Worst Characters from The Enemy Series


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1 Greg Thorne

He is more commonly known as Saint George. He caught the disease on the coach and the kids had to escape, and he later ambushed Jack, Ed, and Bam and was partly responsible for Jack's death. He killed his own son, gathered an army of sickos, and killed Callum and a lot more kids. - Wolftail

2 David King

He needs to get better food and recruit some fighters. His 'guards' are useless, they're just for threatening people. He never lets people leave the Palace, because once they're in, he won't let them out. If he didn't kill the royal sickos, they wouldn't be able to kill people around the palace. This guy needs to get his act together. - Wolftail

Complete and utter d
True story

3 Just John

Leader of the group in St. James' Park. He's terrible. His group is terrible. Some of the girls have had babies and once someone in the group found a load of alcohol somewhere and bought it into the camp. He's mean. He's irresponsible. And he really needs to get his group organised if he's going to survive the huge sicko army. (One year to wait for that in Book 7. ) -_- - Wolftail

4 Mad Matt

He tried to kill The Kid, risked loads of lives, brainwashed people, and tried to kill Small Sam. This boy is a monster. But at least his prophecy came true! :D - Wolftail

5 Paul Channing


This guy became mental after a certain someone died. (I've given enough spoilers. ) Led by a raven called Boney M, he tries to kill people, released sickos to kill people, and can talk to sickos. But the only good thing is that he got re-united with his mum. - Wolftail

6 The Gym Bunnies

They killed dognut

Laugh at the name, people. Another group of sickos. I think they killed DogNut. - Wolftail

7 The Fear

The reason why Book 3 is called The Fear. Composed of Saint George, Bluetooth, Spike, Man U, and the One Armed Bandit. - Wolftail

8 Tyler

Tyler's an ass. Also, Why is Paul here? I know he was evil and a sicko, but his character development was ace. Likewise with Mad Matt and David.

The same as Just John. But he was cruel to Malik. Thankfully he was killed. - Wolftail

9 Josa

Tyler's girlfriend. Unfortunately, having to look after a baby (her and Tyler's) didn't make her any better as a character. - Wolftail

10 Kwanele

You're not going to survive if all you think about is clothes. -_- - Wolftail

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11 The Collector

I forgot to add him. - Wolftail

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