Top Ten Worst Coldplay Songs

Coldplay is easily my favourite band of all time: creative, interesting and a diverse range of songs. But some songs have missed the cut. Choosing ten songs to be considered the worst of Coldplay is actually very challenging. And I've been a Coldplay fan for around ten years now, so I know what I'm talking about. So here it is: a list of the worst Coldplay songs, coming from a devoted fan.

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21 Magic

This song is actually really good. Probably the only good song off ghost stories. Sure it's quiet, and a little repetitive, but every album needs a song like this to be complete. And this one is actually listenable.

No way. I love this song.

I don't believe in magic. And when I heard the song it affirmed my disbelief. Unmemorable, shallow, weak lyrically and "musically". Forgettable lyrics and song, thank goodness.

A musically weak song.

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22 Atlas

To be honest. I haven't heard the whole song. The little I heard was so horrendous that if Chris played a joke us all and the rest of the song was Clocks it would still be horrible. Not worth even a complete listen in my opinion.

No I love this one! - harryholman

23 A Whisper

Just boring. Rush of Blood to the Head album is amazing, but this song is definitely the worst on there. Super repetitive and it always gets a skip when it comes on for me.

24 Every Teardrop is a Waterfall
25 Bigger Stronger

It may be a Radiohead rip off (Exit music (For a film)) but it's a good song.

26 Don't Let It Break Your Heart
27 A Head Full of Dreams
28 The Hardest Part

I think is boring and that's all...

29 Charlie Brown

God no

30 Army of One

Feels like it goes on forever

31 Swallowed in the Sea

I personally find this song quite boring and average. In general, I don't really like Coldplays acoustic songs, I prefer the songs like White Shadows and 42

32 Low
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