Top 10 Worst Fanbases of All Time

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1 Five Nights at Freddy's Fans

There are often good, very high-quality games that get dragged down by a cringy fanbase, and the FNAF series is a major example. When the original three games came out, they showed style, quality, originality, excitement, and plot twists that made the games popular for their year. But I'm afraid they just became too popular.

As soon as FNAF 3 opened its doors, that's when trouble began. Fans demanded another series from Scott Cawthon, who'd already completed his story. Along with this, fans became overhyped with the series and started creating shippings, R-rated fan art, SFM animations, and horrible theories and fanfics.

Foxy, Chica, and Bonnie were mainly abused in this ordeal, with the Chica x Bonnie feud and the Foxy is a good guy feud. Becoming overwhelming for Scott, he reluctantly released a fourth version, titled 'The Last Chapter', in order to shut people up about the series. All wasn't enough for the fans, who demanded more, saying the series was still 'unfinished'. This caused the messy two games known as 'Sister Location' and 'FNAF 6' to be born, which ruined the series once and for all.

The fanbase just had to ruin a perfect, exquisite, original masterpiece. They just had to. Shame on you, FNAF fans.

2 Undertale Fans

Yeah, fangirls are weird. I have a sister who is crazy about Undertale, and she made the game worse for me. I am not playing it again because I feel like it's a cringe thing.

Stupid fangirls always ruin fanbases with their stupid shipping and hating on anyone who doesn't like the fanbase. It's annoying.

Wherever you go and whatever you type, Undertale will suddenly pop out of nowhere. I like the game. Toby Fox has really tried hard while making it, but the fanbase just ruined it for me. Cringy fanfics, fan arts, and AUs. If you comment that you simply don't like Undertale but have nothing against people who like it, fanboys will start arguing about how good it is. Fangirls are even worse than fanboys. They ship themselves with a skeleton. A SKELETON! They just ruined the entire game for me. "Sansie is my boyfriend! He loves me and we have kids!" One of them even said that Sans is real and is her boyfriend!

3 Minecraft Fans

I like the game, but people are so difficult! I built a house and got some cats, and some random DanTDM lover blew up my house and laughed at me! He was apparently a troll and people called me a big baby because I said I was mad and I started blowing up other people's houses BUT SERIOUSLY? I hate Stupidlonghead and people kill my cats and wolves, set my house on fire and mess up my gardens so I really am starting to hate it.

The game is awesome and I like it, but the fanbase is a problem because of:

A. The large amount of YouTube videos of it. You can't go anywhere on YouTube without running into something Minecraft-related. Thank God most Minecraft YouTubers are switching to other games.

B. The fanbase mostly consists of cringey kids who won't play anything but Minecraft. Just search Super Minecraft Kid on YouTube and you'll see what I mean.

4 Anime Fans

Here is the deal. I don't hate the shows or the movies. I just don't like the fans. I don't get why people practically devote their life to anime. It's literally a type of animation. And I don't get why people have feelings for them. They are literally drawings.

It's either this or the PC Elitists, so why not both?

Either they cancerously start a "Waifu War" (I just died on the inside when I said it), or they rant about how a person dissed their favorite anime. Waifus are both nice to have and creepy as hell. How the hell could you have a fictional girlfriend and turn it into a real-life relationship?

Dissing their favorite anime and complaining that someone dissed it. *cough* SAO, Fairy Tail, Naruto, One Piece fans *cough*

5 Frozen Fans

My ears are all rotten from that stupid song, and almost everything on Disney Plus is filled with stupid Olaf fairytale adventures. P.S. Olaf was my very favorite character in that movie, but then when Frozen 2 came out, Olaf turned into nothing but a cringey snow cone.

These guys hate Princess Rosalina from Mario. They are Nintendo haters.

I am sick of their precious Elsa!

6 Steven Universe Fans

Two people were almost driven to suicide due to stupid reasons! Let's start with the infamous one where a girl drew Rose Quartz skinny. Not a big deal, right? To us, that is! This fandom harassed this poor girl, and when she deleted her account, you know what they did? They celebrated.

Same goes for another person. I'm not sure what gender, but whatever. Anyway, this person shipped Pearl with a male character, but I forgot his name. Like with the girl, they harassed this poor person. Why, you may ask? It's because they claimed that Pearl was "lesbian", and again, like with the girl, they celebrated the fact that they could be dead. It's sick and twisted, but it's true.

7 Dragon Ball Z Fans

Did you ever visit a Dragon Ball forum? 99% of topics are: Goku is multiversal, Goku is MFTL+, Goku can lift X tons, etc. Topics that talk about the plot are very rare. And the favorite sport of the fanbase is to spit on and look down on other franchises without giving them a chance. The only things they know about them are their weaknesses because they view them as a threat to Goku and co.

They think Goku is so hot and sexy and can beat god. Goku is ugly and died in the first episode. There are better anime like Sailor Moon Crystal and Samurai Champloo.

8 Beliebers

Should be number 1. Yikes, can't stand these people. All they do is brag about him, especially about how great of a singer he is, A LOT. I really dislike these people. Annoying fandom.

9 K-Pop Fans

They base their life off K-pop idols, and if you criticize their "handsome" Koreans, they will cry like babies. And the music is trash. It's just American pop sung by Koreans, and there is nothing so unique about it. Most people are just fans because "other people are listening to it, I'll listen too." Get a life, honestly.

Bruh, I literally got a death threat for hating BTS, and they never respect opinions. Even my mom gets insulted too, and she barely even said anything. K-Pop fans are obsessive clowns. They practically worship the band like it's God or Shrek. The music isn't even amazing either. It's complete trash.

10 Directioners A Directioner is a super fan of the British/Irish boy band called "One Direction". Directioners are dedicated to the band's five members: Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and people associated with them.

They were so overrated, and Harry Styles is today. Zayn is so much better, but he can't know how to not be controversial and hurting. I let them like them, but it's hard when we are bombarded by comments saying they are cute. I never liked the way they use autotune, the message that they send to boys, and girls especially boys who will think being masculine is showing a muscle button, hurting, or impressing girls.

They would sell their soul just for One Direction's members. What the heck?

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11 Adolf Hitler Fans

I'm guessing his fans are the 10-year-olds on The Top Tens who think that he's better than Justin Bieber.

The fact that they exist sounds too absurd to be true.

My question is why would you even be a fan of him.

12 Boku no Pico Fans

I hate every Boku no Picophile that worships a disgusting piece of garbage about child pornography. Only a mongrel would be stupid enough to say despicable things like "Pico is the best waifu forever!". All I can do is sob, knowing that there are actually people who like such gross things in the world.

This is literally illegal material of children. Just from that alone, this fanbase was doomed to suck anyways. They're also disturbingly vocal on Reddit.

Wait, people actually like this garbage?

13 My Little Pony Fans

This show is a disgrace to the human species, and I am not emphasizing anything when I say that. The men who watch the show have gone from being men to now being little girls who obsess over rainbow-haired pink deformed donkeys. That's just disgusting how they enjoy watching this show and then decide to make pornography of the stupid characters. This show is a downright disgrace.

And yeah, I have seen a few episodes of this dumb show, and it's nothing special. The art is nothing special, the characters are downright annoying, and the fans are just weird and creepy. I absolutely can't wait for this waste of time show to get off the air so that this fanbase would get off all of our backs about how it's the greatest show in the entire world.

14 Cuphead Fans

When it comes to old cartoons, this fanbase says: IT'S CUPHEAD. It's a great game, but the fanbase looks awful for everyone else.

Boy, they are a pretty bad fanbase with shipping wars everywhere.

Please remember that they are sexualizing a cup, among all things.

15 Creepypasta Fans

Creepypastas suck. They share the same 'gore moment', 'found at a garage sale cassette', and suicide for some reason. Especially the Berenstain Bears Creepypasta.

16 Nintendrones

Oh my god! Even if Nintendo destroyed the world, they would defend it! I hate fans that can't acknowledge when their favorite messed up, and this is what they are!

This is my problem with fans of Star Wars! I don't hate The Last Jedi because it has a female as the lead. I really liked The Force Awakens, and that had a female lead! But there are people who do believe that, and that is not okay.

But so is what Rian Johnson is doing. He is forcing people to like his product, which is equally as bad. That is why I hate Nintendrones. You don't have to agree with me! But disagree with me respectfully!

17 Furries

Now, don't get me wrong. I have no problem with a lot of animal lovers and furries, especially when it comes to animation. I adore the classic/Renaissance-era Disney and anime art styles so much, as well as a few art styles from the more modern Warner Bros. shows, such as Infinity Train. But then there are the people that get into creepy relationships with fictional characters. The ones on Fur Affinity and DeviantArt are easily the most infamous. Harmless artwork is fine, such as the ones done by my favorite artist among the community, Raquel Simoso (AKA Skailla), as she does put in a lot of thought, effort, and soul into everything. But the poorly-drawn fanfic-style images need to stop. I wish they were just animal lovers instead of something more perverted.

18 Super Smash Bros. Fans

The Nintendo fanbase in general is toxic. They argue all the time, they don't respect opinions, and they think they are better than everyone else. "Mario is like the best character in video game history!" "You're an idiot for not playing Smash Bros!".

A girl who won a game against Ally with a low-tier character was bullied out of Twitter and competitive Smash. Ally is a pedophile who dated a girl 13 years younger than him. The girl was later found on private Discord servers to be confederate-level racist using the hard-r n-word several times. And everybody always complains about tier lists and is always ready to pounce on whoever's the next recipient of the annual buff.

19 Call of Duty Fans

They call out me and other people for liking different things, hit people up for money just to buy a new game, and they ignore the facts that some Call of Duty games are sucking right now! And whenever I see some Call of Duty fan ask what I like, I share my love for Nintendo and they hate on me!

Call of Duty?! Ha! More like Call of Crappy! And they think only Call of Duty is revolutionary, when Nintendo is awesome and cool! Nintendo rules! Sony drools! Nintendo fan for life!

This fanbase will never die because a new game gets released every year.

20 Bronies A brony is an adult male fan of the Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s.

I think this is even worse. It should be number 1 in the worst! Bronies are bad.

Don't even get me started on these people.

21 SpongeBob SquarePants Fans

My god, they will never stop talking about seasons 6-8 or praising the first 3 seasons, and it drives me insane to the point where I want to bang my head into a wall. They need to remember that even seasons 6-8 can have some goodies in them (It's A SpongeBob Christmas being a standout example), and even their precious first 3 seasons include bad episodes (I'm with Stupid being another standout example). I rest my case.

It's always been a stupid cartoon. It was just a laugh when you were a kid. The theme song, living in a pineapple under the sea, the fun song, and is mayonnaise an instrument? But you grow up and realize what a dumb show that was.

22 Genwunners

Dude, Mew is my favorite Gen 1 Pokémon, and Houndoom is my favorite Gen 2 Pokémon. Make up your mind, Genlosers.

Man, are these people annoying. I like Generation 6, NOT Generation 1. Even worse are the Hoenn fans.

The Johto fans are probably worse. ALL OF THOSE TYPHLOSION FANS DRIVE ME INSANE, almost as badly as Charizard-worshippers that follow the fat dragon like a cult. If anyone says the slightest thing against him, they go insane. It's like Eevee fangirls... Don't get me started on them. They are all obsessive over Pokémon that look cute, not if they are actually interesting.

Those are the three main branches of Pokémon fans, other than Genwunners. And then there is me, who likes Kangaskhan, Torterra, and Infernape (my favorite gen is 4, if it isn't obvious).

23 Among Us Fans
24 Sonic Fans

Yes. Easily has the worst fandom of any video game icon. Recolors, rip-offs, flame wars, the list goes on and on. And let's not forget how the Sonic fandom ruins characterization as well. Sonic is not Rainbow Dash's love interest. Tails is not annoying. Knuckles is not dumb. Shadow is not a bloodthirsty murderer/blood knight/emo. Rouge is not in love with every cartoon character outside the Sonic series. Cream is not sexy. Cream is not Fox McCloud's love interest, Krystal is. Blaze is not Felix the Cat's love interest. Silver is not on drugs. Big is not a terrible character. Need to go on? And finally, there I said it: There are no canon couples in the Sonic franchise. I wish most Sonic fans would realize that.

Nowadays, I only play the games more than anything else and see the characters and franchise as what it is.

25 Roblox Fans

Now, I love Roblox very much and I love playing it (of course). But the bad thing about this fanbase is the YouTubers and the kids. Now, a "Roblox kid" is a good definition of a kid who is unsupervised. They act like they can talk dirty, say secular things, and act like adults. Also, the YouTubers are mad overrated and are very cringey.

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