Top 10 Best Candies to Get On Halloween

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1 Kit Kat

KitKats are the BEST candy to get on any occasion! You can have KitKats on Halloween, Birthday, a random day, etc always great to eat Anytime! It's made out of a very delicious chocolate and is crunchy, and it tastes so good! You should definitely try these if you haven't had them before!

They're sweet without being too sweet. If you find candy bars made entirely of chocolate and a gooey, sweet caramel or nougat inside to too sweet for your taste, try Kit Kats.

I legit found a shipping box that was on someone's front step that was full of it this Halloween. You'll never guess what I did with it.

Kit Kat is the ultimate Halloween candy. It's a crunchy chocolate bar with multiple flavor variations (white, milk, etc.). I always look for these on Halloween.

2 M&M's

M&M's are really good especially the peanut ones anyone who does not like M&M's has a slight problem but they are not my favorite.

These are the iconic holiday chocolate candies and should get the most votes.

These are my favorite candy! The milk chocolate version is the best.

I love all kinds, peanut, milk, dark, and especially the holiday mint.

3 Skittles

Skittles are so great to have on Halloween! They taste so good! I definitely recommend these to anyone who hasn't tried eating Skittles before.

Haven't had these in a long time. But, I remember them as tangy and chewy. Pretty nice sounding, because I love sour candy

The best kind of candy. M&M's and Skittles are like frigging twins, they are chocolatey and so sweet!

Like m&ms the have rainbow colors to eat and be sugary weird but yes.

4 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Never tried these, but basically everyone is ALWAYS obsessed with these and goes on about how good they are. Gonna try some to see what all the fuss is about. I'm missing out, I know.

I love these things. Peanut Butter and Chocolate go together so well. They're my favorite, Kit Kat being my 2nd favorite. YUMMY!

Reese's is my favorite candy to get while trick-or-treating on Halloween. I love the mix of peanut butter and chocolate in it.

One of the best candy in the world. Online Kit Kats and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are the best candy for Halloween. Amazing!

5 Jolly Ranchers

Jolly ranchers are really good one Halloween I ate almost a whole bag of them that is how so good and delicious they are I could sit there in front of the T.V. or anywhere even outside for 24 whole hours eating Jolly Ranchers that's much I love them they are like the best sensation candy you can get in the whole entire world I would totally vote like 5 stars or anything That this is like the best candy you can get For Halloween

I very rarely get these, but I love them.

This reminds me of my childhood.

My favorites are hard (1st) chewy (2nd) and the soda (3rd) I know its not candy but still.

6 Twix

I love Twix so much! First of all, the cookie inside makes it taste just like one of grandma's. The caramel coat on the inside gives it that creamy taste. Finally, the chocolate on the outside is the ribbon to the box.

It satisfies me to just think about biting down on delicious milk chocolate, then smooth, thick caramel greets me with a surprise, cookies!

I always say that twix is disgusting just to get it off my sibling for myself to eat. The ones I get just aren't enough

Has everything to offer. Chocolate, crunchiness, and caramel.

7 Starburst

I'm gonna be so sad when I get braces because this are my favorite candy and I won't be able to have them.

8 Hershey Bar

Price unreasonable so I never get to eat them but hey its yummy

9 Candy Corn

I absolutely love Candy Corn so much and this candy is my all time number one favorite . Candy Corn is so awesome so good , so delicious and it is even excellent in breakfast cereal .

Corn syrup, sugar, and food coloring. All horrible for you. But it tastes so good!

Hey that's kind of mean calling people a bomb some people like it some don't...

Candy corn is an awesome Halloween candy! They taste heavenly.

10 Nerds

So good and if you eat one at a time they last for ages.

I'm eating them right now and I can't stop.

! So good like best candy, love them!

Tasty but addictive

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11 Milky Way

If I ever asked for the universe, I would mean that I want a giant box of these things.

when you have a milky way bar it will send you to the moon and bring back memories of your child hood . Definite must vote for this most delicious chocolate bar it will literally melt in your mouth

These candy bars are awesome! It doesn't deserve 16th!

This should at least by 5th. But they're my favorite.

12 Snickers

Snickers was rated #1 candy bar in America, but they're bad, how can public eat them its BAD FOR your HEALTH and bad for your taste bud they start cry!

You're not yourself when you're hungry, here, have a snickers.

13 Ring Pop

I really love Ring Pops and I would get a whole collection of them that way I can have all kinds flavors .Most definitely vote for the Ring pops because they are so juicy sweet , delicious and even brings your inner child

There good, but way too advertised to little kids.

Everyone likes ring pops!

14 Sour Patch Kids

I love Sour Patch a lot, sour patch is my candy lord.

15 3 Musketeers

Oh my god this candy bar is so delicious and brings back my child hood memories back and brings out my inner child , I really love 3 Muskeeteers bars and they even melt in your mouth , it is so good so delicious

16 Smarties

Smarties are good if you like sugar that tastes like raspberries or cherries. Smarties are are good for smart people ! These candies are sweet and excellent to suck on of course .

17 Lemon Head

Super sower--but not as much as I want them to be. If your going to be sower, make it so that your either really sower or not at all.

I love sour candy, which is why I'm voting for this one.

Lemon heads are dope

18 Gummy Bears

Gummy Bears bring back lots of child hood memories for me , I absolutely love Gummy Bears . This Candy is my all time favorite and I am a Gummy bear lover

Give Haribo Sugar Free to people you hate. Read the Amazon reviews and you'll understand.

That is the worst place! They are the best! Put them in first!

They are my favourite!

19 Air Heads

If you get one of these, consider yourself the king of Halloween.

I am the king of Halloween then.

20 Hershey's Cookies 'N' Creme

So good Best on Halloween, Easter, Chrismas, The Forth of July you go on. My point is there amazing and awesome.

Really I can't believe they are so low they are so creamy and crunchy. They the bomb...

Super sweet but good.

Hershey's all the way: )

21 Gummy Worms

I love sour worms too

I like the sour ones

22 Aero

These are really good. Definitely one of my favourite chocolate bars. My favourites are Kit-Kats and Mars but still aeros are good.

23 Reese's Pieces
24 Twizzlers

I like the strawberry one, and I hate the cherry one.

25 Laffy Taffy
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