Top Ten Worst Chocolate Confectionaries

Now is the time to take you from chocolate bars that taste like vomit to those that will make you do just that.
It would be nice for other users to shape this list into what it should be. But anyway, let's get to it!

The Top Ten

1 Hershey's Milk Chocolate

Waxy, oily, overly sugared and losing all real semblence of cocoa. Try melting a piece in your mouth and feel as the grimy substances become sticky and coagulated rather than melting off smoothly like every other real chocolate.

Like eating chalk, but with overly sugary fake cocoa flavoring added. If you’re from Europe, I advise you to never touch this.

It smells and tastes like someone's eaten to many crunchies and sugared milk regurgitated it and pressed it into a chocolate bar

Sorry America, you may have the highest impact on the world but I can't say the same about your chocolate. I can't eat this stuff. You may have heard other people say it tastes like vomit but guess what? They're right it does. Using cheap substances to make a "chocolate bar" obviously doesn't make a good chocolate bar. Hershey's personifies this. - Cazaam

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2 Payday Payday

I may be crossing the line as the original doesn't have chocolate on it but really I think it should. It's a horrifying mess of salty peanuts stuck together by a cheap weak caramel. It feels like it's a chocolate bar that's missing the chocolate.
There is a chocolate covered version available but a salty taste from the peanuts and a sweet taste from the chocolate and "caramel" just don't work together. - Cazaam

No chocolate, just cheap crappy caramel, and weird tasting nuts.

That looks disgusting.

3 Revels

Coffee revels are DISGUSTING

I hate coffee just in generally. pefere tea

Not ANOTHER coffee one. I HATE COFFEE! The chocolates that troll you. Oooh this looks like a nice caramel one... NO NOT COFFEE AGAIN! That's Revels for you. - Cazaam

4 Caramac

The colour of caramel but doesn't taste anything like caramel. It feels sort of like a weak white chocolate bar that was trying to not be. I really didn't know how to explain it. I remember it wasn't pleasant though. - Cazaam

5 Fry's Turkish Delight

It is disgusting don't get it, Edward was wrong.

Love turkish delight

Not so much my opinion rather than a few other people I know. None of them really liked it. I found it okay but prefer the Cadbury Dairy Milk Turkish delight though. - Cazaam

6 Reese's

This is the worst of them all, there peanut butter is the worst and cheapest peanut butter in the world it tastes like its pure sugar and no peanuts and there chocolate is worse the Hershey's (which if you scroll up you would understand that it is bad)

The best chocolate on the planet

so good

The best

7 3 Musketeers

I never tasted it before but the triggered person makes me laugh

U succ balls person who likes this lmfao

Gross gross tastes like is at least 2 yrs old every time you eat one

I refuse to believe the first person isn't joking lmao
i find it meh :|

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8 Curlywurly

Also avoid mars bars if you wear braces. You will break them.

The undisputed king of chocolate bars for getting really sticky and has a affinity to take your teeth with it... That's what I feel about it. - Cazaam

Not too bad unless you have braces. It's really sticky and chewy.

Tastes nice but AVOID IF YOU WEAR BRACES - Lunala

9 Bounty

I hate coconut

Id rather eat trash

I like it

Please note that bounty is also a paper towel brand

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10 Kit Kat

Kit Kat is a nice chocolate but I don't know why you had put in this I love kit Kat it is so tasty yummy

Kit Kat is the best and by the veiws I am reading I don't understand why you you put it in here no one has made a single hate veiw



The Contenders

11 Almond Joy


It wouldn't be on this list if coconut was so gross

Wonderful chocolate and almonds... Oh, and nasty coconut... - Haumea

Coconut, ugh

12 Baby Ruth


Yuck. I have nothing to say.

ble gross

13 Cherry Ripe

It tastes like my dad

14 Snickers

Bring back Marathon! Snickers sound like Knickers. You perverts.

This us the best

I wonder who put this here...

15 Flake

Still the best

16 Cadbury Dairy Milk

Incredibly unpleasant

Better than American chocolate that tastes like puke.

It’s nasty

17 Twix



18 Milky Way

People are eating our galaxy. - Datguyisweird666

Probably because the American Milky Way bars are crap.
When I was a kid I loved Milky Way Magic Stars.

19 Mars

R u mad so tasty chocolates are there in this list

Mars bar chocolate is really tasty. One must try it,I wonder why it's name is here.

20 Big Turk


21 Milk Duds

Milk Duds only taste like chocolate they're so good why would you say that the taste are chocolate with cardboard inside pictures of chocolate please everyone trying doesn't taste like cardboard

They taste so bad...

They taste like toffee coated in cardboard. Revolting


22 Hershey's Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips

Once again not a chocolate bar

23 Mounds
24 Rochas Man Rochas

But plug?

This isn't chocolate...

25 Marathon Bars
26 Chunky

They are nasty the chocolate bar has dark chocolate, figs {raisins} and I think it had nougat. All I knew was that it tasted terrible. - surfacing

27 York Chocolate

Don’t like it

28 Kinder Bueno
29 Cadbury Lickables

I think we all agree that this makes you really puke, the chocolate is fake, the toys are crappy, and the packaging sucks, I bought one and the packaging was damaged really badly, then I found out they were made of cheep plastic

I used to lic the icing and then spread it on my toast bake it at 350 and then dip them in sugar and then put them in the garbagte

30 Milka

So rich and yummy! The Oreo one is bomb

31 Maltesers

Amazing! pure and simple

32 Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses
33 Kinder Surprise

Do you know that they are not for children under the age of 4? Did you know that they sell Kinder Surprise Easter eggs?

It is not good and it is a choking hazard

34 Freddo

Freddo his price is going up and up. He used to be 2p but that would've been in old money the Decimal, shillings, pound notes.

35 Galaxy Chocolate
36 Hershey Symphony


37 Heath Bar
38 Ghirardelli Chocolate Company
39 Kinder Bueno White
40 Mint Chocolate

I'm not a fan...

41 Dove Chocolate


42 Palmer

Overly sweet

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