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1 Energizer

I did a project for what battery brand lasted the longest using Energizer, Duracell, and Kirkland Brand, and Energizer lasted over an hour longer than the other two! And, although Kirkland is technically the cheapest, Energizer is only 20 cents more expensive for an 8 pack of batteries. But overall, Duracell last eat the shortest amount of time and is the most expensive of the three brands! don't BUY DURACELL!

I am wonder what battery is the most durable and longest then I remember that I have a friend who brought two batteries and there were Energized, but its too bad that in Romania Energized battery are no to be found!

The most durable battery I have ever seen. Duracell has been trying to keep up with Energizers success and Panasonic has probably given up by now. Nothing will ever beat Energizer!

My brother did an experiment on which battery would last the longest, Energizer, Duracell, or Everready, and Energizer kicked the other two's butts!

2 Duracell

Every summer vacation after school classes, I always play my Xbox 5 hours a day...
Our vacation is 2 and a half months that's why I will need a very powerful and durable battery.
First, my cousins suggested me to use energizer for it is the most famous in our place. After 3's done. Then I decided to buy the counterpart of energizer, the Eveready.
It only lasted 2 weeks. Then they suggested me to use Panasonic Batteries. I was impressed because it lasted for about 5 weeks. The next summer vacation my father gave me a Duracell Battery. Just four pieces. I was amazed because it lasted the whole summer.! I even not use all of the Duracell Battery...
I've just used 2 pieces!

I set up a laboratory test and tested a few brands of batteries. The Duracell Quantums are the best alkaline battery. They are almost as good as the lithium batteries. The regular Duracell Coppertops came in at #2 and significantly beat the Energizer Max.

Iv'e used Duracell and I think it is much better than Energizer. Don't get me wrong, Energizer is great, but I think I like this battery production company is much better than the first place company.

It last longer than Energizer batteries. Energizer batteries have a white acid that will not activate anymore. Duracell is clean without no acid. I observe it in a project

3 PowerKing

Very special and great battery.

4 Panasonic

Wow! Never heard of any of those companies behind panasonic! Anyways panasonic is a really good company for pretty much everything they make! Panasonic are half as cheap as duracell and energizer and performs just as well! The alkaline series is great fOr heavy use such as a wiimote controller

The alkaline are awesome for game controllers they will last for days

I love the brand and everything they make. The battery lasted for 8 years.

The packaging art looks more trustable

5 Voyager

This really helped me decide which battery to buy. It changed my life.

6 DieHard
7 Enercell

Good for you buddy

8 Toshiba Toshiba Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

Toshiba is one the most popular battri around the world.

They are simply the best

Excellent battery

9 Sunbeam

Sunbeam Alkaline AA and AAA's are pretty decent batteries for the $1 price, almost as good as Ray-O-Vac. Sad I can't say the same for Sunbeam "Super Heavy Duty" batteries. DON'T BUY THESE. They are cheap junk and will leak nasty acid in a flashlight or radio when they run out of energy.

The Super Heavy Duty version is awful. They don't last long.

Its awesome and cheap

10 GP Batteries

Why GP is so down in this ranking?

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11 Q-Force

These batteries lasted us years! But now I can't find them. Anybody know where? This should be #1!

12 Kodak
13 Rayovac

Well this is really about cost vs. brand name. Duracell lasts longest and Energizer lasts second longest. But for your money, Rayovac has the same technology, but for a much better price. It's like taking a piece of Energizer and Duracell, and putting them into one battery. The quality? It's above average if nothing else. For those o na budget, get Panasonic or Rayovac.

Rayovac and Duracell are better than Energizer. In my experience, Rayovac batteries last longer and are cheaper. Never had any problems with leaking or durability.

I did a science fair project on rayovac vs. Energizer and rayovac last the longest

Flashlight test demonstrated Rayovac batteries lasted longer than Energizer

14 Eveready

This brand of battery is very cheap where I live and work very effectively.
My flashlight is brighter with this brand of battery and this battery last longer than any other brand I have used (Duracell, energizer, panasonic, Trojan, powerking, voyager, diehard, optima, Toshiba, sunbeam ((you name it.)) ).

Everready is just an epic battery brand that is really common to find, works well and lasts for a long time and also comes in a cheap price. Its pretty much as good as Energizer but its cheaper so that's why it gets my vote.

I use this more than Energizer and Duracell because in my mind I think it's better because it lasts longer for me and it's a lot cheaper and easier to find.

I use this all the time and it is very reliable. You must try it because it is just amazing and will save you money too.

15 Optima
16 USBCell
17 Sony Sony Corporation, commonly referred to as Sony, is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in K┼Źnan Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

Did an experiment, and the battery lasted for 162 hours straight on a flashlight. I thought that was great for a cheap battery

It does deserve a better place in this list but inaccurate votes are counted

Tested quite a few and Sony were always among the best, if not the best

So far Sony batteries seem to be working great for the cost. they're way cheaper than Duracell (my favorite).

18 Trojan

These other brands are for auto/boat/RV/golf carts

19 Universal

Never heard of or tried this brand, but I bet it works very well.

Excellent quality and reliability.

Great and reliable brand.

20 Guardian
21 Bexel

I did an experiment against Bexel, Energizer, and Duracell
Bexel won

22 Varta

I tested these batteries and this did better than Duracell

It is pretty reliable.

As good as the others

This is good! From Finland! Ilo ve it

23 Aerocell

Aerocell by Lidl.
Great value!

24 IKEA IKEA is a Swedish multinational group with its headquarters in Delft, Netherlands. Since 2008, IKEA has been the world's largest furniture retailer.

Excellent product: the batteries are inexpensive, they last as long as any of the major brands. I am quite satisfied!

Nice things and verry long and durability...
I m so happy to use this company battery

Best value for money.
10 AA costs about 2-2.5 US$.
major brands are 3 to 6 times expensive.

25 Interstate
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