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1 Plan B

I just watched the video for this about some dudes that traveled to Seattle and other parts and had skateboarding contests with the top 3 skateboarders. This company must have a lot of very good skateboarders since they were so good in the video, I want to be able to do that. And these cost about $50, not too expensive, and they have some nice graphics too. I would totally get this, does anyone know in what store to get them in? Zumiez? Walmart? Vans?

I have a Plan B deck and it has the best pop compared to element and zero mixed together, and Plan B has amazing graphics and best pro's on the team and the last thing is that the team is a real team and the can kick serious ass if they were in a compition and the would always have the best wheels and there just perfect. The material is so great it never breaks, it's a very hard material witch is good and the have pretty good trucks.!

Plan be is the best because plan be has a lot of pro skaters and not only just pros but one of the best skaters in the universe and plan be has better pop.

I just bought a plan b board and I swear it is the best board ever, I landed all my tricks in the first try, it's amazing and also has a great pop everyone should buy this and it should be ranked number one instead of two, and plan b clearly has some of the best skaters of all time. People need to stop saying that this brand is bad because it is clearly the best ay

2 Element

I own an Element Section logo deck and it is amazing. Mellow concave is by far the best because it makes you so much more confident in learning tricks. Most of Element decks include mellow concave which is brilliant apart from a few of the pro skater decks. If struggling with tricks or if you're advanced but feel you just need a better deck to do tricks on, definitely buy one of these. SUPERB!

I find that Element is a better brand and I'm glad its number 1 because it is where it should be. So I assure you that this would be the best board for you. It is also the best for doing tricks like kickflips 360s its sweet as for grinding rails and all sorts of stuff. I have got an element boards and I reckon it is one of the best boards because I have road other boards and they just don't add up to element skate boards.

To be completely honest I think people only like Element skateboards because of their apparel and their symbol. If they didn't have those nobody would like Element. Same thing for most brands. Reminder this is for younger boarders, because its probably all 10 year olds typing these comments

ELEMENT is awesome it is the best board 4 grinding kickflips 360s element rocks I don't care what you think but it's the best board ever!

3 Zero

Zero is THE best skate brand ever I don't know why Plan B and Element are above Zero... Yea they are okay but Zero has amazing pop, turning and is amazing on ramps and road best skating quality brand out there! I recommend buying a Zero deck because they are amazing and not as expensive as most boards for their quality!

Zero is amazing and I have been skating zero for a few years now. They seem to have good pop, concave, and they don't snap that easly. The only bad thing I have to say about zero is that the pop, depending on witch deck you get, losses it. I would recomened zero for any skater out there. No matter what other brand I skate zero has me crawling back.

Zero! The best of the best. I can do everything with this board and more! I snapped my element in half with just an Ollie! The zeros are sick with graphics, and great with the concave! Way better than those other two crappy brands in first and second.

First board I ever had was a zero, and I still have it and ride it. Still rolls smooth and aside from replacing the grip tape its like new. I have 4 boards, zero, element, black label and a blind. The zero board is by far my favourite.

4 Girl

Barely anyone who voted seems to actually be able to skate so this whole list is just wrong.

And anyway, it depends what you like to skate, I skate mainly street and mini so I have to go for girl. The pop is amazing, they are tough boards (threw myself down a 10 stair foot straight on te nose and not a crack), nice shape not to curvy, not to flat, big square nose and tail to allow for better control and durability.

Vert winner-Death/creature (all bowl and ramp skaters I know skate either of these brands, they are astonishingly durable and brilliant shape on their 8.25+ models, and they are relatively cheap)

street honorary mention-Element, Plan B, Almost, Heroin, Enuff, jart, 5boro, skate mafia

Girl skateboards have a lot of pop and I don't know about you but I love a huge nose for nollie flips and girl has a lot of pop on the nose too. I have also tried element and they just suck, I have also tried alien workshop and they are decent but don't beat girl. Plus my girl board so far has lasted me 4 years of street skating about every single day and I always skate big rails down big stairs so get you a girl skateboard!

I've owned 2 plan b boards number 1 on this list and now I have a girl and a girl is a lot better. The shape of it feels great on your feet and it does not get razor tail like plan B. It is more durable and it is easier to control. If I bought a plan b and a girl brand new the plan b might have more pop but it goes away within a few weeks. And the girl would have no change.

Girl have always had nice concaves and just the right angle on the nose/tail for me. I've skated quite a few brands and although I feel the pop of the old shorty's boards and the new cliche boards are slightly better I never get any wood splitting issues with the Girls.

5 Birdhouse

Birdhouse boards are awesome I just got one. They go faster than any other board I've been and the wheels and trucks are awesome and tricks and ollies are really easy. Anybody who gets a birdhouse will be a pro

Really good board and good durability and I personally would rate this board a lot higher than 10 come this is tony hawk's brand and tony hawks the best skater ever!

This generations "Classic" board, my first was the Falcon 2, and it's still together after 11 years, enough said! I love Birdhouse and all of Tony Hawk's branches of entrepreneurship!

When I was 5 I got my first complete from BirdHouse. Skated that thing up, Now I want to skate that little board once again and it's still in great shape too.

6 Almost

It's a no brainer. Almost is far superior to other deck brands. The construction and durability of their boards are far beyond other brands. The concaveS are perfect. I've tried numerous brands and nothing stands up to Almost. You have to seriously try to break their Impact boards. Vote for almost and do everyone a favor who's buying boards for the first time or looking for a better board to get. They have to be up at number one. Trust me, don't buy a Plan B or Element. They may have the cool graphics and cool riders but Almost is a real skateboard brand. Watch some Rodney Mullen montages and buy an Almost. Enough said.

Almost is the best skateboard deck brand because of its quality. Especially if you get a deck with impact or double impact support. It will last very, very long and pop high. Almost is the BEST brand, in my opinion. Besides, they have a lot of good skaters on their team like Haslam and Mullen.

I have an Almost Double Impact board. It hasn't chipped at all, it's definitely the most durable board I have ever purchased, it has the best pop ever on the board and I would recommend the board to anyone, whether you'e a beginner or a pro this board is definitely the way to go.

I'm a huge fan of almost decks. I've had mine for more than a year, and I grind, boardslide, ollie etc. Everyday. No chips, deck is extremely durable. A tiny bit heavy, but work amazingly. I have the haslam deck with impact support. Cannot stip skateboarding. Enjoi is amazing as well.

7 Enjoi

I love enjoy because I enjoi skateboarding but I don't enjoi skateboarding in the past because I got a concussion at north laurel skate park but I didn't were a helment so I was trying to ollie into the bank but my back truck got stuck and I flew forward and fell on my head. And once I was trying to do the highest back 180 and I fell on the tail and the skateboard flew up and hit my lip. But enjoi rocks.

I got the 8 inch jose rojo deck, I have had two other decks and have been skating over a year and didn't get even close to landing a kickflip, within two weeks I was landing them more than half the time. Great pop and insane concave. Can't see why element are #1, They are absolute rubbish

I like enjoi because of its great pop and their boards are really light I got one on march break and it's so much better then my previous dark star board. For me enjoi should be on the top of the list because they are super easy to ride and last a long time and they don't even crack easy! ENJOI IS BOSS

Went semi-pro at 13. I had a good amount of sponsors including GoPro and Protec but I never signed a board company because I only wanted Enjoi. Sadly I broke my Right arm, both legs, bruised my ribs, and got 16 stitches trying to do a hard flip crooked grind down 24 so I never got the chance

8 Darkstar

For my last 4 or 5 decks I've been skating dark star. to be honest I only got my first dark star deck because of Ryan Decenzo.. that dudes sick! I think Darkstar is a great brand, I used to skate zero before but there's virtually no difference in weight but dark star seem to be stronger. There's also more of a mellow concave which I dig. I had a flip deck and I had to give it to my brother because I just couldn't land anything on it and I blame it on the thick concave. I mean you know what they say, skating is 10% physical 90% mental

I think darkstar is the best it is verry light it also has great pop one time at zumiez me and the guy where talking and he asked what board I ride I said darkstar he told me their one of the best and are verry difficult to break he showed me a darkstar him and his friend broke it took them like an hour to break and it was verry hard and they still had one layer of ply wood to go and it was the hardest one of then all All you need is to get a darkstar and practice or ride a little and get use to it that's what I did I got use to the board first then started doing tricks!

I used to have an element board, it had no pop and razertailed withen a day. I went to my local skateshop and picked up the darkstar. It was awesome it rides smooth has a lot of pop and dident razertail for a whole month! Darkstar is awesome and I will be buying another one soon. I recomend darkstar to begginers and and intermediate skaters. BUY ONE NOW YOU WONT REGRET IT! Darkstar also makes good wheels.

My brother has a darkstar and sometimes I use it. All my friends say the board is amazing, the trucks on the board run smoothly as one of my friends pointed out, great buy, especially for 150$, couldn't get any better, worth every penny

9 Blind

I love Blind skateboards. Blind have good quality and great pop and they have nice graphics. I know Blind is not the best but it's my favorite brand so far. People enjoy your skateboards even if it's Almost or Plan B or maybe Blind just enjoy. All skateboard brands are excellent to me but for me I choose Blind because of the great pop and good quality but still there are many excellent skateboards out there. People if your looking for a board that has good quality and great pop with nice graphics I say Blind but again there are still brands that are better then Blind but for me I choose Blind

You know I have had 7 Element boards in my life.. All if them have broken in under a year, they rip up when you grind I bought my first Blind when I was 13 I have three of them now because I love the pop and the graphics, I know people rage at the fading and chipping of the graphics but what do you think is going to happen, The pop is amazing I can Ollie 3 feet on these and I can do a 540 Flip so easy and off a mini I can do a 720 double heel flip! If you are going to buy a board buy a blind!

Got 2 blind decks and they both lasted me a year. The pop lasts long and the concave can really keep its shape. They were my first boards and from my experience, they have lasted me the longest. The eternal life decks are supposed to be very good also. Good graphics, and good quality decks, Blind has got to be one of my all time best boards.

Blind skateboards have great pop, good quality and nice graphics. People if your looking for a good board with great pop and good quality go with Blind but there are still lots of excellent brands out there like Almost or Plan B and more! But for me I choose Blind.

10 Baker

best board designs in the game and amazing quality too. I bought one of their boards from my local skateshop and it is the best board I have ever ridden

I've had a baker board for 2 and a half years now and it hasnt chipped or anything. When I first got it I stuck it on two sawhorses and jumped on it to test and it didn't crack or anything. That's how much I trust baker and their skateboards, and they have cool designs! I think baker should be in the top place

Baker is the best brand if you plan on running your board hard. Almost always pulls through even through some of the roughest things you can skate. Also the list of the pro skaters. The only team that is still about the skate life and not about fame life

I really do think baker is boss. Plus the design are off the chain. Like the baker logo on the bottom of the deck. The decks are really good for grinding. Light weight. Good/great pop. Honestly baker is really all I skate.

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11 Flip

I don't know why flip is only eight on the list. I've been skating flip for five years and loved every one of theit boards. They are super durable and lightweight, their concave lasts forever and their pop is amazing! Don't even get me started on the graphics. I don't know ehy any other brand is before flip. Also, I'm actually standing on one of my flip decks right now.

Flips are the best I recently bought one and my new set up is a david gonzalez p2 swirl deck with the new Independent stage 10 standard forged bar trucks, flip 54mm ride free wheels, flip abec 7's HDK's, plain mob griptape and enjoi colourful little buddies 1" alien hardware.

Flips are the best I have had this deck for 4-5 months and not even a crack or even started to square at the tail.

I love this board! I have flip geoff rowley pro model deck (not p2), grizzly grip, girl allen wrench hardware, independent geoff rowley red stage 10 V trucks, powell blacklight wheels and bones swiss bearings. Trust me this is the best setup you can ever get I love it! I'm gonna buy the same brands each time!

I think the flip is the best because it is really good pop and it lands good. I've saw someone use it and it did really good flips and landings it should be first and element should be last.

12 Alien Workshop

Alien workshop is the sickest board you can ever get. I mean who wouldn't want a board made by Rob Dyrdek. He is the coolest skater of all time. Why would Rob Dyrdek even make a bad board. IF you were to buy a skateboard, or suggest one to a friend say "Alien Workshop" that is all you have to say. Get an Alien Workshop skateboard and you will never regret it.

Alien work shops are superb. I have skated for 19 years I have had nearly all skateboard brands but this is definitely my favorite. It pops great grinds great its light weight and on top of all that they are not to expensive. Sixty bucks out of your pocket max

Alien Workshop is the best board I have ever had. I have had it for a few months and did many tricks with it even fell off a hill where I pretty much almost broke my face but my board was still in amazing condition! ALIEN WORKSHOP for the win!

The designs are super creative and you get a nice smooth grind with some great pop. Alien workshop is a really well rounded skateboard company and I am really glad I am a part of their skateboard company. Alien workshop rocks!

13 Deathwish

Deathwish makes really nice boards. They've got sick design and a lot of pop and concave so it's easier to land tricks and they are also really durable and last a long time. DEATHWISH FOR THE WIN!

Deathwish are THE best boards ever! Awesome graphics, pop, and concave. Deathwish should be number one. What idiot put it at seventeen?!

Awesome shape, graphics and team. What more can you ask for? Same as baker but a little weirder which is awesome!

In my opinion most skateboard brands are the same they just have different designs but I like deathwish

14 Mystery

Mystery is one of the newer brands, You cannot argue with the spectacular quality they give for such a new board! Their team is also super bad Ass! They are also owned by Zero, even though they are different it's a great prestige

Mystery is a strong skateboard company with a great team. Mystery decks are very well built, with slick, bold graphics and design elements. I easily recommend Mystery skateboard decks.

Its an awesome deck. I bought it a few months ago, and I tried a lot of tricks from a lot of gaps and stairs sets. and my board didn't chipped out once!

It will last me for many years to come :).

for everyone, I recommend you to buy this board, no matter if your a beginner or a pro.

Mystery's r awesome Zeros are cool but I can't trust dem! And Darkstar and Elements are too heavy.. Mystery beats any board forget 12 its #1

15 Zoo York

Zoo York is truly amazing, I is by far the best no questions ask, it awesome looking, durable, and has amazing pop. Bro, Zoo York is Beast. Everybody, seriously get a Zoo York. Do it. They are amazing.

Amazing deck! It hasn't even chipped or broken and I've had it for 7 months, great pop too, better then all other brands that I have tried

Zoo york is the best deck ever all of there product's will never fail you ever #support zoo york

Awesome these should be number one great pop light deck wheels not so good though

16 Creature

It's a great skate brand and I've had a bunch of people to tell me to use it! I think it should be in the top 10. I've road one before and last a long time

Awesome skateboards... Made the same as Santa Cruz and Flip, and deserve to be in the top 10. Awesome pop and flip recommend to everyone!

Creature is the best. I don't see why its all the way down here! Everyone that is intermmeditate or ams should have a Creature! Everybody vote for. Creature!

Loved my Santa Cruz skate board! It had a picture of Shiva on it, I'd do anything to find that board again!

17 Volcom

They make really good jackets and shirts and good jeans to

Amazing love their style

I love there clothing

real good clothing good team riders and awesome brand

18 World Industries

World industries rule! Yea, I might not skate all the time, but I do skate, and I've had my world industries since 2007, yeah you can barley see the sick graphics and the bottom, grinded it all off, but the board still hasn't broke yet, still basically brand new! World Industries!

I'm getting one in a few days and I don't know what its like except my friend told me they are the best so ill just stick with that answer... WORLD INDUSTRIES RULES!

World industries arethe best man! Totally the best. Should be#1 man. Zoo york should be chosen too as 2nd and zero 3rd. Birdhouse should be fourth.

What the hell? World industries suck so much they snap so easily and no one respects the brand. basically plywood glued together.

19 Black Label

Had my blacklabel board for years! It is a bit heavy (I bought it looong ago, LTD Skull) but when you skate another board you can pop twice as high lol can't go wrong with that!

Main reason Black Label has always been my favorite skateboarding brand is because of their unique and sick deck designs. These are not the kind of boards that you can just find in any store. Way more rare than World Industries.

Black Label hands down my favorite skateboard company. Hard to find in the Midwest, but when I go to the park and people see my deck, they're like: "Dam that's a smooth deck"

Dude Black Label and Blind are sick as But Plan B should be way in front of element

20 Circa

C1rca shoes are the best, The Sierra fellers Pro model the Talon is very comfy fairly light and the most flexy shoe I have ever skated in, though if durabillity is the issue then maybe you shouldn't get them, if you are a hard skate that needs durable shoes then I Recomend Fallen Footwear, anyways C1rca is great! But so is fallen.

Good brand, decent prices.
Also a great pro deck line.

21 Vans

They make really good shoes that people of all ages like including my 50 year old grandma

I like vanes because there boardes take a long time to brack they also make a lot fo clothing to ware and there shoes take like 2 or 3 years to were down and they stick to the boarde perfectly.

Best sk8 shoes I have ever had good quality and don't tear up easily. I have worn nothing but vans for years.

Vans are amazing! They have great grip! Plus they are very stylish for guys and girls.

22 DGK

DGK is over all the best deck I've skated. I've tried a lot of decks in my skateboarding life. Element. Girl. Baker. Enjio. Real.plan B. All snapped if less than 2 weeks. I saw that DGK was having buy 1 get on free sale I got 2 and the lasted me 4 months. I really recommend this board and they r not a lot of money. Also lots of pop nice concave and very cutting edge! DGK ALL DAY

Fixin to get a dgk I have a alien workshop and toy machine and I skate them a lot I gave the alien workshop 2 my brother and I can feel thebtoymachine bout to break. So yeah dgk all day I can't wait to get one I hear they chip easy but that's the only bad thing.

I have been skating these for about 3 years. They are a real masterpiece. The only downside is that they seem to break pretty easy for me. The shape and pop make up for it though.

These boards are sick. They are way poppier and durable then any other boards on this list. The graphics are amazing and so are the pros. The concave makes every trick you do so much easier.

23 Santa Cruz

I have to admit that they do chip easily but they are impossible to snap, seriously. They have great graphics and pop. I have the shuriken shannon jailbreak board and it was slick from the start. Definitely recommend.

I've been riding Santa Cruz since 88. And still got a few now. My son is 13 and rides SC boards. I guess its about being the original and best and years of not just growing up with the scene but actually influencing it massively!

I've ridden SantaCruz boards since 1983 and still buy em. If this company and there boards have been around as long as I've been skating you known there solid! Powell boards are just as good.

I have my SC since I was 13 I used it a lot at that time, after a period of time without using it, I clean out the dust, put some new wheels, and I'm on the road again, and with the same deck, still solid. by the way I'm 26 now

24 DC

DC Shoes is an American company that specializes in footwear for action sports, including skateboarding and snowboarding. The company also manufactures apparel, bags, accessories, and posters.

I have went through several brands like DVS and the shoes never worked to for me. I skate daily and I skate long. So I tried Ryan Smith 2.0s and they were durable.

Obviously it's the most famous and the guy who made it has had 3 t.V. Shoes and the brands just awesome

These skateboards are much stronger and don't brake as much as the other popular brands

25 Toy Machine

Seriously guys. I noticed how most of the top brands of this site are all mainstream brands that most of them you can find in your local wall mart. Seriously? Toy Machine has the best decks hands down, you can't find a better balance of pop, feel, and shape. And they have the sickest designs hands down.

BOSS! Toy Machine has been very good to me. One of my first pro decks. I have had mine for 2 years now. This is probably the best kind of decks out there. Elements snap really easy but Toy Machines don't snap very easy at all. My 18 year old brother jumped in the middle of my deck and I didn't even hear a crack.

Toy Machine should be first right next to Flip I mean I haven't even heard of Mystery and I skate a lot. I do not under stand at all why element is ranked number one it was my first board and it was crap.

I love toy machine they last so long and bairly chip. I used to skate baker but they snapped all the time so I tried out toy machine and it lasted so long not to mention the concave on the board was fantastic and the best pop

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