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1 Plan B

Plan be is the best because plan be has a lot of pro skaters and not only just pros but one of the best skaters in the universe and plan be has better pop.

It is the best board ever! It has the best pop and durability. Element should not be first it should be third. But if your looking for style and pop and durability buy a plan b!

Way better then element
I hated my element they chip a lot
Element should be fifth I think because the do not last very long at all

They have an awesome ride, don't break, and the graphic is very durable

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2 Element

ELEMENT is awesome it is the best board 4 grinding kickflips 360s element rocks I don't care what you think but its the best board ever!

My first board is an element but I have ride and other boards too and I notice the difference between all them! I surely prefer element at least now

Element in my opinion is by far the best brand out there the helium is unbelievable awesome awesome and once again awesome


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3 Zero

God! Zero's are awesome! They're better than element and plan b put together!

Zero's have sick graphics and awesome pop! But how the hell is element in front of Zero? I mean element is good but compared to zero? Forget it!

Zero are the best by far! Why is it not number 1 zero forever death to non believers

I have zero and I love it

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4 Girl

This brand should be on top best brands ever I don't know why it is ranked 11 sweetest graphics ever an best pop better then pro 2 boards don't have nearly as much pop than furl

Girl is the best. Why do you think they have all the great pros like Mike Mo, Mike Carrol, Sean Malto, Eric Koston, etc. Element sucks. I can ollie twice as high with girl than I can with element, birdhouse, blind, zero, and all other brands. You people have problems.

I've got an enjoi but gotta admit girl are kick ass

best what

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5 Baker

Baker is where its at I've got like 3 bakers and they're all the best boards. I've had flip, blind and zero none stand up 2 baker.

Best in the world matey got one for myself one of the best in the world can do kick flips and all sorts

Baker has so much pop it's the best so if you bye one it will never brake


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6 Almost

almost is amazing. I've had my board for a year and it hasnt chipped or anything. their graphics are amazing looking and the paint doesn't chip. almost rules!

Almost last so long, they're badass, great pop... they are the only boards I get now

I have lots of skatboarding gear and my favorite is almost

Strongest boards I’ve ever skated, with the highest pop I’ve ever seen.

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7 Alien Workshop

Alien Workshop RULE. It was the first good skateboard I got. its very light and pops amazing. I liked it so much I got anouther alien workshop
Arto Saari aws soldier series. its sick! - alienworkshopskater123

AMAZING just got my AWS and its AMAZING its light and strong. Not to be forgotten the price they are super cheap I recommend these to anybody. Please go out and buy one. With riders like steve berra, jason dill, and rob dyrdek they make alien workshop even better!

AWS have to be the best skateboards ever! Amazing concave, lightness, and pop make this board great for all tricks

I love the shape and pop

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8 Enjoi

Pretty sick boards. The pop is fantastic and the boards are very durable. Very light and reliable. Enjoi is the way to go.

I've had an enjoi board for about 2 years now and it is great, no more to be said

Enjois have epic pop I have the pen and ink board, I know it feels heavy but it still get better pop than any other board I've tried, plus it's extremely strong, not even a crack yet and I've had it for a year

It has good pop and they don't snap that easy.

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9 Flip

I bought my flip 4 flat ground. The next day I landed a kick flip for my very first time. Enough said flip is a sick brand

I think the flip is the best because it is really good pop and it lands good. I've saw someone use it and it did really good flips and landings it should be first and element should be last.

Flip is better than element and zero it should be #1 - RandomZebraChild

Best boards ever!

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10 Birdhouse

Birdhouse is the best and so is hawk... How could you not like the great quality and pop of the birdhouse brand board

I got a skate board just this month its awesome birdhouse has great pop and its an amazing board to learn tricks

Really good board and good durability and I personally would rate this board a lot higher than 10 come this is tony hawk's brand and tony hawks the best skater ever!

pops well

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11 DGK

Dgk boards is all I skate I couldn't live without them

Dgk all day best board I've had doesn't snap like the blind boards they last a long time they are underrated dgk all day

I have been skating these for about 3 years. They are a real masterpiece. The only downside is that they seem to break pretty easy for me. The shape and pop make up for it though.

Boo rides for them so I'm down

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12 Blind

Sick graphics and strong board. Once my blind skateboard got run over by a car and its still in perfect shape

Blind rocks I have a blind bloody original and it rocks. - blindsk8ter

I just got my Blind Ransom deck about month ago and It's perfect. Blind has the best graphics of all time.

Best board ever. Pop and graphics are amazing. I’ve rode this board throughout my college campus and it amazing! Buy blind! Not to mention, they are pretty cheap on

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13 Darkstar

Dark star is amazing runs smoothly zero rocks too amazing and has great design and it should be up there and not down here it rocks

Darkstar is the best skateboard brand in my opinion, and it is going to stay that way for a very long time. Peace out my homies!

I just orderd a darkstar skatebaord the other day I think I made a good choice.

Darkstar is the absolute smoothest skate brand that I have ever tried! If your looking for a good skate brand. go Darkstar.

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14 Zoo York

Zoo york has a distinct way of shaping there board that makes it excel, I wouldn't ride anything else

I love zoo york because it lastes long got great pop and neva breaks or chips

So cool I have 22 and a half boards (one of them broke while I was grinding) I have 10 zoo york sk8 boards and they are the most lightest nice shoes

The boards have cool graphics with good pop all you need in a good board.

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15 Toy Machine

toy machine is the best decks ever and they are rated the best decks ever but i dont understand why element is first becuase my friend had one and it broke in a month and he is 11 - cheese

How the hell are toy machine boards20, there really good and should be in the top 12, anyways, world industry boards are crap they should be last - mcarzwashere

So strong and concave best I've had.. Graphix are cool too - anthonymcfadden

The grafix are awesome and they have a great selection of sizes


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16 Mystery

Its an awesome deck. I bought it a few months ago, and I tried a lot of tricks from a lot of gaps and stairs sets. and my board didn't chipped out once!

It will last me for many years to come :).

for everyone, I recommend you to buy this board, no matter if your a beginner or a pro.

Mystery's r awesome Zeros are cool but I can't trust dem! And Darkstar and Elements are too heavy.. Mystery beats any board forget 12 its #1 - MusicGalSyd3

Mystery is one of the newer brands, You cannot argue with the spectacular quality they give for such a new board! Their team is also super bad Ass! They are also owned by Zero, even though they are different it's a great prestige

Dope graphics

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17 Deathwish

Deathwish is the best! Has the best concave, pop, designs, theme and all! Bakerboys for the win!

deatwish makes so easy to land tricks they should be at the and elment really bad that most people say

Deathwish makes really nice boards. They've got sick design and a lot of pop and concave so it's easier to land tricks and they are also really durable and last a long time. DEATHWISH FOR THE WIN!

Best board I’ve ever gotten. First board I ever owned as well. Totally recommend to anyone who wants a board. Also, best designs!

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18 Chocolate

Wo! I'm shocked to see this amazing brand at 19! What I've had santa cruz decks, powell decks, darkstar decks, etc... but my new chocolate deck is the best by far! Perfectly rounded POP! Long lasting and strong. yes the designs aren't the best but who cares. the shape and pop are the important bit. so overall! CHOCOLATE ARE NUMBER 1!

Chocolate is AMAZING! When I first got this board it was so fast it took me a few tries to get used to! Chocolate boards are amazing! Great pop, smooth wheels, great bearings, awesome board! - skatefan1

What why is chocolate on 18 these boards have amazing pop and their designs on their decks are bad ass and their pretty much the same as a girl so this brand should be on like the top 3

THESE ARE THE BEST! they give so much pop! and you get your bang for your buck! why is BLIND ahead of chocolate!

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19 Habitat

Amazing! Great pop and amazing concave. Last for a long time as long as you don't get the bamboo board. They have an earthy style like element, but with a better board quality. The only reason they are not #1 is because they aren't as well known. You cannot snap these boards! I have skated them for a couple of years because they are so good. BUY ELEMENT BOARDS! You wont regret it.

I just got my first Habitat on Friday and I already to teach my self to do a heel flip in 30 min

It is durable and watt better than any other skateboard brand out there. Nice and Sexy

A hidden gem in the skateboard world

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20 Real

real is by far the best fliptrick board it may notbe good fer grinds but if you like fliiping real'

Strong board, Quick and INSANE pop! Mine lasted for more than a year and the concave and shape is still in good condition. It flips good and its not flattened out as much. Highly Recommend Real decks.

Real is AWESOME! Real shouldn't be #20.It should be at least top 5.It has an awesome flip and really good pop.Real is also really long lasting.Mine lasted for 1.5 years! Real is AWESOME and the BEST!

Only been a
Month still great solid board chipped it doing a gap but still the best

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21 Creature

Awesome skateboards... Made the same as Santa Cruz and Flip, and deserve to be in the top 10. Awesome pop and flip recommend to everyone!

Creature skateboards should be in the top ten because they have great pop and sweet designs

I'm 31 years old and just started skateboarding for the first time I bought a creature because of the p2 kevlar veneer they throw in before the final veneer goes on plus the nose is a little less tapered then the tail making it slightly bigger but the pop I get or the spring is nutty you can feel the board torgue up power in the tail just before you launch very happy with my puchase salvatore rochester ny

Creature is my most recent board and so far it's the best

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22 Krooked

These boards are perfect! perfect shape (for me anyways) medium concave (which is better than deep or mellow in my opinion) perfect shape of the tail and nose, and have perfect pop (which last FOREVER) they're very durable too. Everything is perfect but why they're ranked so low is because not many people get deluxe boards than come here to write about how awesome they are.

How is Krooked not at in top 5! I have skate many many different brand and I really didn't like plan b and element was only okay, Girl was my second favorite but Krooked is defiantly #1!. I learned so many new tricks on these and their really cheap! Try One!

really good designs and they are just totally epic has decent prices

The boards are good quality, hold up well and the decals are mental

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23 Vans

They make really good shoes that people of all ages like including my 50 year old grandma

Best sk8 shoes I have ever had good quality and don't tear up easily. I have worn nothing but vans for years.

Vans are amazing! They have great grip! Plus they are very stylish for guys and girls.

Best thing that happend to man

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24 World Industries

World Industries RULES I got mine in January and now its October I've been skating hard and it ain't snapping soon, moderately cheep too! WORLDS RULE

World industries rule! Yea, I might not skate all the time, but I do skate, and I've had my world industries since 2007, yeah you can barley see the sick graphics and the bottom, grinded it all off, but the board still hasn't broke yet, still basically brand new! World Industries!

World industries rules and should be at the top its simply the best skate brand out there

Have the coolest board design

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25 Black Label

Ive got a blacklabel its oregon its lasted my cuz for 3-5 years he gave it to me ive had it for a month its abit heavy since its the older kind

Dude Black Label and Blind are sick as But Plan B should be way in front of element - dudewheresmyskatie

I cannot beleve world boards are in front of black label. because
world boards are crap!

Black Label hands down my favorite skateboard company. Hard to find in the Midwest, but when I go to the park and people see my deck, they're like: "Dam that's a smooth deck"

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26 Powell

Really smooth ride and easy to turn. Great for beginners, experienced skaters, and anyone who wants to have fun. I have a powell-peralta and it's the best skateboard I have.

Best board out there

Awesome board. Fast wheels. Smooth ride. Good trucks. I really like it! Manuels really well and best graphics out there.

The best. Period.

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27 Volcom

real good clothing good team riders and awesome brand

They make really good jackets and shirts and good jeans to

this one pwns noobs 2 the max

Amazing love their style

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28 Think

Think has the best grip and best pop it can Ollie and do tricks really well it has awesome designs and graphics it has awesome boards I think think skateboards are better than any other board

Think has good wood and pop so you could do tricks really well you can grind and 360 really well it has awesome hats and logos for the brand it is the best brand in the world

Its way way better than blind it has alote of pop and grip its really good for tricks and grinding I think it's the best board ever it is awesome and amazing it's the best of the best

Think has some of the best boards ever, they don't break easily and they have awesome pop and durability, they are the best board I have ever used

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29 Anti Hero

Got an anti hero now. Great deck with loads of pop. Don't waste a lot of money on the double impact decks when these decks last an age.

Had one of these boards for ages now can Ollie really well. Sick board for a beginner

Hey I got a 77 5 anti hero it is ok but would have liked the grip to last longer

The best!

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30 DC

I have went through several brands like DVS and the shoes never worked to for me. I skate daily and I skate long. So I tried Ryan Smith 2.0's and they were durable. - violentduckz

Obviously its the most famous and the guy who made it has had 3 t.V. Shoes and the brands just awesome

DC Shoes is an American company that specializes in footwear for action sports, including skateboarding and snowboarding. The company also manufactures apparel, bags, accessories, and posters.

I love DC I have a custom board that I made

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31 Santa Cruz

I've ridden SantaCruz boards since 1983 and still buy em. If this company and there boards have been around as long as I've been skating you known there solid! Powell boards are just as good.

They are simply unstoppable, highest ollie, longest ollie, most pop, sick designs, NEVER breaks and is light and great for tricks. The board for a 720 gazzelle flip ;) - Dippy

Best pop and cool I have a blind deck and speed demons deck I like them both love santa cruz

Its just a sick company

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32 Bones

Bones wheels run smoothly.
The decks comfortable and very strong
When I got my Bones deck it was very fast and I could do a kick flip muck easy then my last deck.
Flip is good too

I love bone this skate is best of my all skates. This skate is fast and easy for ride bone is supers

Only had bearing from bones, but bearings are still the best I've ever bought, fast right out of the box and smooth as hell!

Bones wheels can't get flat spots and their bearings are long lasting

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33 Circa

Good brand, decent prices.
Also a great pro deck line. - violentduckz

C1rca shoes are the best, The Sierra fellers Pro model the Talon is very comfy fairly light and the most flexy shoe I have ever skated in, though if durabillity is the issue then maybe you shouldn't get them, if you are a hard skate that needs durable shoes then I Recomend Fallen Footwear, anyways C1rca is great! But so is fallen.

34 Cliche

Great boards, have a few different set ups but can't beat my Cliche for a great street session.

If you are looking for a strong & a board that has good pop go for cliche, but one thing is that they weight a little more.

There great, just got one, they have a good pop and are strong

Its really good deck. I can do anythintg with it. I really like it

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35 Lakai

Awesome.... Eric Koston is the best in the world

The best skate shoes that I ever had! They're comfortable and they last forever. Very good shoes.


Why do they make boards

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36 Expedition One

I've had mine for a bit, and it still works PERFECTLY! It has that everlasting pop along with durability, and I learned a heelflip with it.

Needs to be #20 to #15 I had mine for a little while. It's my second favorite board. I didn't even know about these until I bought them. Get these if your intermediate or advanced. - Thask8er209

37 Adidas Adidas Adidas AG is a German multinational corporation, headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, and the second largest in the world. They were first founded in July of 1924 as Gebrüder Dassler more.

They make good shoes for skateboarding and basketball 2 of my fave sports

They make descent shoes but not a known skating brand

Good and all but not for skating

Best shoes I've worn in years, there so comfortable and feel like running shoes😃

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38 Skate Mafia

Sk8mafia have amazing pop, great board all round. Mint designs, mellow concave, long lasting. Highly recommended.

It's my current deck it's light, less chips when mistakes at tricks

The best in the world fool


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39 Mob

BUt you have to kind of wear it out because its very rough

Mob grip is very grippy when you first get it but it lose grip.

Griptape With Most Grip Ever

Mobs are a nice board but u have to take care of it when your doing flips

40 Sector Nine

Sector nine skateboards are sick. I just got one and it's the sickest skateboard ever. The wheels are awesome, the bearings are awesome, the deck is awesome and the design is awesome. Sector nine rocks.

There flat out the best, if you don't believe me, check their website, you'll be glad you did.

Smooth Ride. Flex deck. Awesome and easy carving and Pumping

I'm from Russia and and I think sector 9 are very cool boards...I think they are the best boards in the whole world

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41 LRG

Lrg has sick skaters and awesome clothes should be in at least top 15

I love their clothing line.

42 Alliance

I got this board 2 years ago, and it just snapped it goes about madium sppeed it has good pop and it will chip very easy though I would give it 3 1/2 out of 5 stars

43 Gold Wheels

Oh my god better than bones and spitfire

44 Ricta

I have used my wheels for 6 years and those years only lifted off like 10millimeters.

In my opinion I like ricta because it was the firs EVER wheels I got and I did so much with them

Amazing wheels! Perfect for powersliding

45 Target


Lol, to begin riding I got a target board and it has lasted 1 years so far for me. If you are smart you will start with one of these so that you can see if you will actually stick with skateboarding. It also comes completely put together so you don't have to struggle through the proses of making your board as a beginner although some might say that is an important thing to learn as a skateboarder, wich I also agree with.



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46 Fallen

never had a pair want one though

Fallen are the sickest shoes I landed my first backside treflip in them there actually very amazing lasted a long time and I've had 2 or more pairs of them I recommend these they should be frist

47 Airwalk

Good for beginners. I used mine and its still not broken (6 months) but I can't land a trick..

I had this board before and it is great for beginners it really surprised me the way it felt it is a perfect board for beginners but if you want a board with more POP look for baker or plan b

My first board yeah it rides smooth has a good pop scratches quite easily but makes brands like monster seem like ironing boards

Super bad it broke when I stood on it, I'm 10yrs old

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48 Globe

My first Skateboard was a globe they are amazing their wheels are smooth and their bearing rule. The boards are always good quality and last forever!

Globe are the best they are very steady and fun to use they must be on the top 10.

My first skateboard was globe great trucks and deck. The deck will last for a long time and good for simple tricks. The grip could better but works for a time

Best board ever

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49 DVS

DVS Are awesome, they have some nice boards, they slide easly, and they look cool! I can nearly imposible on a DVS, I've tried lots of decks, but this one is probably the best!

I love dvs's I wear them everyday! and I love steve o damn he's so sexi

50 Hurley

Hurley surfing stuff is B3@$T. Not a skater though. But I Surf all the time and their regular clothing is awesome

It's a sick brand how is target above it

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