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1 Five Nights at Freddy's Fans

When the first game came out, it was decent, something done before, but done right. By the time the 3nd game came out, that's when it started going downhill. I only liked the 1st game, but even then, it left me feeling empty and just disappointed. Granted the fanbase is bad, but I pay attention to the gameplay most of the time, and this game just didn't deliver what it anticipated. Generic gameplay, a complicated plot, horrible fanbase, lack of focus from the developer. This game, to me, was a one-off thing that I thought would die out in like 2-3 months. But no, the developer is still milking an already dead cow for a few bills. Even now, the game is not worth the time playing, and the fanbase is just horrible.

The fanbase may have it's fair share of absolute garbage, but if people literally diss the game's quality because of it's fanbase, then you're just as bad...

The game isn't THAT bad. It's almost as if these people either don't bother looking into the story or are just salty because they can't beat a single night.

Both of which are possible, but then again, if I called out your problems, you'd just retaliate by saying I'm some sort of over-obsessed fanboy. Which may be true, but I can at least realize when people are either spouting the truth or unintelligible nonsense.

There are often good, very well-quality games that get dragged down by a cringy fanbase, and the FNAF series is a major example. When the original 3 games came out, they showed style, quality, originality, excitement and plot twists that made the games popular for their year. But I'm afraid, they just became too popular.

As soon as FNAF 3 opened it's doors, that's when trouble began. Fans demanded another series to Scott Cawthon, who'd already completed his story. Along with this, Fans became overhyped with the series and started creating shippings, R-Rated fan art, SFM animations and horrible theories and fanfics.

Foxy, Chica and Bonnie were mainly abused in this ordeal, with the Chica x Bonnie feud and the Foxy is a good guy feud. Becoming overwhelming for Scott, he reluctantly shoves out a 4th version, titled 'The Last Chapter' in order to shut people up about the series. All wasn't enough for the fans, who demanded more, saying the series was still 'Unfinished'. ...more

This game's fanbase is pure cancer, but the only reason I'm voting for it is because there wasn't an xxxtentacion option.

2 Undertale Fans

Yeah fangirls are weird because I have a sister who is crazy about Undertale and she made the game worse for me and I am not playing it again because I feel like it's a cringe thing.

Stupid fangirls always ruin fanbases by there stupid shipping and hating on anyone or doesn't like the fanbase. It's annoying

The game is one of my favorites but, the fanbase (mostly the fangirls) is so toxic.

Wherever you go and whatever you type undertale will suddenly pop out of nowhere. I like the game, Toby Fox has really tried hard while making it, but the fanbase just ruined it for me. Cringy fanfics, fan arts and AUs. If you comment that you simply don't like undertale but have nothing against people who like it fanboys will start arguing about how good it is. Fangirls are even worse than fanboys. They ship themselves with a skeleton. A SKELETON! They just ruined entire game for me. "SANSIE IS MUH boyfriend! HE LOVES ME AND WE HAZ KIDZ! " One of them even said that sans is real and is her boyfriend!

3 Anime Fans

It's either this or the PC Elitists so why not both.

Either they cancerously start a "Waifu War" (I just died on the inside when I said it) or they rant about how a person dissed their favorite anime. Waifu's are both nice to have at the same creepy as hell. How the hell could you have a fictional girlfriend and turn it into a real life relationship. Dissing their favorite anime and complaining that someone dissed it. *cough* SAO, FAIRY TAIL, NARUTO, ONE PICE FANS *cough*

I'm an anime fan myself, I actually love anime. But the fanbase is full of degenerates, losers, low-key pedophiles, horny pieces of crap who lewd everything, and antisocial dumbasses who think anime is life. The only anime fans who are actually normal people are the shounen and seinen fans, but the ones who like ecchi, harem, slice of life, etc are all toxic degenerates who ruin the larger anime fanbase for everyone.

I actually love My Hero Academia, it's a good show with amazing characters arcs and entertaining battles and humor, but the fanbase is out of control, like stop making every character gay. Anime is great, but the fanbase sucks.

The ones that do draw anime are cool, but some of them are strange like adding darker images into it like black eyes drooping down like ink or blood, there is tooo much of those.

4 Minecraft Fans

I like the game, but people are so difficult! I built a house and got some cats, and some random DanTDM lover blew up my house and laughed at me! He was apparently a troll and people called me a big baby because I said I was mad and I started blowing up other people's houses BUT SERIOUSLY? I hate Stupidlonghead and people kill my cats and wolves, set my house on fire and mess up my gardens so I really am starting to hate it

The game is awesome and I like it, but the fanbase is a problem because of...
A. The large amount of youtube videos of it. You can't go anywhere on youtube without running into something minecraft-related. Thank god most minecraft youtubers are switching to other games.
B. The fanbase mostly consists of cringey kids who won't play anything but minecraft. Just search Super Minecraft Kid on youtube and you'll see what I mean.

I had an argument on Miiverse with a Minecraft fan JUST BECAUSE I said I hated DanTDM. He 'insulted' me by saying I probably only play demo games and I never play normal video games. Luckily my friends came along and roasted him. Team Nintendo!

The game is pretty amazing, not as great as Growtopia or Terraria but still pretty good. But it's cancerous fanbase ruined youtube For.. Ever. And there is no way we can heal the scars.

5 Steven Universe Fans

Two people were almost drove to suicide due to stupid reasons! Let's start with the infamous one where a girl drew rose quartz skinny not a big deal right? To us that is! This fandom HARASSED this poor girl, and when she deleted her account you know what they did? They celebrated. Same to another person I'm not sure what gender but whatever. Anyway this person shipped peral with a male character, but I forgot his name. Anyway like with the girl they harassed this poor person. Why you may ask? It's because the claimed that pearl was "lesbian", and again like the girl they celebrated the fact that they could be dead it's sick and twisted, but it's true.

As amazing and beautiful as this show is, someone was driven to attempt suicide because of a vocal part of the fanbase. As bad as some other things that other fanbases did were, at least someone's life wasn't on the line!

If your fanbase bullies someone to committing suicide because you made the character's skin "not dark enough," this is a sign that you may possibly have truly despicable people here.

I voted for this and I am one! Fans besides me drove a fan art drawer to suicide! And make weird "gemsona's" showing them in the form of a crystal/hologram alien! Wow, you know it's sad when I vote for something I am!

6 Dragon Ball Z Fans

Did you ever visit a dragon ball forum? 99% of topics are: Goku is multiversal, Goku is MFTL+ Goku can lift X tons...Etc. Topics who talks about the plot are very rare. And the favorite sport of the fanbase is to spit and look down on other franchise without giving them a chance. The only things they know about it are their weaknesses, because they view them as a threat to goku and cie.

They think Goku is so hot and sexy and can beat god. Goku is ugly and died in the first episode. There are better anime like Sailor Moon Crystal and Samurai Champloo.

They want Goku in Smash when Smash is a game about video game characters and yet these fanboys keep trying to justify their desire to have Goku in Smash by saying Goku has been in games which are based on the anime.

They think Goku is the strongest fictional character ever even though some characters might beat him.

7 Frozen Fans

My ears are all rotten from that stupid song and almost everything on Disney plus is filled with stupid Olaf fairy tale adventures. P.S. Olaf was my very favorite character in that movie, BUT THEN WHEN FROZEN 2 CAME OUT Olaf turned into nothing but a cringe snow cone

These guys hate Princess Rosalina from Mario. They are Nintendo haters.

I am sick of their precious Elsa!

How to create a bad movie?

8 Beliebers

Should be number 1. Yikes, can't stand these people. All they do is just brag about him especially on how of a great singer he is, A LOT. I really dislike these people. Annoying famdom.

This should be on top 3

Beliebers are annoying.

9 Directioners A Directioner is a super fan of the British/Irish boy band called "One Direction". Directioners are dedicated to the band's five members: Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and people associated with them.

They was so overrated and Harry style is today, Zayn is so much better but he can't know how to not be controversial and hurting. I let em like em but it's hard when we are bombed by comment to say they are cute. I never liked the way they use autotune, the message that they send to boys and girls especially boys who will think be masculine is show a nuisette button,hurt or impressioning girls.

10 K-Pop Fans

Bruh, I literally got a death threat for hating BTS and they never respect opinions, even my mom gets insulted too and she barely even said anything. K-Pop fans are obsessive clowns too, they practically and worship the band like it's God or Shrek. The music isn't even amazing either, it's complete trash.

I can't go 3-feet in my school without someone screaming about how amazing k-pop and BTS is.

Do I really need to explain this one?

They suck and Kpop sucks too.

The Newcomers

? AEW Freakazoids

These losers will defend AEW even over the smallest of criticism because they think AEW saved Mainstream American Wrestling when it really has been making the same mistakes that both TNA and WCW made and you have a loser named Arman who is a racist, sexist, and a pedo that goes around doxxing and calling for death towards anyone who criticizes AEW.

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11 Cuphead Fans

When it comes old cartoons, this fanbase says: IT'S CUPHEAD. It's a great game but the fanbases looks awful for everyone else.

Boy, they are a pretty bad fanbase with shipping wars everywhere.

Please remember that they are sexualizing a CUP! Among all things

Easy the Terrible fandom ever!

12 My Little Pony Fans

This show is a disgrace to the human species. And I am not emphasizing anything when I say that. The men that watch the show have gone from being men to now being little girls who obsess over rainbow haired pink deformed donkeys. That's just disgusting how they enjoy to watch this show And then decide to make pornography of the stupid characters. This show is a down right disgrace. And yeah, I have seen a few episodes of this dumb show and it's nothing special. The art is nothing special, the characters are down right annoying, and the fans are just weird and creepy. I absolutely can't wait for this waste of time show to get off the air so that this fanbase would get off all of our backs about how it's the greatest show in the entire world.

Grown men and women obsessed with something that is supposed to be from young girls really sickens me. The show isn't terrrible, but the grown up fans ruin it. We know what mlp is so you don't have to shive it down our throats. And whether we like it or nit regarding your age, you can't force us to like it. We have opions to so respect that. Bronies are seriously one of the dumbest peoplei had to across in my life and its horrible. In fact, I USED to be one. Luckily, I stopped watching the show and found a better thing that that mlp crap.

The fact that guys older than me watch this garbage is just embarrassing. WHY?! Hasbro, please, cancel this show already!

How did a show turn from a show that teaches friendship into a show for grown old men?

13 Boku no Pico Fans

This is literally illegal material of children. Just from that alone, this fanbase was doomed to suck anyways. They're also disturbingly vocal on Reddit.

I hate every Boku no Picophile that worships a disgusting piece of garbage about child porn. Only a mongrel would be stupid enough to say despicable crap like "PICO IS BEST WAIFU 4 ever! ". All I can do is sob that there are actually people who like such gross things in the world.

I wished we can see other people's comment right away because I just posted a comment without using my account.

This is bad, don't watch it. Only a little of the intro caused me seizure!

14 Roblox Fans
15 Nintendrones

Oh my god!
Even if Nintendo destroyed the world, they would defend it!
I hate fans that can't acknowledge when their favorite messed up, and this is what they are!
This is my problem with fans of Star wars!
I don't hate the last jedi because it has a female as the lead, I really liked the force awakens and that had a female lead!
But there are people who do believe that,and that is not ok.
But so is what Rian Johnson is doing, he is forcing people to like his product, which is equally as bad.
That is why I hate Nintendrones.
You don't have to agree with me!
But disagree with me respectfully!

They are extremely immature, but surprising they are more mature than Xbots and PC Gaming fans. Maybe PlayStation fans.

The ones on thetoptens are literally the worst. Really guys, "haters hate because no blood"? That argument is invalid tbh.

16 Furries

Now, don't get me wrong. I have no problem with a lot of animal lovers and furries, especially when it comes to animation. I adore the classic/Renaissance-era Disney and anime artstyles so much, as well as a few artstyles from the more modern Warner Bros. shows, such as Infinity Train, but then there are the people that get into creepy relationships with fictional characters, as the ones on Fur Affinity and DeviantArt are easily the most infamous. Harmless artwork is fine, such as the ones done by my favorite artist among the community, Raquel Simoso (AKA Skailla), as she does put in a lot of thought, effort and soul into everything, but the poorly-drawn fanfic-style images needs to stop. I wish they were just animal lovers instead of something... more perverted.

Now I personally never Had any problems with furries. Just a bunch of people having fun in animal costumes! Whats wrong here? Then I saw the gay drawings on the internet. These gay satan incarnations have took over almost the entire furry fanbase. This is why I Hate them. I mean I have nothing against gay people but they took it too far. They even transform planes into living beings and make them do gay stuff. It needs to stop!

There are so many out there who love to draw and write the most disgusting things ever, and these few stick out and make everyone else in this fanbase look bad. Fans of My Little Pony have pretty much the same story. Being in the MLP community myself, I really don't like people like these.

Furries aren't bad people. The perverts in the fandom are a minority but seem to be the part outsiders notice the most, and so are stereotyped as perverts.
Bronies suffer similar treatments.

17 Creepypasta Fans

Creepypastas suck, they are share the same 'gore moment' and 'found at a garage sale cassette' and suicide for some reason. Especially the Berenstain Bears Creepypasta.

We truly suck.

18 Sonic Fans

Yes. Easily has the worst fandom of any video game icon. Recolors, ripoffs, flame wars, the list goes on and on... And let's not forget how the Sonic fandom ruins characterization as well. Sonic is not Rainbow Dash's love interest. Tails is not annoying. Knuckles is not dumb. Shadow is not a bloodthirsty murderer/Blood Knight/emo. Rouge is not in love with every cartoon character outside the Sonic series. Cream is not sexy. Cream is not Fox McCloud's love interest, Krystal is! Blaze is not Felix the Cat's love interest. Silver is not on drugs. Big is not a terrible character. Need to go on? And finally, there I said it: There are no canon couples in the Sonic franchise. I wish most Sonic fans would realize that.

Nowadays I only play the games more than anything else and I see the characters and franchise as what it is.

I'm a tame Sonic fan from NJ and I do think the fanbase must stop. Ever since Sonic Adventure, the fanbase turned into green eyes haters. They almost never buy any modern Sonic game except Colors and Generations, and they need to get with the times and not stick to a formula. Jerks. Also Sonic's 30th anniversary is coming, so fans need to wait and see, not whine about the 2D formula. Get it, homeys?

This is definitely one of the most toxic and disgusting fanbases ever, I just hate the sexual fantasies with Sonic sleeping with Tails or Sonic sleeping with Shadow, I used to like Sonic until their fanbase became gross.

As a Sonic fan, how is this not at the top? The fanbase is the most ungrateful fanbase ever, complaining too much about detail from Classic Sonic's physics or the Boost gameplay. The list goes beyond that.

19 Super Smash Bros. Fans

The Nintendo fanbase in general is toxic. They argue all the time, they don't respect opinions and they think they are better than everyone else. "Mario is like the best character in video game history!" "You're an idiot for not playing Smash Bros!".

A girl who won a game against Ally with a low-tier character was bullied out of Twitter and competitive Smash
Ally is a pedophile who dated a girl 13 years younger than him
The girl was later found on private Discord servers to be confederate-level racist using the hard-r n-word several times.
And everybody always complains about tier-lists and are always ready to pounce on whoever's the next recipient of the annual buff.

You can basically cram what the tourney people allow in Melee into an N64 cartridge.

By the way, did I mention how much the Smash fans hate Fire Emblem?

20 Adolf Hitler Fans

The fact that they exist sounds too absurd to be true.

That can be worse than everything else!

Who likes him? Alex Jones?

He... has... fans? Yikes!

21 Bronies A brony is an adult male fan of the Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s.

I think this is even worse, should be number 1 in the worst! Bronies are bad.

Don't even get me started on these people.

22 Call of Duty Fans

They call out me, and other people for liking different things, hit people up for money just to buy a new game, and they ignore the facts that some Call Of Duty's are sucking right now! And whenever I see some Call of Duty fan asks what I like, I share my love for Nintendo and they hate on me! Call of Duty?! Ha! More like Call of crappy! And they think only Call of Duty is revolutionary, when Nintendo is awesome and cool! Nintendo rules Sony drools! Nintendo fan for life

This fambase will never die because a new game gets released every year.

23 SpongeBob SquarePants Fans

My god, they will never stop trashing about seasons 6-8 or praising the first 3 seasons and it drives me insane to the point where I want to bang my head into a wall. they need to remember that even 6-8 can have some goodies in them (It's A SpongeBob Christmas being a stand-out example), and even their precious first 3 seasons include bad episodes (I'm with stupid being another stand-out example). I rest my case.

Oh god. Who would've thought a children's cartoon would have such a toxic and defensive fanbase? It's not even good in my opinion.

It's always been a stupid cartoon.
It was just a laugh when you're a kid. The theme song, living in a pineapple under the sea, the fun song and is mayonnaise an instrument.
But you grow up and realise what a dumb show that was.

I can't stand Spongebob fans. They are always disrespecting my opinions and it drives me crazy!

24 Genwunners

They were everywhere around the time of Sinnoh until Unova's release. Thankfully they vanished before they could get out of hand.

Dude, Mew is my favorite Gen 1 Pokemon and Houndoom is my favorite Gen 2 Pokemon. Make up, your mind, Genlosers.

Man are these people annoying. I like Generation 6 NOT Generation 1. Even worse are the Hoenn fans.

The Johto fans are probably worse. ALL OF THOSE TYPHLOSION FANS DRIVE ME INSANE. Almost as badly as Charizard-worshippers that follow the fat dragon like a cult and if anyone says the slightest thing against him they go insane. its like eevee fangirls... Don't get me started on them. They are all obsessive over Pokemon that look cute, not if they are actually interesting. Those are the three main branches of Pokemon fans, other than gennwunners. And then there is me, who likes kangashkan, torterra, and infernape(my favorite gen is 4, if it isn't obvious)

25 Among Us Fans
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