Top 10 Surprisingly Unhealthy Foods

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1 Salad Dressing

I've seen so many people fill their perfectly healthy salads with meats, cheeses, and salad dressing. Although you can get low-carb salad dressing, it's still unhealthy and completely ruins the point of a salad.

What do you mean? I love Ranch so much that I want to sweat it, drink it, and drown in it.

All salad dressing is okay, but I think Thousand Island is fattening.

2 Dairy Milk
3 White Bread

This should be obvious, but to some apparently it's not. Whole wheat or flax is okay, but the best is whole grain. There's also a brand called Little Big Bread (something like that) that sells bread that's only about 60 calories per two slices. White bread can be about 150 per slice!

Bread isn't nutritious at all. Every vegetable outclasses bread in every way.

4 Salad

It depends if you pile on the meaty toppings and dressing. Otherwise, this is a perfectly healthy choice!

Yes. Just like the other user said, it depends on what you put on it.

I totally disagree with you! I love salads. They are very healthy in my opinion.

5 Nutella

It should be obvious that it's sugar-packed and not healthy in any kind of way!

Who thought this would be healthy?

6 Deep Fried Stuff

Why would you think this is healthy?

7 Coca-Cola Coca-Cola is a carbonated soft drink. It is produced by The Coca-Cola Company of Atlanta, Georgia, and is often referred to simply as Coke.

It's basically carbonated sugar. There's around 40 grams of sugar in one can, WAY more than anybody should be consuming in one day.

This isn't surprising at all. It is a carbonated drink full of high fructose corn syrup.

8 Peanut Butter
9 Granola Bars

Now, some are fine, but read the back! If it has sugar, glucose, fructose, or any word that you can't pronounce, then don't buy it. Natural sugar is okay, but look for sugar cane juice.

10 Cream Cheese

Now you may be thinking, "But I have light cream cheese, so it's fine." Yes, the light stuff has cut calories and fat, but it hasn't added any good things. Empty calories.

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11 Sweeteners

Sugar to your tea, cream for coffee, etc.? Nope, nope! Stick to lemon juice. It makes your metabolism speed up, especially if you drink green tea with it.

12 Muffins

Or any store-bought baking. Most store-bought muffins are around 800 calories per muffin. If you bake your own, it could be under 120 though.

But, but, but they're so affordable. There's no way they can be THAT unhealthy for you.

13 Vitamin Water
14 Bread

I don't care if it has sugar. We will all die at some point anyway.

15 Yogurt

Many brands add high amounts of sugar to a normally very healthy food.

16 Gatorade

Many of the flavors contain a very large amount of sugar.

17 Banana and Plantain Chips

"Oh, but it's better than potato chips." Fried chips are fried chips, no matter what. Still bad, just eat a regular banana.

18 Rice
19 Dried Fruit

Of course, it's not terrible for you, but it's missing the water so you eat more because the water would make you feel more full.

20 Graham Crackers
21 Orange Juice

Without fiber (from the pulp), the sugar in the juice will act in your body as pure sugar. You will basically be drinking Coke with vitamin C and other benefits.

22 Apple Juice
23 Grape Juice
24 Cheese
25 Eggs
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