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The Philippines was established in March 16, 1521 and named in honor of a Spanish King whose name is King Philip of Spain II. It is located at Asia, specifically at Southeast Asia. The capital is Manila. 89% of the people there currently are native, while 11% of people there are foreigners.


Dirty, smelly, hot and humid, garbage everywhere, power supply fails every week, insects biting, insects in the houses, lizards crawling in the houses, uneducated people, beggars, dishonest cheating people, low quality of living, dirty beaches, poor food quality, dirty hospitals, dirty cafes, crowded streets and shops, sewage smells everywhere, house drains blocked, poor building standards, no road sense, no driver courtesy, poor banking services, dirty swimming pools, thieves, bars on windows, houses hot, humid and smelly, dangerous drivers, flies around food when eating outside,...and more. If you have a choice, go somewhere else!

Don't live here if you don't want extreme corruption. So many language barriers (Filipinos don't understand fellow

Filipinos because of so many dialects such as Tagalog, Hiligaynon, Ilocano etc. ) If you're a foreigner, (regardless of

Ethnicity) beware of the urban areas because YOU ARE MORE LIKELY TO BE VICTIMS of heinous crimes than the

Locals. Most people show no discipline at all (maybe because of bad upbringing, I don't know).

Tax here is very high
Here, education is a privilege, not a right
Almost every area has bandits, robbers, rapists etc.
Crimes here are VERY VERY COMMON (I warned you. )
Major cities have so many beggars
VERY unclean surroundings (especially Metro Manila)
Prone to natural disasters
Incredibly low value of the Philippine peso
The Philippine media SUCKS (no quality entertainment at all)
Here, Atheism is not accepted at all! At least believe in God or Allah (So that's what they call freedom? )

It sure is a beautiful country. People are very friendly where English is widely spoken. If you watch beauty pageants Filipinos are always winning or even just on the top 5. Philippines is a land of land beautiful, Talented and hardworking people. But the government is not so good. Given a good governance the country should rank on the top as a great little country with wide open arms to all kinds of foreign visitors. The government should spend time and money to clean the country. That's what it needs.

For me, Philippines is at a really bad state right now. The education is terrible and the poverty of the country is very alarming. Due to poverty, the crime rate in the country is increasing. They also think Philippines as one of the best countries around the world. I would love to go there because of the beautiful beaches but I wont because of all the problems of that country. Maybe ill go someday but I'm sure that it will take a long time before I willingly go there.

Corruption, street dogs, beggars, poor education, pollution, garbage, show-offs, squatters, and crimes. Philippines has the people with bad attitudes.

Filipinos' specialty is showing off. I don't even know what they're proud of!

Fun Fact: The Government doesn't even care about the pollution.

This country should be the next target of terrorists. Because Philippines doesn't deserve to be called a country.

They keep saying "It's more fun in the Philippines". False advertisement! More like; It's not fun in the Philippines.

Many of the people here have no common sense, they complain their poor at the same time have 10 children, lazy, and gamblers. It's just pathetic.

Filipinos have faith to god, they are educated people, known to be ftiendly.

The downside of this country is both women,men and children have Crab mentality. You know, ruining other people's success. I had classmates in school who get angry at me for not being successful or doing what they want me to do, even choosing the side your friend is against makes them angry and even not understanding them clearly makes them angry.

Filipinos can be sometimes rude, perverted, loud, arrogant, judgemental, pride much, and like to gossip behind your back, I get really irritated when they say we have "that" and "this" in our country, but what their really trying to say is " our country is far more better then yours" then why bother work oversea if you love your country that much? "Moreover", why do u guys criticise other countries and its people? "Do you think your country is that perfect? They always say "I'm proud to pinoy" when theirs really nothing to be proud of.

Don't get me wrong, but this is not a bad country. It's second to the US as the most overrated country in the world.


The problem of Filipinos: They focus on the problem/cons and don't correct them. (That's even worse) - thesimsvampires

Then go leave, no one's stopping you. You're such a disgrace idiot!

My fam is from there they took me to Phil last year and I am never going back there again. I can't stay one minute in a car without someone coming up and begging us for money. They're malls and beaches are nice but most of them seem to struggle with colonial mentality because my Lola told me to be quiet in public because I can't speak Tagalog.

Guys? Philippines is rich in Gold. It has many tourist spots. 11% here has foreigners. That means it's just you don't even know what kinda life is here. Here in the Philippines we show LOVE.

You are the WORST people in the world. I wish you die

A country full of incompetent liars, cheats, beggars, thieves, pedophiles, murderers and all the worst scum of the earth. the country is hell.

The Philippines is not a really horrible place because I am a half filipino myself and I live in the Philippines but there are some problems here like manila because Manila is the Capital of this country and it's so horrible manila is just full of ugly poor people and even the houses there are horrible so the capital of this country should be makati or sta.rosa because those two are one of those places in the Philippines that are so clean and full of nice people

The Oligarchs and the many Religious groups pretty much ran the Philippines dry. But I do hope that the present situation will one day change. - doomwings13

I like it the only problem is Corruption

It's not perfect, but there's very nice beaches to visit, it should not be on the list

Don't Judge me BUT I think the haters of this

Country has smelly ass, bad breath and terrible spellers

And their grammar sucks. To be honest Philippines

Is the best country! (For me)

The government is not really that bad at all if you compare it to other countries. We have freedom here.

My grandpa is from there and he LOVED it when he lived there. I recommend this place from what he said

I used to like this country, but not anymore - UntitledMan

Philippines Sucks.. I know them since 2014 they show you friendliness but inside the inner heart they are not actually friendly... Some Filipinos Are Money Minded And If You Don't Give They Are Very Unfriendly.. they country is getting worse and worse since dueterte got elected killing people and it will get more worse... So It's On The Filipinos Side To Choose Whether To Make Their Country Great..

I wanted to love the Philippines but unfortunately I don't love the government...and the people suffers a cancerous crab mentality which is the primary cause of a dysfunctional society