Worst Ariana Grande Songs

She is the worst of everything. She started off with her annoying acting in Victorius and now her terrible songs.

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21 Popular Song

The most annoying song to ever be created

22 Cadillac Song

What this was an amazing song what

Boring and stupid with no meaning

23 Adore

It's a good song - 1507563

Its just sucksnlike ariana badly waste of money why she record it?

24 L.A. Boyz

This song is a ripoff of California Gurls. It was made as a joke.

25 One Last Time

Hey Hey! I know this song is pretty much good! BUT! Still don't you think she little suck! Means "One Last Time I need to be the one who takes you home! IS SHE IS A SUPERHERO!


26 Tattooed Heart

What! This is the Bad one! Means she waste her all money in Recording these types of Freaky Songs!

27 Too Close

I listened to this song once and then the next day it got really annoying. Great vocals but horrible lyrics. Sorry Ari. I love you though!

28 Why Try
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