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Brazil, officially the Federative Republic of Brazil, is the largest country in both South America and the Latin American region.


Corruption, violence (just in some cities) and all here is expensive.

I'm Brazilian living abroad for the past 28 years. The fascist military dictatorship that lasted 3 decades has made this country a cesspool of corruption, violence, inequality, and failed policies. Over 80% of the population make less than US$ 800.00 a month. Health care is a disaster. Vast segments of the population live in favelas and substandard housing projects where high crime rates make life a nightmare. Public education is a sad story here, keeping the masses at near-illiterate levels for easy manipulation and quasi-enslavement. The Generals and the fascistic armed forces created "democratic" parties (PMDB, PSD, etc) that are all too happy to remove any elected official that leans slightly left in their pro-population programs. Brazil should be in the worst 5 countries to live in, not in the worst 20.

Awful place to live, violence and inequality everywhere, corruption is rampant, just this week it was revealed the biggest brands of meat of the country were purposely rotting the meats for consumers to buy, Brazil is also the second largest exporter of meat in the world, so we've been exporting rotten meat for people everywhere, I'm really ashamed for my nation for doing that, I don't even want to call Brazil my nation anymore. And you what's the worst part? The people are so used to scandals that they don't care anymore, they're still buying rotten meats which are slowly killing them, they're still voting for the same corrupt political parties, they just don't care, Brazil will never change!

Brazil is extremely corrupt, expensive to live.

Violence, crime, poverty, inequality, racism, terrible infrastructure and corruption are only some of the things that make this country an absolutely disgusting place and terrible country to have to live in. With the amount of murder, disease and it's horrible healthcare system it's shocking anybody still lives here anyway. If this country is to survive, it's corrupt government has to actually do something.

Violent, unsafe, corruption, populist government, inequality society and instability.

Lived here for four years. Worst four years of my life.
Maybe I'm being a lttle harsh here, but why is everyone an imbecile? Protests EVERYWHERE, about anything. Lately, there have been poor people camping on other people's property, complaining that they have nowhere to live. I understand that they are poor and am very sorry about that, but do they really need to live in rich people's backyards in order to make a statement?
And you know that stereotype about how every single person there absolutely loves soccer? It's true. Soccer's pretty much all they care about. They love it to the point of obsession. Seriously, people have DIED in soccer stadiums because there were HUGE arguments about who's team is better.
I will say that there's very beautiful scenery, though. But, all in all, just don't come here.

The country itself is a beautiful place, the problem is the government, the high crime rate, and the conservative churches, Brazil is the number one country in killing transgender people, that is a sad thing, mostly of people here wants to criminalize homophobia that's a great thing, the problems are the conservative churches that don't want to legalize the law, fortunately it seems that the Conservative churches are loosing it's influence that's great, and Brazilian's youngers are much more, really much more, open minded than the old generation, the will save this country of being ruled by religion.

Brazil is a bad place to live. The politicians are very corrupt and they don't care about de population. Education level is very low in Brazil and there are a lot of street crimes. Big cities are the worst places because criminals use mobile phones and motorcicles to locate and rob tourists at gunpoint. Some easy women are scammers and they take advantage of rich tourists. They can slip a sleeping pill into you beverage. Society is disfunctional in Brazil but nature is pretty. If you go there, it's better to stay in a small city. Some isolated locations are nice with beautiful beaches and nice mountains and waterfalls in the countryside.

A country full of corruption, one year there, they hate Europeans because they know to be under them, most of married people do sex with friends with no values, very ignorant people, they do not study, at their universities you can find people who cannot write their language if not a few words, teachers who help students because they pay! Violence is huge, and they know, and they talk like they are a nice all South Americans people, their intelligence Q is very low, I don't remember something interesting from their mouth, women only think to show butt and breast, but they are very low quality to live together. - bigtraveller

I'm Brazilian! PLEASE someone get me out of here!

I am Brazilian, and trust me, never come to Brazil, we are very corrupted and you get mugged very easily.

The government is always making things worse for the population. The horrible public health system, terrible security, cities are dirty as hell, people are always trying to scheme on you, public education is like never existed cause the children stay analphabet and don't learn anything.

The problem of Brazil is the people.They're extremely insecure, and that reflects on a hell lot of things:

EVERY SINGLE THING everyone does they do it to cover they're insecurity, do it to show off, in order to seem to be something they want to be, and none of them is able to cover it, they're not confident enough to play it cool.

You feel watched and judged everywhere you go.

They're humor is mostly ridiculing other people's acts, that makes them feel less ridiculous then they thing theirselves are.

The Brazilian comedy is an insecure comedy always appealing to noisy and exaggerated characters and immoral content

Brazilian politic reflects its people(in general), Brazilians live in a constant unpeaceful social environment and live looking for some source of pleasure and caring the less about doing something actually relevant, just like their politicians do.

If I could describe Bazil in one word it would be: insecure. We're insecure, I'm ...more

Have lived in many places in the world, but Brazil was easily the worst place I have ever

I don't think that Brazil is a bad place to live. We have corruption and crime of course, but we have a lot pof opportunities to improve the life. The climate is good, we have free universities, most of the people are very friendly and there is no war since 1945. I just think that Brazil is here because the Brazilians have a bad habit of complaining about the country and overhauling the American culture.

I am not Brazilian I went there. Brazil is the hell, the worst country to live in the world the people there is very ignorant. But I could see how england is likely

I'm Brazilian too. Yes, this country is a trash. Very violence, very very VERY HIGH TAXES, bad education... All this happens because this government is very corrupt! I tried love this country, but I can't.

Brazil Is extremely corrupt and violent.

I am really saying that Brazil is a good place to visit but not to live in. Maybe because of it's corruption. And I'm saying that the landscape is the best with it's tropical feels and the beaches are nice especially Copacobana beach (And that Barry Manilow brought me here). I never been there but I find the economic landscape looks great. Also that Christ statue on Brazil was very beautiful and it's one of the best landmarks in the world. Despite the problems, it's thw best.

I think that Brasil should be in the top 5 in this list because everything is bad there and there's just so much corruption

Corrupt government, bad drivers, rude people, and even more corruption.

Don't travel to Brazil, you will be dead fast

Government sucks.

Well, they're open minded people, but there are so many asses too - also known as bolsominions, who supports a racist, homophobic, materialistic and dumb ass guy, called Bolsonaro -

Brazil got a beautiful culture, thanks to the miscegenation of different ethnicities. We'd live in peace, harmony and complete happiness if it hadn't been for the greedy and prejudiced ones.

I went to Brazil this summer and this LOTS of crime and trash there and my MOM is from Brazil and she just loves USA more than Brazil