one of the most dominant mountain bike companies in the world for decades. It's historically very difficult for an elite mountain bike company to become an elite BMX company and vice versa. I was born in 1979 (I'm 36 now), and my first real mountain bike was a late 80s GT model. I chose it strictly based on GT's reputation in the BMX world. GT was not a big mountain bike company in the late 80s or early 90s. They are one of the only examples of a company dominating both the BMX and mountain bike markets. This is a rare situation. I took a chance on the GT mountain bike, and it was obviously a good choice. I owned three in a row.

Back in the late 80s and early 90s, the dominant mountain bike companies were Specialized, Cannondale, Giant, Marin, Trek, Gary Fisher, Kona, Yeti, and Mongoose (before they went cheap). Only the very high-end GT mountain bike models made the list. I was the first person to own a GT mountain bike in my school. I remember I had told my friends I was buying a Giant. When I came home with a GT, they all said, "What the hell is that?" At that time, if you owned a Specialized mountain bike, you had money and a very good bike.

Both Specialized and Giant are getting slammed in the reviews of their BMX bikes, which apparently means they're not good in that category. Yes, their BMX models are heavy, but I wouldn't hesitate to buy a Giant or a Specialized BMX bike if I wanted a great beginner bike with decent components that I know will last. Will they ever become elite BMX companies, just as GT became an elite mountain bike company? Who knows. But don't slam them as bike manufacturers because they are both excellent mountain bike companies.

Just a side note: around the same time (1990-1991), I bought the GT mountain bike and really switched to 80% mountain bike riding over BMX. I bought a 2001 Gary Fisher and never looked back. That's all I ride now. At that time, I also owned a Redline 390 that I bought... more

21 Redline

I'm super surprised Redline's not in the top 10, but I realize this top 10 is all about trick and freestyle bikes, not pure racing. I think a lot of the top bikes from the '70s, '80s, and even early '90s focus a lot on race bikes, not as much on freestyle street bikes.

We The People bikes are really popular and look nice. I see every kid on the block has got one or wants one. Laugh out loud, but fads fade, so let's see if these brands last the test of time. Will they still be around in 40 years? I don't know.

Mongoose is a name that used to be great. Now they are sellout junk! My son and I both have Redline Recons, and they are the best bikes we have sat on.

Great balance, feel, and quality! I don't care about the top 10. I know what I have! Thanks, Redline!

22 Fly

I'm about to get a Sion. I've cross-checked all the specs on all the top brands of high-end BMX companies' complete bikes: Cult, Kink, Subrosa, Fit, WeThePeople, Stolen, DK, Verde, Haro, and Redline. Flybikes' specs on their complete bikes blow the others away.

Let me tell you, I have spent weeks cross-referencing all the aftermarket parts. This isn't just some punk-ass kid writing this. I'm a 42-year-old punk-ass dad writing this.

I have a 2015 Proton, and all I can say is that it's a good bike for the price. For 2016, I think it will be a "rise" for Fly. They have so much new stuff.

23 Colony

I've never owned a Colony myself, never seen anyone with one, or heard anyone talking about the brand. I've had a 2009 Wethepeople Envy, 2008 Stolen Casino, 2007 Haro Backtrail X-01, 2007 Integral Bel Air, and just recently sold my 2012 KHE Maceto AD. The Wethepeople Envy was by far the most well-put-together, stable, and smoothest bike I've ever ridden, with no kinks, slips, or movements.

I've always wanted a Colony. I have been doing daily research and watching videos, and I have finally decided to purchase the 2016 Colony Sweet Tooth Pro (Alex Hiam) signature model. It definitely has the best and lightest parts compared to any complete bike on Danscomp. I am stoked to order this next week! It should definitely be at least in the top 10, even without having any previous experience with the brand.

24 KHE

I have a KHE Equilibrium with off-the-shelf specifications. I know few people who have a better-performing custom bike. KHE should at least be in the top 10!

I have a KHE bike, and it only weighs 9.7 kg. I haven't had any problems with it. It should be in the top 10 at least.

KHE Bikes are the lightest bikes around and are not too expensive. They should at least be in the top ten.

25 Southern Star
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