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South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea, is a sovereign state in East Asia, constituting the southern part of the Korean Peninsula.


Hate outsiders and and fear miscegenation especially in the US and New Jersey. If a South Korean asks what you think of mixing races and you say of course you don't believe in any of that thinking you're being nice or respectful of them, Wrong! They're threatening you and may go after your family and don't want you near their women. Sickening. Find most of them in the United States fitting nicely in Nazi/terror Bergen County New Jersey with those who can't afford Tenafly's hyper-segregated schools moving to Palisades Park where they make up over 50%.

Ugly people with racism. Sly on everything. Worst World Cup football host country ever.

Korean students are suffering from bullying and tend to kill themselves easily... Korea's suicide rate is the highest of the world...

The people have a low level of culture.
That's all!

Yes it is the country that dictator's daughter take a responsibility to handle the regime in the Blue House again. Nobody is able to think of that she does crack down many people suffered from corruption, poverty, and natural disaster. Just few months ago, a sinking ferry was reported through the Korean media, suggesting that this tragedy was derived from a number of corruptions including NIS (National Intelligence Security). How a government official department are participated in killing tons of people aboard on the ship? It is the worst country to live ever never you might think of residing here South Korea

Actually, Korea is not economically that hard for the majority of Koreans. However, there are so many prejudices about the poor, the handicapped, women (as the traditional prejudice that men are more potentially capable of handling things still exists), people wrap themselves with designer brands and expensive accessories to show their "richness".
I believe it's the students that suffer the most in Korean society. Not knowing where to go, what they want to do in the future, they are inaudibly pressured by the social atmosphere forcing them to go to college. College? All right, then. EVERYONE studies, day to night, going in and out of academies exhausting themselves out. I insist there has to be some change to prevent so much stress on students, anger, and suicides...

I am ordinary single Korean man. For teenagers point of view, terrible and stupid education system and not enough time for private. For adults point of view, busy life, long working hours, heavy traffic jam...
For foreigners point of view, it will be different from where you come from. People still have prejudice of nationality. Funny thing is when Korean people trip to oversea sometimes we have unfair treatment and angry about that but we are doing same thing to someone from not wealthy country. Hate this stupid behavior. I think about good thing and bad thing. Regrettably I found more bad things than good things. But it is depends on you. If you have stable income and don't care about stupid politicians and people, Korea is not so bad for living. Many service industry make your living easy.
If you are living in Korea for business perpose and company support your living and kid's education, it's not bad for living.

I am Korean and South Korea is a pretty good country if you have a above average wage. Rich cities are good, safe, and comfortable. Even though in the poor city, it might be more dangerous comparing to the big city, but it is much safer comparing to other country. Some people think South Korea sucks because they think crime happens a lot, stupid government, bad education, racism, etc. But guess what? There are other countries that are even worse than that. I want to say it happens in almost every country.

Why is this on here. North Korea is way worse.

Worst country to live in if you're handicap. In this country, they don't treat handicap to human like don't treat female to human in Middle East.

Fascism, nationalism, snobbery, servility... Shallow minded people. Disgusting country!

Girls are so cheap in south korea, it's one and only good point...

There are no beautiful women. All women are so plastic and disgusting looking. People are always shouting each other like crazy. Dirty. Uneducated. Disgusting patriotism. Always blame others. Always lie.

Politicians use North Korean issues to win election. They sometimes incite the North to make local provocation. Victims of the North's provocation are just ordinary South Korean citizens.

One of the best countries to enjoy. - KrystalDia

Ugly, ignorant, racist, liers, arrogant. Worst country ever

This country is fine, the whole Korean race is put to shame because of their northern neighbors though

Why would South Korea be on this list? It's a high standard of living, clean, well civilized... What'sg oing on?


-Too much plastic surgery

-Kpop celebrities that act and sound like Hollywood douchebags

-Extremely melodramatic Kdramas

-Strong hatred of Japan and Japanese culture

-Rampant racism and homophobia (though not as bad as Russia or Africa or Middle Eastern countries)

-They still eat dogs?

-It's 2015, who still remembers the "Gangnam Style" dance?


-Very fast internet speeds

-The food is quite delicious (and spicier than Japanese cuisine) though underrated

-High standard of living (it used to be a Third World country 50 years ago)

-Low crime rate (though a bit higher than Japan's)


-Hyundai and Samsung

South Korea is better than North Korea.

South Korea is actually pretty cool compared to other Asian countries.

Better than it's northern counter part but not flawless the teen suicide rate is a huge problem but for people who say they use north korean issues to gain votes well every country does that

Once you know who the current President of South Korea really is, you'll understand how pathetic this country is.

Way better than North Korea, screw North Korea. I visited South Korea and it's pretty cool. It's peaceful too.

Terrible, in here. I could get the reason why South Korea must be hated from other countries.