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Formed in 1916 after the Easter uprising, Ireland is a small country with a population of roughly 5 million.


Unfriendly? Compared to who? Or what? Ireland is one of the friendliest, if not THE friendliest countries on the planet. Do not begin to tell me that the english are any friendlier, because that would be politically incorrect and extremely false. Plus, the english have always opressed it's surrounding countries, so ireland can thank your violent and opressive country for all they have done to the irish eceonomy. Many have lived peasant lives due to England's abuse of power and aggressive behavior of their government. Who would even dare to talk about Ireland OR Scotland like that? Afterall, England signifficantly contributed to their innocently poor population. Another word you mentioned was 'fat'. Please define 'fat' for me. England has been and always will be a fatter and more obese country than ireland. Next to the fattest country on this planet (U. S), England is following close behind, while not even recognizing their overall health. God save the english!

Its history is really irrelevant man, in my humble opinion Ireland is a bleak, boring place, full of stuck-up, ignorant, dull (and most often than not drunk) people, which makes for one of the last places I'd ever want to live in (definitely the last in Europe). Even Scotland is more interesting with its landscapes and cheerful, friendly folk

I have lived in every county in Ireland and Dublin is by far the worst country in Ireland and probably the worst in the world there's thugs messing with tourists knackers causing nothing but trouble I've lived in Dublin for two mothnts and I've been attacked spit on roared at stabbed in my neck and head I have scars everywhere from being bested and mistreated I used to suffer from depression from the abuse junkies looking for money knackers following you constantly following and harassing you I've suffered sexual assault from a group of young teenagers who thought it was funny I've got couletses racial slurs said to me I'm a human too!

People are bitter and rude! They market themselves as a happy country to draw in tourism, which is the only thing that keeps the country afloat. The economy is weakening and it's obvious when "rich" foreigners visit the endless gift stores to buy anything with a green clover. The sales people are very pushy and are rude if they don't think you will buy anything. Very desperate.

If you go out at night be very careful of the thugs. Drugs and poverty are rampant and if you look like a tourist you become a target.

To whoever said America is lazy take a look at Ireland. It has many run down towns that are old and it takes the Irish forever to get anything done. The US has hundreds of cities and is extremely structured so think again about calling Americans lazy

It really thinks it's special, and it's a tin pot country that had slaves until 1996. Ask the survivors of the laundries.

A horrible country with young aggressive people drug addicts racist non culture people I have lived all my life and I hate if really want to be robbed or get a senseless beating Ireland's your place

They hate foreigners, especially from Eastern Europe, although they made their living using European Union. Other English speaking countries are on much higher level, no wonder the population of this country is so tiny compare to England.

What?!? Ireland is one of the most beautiful, friendliest country in the word! People are so nice you can even make friends in the streets. Unfortunately no country is perfect and it is true that people drink too much at night so it can be a little dangerous, the weather must say it is not the best. apart from this Ireland is absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to came back there and sing traditional music in a pub!

Full of antisocial knackers. Every week there is a new stabbing or home invasion story on the radio. Politicians would sooner bury the country even deeper in debt than give two damns about a proper solution. Am genuinely frightened for my life living here

Dublin is THE worst place to live; heroin addicts everywhere and arrogant people who think their jobs make them God.

This is so upsetting I am Irish and you make me sick Ireland is a great country 99% of people are friendly here

The people are amazing! I became rather ill during the second week of a month-long vacation. In Waterford a hotel concierge booked a doctor appointment for me. In Dublin, another concierge helped me get to the emergency room. Even the other ER patients in were kind! I didn't even ask for help. My phone had died. I didn't have my charger or converter with me. The vending machine ate my money. I was sick and alone in a foreign country. A teenage boy offered to let me use his charger. Someone else rounded up change so I could purchase a drink. I was shocked. You will NOT find this in American ERs. That said, I've never had to wait twelve hours for treatment in the US. If you have an emergency in Ireland, and it's not life and death, be prepared for a long wait. I was told eight hours can be a typical wait time.

I spent most of my time in Dublin. Friendly people. It wasn't nearly as dangerous as some allowed. I'm a petite female. I was on my own. I just asked what areas to avoid. ...more

A lot of english idiots in the comments thinking they still rule the world like in 19th century! Northern Ireland back to Ireland! From Romania! - IvaAstra

The country is filthy and poorly kept. Parts of Dublin are so disgusting you wouldn't even know they have a sewer system. I realize the country is incredibly poor, but you would think they would have some pride.

Dirty gummy aids riddled ginger bastards their IQ is lower than a dog those drunken bastards should be killed at once

Only one real city nothing but fields and sheep everythings boring but people are nice

I am Polish and I have to say I love Irish people and Ireland!

It's always raining!
They went potty about money in the 2000's and look like they are heading the same way again
Stay Away

Even Derelict houses are so EXPENSIVE, Climate sucks, PEOPLE are greedy and are not nice, LAZY people, Alcoholics, Country of bad-behaviour people with young gangsters, Republic haha it's a prison when all bandits should live as punishment

Don't know where most of the people got there information here They either haven,t been to a lot of others countries or just If they had they would know that Ireland is one of the best

No most people don't even know what Slovakia is

I can assure you Ireland is a good country. Maybe travel more to the countryside.

The only people who think it's a great country are either rabid Irish nationalists or people who've never set foot there. A loud, dirty, aggressive, expensive, hopelessly disorganized, and uncultured place, with horrible food, unfriendly people, widespread drug and alcohol abuse, nothing to do other than getting yourself drunk, and third-world infrastructure. The best part of Ireland is the departure lounge at the airport.

Safe and secure for family and children.Good choice of Schools.great housing.Transport is very good, excellent trains and intercity buses.Good clean unpolluted air.Fresh produce.
People say 'good morning'to each other and to strangers.

Ireland is full of whiskey addicts. They are stupid and can't do anything for themselves