Dora the Explorer

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Dora the Explorer (2000 - 2015) is an American educational animated TV series created by Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh, and Eric Weiner in which Dora goes on adventures with her friend, a monkey named Boots.


This show is stupid and dumb swiper always steal from her and he literally stand there for 2 to 3 seconds before he takes off she should file a restraining order on him cause he steals from and her in almost every stupid episode and her best defense on stopping him is "swiper no swiping" she is good example of what you should NOT do if you encounter a theif or thug etc plus she has dumb irresponsible parents in one episode she had to fight pirates she could have gotten cut up or killed (YAY! ) now to start with how she treats boots she treats him like poop in one episode when boots was very sick she still brought him along on the adventure? Was she trying to kid her trusty sidekick and her only friend to find some silly spell to cure him she even has loose fitting clothes in one episode you could practicaly see her belly button when I went to walmart I saw this one girl maybe 5 or 6 wanted some small maybe one year old dora outfit she wanted it and she was crying hard she was causing ...more

This show sucks. Those map & backpack songs really get on my nerves! Dora says "louder" even when the kids scream at the top of their lungs, has a purple monkey for a best friend, and asks where the mountain is even when it's right in front of her face. And that fox called Swiper is retarded and stupid; all dora has to do is say SWIPER NO SWIPING 3 times to make Swiper go away. Swiper has the IQ of Misty's Psyduck. And why the hell would someone let a 7 year old go out by herself, take on dangerous quests, and let her talk to strangers? Dora's parents are the most irresponsible people in the world. No wonder this show is #1 on the list as of Boxing Day. It's existed for 13 years and they still haven't cancelled it! WILL SOMEONE KILL DORA NOW SO I WON'T HAVE TO HEAR HER ANNOYING VOICE AGAIN ALREADY? AND TAKE MAP BOOTS AND BACKPACK WITH HER!

Dora's a moron.
There are 3 things.
1. Dora tells audience to yell "Swiper No Swiping. " that's untrue for real life.
2. Dora and Boots sing the same songs on every episode. Just sing the different damn song already. God!
3. In the end, Dora and Boots tells the audience for the favorite part of every episode.
THIS SHOW IS GARBAGE OF GARBAGE! I'm not gonna call you Dora and Boots anymore.

Dora drives me nuts! It's an annoying show with all the stupid little songs. "I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map... " TERRIBLE

Dora is to chubby to be able to walk at all and gave me nightmares because of all of those creepy talking objects with weird voices this show makes 0 percent sense. She has awkward cousins and get hair looks like an umbrella that could cover 20 ft and not let a single drop through. Please send the guy who created this nightmare a taste of his own medicine!

OH MY GOD! DORA THE EXPLORER IS AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT! SHE HAS SHIPPED DIEGO INTO THE COUNTRY! God, Dora can talk to MONKEYS- How does that make any sense? It's obvious she already doesn't have a life at age six, because all her friends are animals.

I nearly almost projectile vomit when I hear I'M THE MAP I'M THE MAP I'M THE MAP! Shove Dora's fat body into a meat grinder and make Boots eat her. The talking animals are stupid and lazy. And then there's Swiper. Yelling SWIPER, NO SWIPING will not make a deranged burglar stop taking your valuables. The animation is lazy. And all the episodes are beyond ridiculous. Die, Dora, die.

Definitely the worst show on T.V.

Dora: Wheres the mountain
Its right there.
Dora: Wheres the mountain
Its right there!
Dora: Wheres the mountain

Plus, why teach Spanish to 4 year old if they will not remember it

Also, the songs are annoying


Hey Guess what you think that Dora has no likes? WRONG! Little kids liked her and the show. This show sucks. The characters are extremely dumb, the plot is mind blowing and is not that important, The music is ear bleeding, and the animation is so Corny. So yea 0/10 for that show.

It is so silly Dora is like we're is the kings mommy? And I say shut up it annoying and then the songs are Annoying and it link what did we do I say I yelled at you for being annoying
Hardest thing in my life was being dared to watch 3 episodes of Dora in a row I only got through 5 minutes without slapping someone

And now they have a spinoff where she's grown up and that is where the logic gets thrown out the window and into a black hole. I mean if your puppet gets lost backstage then they should go backstage, not some weird puppet land.

Shut up dora. dora is so stupid she can't even look. she looks ugly I can't even see her face. I wanna tell my sister to stop watching this. SpongeBob, blues clues and adventure time is better than dora and team umizoomi. team umizoomi is like they are wasting time when I see it

One of the worst things about this show is the voice acting. Dora sounds painfully fake, and things get worse when the characters sing. And why is a 7-year-old exploring the wilderness by herself. That's a great message for kids... (sarcasm)

Seriously. It's a youbg girl abandoning her home, finding a monkey that wears ugly red shoes, learning the same spanish colors over and over again, scaling mountains by saying "climb" and singing dumb songs about maps and backpacks. How much worse could television get?

Easy choice! I am only 8, I will be posting stuff here, so lets get going! this show is a bad show, it is very annoying how dora says what was your favorite part of the trip? just plain annoying and creepy.

I think Dora's hair is made of chocolate. Lame. - Andres

and the "most boring award" goes to Dora the explorer

Other than Queer Kid Stuff, which should be in first, Dora deserves her place up here at the top. When I was kid, I always knew it was time to change the channel whenever this show came on. I've hated it my whole life. - lannypetersong

Her parents give her too much freedom to be roaming around with a talking monkey! She could be kidnapped or something!

Totally the worst in the world! She is supposed to be the explorer but she asks the so-called audience for help!

Dora is so ugly and whenever my sister screams so loud my ears bleed she says "I can't hear you" and when the destination is in front of her she says where is it I be like BOY IF YOU don't GET

Dora is mentally retarded if she has to ask you 10 million questions every episode and points to the thing she's asking you to tell her.

I think Dora the explorer teaches kids to run away I mean it's a little girl running away with a dum money

Dora is WEIRD! How could she possibly see FACES on EVERYTHING! Maybe she is on drugs and hallucinating.

I like to watch Dora the Explorer. I had seen Dora the Explorer in a GEICO Auto Insurance commercial. I had one of my - pinkaliciousgurl66