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41 Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy

I don't know how this album got to number 5, it's a damn great album. - Mumbizz01

42 Mother's Milk - Red Hot Chili Peppers

This was a great RHCP album that many consider their greatest work of the 80s, due to the excellent guitar work of new guitarist John Frusciante

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43 Linkin Park - A Thousand Suns

I don't know why everybody hates this album. It's really not that bad, in fact, it's great if you come to think about it! Linkin park said they would change, and by heck they sure did. This album proved their true musicianship. Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVED hybrid theory and meteora, but this truly proved what they are capable of. This album features one of linkin park's only guitar solos, the catalyst which features some of the best drumming rob has ever done, and iridescent which features outstanding vocals and instruments. Though most people don't like this style of music, nobody can decline lp's musicianship. And according to when they come for me, "y'all outta stop talking, start trying to catch up, motherf... Meaning that you guys can't rat on them until you've reached the success they have. Thanks for reading, that is, of this paragraph that took me 10 minutes to type actually made it to the list, otherwise I just wasted some of my life. Speaking of which, why the ...more

Not a bad album. - Alpha101

I don't know why this is this high. This is there best album since meteora and has some really good tracks with an interesting unique style. If anything minutes to midnight should be here in its place

Their masterpiece - mtndewlord

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44 Sandra - Art of Love

not the worst but very disappointing after The Wheel Of Time - Alexandr

45 The Beatles - Yellow Submarine

This one's odd, considering Yellow Submarine isn't an album. Yellow Submarine was on Revolver! And then there was the animated movie called "Yellow Submarine", and the soundtrack (Made up of Beatles songs) was just a compilation of great Beatles songs!

Who are the Philistines voting for this!?

This one's odd, considering Yellow Submarine isn't an album. Yellow Submarine was on Revolver! And then there was the animated movie called "Yellow Submarine", and the soundtrack (Made up of Beatles songs) was just a compilation of great Beatles songs!

Who are the Philistines voting for this!?

I'm a beatle fan but yellow submarine is awful - russian

Apparently only I liked this album - jack2244

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46 Johnny Gill - Still Winning
47 The 2nd Law - Muse

I still do not see why Muse can't go out of there lines and experiment with other genres. Among all the concept albums by Muse The 2nd Law is probably one of the best--lets be honest, at least it doesn't have any short tracks with no vocals like Drones, nor does it have a three part song like The Resistance. The only people who will vote for this are probably fans who are still butt hurt for the EDM experimentations and think "Black Holes and Revelations is the last good Muse album111! 111"

The 2nd Law is Muse's version of A Thousand Suns, so I understand why people don't like it, but I still think both albums are good - CabadePartyhunter

Muse gets annoying with the whining all the time but its not that bad to be on this listing

48 Unkle - Never, Never, Land

I really wanted to like this after hearing Psyence Fiction, but they're both so radically different you could fool someone into thinking they're from different artists. Not only is it forgettable, but the vocals are too quiet to compliment the overproduction, and the only track under four minutes of length is the intro, meaning most of the songs go for way more longer than they need to be. - ArchAces

49 Gwar - Carnival of Chaos
50 Rick Ross - Port of Mami

Trifecta of horrible artist, horrible album, horrible person, nothing good going on here. Better listen to Deadmau5 instead.

51 Pusha T - Fear of God II: Let Us Pray
52 Madonna - MDNA

Only like 'I'm Addicted', the rest are awful! - mholland1997

Definite proof that she became a complete joke in the 2000s. Can we have the Like a Prayer days back?

Not bad, but not good. - Swellow

Madonna sucks

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53 Pink Floyd - The Division Bell

This is an amazing album. It has my favorite Pink Floyd song which is Poles Apart.

Whoever added this album here obviously hasn't heard it, and is just messing around.

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54 T.I. - No Mercy
55 Ghost Stories - Coldplay

In which they sold out by releasing nothing that sounds like "In My Place".

This is the only Coldplay album I don't really like that much. - Rorywilbren

56 Britney Spears - Britney Jean

I love britney.. But I really don't know what's on spears's brain? Teamed up with will. I. Am and released this album? Lyrics are not really bad.. But the beats and the whole album are irritating

Britney was never good to begin with..

I used to be a pop music fan and a Britney fan. This album is responsible for killing my hopes in pop music

Britney Jean is actually a good album. It just never got the promotion and proper singles it deserved. If anything,...Baby One More Time is her worst album. Or even Britney.

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57 Bob Dylan - Down in the Groove
58 Demolition - Judas Priest

Once again people hate this album because rob isn't vocals

Such a shame this was made after Jugulator which is a underrated album but this album isn't really good - christangrant

59 Kiss - The Elder
60 Queens of the Stone Age - Era Vulgaris
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