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1 We the People

My son rides a WTP CRYSIS. Because I raced motorcycles and he and I ride & race Mnt bikes, MX and he races BMX and ride parks, he knows a lot about testing and and bike setup and about getting something that "works" and not following the crowd and what they think is "sick" at the time. He tried more than half the bikes on this list. I personally have a Haro, and he really wanted a Fit, Sunday We The People or Haro in that order. After testing multiple times (the shops were probably getting sick of us. Laugh out loud) he kept coming back to the WTP. And I could tell that he was more comfortable and do tricks easier and better than on the other bikes.

So of course he would say that his WTP CRYSIS is the best. In fact Fit is Very popular in our area. Most if not all of those riders prefer my son's WTP over their Fit. I would say test as many bikes and see works best for YOU!

These are great bikes. Starting at the Justice, you are getting pro level quality at beginner prices. If you move to the now have a full chromoly frame with great parts for just over $600.

My mate has a we the people and they are immense. To me they are the best bike in the world and when ever me and my mate ride to school people always say that we the peoples are brilliant! You would be lucky to get one

Maybe most people not even know, that this is a German brand. I myself as a German wasn't so much into them, since I bought my first one (I am riding BMX for nearly 14 years now). My last bought was 2009, I guess and I am a tough one. I ride my bike with lots of crashes and am really not easy going to the physics of my bike. And this frame, I ride, is still lighter than all WTP frames today and is still going. I wonder if they stopped producing such good quality (plus light weights) to get more money. I am still after nearly four years absolutely satisfied with that frame and I am barely using other parts than WTP.
To mention other teams here; I really like KHE for their innovations ( freecoaster has been invented by them and more... ), Fit Bikes, Federal (one of the greatest teams ever and best edits as well), Mirra Bikes are a good choice, too. FBM, S&M, Haro, United...

Most of them are reliable and other brands as well. But I will stick to WTP since one is cracking first ...more

2 Fit

Fit bikes are really nice looking, and they ride smoother than butter. I swear on my life this should be the first bike on the list. I mean who's ever even seen a wethepeople bmx bike. You can by fit at sun&ski and maybe bike barn. Fit makes haro look like trash.(if this bike brand was a car it would definitely be a Lamborghini).

I have a fit VHS as well it's a great bike for begginers and it looks really nice as well. A lot of people say that the VHS series bikes fit are the most durable if you want a bike that will last you for at least three years get a fit they are light awesome looking and great bikes for airing out off your own ramp or picking your own lines at skateparks. They can also be used for street and park

My fit Inman sig is the best bike out there it only costs 650 bucks it is worth more to me it looks sick I completely customized it I love everything about it... My friend had a WTp and it broke at the sk8 park he spent like 800 on it... My friend also has a fit it is good even though it's one of those $370 ones that everyone says sucks

getting a purple and black fit bike... amazingly light greatest bike you could ask for for skateparks, even dirt jumps... get it right... get fit bike

3 Haro

I rode Haro in the 90's. They were great then, and great now. A very light, beatiful, and durable all around bike. It's a company that has been around for a few decades, and has continuously improved over the years. Even their entry level Annex is better than most mid levels from other brands. This is coming from someone that's rode for many years, and not some kid that just wants what his friends have. Not to take anything away from We The People or Fit, but Haro is definitely a step above. Radio, a subsidiary of We The People, should be in the top 7, their Valac is great. I own it too

I have a Haro F1C I think its that on and I love it, I can't do tricks or anything but it's so smooth, strong and so so fast. Unfortunately I have to get a new bike because my brother is getting it :( Although I might not get a Haro I might get We The People for a change because they are supposed to be really good. I would recommend Haro to any one because they are really fantastic bikes. They are number 2 as well so that just goes to show how many people agree with me!

I got the 2014 500.1 in chrome. Best bike in the history of bmx street park and dirt it embraces my riding like no other my bmx heart is set on haro
Don't get me wrong I love we the people and fit but haro is more suited to my riding I just love how they still hold a place in the top 2 because when my dad was a kid the 3 best brands were haro, mongoose and redline but out of those 3 haro still remains supreme

A Haro was my first BMX, I got a 300.1! My friend has a we the people zodiac and I don't know if its because he doesn't look after it or something but mine seems to be allot better than his. My other friend who is friends with both of us agrees mine is the better BMX. Any boy would be extremely lucky yo get one of these outstanding bikes.

4 Sunday

I think that sunday r the best because the decals r amazing and it rides really smooth bi took it to my local skatepark and I laned a double flair as well as a double whip! I ove the grips, they haven't yet worn away and the tyres are amazing. My mate aaron ross has one and he isn't as good as me but he can also double whip, ##my other mate harry main is ok and his bike is sick and my last mate sean auhammer isn't sponsored yet but if you read this sunday please come to billingshurt skate park and watch him he is amazing

I got the Aaron Ross pro and it is so good. They are all good quality bikes. Although they are kind of expensive but they are great for the price I would highly recommend these guys even though they don't make all the parts the all come with the odyssey pro parts package.

I have rode lots of different bikes such as fit Sunday fly mongoose haro we the people blank and diamondback, I now ride the orange Sunday spark 2012 and I love it it's simply the best lightest fastest strongest and nicest bmx I have ever rode I get lots of compliments from my mates at school as well. If your getting a new bike GET A SUNDAY!

I want the Aaron Ross Pro I have driven it before. Popping 180s and 360s like a boss! Amazing! I have never seen a better bike because the bike has the BEST tires, and grips. I would recommend it to everyone in the world. Also, the grips are the best because they have texture even on the inside. But it is really pricey.

5 Kink

I'm getting a kink curb 2012(purple) next week. But my cousin has got a gary young ex sunday bike and that's really good but I like kink better. I'm getting my customized.
Good all rounder bike and I think it should be 4th in this list.

I think all these bikes are brilliant and it doesn't matter which one you get.

These bikes are amazing! They last a really long time depending on what kind of kink you get and they are really good trick bikes (skateparks & dirt) plus there really good street bikes... I really recommend getting on of these bikes... I have the kink launch and it's absolutely amazing!

Have had my Kink SXTN ( Sean Sexton Signature) for over a year now and haven't had to do anything to it. What's been done was because I wanted to have it. Best BMX I have ever owned bar none. This will most likely be the last BMX I will ever buy for me to ride.

Very great brand... I have a kink 2017 gap bike (black and white tires).. Just a great performance bike.. I would recommend anyone that love biking a lot and abuses there bike to get a updated 2016 link bike very smooth ride and overal I think kik should be higher in the list of top 10's

6 Eastern

I've been riding for 12years I had my eastern nightwasp for 6 years only problem I had was my crank kept coming loose other than that it holds up! I'm 210 pounds and there's nothing I can't do on this bike handrails,bar spins off ledges, and whip around skate parks! I think they need to make this at least number 3 on the top 10 list!

Awesome bike rides smooth when I bought mine I had minor problems. My handle bars were torqued pretty bad, the shop replaced them but they always slipped, I threw mine out and bought s&m medium light bars, bike crank was junk bolt kept falling out took forever but finally it doesn't want to come undone. Overall awesome bike I'd say the easterns are number 3, s&m 2, and fly in 1st. The frame is rock solid the welds are incredible in the easterns. I don't know why mongoose is ranked higher than eastern probably because they're a cheap bike from walmart, so many people have them. If you look at a mongoose the welds are so sloppy compared to an eastern, s&m, or a fly

I ride a Eastern nightwasp I love the way the bikes ride and overall in my opinion the cranks, frame and just everything about it works fantastic I'm the first of my friends to ride one they agree that its an amazing bike. So for those looking for a new bike I recommend a Eastern nightwasp and recommend this bike and brand to your friends and family. I highly think they'll never regret this bike

Eastern cobra r the best. I got mine like 2 years ago and it still works like new. The only thing wrong with it is the cranks sometimes squeak but that's ok. I got mine for like 416 and trust me it was the best 416 dollars I ever spent on a bike!
The only things I changed on it was a pair on new odi grips and a pair of stolen thermalite pedels because the pedals and grips were getting pretty worn.
Eastern bikes r super durable but still very lite.

7 Mongoose

No go on the Wal mart mongoose which is not a BMX bike or a real mongoose, real Mongoose BMX bikes are awesome, (Legion series) the L60 through the L500 series are serious business (not available at wal mart) I own one of each, L60, L80, L100, L500. Fully sealed, cromoly, great quality.

Had and still have loads of these. Favourite is a 1999 Mongoose Pro Sniper Chrome with White Skyways, Also really like to 2010 Logos and Subjects

Mongoose is the best I have rode a Haro, Diamond back and a redline and my mongoose 540 is the best out of them all it's really easy to do tricks on and when I go to the skate park I took the stickers off of it and people say it's a really nice bike so they ask me what kind of bike it is and the look on there faces is amazing they are just shocked. out of anything the mongoose is the best I have had it for a year and still no problems with it but I keep changing parts to customize it. The frame can take a big beating and have n problems with it at all mongoose 540 is the best bike I have ever had

Had a California Mongoose in middle school to high school. I'm 47 now an ride an 83' Blue Max. Got to stick with the best bikes I ever road. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

8 United

I don't usually post my opinion on blogs or whatever but, united by far is one of the most obsolete bmx bikes out there. I have rode United for three years and have never truly had a problem with the frame, bars, forks, etc. I highly recommend this brand. The bike itself is extremely light and durable. The bike hands down is 9/10 and I cannot fail to mention the attractive trans colors. -nerk_77

Best bike ever. I can ride it to school and on the way home I just do freestyle down the street. When I stacked it off a half pipe I thought it was busted but I got up and saw it and not one scratch. Highly recommend it to people that want a long lasting good bike that is light and perfect 100/10 love it united is the best EVER!

I got a sweet United 2014 suprieme United definitely knows how to SWAG up there bikes and they have very QuALITY bmx bikes to. The price is pretty good to for the material and good stuff it is made out of I LOVE mine it looks so SWAG. Great for if you want a good looking quality bike that will last you a while.

I have had a untited BMX for 2 years now and it's still has all of its original parts. It works just as good as the day I got it and it's taken some pretty heavy hits. If I was ever going to get a BMX to start off with or to build my skills with it would be a united bike.

9 GT GT Bicycles designs and manufactures road, mountain, and BMX bicycles - originally in the United States, and now as a division of Canadian conglomerate, Dorel Industries, which also markets Cannondale, Schwinn, Mongoose, IronHorse, Dyno, and RoadMaster bicycle brands; all manufactured in Asia.

Durable, reliable, light weight. You are not bmx riding without one. New or old school the bike is tough. Some parts can be upgraded, small upgrades like brake pads and pedals and that's it as far as up grades. She'll take a licking and keep on ticking. The overall performance of the bike is tight work. Do not sleep on GT they have been around before a majority of these new companies. GT has been in the game for a minute which makes them a seasoned veteran in bmx bike performance.

My friend has a gt bump and they r awesome cause they r very very light. I had a ride of it and I cleared the jump cause its that light then I did it again then I did a 360 and look on you tube it's awesome so I want to get a gt but not the bump. I saw a gt bmx bike for 450 dollars and it's the best looks the best bike I have ever seen so get gt cause if you don't you will regret it cause it's the best brand if you got 1 good cause you agree with me

Owned a GT bmx and literally when I left the store soon many problems. For instance right when I rode it outside of the store the brakes would not work and handle bars bent back so got it tuned. Next day came back because the brakes didn't work and the rear hub was making a weird noise (turned out it was defective) so returned it. What a HORRIBLE bike

I started off with a GT Mach One, and then moved up to a GT Pro Series. Awesome, awesome BMX bikes that were great for jumping and taking abuse. Between the two bikes I owned, I beat the crap out of them for over five years and never had any problems with either one.

10 Verde

This is amazing fast light bmx! This bmx is a great starter bmx I and my 4 mates has got one! They might be a lot of money but it is very worth it and this bmx is good for manuals, wheelie. Foot jam, and a lot more. This is the best bmx I ridden in a long long time! I have got the verde eon this bmx is the best, I hope you like it!

Getting the Verde Theory 2011 it is absolutely sick. It looks AWESOME. Would recommend to people around the world. They are right up there with We The People and Haro. Another great thing is they are light but extremely tough making them great for beginners and for the riders that are pro!

Verde has been a good bike to me for over 3 years now and I have had to change nothing not even the original tires I have done some reall crazy tricks and nothing has ever happened to the bike this brand is the best in the world even better the we the people and fit this bike and I have been through thick and thin.

Slick bikes! I'm gettin my first bmx, an eon from the new 2011 models and there is a large vareity! go to and click bikes to look at em!
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11 Diamondback

Same with me. I have had my diamondback for about 2 or 3 wish years now and it still works almost perfectly, there is a couple minor things that could be better like the sprocket is too easy to break since its aluminum but its lighter than steal and the whole bike is allot more lighter than other bikes I've ridden before. Not entirly the best bmx stunt bike but its fast and can get some really decent air. I would recommend this bike to allot of you. I started with a huffy when I was younger then I got a diamondback and that thing is epic. Been looking forward to a link bike but I can wait for now. The diamondback also has really good durability, I've crashed so many times on that thing trying to do stupid things, its got a couple scratches here and there but its still really good.

They are amazing! I've got a Venom and it is fantastic! They are very strong and also quite light. Been using mine for 3 years now and there are no signs of wear or tear. I don't go down the skatepark on it anymore but I used to and it was perfect. Would say is much better than mongoose and I also recommend it for any beginner or intermediate. Eventually you will get better and will probably buy a WeThePeople or something but I seriously have no complaints about this BMX because they are perfect for everything, from going up town on it or doing tricks on, they are just brilliant. I love mine and am not getting rid of it anytime soon.

Diamond backs some can be really good it just madders wich one you get like the Venom Pro and Signutare bye them are really amazing and cool quality And the chain is half link and super strong but the session bikes and most other ones suck really bad. It just madders wich one you get I Highly recomend A United cause they have a fair price range and some pretty swag bikes, and the cranks and frame and bars are always good on all of there bikes.

I got a Custom green and black Diamondback Grind PRO And it's. Perfect. It's not to light and not to heavy. Excellent for Grinding. (Ironically. ) If your at a Park, You'll be getting some airtime. I suggest you go old school and Get a diamkndback. They are Strong and Durable and Great for park OR Street.

12 DK

I have a 2014 dk raven, its an entry level but it feels really solid and light, which just gives me hope that their higher end bikes are greater.. I'll upgrade to an x model when I'm ready if I don't get a fly complete or build my own custom with a BSD frame. but my dk is great for starting out, I rode a heavy mongoose (33lbs) and practiced tricks on it, and when I got my dk it was unbelievably light. no doubt the mongoose game me strength to maneuver my lighter bike better.. can't wait to start riding my dk again.. blew out the hub on the stock bike but I'm expecting danscomp delivery with a new back wheel this weekend.. I miss riding my dk.. probably gonna get hurt this weekend going all out catching up for missed time off my bike

I just bought my 4 year old son a new dk bike after he blew out the back tire (for the 2nd time) on his huffy from back brake skid stopping. I'll be real the bike is just a little big but he has already learned to start on his on with no assistance. Its no surprise because when I got on it I was shocked by how easy this bike was to handle. Very nice gearing and total set up

I have a DK Cynus signature bike by Jamie Bestwick. It's been 2 years and it is very good. I accidentally dropped it 20 feet, I was so worried that its fork will bend or the frame will have a crack. I was so shocked that it doesn't have any damage except paint scratches. DK should be at the Top 5.

I had 2 dk bmx bikes now and they really held up for me. They could take a beating and I would say nothing really ever went bad with them I just sold both of them and got a fit and made it all custom but the dk is a really good company.

13 Stolen

I have seen some pretty sick stolen agent 16 and can't wait for someone to ask what brand my bike is so I can say its stolen and then see them flip! Laugh out loud! I can't wait to get one!

I have the fiction creature frame with stolen parts an I love it. My bike maybe weighs 22pounds on a bad day an has a short back end to help you spin better. Give them a 9/10

I have a 2013 stolen casino! It matte purple and its an amazing bike.its good for like little bunny hop off ledges and bar spins and all just don't go ridiculously gard on it unless you have a chromoly frame and cranks but other than that the bike is great it really light weighing at about 25 pounds real compettitive in weight

I have one, it's the best, but I bought it just to wait for the moment when someone asked "What brand is your bike? " "Its "Stolen"" "WHAT! "

14 Mirraco

Well I've got s mirraco velle it's black frame and red and mirraco should be in the top ten because mirraco is the best bike I've have ever ridden and I have ridden a lot of different bikes like fit, gt, wethpeople, just to name a few and they were alright but not as good as mirraco so put mirraco on the top ten a least because nothing bets mirraco GO MIRRACO!

Mirraco is a great reliable bmx company and all their bikes are priced extremely well. They are owned by trek so they have a great warranty and all the parts are great quality. You don't have to buy expensive bikes to have the best quality and intact, the cheaper bikes like the velle or the edit are the best in my opinion

I had a Mirraco bmx its great it should be in the top ten I had it for 2 years it tough me how to jump when I was 8 to 10 years old its very good for jumps and dirt and the skate park its light the frame was red the bars were silver I love it. I sold it but the I will always remember it because it was my first bmx and it was great

I have the mirraCO Detroit.. Amazing bike, strong and light, great design and great price. There may be some problems but nothing big. Brakes run amazing and stop very well I recommend getting different stem if you do have this bike... Thank you

15 Hoffman

I have the Hoffman Ontic il 2011 in green and it is lighter, stronger and easier to pop tricks on than my friends We the people crisis 2012. Yes Hoffman should easily be in top 5. We the people concentrate on looks like nice colored frames and stuff but really there quite heavy. Most of Hoffman bikes are really good looking as well.

My hoffman flash is amazing I say hoffman is the best hoffman does amazing jobs on all there bikes they should be in the 1 spot on the bike scale hoffman is the best bike brand they should be treated that way. Thank you hoffman keep it up (:

This thing is a real beast and if it breaks (which rarely happens), it will be back on the streets in no time. It is also hard to crash. I have an aves hoffman 2015 and it's the beast of beasts.

I have a purple Ontic and the paint job is just AWESOME, I haven't seen a better paint job on any other purple bike! It's really damn cool, and so is everything else on this bike

16 Fly

Bout to get a sion. I've cross checked all the specs on ALL the top brands of the high end bmx companies complete bikes. Cult, kink, subrosa, fit, wethepeople, stolen, DK, verde, Haro and redline. And flybikes specs on their complete bikes blow the others away. And let me tell you I have spent weeks cross referencing all the aftermarket parts. This isn't just some punk ass kid writing this. I'm a 42yr old punk ass dad writing this.

I have a fly electron, they are a awesome bike great price and can use it anywhere skatepark, trail, racing or just riding around town... great bike highly recommend!

Best innovated, technically sophisticated, and ridden by the best riders in the world. Their Spanish BB is far superior than Am BB, MID BB, and Euro BB. High quality full chromoly frames, bars, forks, and other components! High end and top of the class...

I have a 2015 proton, and all I can say is that it's a good bike for the price. For 2016 I think it will be a "rise" for fly. So much new stuff.

17 Sunday Funday

I love it because it's the best coolest and the lightest

I have one and its one of the best pro customs u can get

It's may be expense but it's the best and lightest

They are quite light

18 Cult

Cult has one of the lightest to solid/strong ratios a bike could have besides the fact of a fit fits are lighter but brake easier I have the new cult control 2014 everybody loves it the only problem is that the paints chips on impact crashing which is expected. I would reccomend this bike too anyone and this bike diserves to be higheron list somewhere around 4th place in my opinion cult his in the top 5 and definitely better than mongoose

Mikey tyra gave me his old bike an you know he put it thru hell! Now I’ve had it for 8 months an I’ve rode it every day an not one issue

I have a CULT bmx bikes... Really light, frame... Good work, though there handle bars seem to lack a bit, crank? Great cranks. Chains are awesome. Great bike really good quality, takes a hell of a beating. Just great for what you pay for.

I've had a cult for the past year, and they're made to take a beating that's for sure! A downside will be their handle bars

19 Colony

I've never owned a colony myself, never seen anyone with one or heard anyone talking about the brand. I've had a 2009 wethepeople envy, 2008 stolen casino, 2007 haro backtrail x-01, 2007 integral bel air, and just recently sold my 2012 KHE maceto AD. The wethepeople envy was by far the most well put together, stable and smoothest bike I've ever rode, no kinks, slips or movements. I've always wanted a colony, I have been doing research daily and watching videos and I have finally decided to purchase the 2016 colony sweet tooth pro (Alex Hiam) signature model. It's definitely by far the best/lightest parts then any complete bike on danscomp. I am stolked to order this next week! Definitely should at least be in the top 10 with never experiencing the brand.

I have a colony premise and it is my 12th bike I have because I'm sponsored and I get bikes for free and it is the best bike I have ever hade and since I'm doing massive tricks like backflips it take a lot of stacks but it it so tough it has only has a couple of scratches and I have never had a problem. If your gonna get a bmx get a colony their the best bike in the world and should be number one on this list!

I've got a colony premise 2013 and it's THE BEST BIKE I'VE EVER RIDDEN. I love it! It's great on dirt, park or just riding around town. It's super light, good quality and it looks awesome! As for strength this bike has taken quite a beating already and seems to stand up to it really well. Go out and get one!

Best bike! They are good for everyone, have a light frame, can throw it around and won't break! I have a colony descendant and only use it for riding around the streets but in saying that I have aloud my brother to ride it and he does flips on it but yet hasn't been able to do it on other brands.

20 Subrosa

I have a Stolen Ramos 2016, a Fit Series One 2021 and a Subrosa Salvidor 2021. In order from best to worst. 1) Subrosa 2) Stolen 3) Fit. The Subrosa is by far the highest Quality built bike. The stolen was the most expensive.

I have a 2015 subrosa Tiro (green and black) and bought it for 640$ it's the best intermediate level bike out the and no problems at all with the best quality parts. Remember if you don't ride a subrosa your not a bro.

Subrosa are the best bikes out there rite now. I love them. I been riding a subrosa for 1 year and is the best bike ever. Is strong, light. And they ride good.

Hey its tyler subrosa rocks cause it is so light and very easy to handle for my birthday I want a subrosa malume 2013 it is very sicks and slick there only 1 company I trust its subrosa. Peas out people

21 Specialized Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc., more commonly known simply as Specialized, is a major American brand of bicycles and related products.

You people that are saying Specialized bikes suck are idiots. Specialized has been one of the most dominant mountain bike companies in the world for decades, and it's historically very difficult for an elite mountain bike company to become an elite BMX company and vice versa. I was born in 1979 (36 now) and my first real mountain bike was a late 80's GT model, which I chose strictly based on GT's reputation in the BMX world. GT was not a big mountain bike company in the late 80's or early 90's, and they are one of the only examples of a company dominating both BMX and mountain bike markets. This is a rare situation. I took a chance on the GT mountain bike and obviously it was a good choice, and I owned 3 in a row.

Back in the late 80's and early 90's and up, the dominant mountain bike companies were Specialized, Cannonball, Giant, Marin, Trek, Gary Fisher, Kona, Yeti, Mongoose (before they went cheap), and only the very high-end GT mtb models. I was the first person to own a GT ...more

I have a specialized vegas and I have ridden it harder than any bike I've had, which includes GT, diamondback, giant, tony hawk, and mongoose. My specialized has had 0 problems, none what so ever. Mine is more on the heavy side because its not really meant for jumps and tricks, its more for off road racing. Its fast and built to last forever. I honestly don't know how mongoose is up so high, when you can buy a 50$ bike at WALMART that should say something.

I have had the specialized p20 amateur since 2011 its been a great bike for me it takes a beating! I would definitely recommend it to anybody!

It's 2016 as of writing this and after regular torture at the tracks, my 1999 Fatboy Vegas doesn't show any signs of dying... it's a TANK!

22 Odyssey

Best aftermarket bike parts there hubs are some of the best and I would recomend there cluch hubs to anyone and I have never broke any odyssey part

These bikes are hella tight! They also have great tires worth the money. They last a long time too

Great bike brand. Very nice and fly bikes. I would advise to get an odyssey.

You know your getting a high quality product

23 Redline

Is this top ten bikes for showing off in a parking lot or on a ramp or is this about racing a BMX track and coming home with 1st place trophies and state ranked expert class racing? If we're talking BMX RACING, Redline has to be top 5 hands down! Cyclecraft, Supercross and maybe another name or two frames may be liked better by some. But when you're 6'6" tall and 245# of muscle (football/soccer/baseball all star player) Redline IS THE ONLY ANSWER! I've got a flight pro 3XL with a 22.4" top tube and I need every bit of that 22.4. Got back into BMX 3 years ago, got a GT Speed Series XXXL and the rear dropouts snapped when landing of a set of doubles at Sarasota BMX. The only other frame in that size range was Redline. So I purchased the 2015 FLiGHt PRO 3XL aluminum and WOW! Its geometry is awesome and this frame made the need for extra large stems, bars, seatpost etc GONE! Now I'm riding it and winning every heat I run. Gone are my 11" rise S&M bars because I only needed 8" rise. ...more

I'm super suprized redlines not in the top 10 but I realize this top 10 Is all about trick and freestyle bikes not pure raceing and I think a lot of the top bikes from the 70s,80s, and even early 90s just focus a lot on race bikes not as much on freestyle street bikes. We the people bikes are really popular and look nice and I see everykid on the block has got one or wants one.. Laugh out loud but fads fade so lets see if these brands last the test of time.. And will they still be around in 40 years? I don't know

Mongoose is a name that used to be great, now they are sellout junk! My son and I both have redline recons and they are the bestt bikes we have sat on! Great balance, feel and quality! I don't care about top 10, I know what I have! Thanks redline!

They are innovators in the BMX world! People need give them a lot more credit if it wasnt for Redline the bike world would not be whait is today! They were the first to invent a lot of new technology... They have been building the best bikes in my opinion since 1970!

24 Forgotten

Forgotten bikes at the best out. There light weight and perfect for jumping doing tricks or racing bmx.

It is like the best bike you would ever ride and it is amazingly good

Forgotten is a epic brand of bike I have one an you should get one to

Best bike out curse all them really light definite best for me

25 Free Agent

Free Agent BMX bike are the best, when you by one you will be amazed at how smooth it is and how many tricks I can do on it happy thanks giving present it warn. I am really surprise that not many people have this bike, by it now today?

FREEAGENT is the best bmx bike I have ever had it rides so smooth and is kind of light if you have the right parts on the bike and if you have the FREEAGENT team bike if you race... You will be the king of the track that's only if you get team limo bike that's the best bike in the world.

Had this bike when I was younger and running bmx courses, its was amazing. Now that I am older and ride mountains, wish they made a bike for me. But I will make sure to purchase this bike for my son when its time for him to ride.

As a first time single mom of two boys, I'm thoroughly impressed with their new FA bikes. The quality for the price was surprising. Do they make one for moms?

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